A/N: Suppose it follows a story as harry is a lord and recruits wives for lordmanship.

He supposed he should have been nervous. It was difficult to feel nervous though, even given the circumstances. With a placid, casual smile on his face, Harry sipped from the wine before him, even as he presided at the head of the dining room table. It was magical of course, just like most of the things in his home were. In this case, the table could grow or shrink to fit just the right number of people, so that there was never more space than needed.

At the moment, the table was big enough to fit six people, all of whom were seated and eating the gorgeous, delicious feast that Harry's House Elves had prepared for them. He sat at the head of the table, of course. To his right, Tracey and Daphne sat, with Tracey closest to him and Daphne closest to her father. Yes, her father. That was where the table's other three occupants came in to play.

The Greengrass family was visiting for dinner, as it so happened. A bit of a celebration, over the fact that both Daphne and Tracey were now confirmed pregnant, each of them just beginning to show, though not quite much beyond a small swell in their abdomens and a new fullness to their breasts. Regardless, that was why Lord Greengrass was sat at the end of the table opposite of Harry, and why his wife and their youngest, Astoria, were sat opposite of Daphne and Tracey.

It was altogether a pleasant affair. Harry was enjoying himself, perhaps more than he should have. But then, he was finding out that Astoria Greengrass was quite a bit like her older sister… and just as ambitious too, from the looks of things. The young witch's toes, clad only in her panty-hose, had been rubbing against the inside of his leg for the last few minutes. He'd looked at her, when he'd first felt the persistent contact. She'd given him a wink and a mischievous grin in response, only for him to pin her in place with a hungry gaze and a promise in his eyes.

Ever since then, Astoria hadn't looked at him once. Her face was slightly flushed as she picked at her food, staring down into her plate… but at the same time, she wouldn't stop rubbing at him with her foot. It was clear that Daphne's sister wanted something from him. Harry was almost happy to give it to her, but he would of course consult with Daphne first. He didn't think for one moment that his pregnant wife hadn't noticed her sister's actions, but she had yet to make a scene, so he wasn't about to stop it.

"Lord Potter-Black. I must thank you for all you have done for my family. Daphne… I have long fretted for my eldest daughter. She is an intelligent witch, to be sure, but our world is not always kind to intelligence in the fairer sex. It does my heart good to see her marry and bear children to a man like you."

Harry blinks, drawn from his musings to the other end of the table, where Lord Greengrass is smiling genially at him. Right, that was the other thing. It was hard to be stressed out, or even slightly intimidated by meeting Daphne's parents, when the girl's father was almost sickeningly sweet to Harry. At the same time, her mother had given him a few speculative glances before tossing an approving nod Daphne's way, but other than that, hadn't said a word to him. And her younger sister…

Smiling at Lord Greengrass, Harry inclines his head respectfully.

"Of course. I have been well-pleased with my choice in wife. Daphne has given me no reason to complain. I imagine I'll understand a father's worry quite well in time, given just how many children it seems I will soon have. I do wonder, have you not fretted for your youngest as well? Astoria is graduating from Hogwarts this year, isn't she? Are there plans for her future?"

And just like that, it seems Harry has kicked over a hornet's nest. Funnily enough, none of the 'hornets' seem particularly upset with him. Lord Greengrass blanches and then blushes, glancing worriedly to his youngest. Astoria, meanwhile, finally looks up from her food at Harry's words, but she doesn't direct her gaze towards him, instead she aims it at her father, and Harry is a little surprised by the anger, fear, and disgust he sees combined in her eyes.

Lord Greengrass swallows, and then smiles hesitantly.

"Ah, yes. Well, there have been some overtures… Astoria and I have discussed them in length but-."

And just like that, Astoria stands, tosses the cloth napkin in her lap onto her plate, and leaves. Harry is impressed, she slipped her foot away from his leg and back into her shoe in one smooth motion right before doing so. Lifting a brow, the young man watches Daphne's sister go for perhaps one moment longer than was appropriate, before turning his attention back to the table at hand. He doesn't say a word… mostly because Daphne does it for him.

"… Father."

Lord Greengrass looks to his eldest as if he's a man lost and confused. Harry can't help but be a little surprised at just how weak-willed the Lord of a Noble House is, but in the end, he supposes that's what happens when one's title is inherited through family line instead of merit.

"Perhaps it would be best if Astoria stayed here with us for a few days. It has been a while since I was able to spend time with my sister."

That causes the old wizard's brow to furrow in confusion. And then he glances towards Harry and back at his daughter, and Harry watches as his eyes widen in sudden understanding. Hm, perhaps Lord Greengrass is merely a simpering toady, not a complete and utter buffoon.

"Y-Yes… perhaps… perhaps that would indeed be best."

Daphne's smile is a tad frosty as she moves to stand.

"And perhaps its time for you and mother to be on your way."

Once again, Lord Greengrass caves rather easily, standing as his wife does the same.

"A-As you say, my daughter."

Goodbyes are had between them all… all except for Astoria. As soon as the Lord and Lady Greengrass are gone, Daphne gives Harry a kiss on his lips and a wicked little smile, before going off to find her little sister. Harry watches the elder Greengrass daughter walk away just like he watched the first. He has to admit, perhaps its because she's currently pregnant, or perhaps its because she has some experience on Astoria… but Daphne is much more fun to watch leave, even as Harry hates to see her go.



Astoria blinks and looks up sharply, eyes watery as Daphne pads through the garden, a pitying smile on her face.

"D-Daphne… I don't… I don't need you here. I don't need your sympathy."

Lifting an eyebrow, Daphne stands over Astoria with every bit the imperious gaze she's always had.

"And I suppose you don't want my help either?"

Astoria scoffs at that.

"H-Help? Why would… why would you help me? We've never been particularly close. You know, I was well on my way to seducing your husband tonight before he had to go and bring up father's plans!"

Rather than get angry with her, Daphne just smiles placidly.

"Yes, I know. I knew. You were doing quite well. Ah, but Harry always has had a way of pinpointing weakness. Sometimes he does it without even realizing it, striking at a person's weak point as casually as one might drink water. It's so very… Slytherin of him. But often times, he doesn't even know what he's doing. That changes nothing though. I still wish to help you. I still CAN help you."

Astoria blinks again, and wipes her face, before biting her lower lip. She hates how insecure she feels in that moment.

"… Where are Father and Mother?"

"Gone. I sent them away. You'll be staying with us for the next week or so."

Astoria's eyes go wide at that, and she just stares at her elder sister in wonder. Suddenly, Daphne's regal, imperious gaze doesn't feel quite so self-righteous.


Smirking, the other witch shrugs her shoulders.

"It's Malfoy, isn't it? Making overtures to Father to try and get you as his son's wife. Even now, that family has too much influence. And of course, Father is ready to cave like he always does."

Astoria grimaces and looks down at the soft grass beneath her feet. There's no real point in denying it, of course.

"… Yes."

"There's another way, Astoria. You could join me here, permanently. Harry is a far better match for you than Draco Malfoy, but then, that's more than obvious, I presume."

Astoria's jaw drops open.

"You would just… you would do that? How many wives is he intending on taking?!"

Daphne chuckles at that and runs a hand over her abdomen.

"As many as necessary, sister dear. You would be the fifth. We've been busy little bees. The Wizarding World can't even keep up at this point, they're still talking about his wedding to Tracey and me. It's a little laughable, to be honest. Regardless, Harry will probably have need of more than just the four witches he already has. You can have a place at his side if you want it. And I'll help you get it."

Astoria licks her lips and just sits there for a moment on the stone bench in the middle of the Potter Garden, thinking over what her sister had said to her. Daphne is right of course. Harry was a better man, an all-around better wizard than Draco Malfoy. Astoria had never had quite the spine that Daphne did. If her father had tried to marry Daph to Draco, he wouldn't have gotten far. With Astoria, if the deal was finalized, she'd probably go along with it, no matter how angry it made her.

She'd have settled for Draco, if Harry wasn't an option. But… if Harry WAS an option…

"Yes. Yes, I want your help. I want a place at Harry Potter's side."

No point in beating around the bush. She didn't want to give her elder sister a chance to rethink her offer. Not that Daphne ever would have done so. Grinning wickedly, the blonde steps forward and slips her fingers into Astoria's hair, rubbing the tips into her little sister's scalp like she used to do when they were younger. Letting out a soft sigh, Astoria leans into Daphne's touch.

"That's good, little sister. That's very good. All we need is for you to catch Harry's eyes. Here's what we'll do…"


Tracey is asleep by the time Daphne crawls into their bed. Harry is not. Hannah and Susan are busy with other things for the night, leaving just Daphne and her beloved husband, even as she peels back the sheets and then fishes Harry's cock out of his boxers without a word. The powerful young wizard lifts an eyebrow at that, but he doesn't say anything either, even as Daphne slips him into her mouth, slurping and sucking at his length as it grows harder and harder in her grasp and between her lips.

Eventually, after bobbing her head up and down a few times, the blonde pulls back and licks her lips, giving Harry a vivacious grin. Out of respect for Tracey, she keeps her voice quiet as she speaks to her darling husband.

"My sister is going to try to seduce you in the coming days, Harry."

That gets an equally quiet snort from the wizard, as he slips his fingers through her hair, taking firm hold of her locks.

"Is that so? And why is she doing that?"

Daphne grins, even as she lays kisses and long, amorous licks along Harry's pulsating, throbbing shaft.

"Mm, because daddy is being an idiot, and if we don't do something he'll have her marrying Draco Malfoy by the end of the month."

Harry's grip in her hair tightens up slightly, and his lips curl down into a frown, even as Daphne nods as best she can.

"Yeah. It's that bad. Mm, but you can help. You're good at saving people, aren't you Harry?"

Yet another derisive snort, even as Daphne grins up at her husband, her Lord.

"You want me to marry her, don't you?"

Well, she hadn't picked an idiot, that was for sure. Not that Daphne necessarily would have minded if Harry was naïve or potentially slow on the uptake, but it was nice to have a man who could keep up mentally.

"I do, Harry. So does she, in fact. That's why, she's going to try to seduce you. She's going to flirt with you, and tease you, and do her level best to bring you under her spell. I'll help her, here and there… but in the end, it's not going to work like she hopes."

Harry lifts his other brow at that.


What did his Slytherin wife have in mind? Giggling quietly, Daphne slurps a few more times at Harry's member, before giving him a blazing, lustful look.

"Of course not. My little sister has to recognize who's in charge. I'm not about to share my place in the pecking order with the brat, no matter how cute and sexy she's grown up to become. Mm, she's going to try and flirt with you, try and seduce you, and you're going to be amused, if anything. Her attempts won't be anything compared to what you're used to, after all. She's just a little girl playing at things she doesn't understand, at the end of the day."

Harry's grip suddenly tightens on Daphne's hair and the blonde gasps as she finds herself pulled back slightly, held in place by his fingers.

"Is she now? And what of her sister? Might she be playing at things she doesn't understand?"

Daphne blushes and nibbles at her lower lip for a moment, before averting her gaze.

"… Of course, we'll only go through with t-this if you're on board, my Lord."

There's a moment of silence, and then Harry loosens his grip and Daphne goes right back to worshipping his cock, even as he chuckles quietly.

"Of course I'm on board, dear wife. Your little sister is a minx, much like yourself. We'll have some fun at her expense, and then welcome her into the fold. For now however, I think you have something more important to focus on. Don't you?"

Yes… yes she did. Zeroing in on the large, throbbing member before her eyes, Daphne gets to work, slurping and lapping at Harry's dick. Eventually, she takes him back into her mouth, and then right down her throat as she bobs her head up and down his length, eyes fluttering in pure and honest delight. Working her way towards her reward, the pregnant witch's cheeks suction in on Harry's cock, and her throat spasms around his length, massaging his member as she swallows continuously to suppress her gag reflex.

"Here it comes, Daphne."

And just like that, Harry is cumming. Daphne pulls back, even as the first spurt of sticky white seed hits the back of her throat. The second, third, and all those that came after it end up splashing across her face, giving her the facial she craved as Harry groaned, holding her in place by her hair. Daphne pants with delight, her chest heaving up and down as she catches her breath, barely able to see through the seed that Harry had painted her features with.

Chuckling, Harry releases his grip on his slutty wife's hair and leans back in their bed, relaxing as he watches Daphne fall forward onto his inner thigh. Moaning happily, the messy blonde rubs her cum-covered face all over his saliva-covered cock, nuzzling him and stroking him up and down with her slender fingers, even as she lays, sprawled out, between his legs.

Letting out a contented sigh, Harry reaches out again and pets Daphne's head. For a moment, he imagines another blonde head of hair beside hers, taking up position on his opposite thigh. He couldn't deny that the thought of having both Greengrass sisters lusting after his cock was… more than a bit arousing.

Let Daphne play her game. Let Astoria play hers. Harry knew he was going to have fun with what was to come, one way or another.


The next few days are spent exactly as planned. With her parents nowhere to be seen, Astoria fully embraces the week-long 'vacation' she's been given. That means a lot less clothing, and it seems like every day, Harry catches Astoria wearing outfits that are more and more revealing. Daphne joins her of course, 'helping' Astoria out in teasing Harry.

The younger Greengrass sister actually believes her older sibling would go so far as to deny Harry sex in an effort to get him to crack… as if Daphne could possibly deny Harry anything. It amuses him, seeing that Astoria is perhaps a little gullible when it comes to her big sister. That amusement feeds into his little act as each day, the youngest Greengrass flirts with him. It starts out pretty light, even lighter than her desperate ploy during the dinner, but eventually Astoria graduates from light touches to his arms and batting her eyelashes.

Soon enough, she and her sister are walking around the manor wearing nothing but their panties and tank tops. Harry never says a word about it, but Daphne makes a point of claiming its to help Astoria fit in and truly relax. Tracey takes up the practice as well, even as she mostly observes from the sidelines, just as amused at Harry by the games Daphne and Astoria are trying to play with one another and with him.

In the end, Harry proves to be unflappable, just as Daphne intended. Astoria gets more and more frustrated with her inability to draw a reaction from the Potter Lord. It gets to the point where she's practically molding herself to his side every time she sees him, just as Daphne does. Harry finds this more amusing than anything else, the young Greengrass witch unknowingly being conditioned by her elder sister to be a sexy little nymph.

Or maybe it was always within her. Regardless, it all eventually comes to a head. Daphne lets Harry know that she's finally convinced Astoria to take the final step, since all of their previous attempts have been failures. Tracey gracefully leaves the bedroom for the night, and Harry sits and waits for his company for the evening to arrive.

When they finally show up, Harry can admit that neither disappoints in any way. Daphne and Astoria are dressed in skimpy, matching nightgowns, Daphne's in a nice, emerald green and Astoria's in a delicious, silken silver. They look good. They look better than good, they look positively stunning, absolutely sexy, even as they approach his bed.

Astoria looks a bit more nervous than Daphne, but when Harry meets her eyes with his own, the younger Greengrass doesn't shy away. If anything, she grows a bit more confident in herself as her back straightens imperceptibly and she holds her head high. Smirking at that, Harry slides his gaze to Daphne, who's currently smirking as well. Slowly, he rises from the bed, pushing back the sheets.

"And what… is this?"

Both women find their eyes drawn down to his crotch. Harry hadn't seen any need to wear clothes at this point. Astoria would probably assume he simply slept naked. Sometimes, he did… other times he didn't. Either way, the sight of his cock, already slowly beginning to rise from the sight of the sisters, puts both on the back foot. It's amusing, because Daphne has seen his length more times than Harry can count. One would think that she would be used to it by now, but the elder is just as distracted as the younger, her mouth opening and closing even as Astoria stares with wide eyes at the very thing she'd been trying to seduce from Harry for days now, staring her right in the face.

"I… my sister…"

Daphne's forgetting her lines. Harry finds that more than a little amusing, as Astoria glances over at her flushed older sister, askance. Chuckling darkly, Harry steps in and takes control. He's quite good at that.


Blinking, Astoria turns back to Harry and blushes profusely.


Reaching out, Harry places his hands on the girl's shoulders, feeling the silken material barely covering them beneath his fingers.

"Tell me what you want, Astoria. No more games. Tell me what YOU want."

Mouth dry and her sister proving to be no help at all, Astoria finds the words and says them, eyes staring into Harry's emerald pupils in awe.

"I want… I want to marry you."

Harry grins at that and bobs his head up and down in a nod.

"That can be arranged. What do you want right now, though?"

Astoria's blush intensifies, and she glances down at his dick again, now over half hard from nothing more than the sight of her and her sister so sexily dressed. Taking in a shaky breath, Astoria firms up her resolve, and in doing so, ends up pushing out her barely covered chest just a little.

"I want you to fuck me. I want you to fill me with that big, hard dick."

The way she draws out the last few words has the aforementioned 'big hard dick' twitching and Harry grinning. Leaning in, he kisses Astoria deeply, his tongue sliding into her nonresistant mouth as she moans against his lips. Then, he pulls back and lets her go.

"Then offer yourself up to me, and I'll see what I can do."

Still blushing, but much more excited than afraid now, Astoria clamors onto the bed. Harry moves to Daphne's side and pinches the older witch's bum, startling her out of the slight trance she'd found herself in. Leaning in, he whispers in her ear.

"You'll want to see this next part, darling."

As Astoria presents herself in the middle of his bed, her nightgown hiked up and her pussy lips spread by her very own fingers, Harry disengages from Daphne and walks forward. A moment later, the pregnant witch is moving as well, climbing onto the bed from the side and laying out by her sister as she watches Harry crawl into place between Astoria's legs. The younger looks to her elder, and Daphne smiles reassuringly, brushing her hands through Astoria's hair. Biting her lower lip, Astoria looks back to Harry, and watches as he places his cockhead up against her wet pussy lips.

A moment later, he's inside of her. Unlike Daphne, Astoria is virginal. He's taking her first time, as he slides his cock deep inside of the youngest Greengrass girl. Moaning loudly, Astoria shudders as he fills her with his length, just as she asked him to do. His big, hard cock gets even bigger and even harder as Harry goes, Astoria's insides clenching down and squeezing around his shaft.

She's tight, even tighter than her sister. Not that that makes Astoria better than Daphne. No, Daphne is definitely more experienced, and even as Harry begins to slide his way in and out of Astoria, he discovers he kind of prefers experienced over young and virginal. In the end though, it doesn't matter too much. She's still hot and wet and ready for him, and Harry is more than happy to fuck a willing woman, especially one who offered herself up to him on a silver platter.

Seeing that she's adjusting to his size, Harry begins to move a little faster… much to Astoria's pleasure, as her mouth forms into a little o and her eyes go wide. Her first orgasm hits her a second later, and the blonde witch shudders beneath him as she cums along his cock. Her inner walls clench and squeeze almost rhythmically, and a low, wanton moan leaves her throat. Harry grunts in response and begins to fuck her all the faster.

Daphne bites her lower lip as she watches from the side. Her own nightgown has been hiked up as well, and she's fingering herself with her free hand, even as the other continues to stroke her little sister's hair. She takes in the spectacle of Harry fucking Astoria for the first time and can't help but grow wetter and wetter at the sight.

The only thing that could make any of it better would be Harry's cum on her face. But she wouldn't take her little sister's first time away from her like that. No, there would always be time for Harry to give her a facial later. Unless…

A thought suddenly runs through Daphne's mind. And once it's there, she just can't seem to get rid of it. Biting her lower lip hard, Daphne slowly pushes up off the bed, up off of her side. Even as Harry fucks her little sister harder and harder, the pregnant witch pulls her fingers from Astoria's head so that she can kneel by Harry's side, pressing up against him.

Harry glances her way, and Astoria mewls at her departure, but the two of them are focused mostly on one another, and more specifically on Harry's cock, plunging in and out of Astoria's depths. Breathing heavily in anticipation of her idea, Daphne leans in and licks at the top ridge of Harry's ear, before whispering to the powerful wizard as he continues to fuck her sister.

"Harry… wouldn't she look excellent, covered in your cum?"

That draws Harry's attention. He barely slows down in his pace, but he DOES slow down, just a bit. Even as he continues to fuck Astoria, some of his attention turns toward her sister, as he looks at Daphne in amusement.

"You have a fetish, sweetheart."

Daphne blushes, but doesn't back down. In fact, she outright grins, as she runs a hand down Harry's well-defined chest, nibbling at her lower lip.

"I'm not denying that… but maybe Astoria does as well?"

The witch in question is barely following along with the conversation at this point, lost in the throes of passion as she is. Astoria whines and whimpers, moaning and crying out as Harry fucks her through orgasm after orgasm. Snorting derisively, Harry pulls away from Daphne slightly, and leans in to look Astoria in the face. Her slightly glazed-over eyes focus on his, and she moans for more, even as she reaches up to wrap her arms around his neck.

"Astoria… Astoria, I'm going to cum soon. Where do you want it?"

The young witch blinks, and then looks down between them, seeming conflicted. That alone tells Harry what he needs to know, and he grins slightly as he reaches up, running a finger down her cheek.

"Do you want me to paint you with my seed, Astoria? Shall I plaster you with white, hot cum?"

The witch's eyes go wide at that, and her nostrils flare as her tight little cunt squeezes down HARD around his cock in response to his words. After a moment, the fairly inexperienced witch nods her head frantically, and let's go of Harry's neck as he laughs and pulls out of her. A second later, and Harry is kneeling over Astoria's body, his cock pointed at her face. He strokes it a few times, and then begins to cum. Daphne arrives just in time to position herself beside her sister, and the two witches each get a face full of hot, sticky goodness as Harry cums all over both of them.

They look good, covered in Harry's cum. At least, in his totally 'unbiased' opinion. Chuckling, Harry grins down at the two, even as they lay there, both of them panting and moaning with need. After a moment, Daphne takes charge. Harry leans back at the elder Greengrass sister moves over her sister's body. The sounds of slurping and smacking as Daphne begins to lick and kiss her sister clean of Harry's cum fill the air, even as she also presents her back side to Harry, shaking her delectable derriere invitingly.

Well, he was never one to say no to such an invitation, and one release was never going to be enough to satisfy him to begin with. Guiding his cock into Daphne from behind, Harry fills the elder witch's cunt with his length with a grunt, even as she moans loudly and lewdly into her sister's mouth. Belatedly, Astoria realizes what Daphne has done and begins to squirm beneath the other woman, whining into Daphne's lips over her big sister's theft of the delicious cock that had just brought her so much pleasure.

Daphne doesn't give Astoria a single chance to escape though, and she continues to make out with her sister profusely, even as Harry fucks her from behind. The blonde witches both make such delightful noises, and Harry enjoys every last one of them as he plows his beloved wife atop her baby sister. Astoria is just along for the ride for the moment, forced to experience every thrust without the filling sensation that was supposed to go along with it.

Daphne's body presses down on Astoria's, her tits rubbing against Astoria's tits. The two blonde witches shake and shift with every piston of Harry's cock, and when Daphne climaxes along his member, Astoria gets closer and closer to an orgasm of her own. When it finally arrives, her muffled pleasure cries sound shocked, almost as if she can't imagine cumming just from her sister's body rubbing against her.

That's exactly what happens though, and it continues to happen right up until the point where Harry finally reaches his second release. Knowing Daphne's preference, Harry pulls out at the last second and paints the blonde witch white with his seed, coating her from the nape of her neck all the way down to her heart-shaped posterior in sticky, hot cum.

Daphne moans and arches her cum-covered back as she tilts her head towards the ceiling in pure unadulterated ecstasy… and that's when Astoria strikes. Harry blinks in surprise as he suddenly finds the younger Greengrass between him and the elder. In the space of a few seconds, Astoria slips out from beneath Daphne and then pins the older witch face down into the bed. Her tongue comes out and she begins to lick up his seed, slurping it right out from between her sister's straining shoulder blades, even as Daphne growls beneath her.

But Astoria, it turns out, has quite a bit in common with Daphne. Especially in the way she shakes her hips back in Harry's direction. Snorting derisively, the wizard sees no reason not to participate. This was bound to happen eventually, and now it was Daphne who'd bitten off more than she could chew. Ah, siblings squabbles… it was a lot of fun, when he got to watch them happen and directly benefit from their little power struggles.

Snickering, Harry slips his cock back into Astoria and begins to fuck her once more, this time doggystyle. Things continue in a similar vein from there. In the end, it's all quite predictable… but no less pleasurable for it. Daphne and Astoria spend the entire night competing with one another over Harry's cock and cum. Meanwhile, Harry spends the night fucking the two slutty blondes to his heart's content, covering the both of them in load after load of white, hot cum.

Each has a massive fetish for being facialized, for being painted in his sticky seed. Harry is more than happy to satisfy their kinks, and throughout the night the pair fight over just who can get covered in more of Harry's seed. Of course, they both cheat constantly as well. The number of times Harry finds himself fucking one of them while they lick off the other's hard-earned reward is more than a little ridiculous… and more than a little amusing.

By the time all is said and done, the pair are covered in as much saliva as they are in cum. On top of that, both of the poor dears have completely tuckered themselves out. Though, perhaps Harry played a bigger part in that then he's acknowledging. Either way, the night ends with two lovely, sexy, cum-covered sisters curled into his sides as Harry wraps an arm around both, laid out in the middle of his bed, staring up at the ceiling.

Daphne moans in her sleep while cuddling a little closer, and Astoria whines before taking up residence on his chest, her head resting their as she sleeps soundly. Harry just smiles and runs his hands through their blonde locks as he lets out a contented sigh.

Yes… this was going to work out beautifully. He didn't quite care if he pissed off Malfoy, in the end. Astoria's father would give him his second daughter's hand in marriage, and that would be the end of it. Daphne would handle the politics and Harry would have a fifth wife. Was five too many? He didn't feel like he was at the end of his rope quite yet… no, he could go further than this. So long as they kept dropping themselves in his lap, how could he ever refuse.

Besides, Daphne had been very right about one thing in particular. Being the center of a Greengrass Sandwich, with two beautiful blondes cuddled up on either side of him, was quite fun indeed. He could get used to that. He probably would, at this rate.