Just a small poem I did about Autumn/Fall and wanted to put it up here.

It's not really set in the Ninja Turtles world, just a thing.

And it doesn't matter who you believe is the one thinking/saying it, but I like to think of it as Leo.

I do not own the Ninja Turtles

When leaves turn gold, and the ground turns cold,

Can you feel the approaching Autumn chill?

As the days shorten, and the nights lengthen,

Do you see the stars above us, watching our hurry and scurry?

Clouds gather above our heads, bringing Winter's icy air,

Our hearts beat as one.

When the snows begins to fall, and the spirits dance joyfully,

Can you see the magic in the air?

Then, as Winter ends, and Spring begins,

We see Mother Nature reward us with our patience through the Winter days.

As the air warms, though still brisk, we see leaves budding,

We see the beautiful color returning to the earth.

Warmer still the air and the earth grow as Spring ends and Summer begins,

The sound of children laughing fills the air of both day and dusk.

Do you sit to watch and listen to the nature around you,

Do you know that the stars watch our struggle through life?

Do you see that the spirits dance around us,

Every day of every year?

Can you feel the approaching Autumn chill?