"Uh Adrien, you might want to close that up."

The top was completely open. The little brooch with four wings lay in his hands. The teen didn't even speak as he picked up the pin and put it on below his tie. A purple orb flew out of the brooch and the lavender moth kwami hesitantly opened its eyes.

"Master-" Nooroo was shocked to see not Gabriel but his son. "Uh, hello! My name is Nooroo. I'm the kwami of the Moth Miraculous-"

Plagg tackled Nooroo in midair. "Nooroo, are you okay?"

"Plagg?!" Nooroo gasped in shock. "Wait, Gabriel's son has been Cat Noir this whole time?"

"Well, yeah. If I had known you were merely feet away, I would have tried to help you."

Adrien interrupted the two kwami's reunion. "So, my father was Hawkmoth this whole time? He was just trying to get Ladybug's and my miraculouses in order to bring back my mother?"

Nooroo nodded fearfully, nervous of what Hawkmoth's son would do with the Moth Miraculous.

"So, what do I have to say to transform?" the model asked, looking at the dull little pin.

"Dark wings, rise," Nooroo replied obediently.

"Alright then Nooroo, dark wings, rise!" Adrien cheered. Plagg tried to catch his user's attention to stop him before he transformed, but it was too late. The teen gasped as a cane appeared in his hand. He was already so eager to try and create an akuma, but he needed a butterfly. He focused on cane hoping it had someway to summon a butterfly. It didn't seem to do so magically, but a pale white butterfly came flying through his open window ready to be transformed.

"Uh, Adrien, please stop what you're doing!" Plagg panicked.

"Don't worry, Plagg. I'm not going to create evil akumas like my father did. I'm going to make ones that are helpful!"

Plagg was completely speechless. Adrien should really return the Moth Miraculous to Master Fu, but Adrien was way too determined right now to even listen to him.

An idea stuck the new Hawkmoth. He ran to his computer and turned on the news showing that Ladybug is trying her best to slow down a train that Queen Bee had ambushed, but she can't stop it.

The model could sense the spirit of Marinette's dad growing strong, wanting to help stop the train. "Alright, now. Come here little butterfly." The white butterfly softly landed in his hand. He clasped his hands around the butterfly, filling it with as much positive spirit as he could. Once he unclasped his hands, a lavender akuma fluttered out of his palm. "Go help stop Chloe, little butterfly," he commanded. The little butterfly flew away towards the subway.

"I guess I just wait now," the younger Hawkmoth shrugged.

"Adrien, please bring the Moth Miraculous back to Master Fu. I don't want your father to steal Nooroo's Miraculous, or even worse, my Miraculous. As joking as I normally am, please take me seriously, Adrien."

Right as Ladybug's other half was going to respond, his akuma had connected with his hero. "Hello Mr. Dupain. I'm um...Hawkmoth Jr. I guess. I need your help to stop the train, and possibly retrieve Queen Bee's Miraculous that you can give back to Ladybug. I will give you the power of super strength in return."

"Sure, Hawkmoth Jr," he heard the man reply. "I will become Strongman!"

Adrien didn't know how Hawkmoth gave names to his villains, but right now he didn't have the time to think of something creative.
Meanwhile on the Train:

"Cat Noir! Where are you?" Ladybug worried to herself. She had tried so many times to stop the train be herself with her yo-yo, but none of it worked. If she was going to try to get the Bee Miraculous back, she would need all of the time she could get in costume so she wouldn't reveal herself to her childhood bully. This meant not using her Lucky Charm.

Suddenly, she saw the train shake as a large figure pried its way out of the door. He ran to the back of the train, and grabbed the bumper of the last car, pulling it to a stop, catching Ladybug as the momentum of the train had her flying forwards. She shook her head a then looked at the man who stopped the train. He wore an outfit that looked like a boxer's get up and his mask covered his whole head. She tried to see if there was an item on him that looked like a Miraculous, but there was nothing. She wondered if he was an akuma, but he would have tried to take her miraculous if that were the case. The spotted heroine wanted to ask the hero questions, but she had a more serious danger to deal with.

"Uh, thank you for saving me, but I better be after the person who caused this," Ladybug swung her way to the front of the train.

At the front, Ladybug found Queen Bee gloating to the cameras that she "stopped the train all by herself, and that she was the most exceptional hero in all of Paris."

Just as Ladybug was going to confront Queen Bee, Cat Noir came sliding down a railing and stopped next to her. "Well, look what the cat dragged in," the heroine frowned. "Where were you this whole time?"

"As my kwami may have told you, I lost my Miraculous for a bit, but don't worry. I found it just before I got here." Cat Noir wore his signature flirty smirk, but Ladybug found his demeanor quite insensitive.

"Next time, keep your Miraculous in a place you can find it. What if you lose it and it ends up in Hawkmoth's hands?" The kitty gave a sorry pout.

Ladybug approached Chloe who was posing for the cameras. "Queen Bee, we know you paralyzed the metro driver! Did it to create this situation just to make yourself look good!"

"Who cares? I saved them, didn't I?" she smirked, continuously changing her poses.

"No! Another hero came and stopped the train from the back. He saved the train, not you. You are completely irresponsible!." Ladybug was clearly not in the happiest mood. "Chloe, give me back your Miraculous!"

Chloe glared at Ladybug. "Finders keepers, losers weepers!"

Cat Noir gasped. "Did you lose a Miraculous?"

The spotted heroine then grabbed her partner's hand, and pulled him aside.

"Listen! You lost a Miraculous today as well. May I remind you I was busy taking care of Style Queen all by myself?!"
While Cat Noir was being scolded, Strongman burst through the front car of the train chasing after Chloe who was attempting to escape.

Ladybug and Cat Noir dashed after the two conveniently finding Queen Bee trapped in Strongman's arms. The akuma was trying to pull the comb out of the girl's hair, but was struggling due to his large hands.
Cat Noir was happy to see that his akuma was being successful, but Ladybug was quite alarmed.
"That guys has to be one of Hawkmoth's akumas. We have to stop him before he gets another Miraculous," Ladybug whispered. Her partner nodded in agreement, but was internally chiding himself of giving his akuma an instruction that can easily be misinterpreted.

Ladybug latched her yo-yo on Strongman's wrist, yanking his hand away from the Bee Miraculous. "Don't you dare touch her Miraculous, akuma!" the spotted heroine yelled. Strongman simply grunted in response.

Cat Noir took this opportunity to dive into the air and swipe the Bee Miraculous out of Chloe's hair. Chloe detransformed, and the Bee Miraculous went back to its original state.
Strongman dropped Chloe, and slid Ladybug's yo-yo off his wrist. "Well, it looks like you two got what you needed. I suppose I'm not longer needed." Strongman ripped a piece of his shirt where the akuma was. The lavender butterfly flew out, and fluttered around the street as Cat Noir gave the Bee Miraculous to Ladybug.

Ladybug then focused on the akuma, and swung her yo-yo to catch it.
"Bye-bye little butterfly," she cheered. "Miraculous Ladybug!"

Strongman's facade faded away as Tom Dupain rubbed his head trying to remember what happened.

"Cat Noir, take care of the akuma. I need to talk with Ms. Bourgeois," the red and black teen ordered.

The leather covered hero walked over, and helped Mr. Dupain up. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah," the baker answered. "I don't know what happened. I wasn't angry, only bit anxious. I didn't think Hawkmoth would target me." Tom's eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

"Well, everything's okay. You helped us get the Bee Miraculous back, and that's all that matters," the model smiled.

He walked back over to Ladybug who was scolding Chloe.

"What you didn't was irresponsible Chloe! Did you even think what would happen if Hawkmoth's akuma took you're Miraculous? That's why I choose people who I can trust."

"Whatever," Chloe shrugged. "That Miraculous wasn't even good. Here's the stupid box." She took the box out of her pocket, and tossed it like it was litter. Ladybug caught it, and put the Miraculous inside.

Ladybug turned to Cat Noir. "I need to return this. We can talk another time about what happened today."

Just as Ladybug was about to swing away her partner stopped her.

"Aren't you forgetting something, my lady?" The boy held his fist out towards her.

The heroine rolled her eyes. "Okay, fine."
"Pound it!"

Both heroes departed to their respective locations.

Adrien detransformed in his bedroom with a happy sigh.

"Adrien, you need to bring Nooroo back to Master Fu or Ladybug, please!" Plagg begged.