Simon watches Bram, as Bram manages to navigate around his families personalities. His mom loves Bram from the start, of course. And so does his sister. Simon thinks his dad does too, but was just being protective. Simon notices his dad has stopped with the gay jokes all together. Dinner was take out, but no one really cares what was being eaten. They were all too interested in Bram.

His mom presses questions on Bram's family, and his sister asks him to try some of her cookies that she makes just for this dinner. Simon tries to get them to slow down on the questions, but all were too excited. And Bram was too easy going, and nice. But Simon notices that Bram really doesn't seem to mind.

It's nice not having to hide hand holding, Simon realizes, as Bram gives his hand a squeeze. Mrs. Speir tries not to smile too much at that gesture, and is quick to offer Bram something more to drink. Bram gets up to help clean, and Simon could tell that wins instant bonus points on both his parents. Simon quickly jumps up to help with the dishes. More chance for flirting while next to each other.

But to Simon's dissapointment, Bram behaves like a perfect kid while washing dishes. Simon has to flick some soapy water to get his attenton. Bram sways his hips to bump him playfully, while giving Simon a stern look, causing Simon to stifle laughter. Bram was trying so hard to be such a well behaved boyfriend.

They hold hands as they trail up the stairs. Simon's parents have new rules. The bedroom door has to be open if Bram's in there. Fair enough. His sister has that rule, too. That doesn't mean there can't be foreplay. But his dad constantly creeping up the stairs kind of puts a damper on things.

"I can't believe you were trying to get me into trouble," Bram scolds Simon, as he gives Simon's bottom lip a kiss. Simon rolls his eyes.

"My parents don't expect the perfect boyfriend, Bram." Bram is now nibbling at his ear.

"No, but I want to be perfect for you, is that so bad?"

"Too much high expectations isn't good for the relationship." Simon groans as he moves underneath, while Bram's hand brushes on his groin.

"Is that so?" Bram breathes on his neck.

"Read it in...text book..."

"Why are you thinking about school right now?" Bram is now the one groaning.

"I'm not." Simon gives a desperate whine.

"Good, cause I might have had to punish you."

Simon arches his eyebrows and Bram laughs.

"Kidding, but you do have a lot to learn, young grasshopper."

"Willing and ready, if you're my teacher."

"Oh, so is that your kink?"

Both were too busy laughing, and feeling each other through their clothes ,that they didn't see Simon's sister.

"Gross!" They jump up at her voice.

"Nora, what the hell?!" Simon blushes deep red. Nora rolls her eyes.

"Do you really need to have PDA? You're my brother, and I don't like seeing you" She makes a gagging sound, which causes Bram to double over in laughter. Simon continues to flush.

"Get out!"

"Get a room!" Nora shoots back. That stops all of them.

"We're IN a room!" Simon protests.

"Then SHUT the DOOR." Nora slams the door, but doesn't stay closed for long. Bram was trying to collect himself when Simon's father quickly opens the door, and eyes them.

"It's time to go home, Bram."

"Yes, sir. " Bram is gasping from laughing too much. Mr. Speir's mouth tugs at a smile as he sees Simon's beat red face.

"Call me Jack," he says, before he heads downstairs.

"I'll text you tonight," Bram says, and leans over to kiss Simon.

"I'm so embarassed," groans Simon. Bram shakes his head.

"Seriously, beats being an only child. I love your family."

"Then you can have them," Simon mutters, but a flicker of a smile appears as Bram kisses him again. He calms down as Bram starts to leave. But there's one thing he knows for sure. He's going to get a goddamn alarm for his door.