Connor was proud to have to get back late. Proud that he was doing something good. He wasn't sure if Keating was using this work as penance, but he knew he was. At least part of it, for having to dismember Sam Keating. This didn't balance everything out, but it helped. He was so lost in his thoughts that he was startled when he found their apartment door pushed open.

"Ollie?" He slowly pushed it all the way. He stared in horror at the tornado of a mess in the living room. There was clearly a struggle. "Ollie?!" He regretted, now, not having a gone in the place, as he stormed around it-hoping for some sign of his boyfriend.

"Oliver!" Panic resided in him, until his phone buzzed. "Oliver?" He tried not to gasp in relief when he heard Ollie's voice.

"It's me, C...Connor." Oliver's voice trembled. "They're letting me call you."

"Who? Who's doing this?" Fear enveloped Connor. "Whoever it is, I'm going to fucking kill them."

"It's... Laurel's father. He had Dominic subdue me..."

"You mean kidnap you!"

"Please...Connor...let me finish."


" don't know this. I was trying to keep you safe. Me, and Michaela were trying to keep you, and Asher safe."

"But?" Connor prompted. "Oliver, you're scaring me."

"We know that Dominc killed Wes, and we were trying to bring him, and Laurel's father down."

Shock was Connor's response.

"Laurel's father had Wes killed?'

"Yeah..." Oliver swallowed. "He's holding me hostage so Laurel will drop the investigation. They had me call you to tell you that. And to send you show Laurel."

Connor was trembling.

"Let me talk to Costillo. I want to talk to the fucking bastard that did this to you, and Wes!"

"Connor, I have to go now..."

"Don't, Oliver..."

"Please...just do what they say." Oliver hung up, and Connor heard a ding as pictures were sent. There was pictures of Oliver being held at gun point, and tied to a chair.

Connor let out his breath, and then something inside of him broke. He couldn't stop shaking, and his heat felt sharp. Almost like a heart attack. Before he was aware of what was going on, everything went black.

Connor opened his eyes, and inhaled sharply. He collected himself, as he processed why he was on the floor, with his phone in his hands. He clutched it as if it was his life line, and dialed Keating's number.

"I told you not to call me unless it's an emergancy!" Annalise had snapped, heat in her tone. Connor ignored her.

"It is! Oliver's been kidnapped! By Laurel's father." He rose up from the floor, and his legs still felt like jello. "P...please, Annalise, he just called me-and he's terrified. You have to help me get him back. Ollie is one of the only good ones out of all of us." He was babbling now, and didn't care.

He could hear her breathing, as she tried to take in his words.

"Why in the hell would Laurel's father want to kidnap Oliver?"

"B...because Laurel said her father had Dominic kill Wes. We were going to bring him down."

Annalise sucked in her breath


"Well..Micheala, Ollie, Frank, and Asher. I just found out, and wanted to tell you, but Frank tried to kill me."

"Oh Jesus Christ," snapped Keating. "I'll be right there, get the group together."

"Than...thank you," gasped Connor, and hung up. He quickly dialed Micheala. "Micheala, are you with Laurel, and everyone else?"

"Yes?" He could hear the confusion in his friend's tone.

"Put me on speaker."

"What? Conn-"

"Just do it!" After shuffling, Laurel spoke.

"What is it, Connor?"

Connor didn't hesitate.

"That asshole father of yours just kidnapped Ollie."

He couldn't stop pacing as he recalled the panic in his boyfriend's-hopefully soon fiances- voice.

"What?" Laurel sounded horrified. There were cries all over the place as the news registered to the group.

"Laurel, if Oliver dies-this is because of you."

"Now that's not fair," snapped Frank and Walsh snorted.

"My boyfriend is being held hostage, and you want to talk to me about fair? After you fucking tried to kill me?!"

"Okay, everyone, just CALM down!" Michaela snapped through gritted teeth. "Connor, what do you want us to do,now?"

Connor ran his hand over his head.

"Come to our place. Annalise is on her way. And NO one gets to bitch about it! Not if she can save Ollie!"

Finally Asher spoke.

"How did you know it was Ollie?"

"Because he was the one who called, okay, Asher?" Connor all but snarled.

Asher's voice trembled.

"How did he sound?"

"Terrified! Now get your asses over here!" Connor slammed the end call button, and continued to pace as he muttered to himself

"Please, don't kill him. Don't let anything happen...please, please, please." And with that he collapsed to the floor, and started to pray to a God he wasn't even sure existed.


Oliver stared at the computer.

"I don't understand what you want me to do." He tried to speak carefully, and calmly, even though he was tied to the chair that was in front of the machine, his hands ties to the keyboard.

"I want to make sure that Keating loses her court case she's working on."

"I...I can't." Oliver sounded shocked. "She's trying to help people. So is Connor..."

"If you want us to not kill your boyfriend, to have him be able to help people in the future,than you can, and you will," sighed Jorge.

Oliver stared at him.

"Laurel was right about you."

Jorge laughed.

"Oh? And what did she say about me?"

"That you're a terrible person, and an even more terrible father." This time his tone was steady. Jorge Castillo stared at him, with an intensity that made him look away. Jorge smacked him over the head, causing Oliver to wince. He glanced at Dominic.

"Take him in the back room."

Dominic smiled.

"With pleasure."

"Wait!" Oliver's eyes widened as the chair was being wheeled away. "Wait, please!" The last look he saw before the back door closed was Laurel's father giving him a look that sent chills up his spine,as Dominic loomed over him with a tazer in his hand...