Chapter One

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Disclaimer: The part in italics, in the beginning, is an excerpt from the epilogue in China Rich Girlfriend. I did not write that myself, all credits go to Kevin Kwan, the author.

"He's adorable." Rachel paused for a moment, as if deciding whether to say something. "I'm so happy she had her baby now…because he's going to be the perfect playmate for ours."

Nick looked at his wife with eyes huge as saucers. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

Rachel nodded, with a smile.

Nick hugged her excitedly. "When? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was waiting for the right moment. I took the test a couple of days ago-I'm six weeks along."

Rachel and Nick swayed on the dancefloor, together in an intimate embrace. His hand on her hip and her forehead rested on his. Before they could lean into a tender kiss in the middle of the dancefloor, Rachel felt someone slap her shoulder lightly and she jumped back in surprise.

"Rachel!" cried Peik Lin, now wearing a flowing, red gown with a plunging neckline instead of her wedding dress. Of course she changed her outfit. Her husband, Alistair Cheng stood next to her, a wide smile across his face. "Save the kissing for later. It's time to dance!" Peik Lin grabbed Rachel's hand and pulled her into a spin. Rachel shot her husband a frantic look.

'Do I tell her?' she mouthed and Nick simply shrugged. She rolled her eyes at his offhand answer before she was whisked away by Peik Lin in an eager dance.

"That's better!" Peik Lin said, having to raise her voice over the loud band playing. They danced energetically to the fast-paced music before Rachel felt out a breath.

"I'm going to sit down for a bit," Rachel said breathlessly, letting go of Peik Lin's hand. She felt guilty at the sight of her best friend's disappointed face, but she could hardly dance any longer.

"If you're going to stop dancing, at least have some vodka," Peik Lin said, smiling once again before rushing off with Rachel to the bar. "I would do an open bar, but I would be in debt but the time the wedding's over. I mean, look at my uncle over there." She gestured towards a man with a tight bowtie, sipping gingerly on a glass of wine. "He would've been wasted by now if I had an open bar, but look at him, can't even afford more than two glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon."

"Two vodka on the rocks," Peik Lin said to the bartender. "Less ice, more vodka," she added with a wink. The bartender expertly poured vodka over a meagre amount of ice into two glasses before pushing them towards Rachel and Peik Lin.

Peik Lin picked up her glass and held it towards Rachel. "To married life!" she said. Rachel squirmed awkwardly in her seat. She knew she couldn't have any alcohol.

"Um- Peik Lin, I'm not having an alcohol for a bit," Rachel admitted, looking at her glass sitting idly on the bar top. Peik Lin scoffed.

"Are you on one of the American diets?" she asked, downing her glass. "You look great, Rachel."

"Follow me," Rachel said suddenly, walking towards a secluded spot in the garden. "I don't want anyone overhearing us." Peik Lin raised an eyebrow at her friend's sudden secrecy, but followed her into the garden, drinking Rachel's vodka on the rocks instead.

Rachel sat down on a stone bench and patted the spot next to her. She took a deep breath and began to talk. "About a week ago I was feeling nauseous about every day," she said. "So I started taking normal over the counter medicine for that."

"I'm pretty sure you were just hung over," Peik Lin interjected, but quickly closed her mouth when her friend gave her a cold look. "Sorry, sorry, continue."

"A few days after that, I realised I wasn't getting any better so I took a test," Rachel continued and Peik Lin gave her a confused look. "To be more specific, a pregnancy test." Peik Lin's eyes widened and she opened her mouth in surprise.

"OH MY GOD, RACHEL!" she cried before clapping her hands over her mouth when Rachel shushed her.

"It came back positive."

"OH MY GOD, RACHEL!" Peik Lin couldn't help herself from yelling in excitement. She wrapped her arms around Rachel and gave her a very enthusiastic hug. "CONGRATULATIONS!"

"Thank you, Peik Lin," Rachel said, grinning. "Could you keep this to yourself? Just for a bit. I want to tell Nick's family myself."

"Sure, sure," Peik Lin said nonchalantly, knowing fully that she struggled at keeping secrets and exceeded at gossiping. "Just for you." Rachel smiled, but a part of her knew Peik Lin would struggle at keeping this little secret. She always had been talkative since university.

"Ready to re-join the party?" Rachel asked, watching Peik Lin finish of her vodka.

"Of course," Peik Lin said, linking her arm with Rachel's, leading her back to the strobing lights and loud band. They crossed the dance floor, where they found Alistair dancing with a slightly abashed Nick.

"Why do you look so tense, cousin?" A clearly intoxicated Alistair asked, confidently dancing next to Nick. "Have a few drinks, loosen up."

Nick waved Alistair's proposal away. "I'm driving tonight," he said dismissively, wrapping an arm around Rachel's waist.

"Don't you have a chauffeur?" Alistair asked, clearly baffled by the idea of someone having to drive themselves. Peik Lin shot Alistair a look and he just shrugged, dropping his argument. She leaned over to Rachel and whispered frantically in her ear.

"Can I please tell him?" she pleaded. "I can't keep secrets from him. You know that." Rachel sighed, but wasn't surprised. She was expecting Peik Lin to tell him sooner or later.

"Darling," Peik Lin said and gestured Alistair to bring his ear closer to her. "They're expecting!" Alistair grinned as soon as Peik Lin shared the news.

"Finally!" he said, giving Nick a friendly clap on the back and kissing Rachel on her cheek. "Auntie Eleanor's going to freak out. She's been wanting grandchildren since your wedding day!" Nick winced. Ever since he and Rachel had wed, his mother, Eleanor Young had become obsessed with the idea of having grandchildren. Despite her craziness and traditional point of view, Nick loved his mother, but he knew she would undoubtedly try teaching his child how to walk before it was even out of the womb.

"You haven't told her, have you?" Alistair asked, surveying his cousin's reaction. Nick nodded in reply and Rachel squeezed his hand supportively. "Don't worry, Nicky, your secret's safe with me, and Peik Lin, of course." Nick smiled, but he gave Rachel a knowing look. That was exactly what Peik Lin had said before she told Alistair.

Rachel felt a wave of fatigue wash over her and she leaned into Nick's shoulder. "Do you want to go home?" he asked and Rachel shook her head.

"I don't want to miss the party," she moaned.

"Come here," Nick said, and he hoisted her onto his back. "We're going to go now." Peik Lin and Alistair both looked disappointed but waved them goodbye as Nick piggy-backed Rachel off of the dance floor.

"Did you give them our gift?" Rachel asked in his ear and Nick nodded. "We should say goodbye to all the aunts and uncles."

"Stop worrying. We'll see them tomorrow," Nick said. "But for now, let's get you back home." Rachel rested her chin on his shoulder as he carried her towards the gate of Tyersall park. He opened the door to the passenger seat of their black Mercedes-Maybach and climbed into the driver's seat.

Driving away from Tyersall park, realization suddenly dawned on Nick.

"I'm going to be a father," he said, voicing his thoughts aloud. Rachel turned to him and smiled wistfully at the thought of her childhood. Although she had loved living with only her mother, she had longed for her father which she had believed to be dead until two years ago.

"Yes you are," Rachel said and Nick flushed in embarrassment, not realising he had said his thoughts aloud. "You're going to be the best father. Ever." Holding the steering wheel with one arm, he reached out with her other and held Rachel's hand. His thumb traced circles around her hand while he kept his eyes trained on the road.

"I love you, Rachel Young," he declared and Rachel blushed. Over their years of dating and, finally, marriage, she never got used to him saying that. She felt her heart skip a beat every time and her face melt into an enormous smile.

"I love you too, Nicholas Young," she replied warmly, squeezing his arm and rested her head on his shoulder as they pulled up into the driveway of their luxurious villa. They had made the decision to move to Singapore so they could be closer to Tyersall park, so had Colin and Araminta.

"Come on, sleepyhead," Nick said, pulling his keys out of the car and exited the vehicle. "Let's get you to bed." He opened Rachel's door for her and bent down.

"Oh, Nick, not another piggy back," she said. "I can walk on my own." However, he stayed in the position, unwilling to move, and Rachel groaned. Aside from Eleanor Young herself, he was the most stubborn person she knew. Reluctantly, she climbed onto his back and squealed as he stood up suddenly.

He closed her door and locked the car before ambling up the walkway into their home. There awaited Vikram, the ex-bodyguard of Su Yi's, at their doorstep.

"Welcome home, Mr and Mrs Young," he said, opening the door for them.

"Vikram, Nick and Rachel," Rachel said sleepily. "Mrs Young makes me feel old." Vikram gave her a small smile and gestured for them to enter, closing the door behind them.

With Rachel still on his back, Nick padded upstairs into their master bedroom. Carefully, he placed Rachel on the white sheets, taking off her heels and pulling her hair out of its up do. Tucking her under the sheets, he gave her a kiss on the forehead goodnight.

"Good night, my love," he said and she gave him a quick kiss. "Good night, my other love," he added, placing a kiss on Rachel's stomach making her giggle. Pre-occupied with getting Rachel to bed, Nick had realised that he was exhausted. Kicking off his shoes and pulling off his jacket, he too was fast asleep.

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