Cole went to the south to catch Sasha and her Reaper Gang. They haven't any mercy to the people. They killed everyone who doesn't do whatever they ask. They stole a lot of banks. They are living in the sewer. Sasha is Amphibious because of that she lives in the sewer. Cole has done a lot of missions to get to Sasha and her gang. He attacks Sasha right hand and forced him to tell him where the headquarters of the leader is. He didn't say where is she, but he says where is going to be the next missions for the gang. Cole went to the place, he watches the gang do the mission until they done and going back to the headquarters. He saw the gang place. Cole isn't crazy to go there alone. He went to police station and talk to his friend who works there to help him catch Sasha and her gang. his friend helps him, and they went to the gang place to catch them. There was a lot of deaths on both sides. Cole went to Sasha to catch her. The fight was hard for Cole because Sasha live in the sewer and there was a lot of water and the water hurt him. Cole killed Sasha and catch most of the gang, but on the police side, there were many policemen who died because of this fight. Cole saves the south from Sasha and her Reaper Gang and now he wants to help the west.