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Harry Potter stared at the two women sitting across from him in his study. They stared back and eventually, he let out a sigh and looked back down at the contracts they'd both brought him.

In the months since his very public, very brutal defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort, it seemed as if the Wizarding World didn't truly know how to react. There'd been the immediate celebrations afterwards of course, as those of Voldemort's ilk who survived were either captured or fled the country, hell, the entire continent.

Perhaps it had to do with just how thorough he'd been in eradicating his literal life-long nemesis. But if there was one thing Harry had learned in his admittedly short life, it was to BE thorough. After finding and disposing of all of Voldemort's horcruxes, the young man wasn't going to stop until he was sure that the Dark Lord who'd plagued him for all his years was absolutely and utterly dead.

And sure enough, even without soul fragments, there'd been some sort of gassy, black smoke that had fled Voldemort's mouth when Harry had twisted his neck a full one hundred and eighty degrees with an overpowered combination spell. It turns out, banishing and summoning can be incredibly useful in a fight, if used appropriately…

Regardless, there'd been gasps of fear and horror as the massive black cloud billowed out of Voldemort's corpse before it could even hit the ground. Before it could go anywhere however, it was being sucked into a magically enchanted jar that Harry had withdrawn from his robes. Everyone's terrified reactions froze up at this, as Harry set the jar down, transfigured it into a bunny, and then banishes the bunny into the ground until it was a fine red paste.

After that, he'd vanished the mess and then gone a step further by disposing of the dead body that his nemesis had left behind. Perhaps displaying his absolute control over fiendfyre in order to burn away every last trace of the snake-like man was a bit overkill judging by the reactions he'd gotten, but at that point Harry was just plain out of fucks to give. He'd done his duty, fulfilled the fucking prophecy, taken his ball, and gone home.

And now here he sat, months later, in the old home of his grandparents, specifically in his grandfather's study. There were no paintings on the walls. His great-grandfather had adorned the wall behind him when he'd initially moved in, but given the lack of Potters, his painting and every painting in the home had been dormant for years to keep the personality simulacrums from going insane.

Rather than 'wake' any of them up, Harry had had them all put in full magical stasis and then into storage. Was it wrong for him to not truly want to speak with the remnants of old fuckers who made up his family? Probably. He felt a little guiltier about doing it to the Potter paintings than he had felt doing it to the Black paintings, when he'd had all their properties, Grimmauld Place included, cleared of the magical portraits.

Regardless, the lack of moving, talking paintings on the walls of the study made it quite silent as Harry contemplated what was happening in this very moment. He liked that, the quiet. He'd always been a big fan of silence, especially after how he'd been raised. His cupboard under the stairs had never truly been quiet enough. And then Hogwarts, with its shared dorms… well, suffice to say the first night he'd sleep in this home with complete and utter silence, he'd been immediately enthralled.

Looking from the papers back to the two women sitting across from him, Harry's lips curl into a thin smile. At the very least, these two knew the value of such silence, though the brunette was fidgeting ever so slightly in her seat, while the blonde was frozen in place, face a mask of forced politeness. Flaring his nostrils, Harry glances one last time at the contracts before him and then speaks.

"Ms. Greengrass. Ms. Davis. If you would be so kind to explain what you hope to achieve here today, I would appreciate it."

The two women look at each other and ultimately, it's Daphne Greengrass who moves to speak.

"Well Lord Potter Black, we-."

Harry lifts a hand and cuts Daphne off, the blonde's eyes widening at the incredibly rude motion even as he ignores her in favor of her companion.

"Not you. Tracey. I want you to tell me what you two are doing here today."

In truth, Harry never knew either of these girls at Hogwarts. He was blind to most of his year-mates, especially the ones in other houses… and Slytherin most of all. The DA gave Harry some idea of just who the students he was learning magic alongside were, but given not a single member of Slytherin had attended the classes, busy being Umbridge's stooges as they were, Harry was woefully lacking in interactions with that house.

Well, positive interactions anyways. He'd certainly had enough run ins with Draco over the years. Still, when Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davis had sent a formal letting asking for a meeting, Harry had been curious enough to look into them. What he'd found had seen him setting up a meeting, just to find out what the fuck they wanted. And now that he knew what they wanted… well, he was confused, more than anything else.

Not an ounce of that confusion shows in Harry's verdant green eyes as he pierces Tracey with his gaze and silently wills her to speak. The brunette is clearly taken aback, not that he's surprised by that, knowing what he does about the relationship of power between the two young women across from him. Glancing to Daphne for help, Tracey finds nothing but frostiness there, and ultimately, she stutters and stammers as she tries to answer him.

"W-Well, a-ah… it's quite simple actually Lord Potter-Black. S-Since you have now come of age, you control over ten lordships, many passed down through you by Will. Under the laws set forth by Wizarding Britain, y-you may tak-"

"Hold. Tell me how the two of you know just how many houses I am now Lord of. I only found out this information myself two months ago."

Harry's eyes dart between Tracey and Daphne as the brunette clams up. In the end, it's the blonde who has to answer.

"My family has… connections, my Lord."

It's clear that that's all the answer Harry's going to get for now. Letting out a grunt, he nods to Tracey to continue. After a moment, the blushing brunette manages to get back on track.

"R-Right… under the laws set forth by Wizarding Britain, you may take a wife for every Lordship. As witches are not allowed to take more than one name, regardless of how many their husband has, it is considered right and proper for a Lord with more than one House to have more than one wife. Of course, something like this has never occurred before… but u-uh, Daphne and I… we wanted to throw our hats in the ring so to speak."

Harry stares at the two of them and then back down at the marriage contracts staring up at him from his desk.

"… Have the two of you read these things?"

His tone is incredulous, and Tracey blushes deeper as Daphne straightens. Her own voice is filled with indignation as she answers him.

"Yes my Lord. I crafted them after all, and Tracey assisted me in doing so."

He's staring again, and he knows it's rude but he just can't…

"You crafted them? According to my lawyers, these documents bind the two of you to me more tightly than anything I have ever seen. I will have absolute control over our marriage, to the extent that I can put either of you aside at any time, while your only way out is sanctioned suicide. It's bloody monstrous."

Daphne and Tracey exchange a glance and once more Daphne speaks. Without Harry to force Tracey to be their spokesperson, the pair defaults to the blonde, as he knew it would.

"It is… a standard enough marriage contract between a conquering Lord and those who would seek his mercy."

That takes Harry aback. He blinks dumbly and looks at both the women and the contracts in a new light.

"Am I a conquering Lord then? You seek my mercy? For what crimes?"

Both young women look distinctly uncomfortable now, while Harry stares at them in silence, waiting relatively patiently for an answer. Eventually, one comes.

"… My family did not directly support You-Know-Who my Lord. Not a single Greengrass wears the mark on our arms. But as a dark family, the Greengrasses did have to make certain… concessions in order to stay publicly neutral in the conflict."

Harry frowns severely.

"… What kind of concessions?"

The stoic mask finally cracks a bit and in a startling display of vulnerability, Daphne looks down at her hands and swallows thickly.

"Information, mostly. I am not proud of my family's actions, of what my father and mother did in order to protect my sister and I. People suffered because of it. But they're still my family. And now, thanks to you none of us will ever be forced to bear the dark mark. You are victorious Lord Potter-Black. I would offer myself to you and pray you show my parents mercy."

Harry's lips are pressed tightly together as he stares at the pretty blonde. He's not sure how to feel. Voldemort had had many spies in his second rise, due to sheer incompetence on the part of Dumbledore and the Ministry of Magic for not properly curtailing his followers at the end of his first rise. From the sound of things though, the Greengrasses had never been actual followers though, instead they'd simply tried to keep their heads above water as things got worse and worse.

His verdant eyes shift to Tracey, who squirms under his gaze.

"And you?"

From his investigations, Harry knows that Tracey doesn't HAVE a family, certainly not one that would come begging for mercy. She's a half-blood witch, must like himself. Her father, a wizard, is dead. Her mother, a muggle, is a complete unknown. It's no wonder that she latched onto Daphne early on after being sorted into Slytherin, though it is still curious that Daphne allowed it and kept the orphan by her side all these years. Was it true friendship, or did the blonde just like being worshipped?

"I… um… I don't have anywhere else s-so if you'll have me, I m-might as well stay with Daphne. W-We thought that maybe you'd be more inclined to show mercy if you could have both of us instead of just o-one…"

Ah, an appeal to his libido then, and a strike against Daphne if 'we' was actually her, convincing Tracey to practically sign her life away just to help out her 'darling friend'. Still frowning, Harry considers just how he could possibly suss out the truth in this situation. Eventually, a simple question comes to mind.

"And if I did sign these contracts, I imagine you two would like to be Lady Potter and Lady Black respectively?"

They were his biggest titles after all, which was why he was known as 'Lord Potter-Black' and not 'Lord too many hyphened names to possibly write down'. The young witches sitting across from him exchange another glance and then nod hesitantly in unison, causing Harry to smile sardonically and go for the kill.

"And tell me Ms. Davis, which of you will be Lady Black, and which will be Lady Potter?"

Tracey blinks at the question and throws yet another glance Daphne's way before responding.

"I… um, Daphne said that so long as you were amenable, I would be Lady P-Potter and she would be Lady Black."

Intriguing. At this point, House Potter was the greater of the two and the witch who held the title would no doubt hold the most power, objectively speaking. There was a reason he was Lord Potter-Black and not Lord Black-Potter and it wasn't solely because he'd been born a Potter first and foremost. The fact that Daphne had come here ready to prop her friend up into the more advantageous person spoke well to her character. Perhaps it was indeed true friendship, rather than the blonde using the brunette to get what she wanted.

One way or the other, they expected Harry to come to a decision. The powerful young wizard's nostrils flare as he stares at the papers before him, before finally pulling the Elder Wand from his robes. Both women go wide eyed at the sight of it, even as he touches it to the two magical contracts and they both turn to ash in seconds.

"I will not sign these contracts."

Tracey outright deflates in disappointment, while Daphne's mask shatters entirely, a look of fear for herself and her family displayed prominently on her face. Harry pretends not to see either witch in their most vulnerable state, as he opens a drawer in his desk and withdraws two folders.

"These contracts on the other hand, I would have you both read over carefully."

Shock and surprise replace disappointment and worry as Daphne and Trace accept the folders from Harry and open them up. He settles back into his chair and waits patiently for them to finish, a slight smile on his face. Tracey is the first to speak, confusion inherent in her tone as she comes to a slightly incorrect conclusion about halfway through it.

"This is… the exact same contract?"

"No, it is not."

Daphne's voice rings out, something odd in her tone as she looks at Harry. The blonde is clearly the faster reader, having already finished the document. She'd found the changes that Harry had had his lawyers make to it and Tracey was left in the dark as her friend furrows her brow.

"Why would you do this for us my Lord? I confess to some confusion."

Harry shrugs his shoulders and smiles a bit more authentically as he explains for Tracey's benefit.

"The terms of divorce were one-sided, cruel, and barbaric. I find I much prefer this new contract over the old in that regard. Either of you may seek a separation from me at any time if that is your desire. But you will lay claim to none of my assets and you will of course lose your title if you do so. A fair enough deal I should hope. What is mine remains mine, but I will not treat you two like property. You are both human beings and if I am not to your tastes, you may go whenever you like."

Tracey looks almost awe-struck by the idea, while Daphne has a considering look on her face. In the end, Harry just pushes two pens across the table to both of them. Without another word, the witches pick them up and sign the contracts. When they are returned to him, Harry signs as well and the deed is done. Setting the documents aside, the young wizard does his best to put a smile on his face, despite the incredibly weighty thing they've just done.

"Well, I suppose we are to be married then. I hope neither of you is expecting a large ceremony, I've come to truly enjoy my privacy these last few months."

The smiles that the girls exchange before looking to him are rather wide. He's never seen Daphne look so overjoyed to be honest.

"Of course husband. Whatever you desire."

Tracey is not quite so reserved.

"Only so long as subsequent wives get the same treatment. After all, Daphne and I didn't sign on early just so we could be sidelined by the others. As your firsts, we'll be in charge of the rest of course."

And just like that, the study falls silent. Daphne is looking at her friend horrified, while Harry finds himself just a bit bewildered. Does Tracey even know what she just said? Judging by the way her smile slowly falters at the looks Harry and Daphne are giving her, she's beginning to realize it. Harry finds his voice to be just a bit silken as he stares at the two young women across from him.

"Oh? You'll be in charge, will you?"

Daphne is quick to try and jump in and fix things.

"Only so far as you allow it, of course. We would not seek to supplant you my Lord. We-."

She falls silent as Harry abruptly stands, towering over both girls as he considers them, briefly. He's a little sick of being used, and this entire time he's been trying to ignore just how beautiful both women are. He wanted to talk to them as human beings and not view them as sex objects. But his libido will not be denied, and now they are his wives, or fiancés, or whatever you want to call it.

He's given them an out if they want it, so as far as he's concerned, what happens next is their choice.

"Stand up, both of you."

They do so immediately, together, backs straight and eyes wide. Harry makes a point of raking his eyes up and down their bodies.


He knows it's uncharacteristic of him, but the last few months of relative isolation have had one major downside… he's been horny as fuck for some reason. Still, Harry expects shock or anger or indignation from the two across from him. He expects Tracey to blush and stammer a refusal, while Daphne will grow icy cold and demand he treat them with respect.

Harry will offer them a divorce right there on the spot. He doesn't plan to be used anymore, and there's no bloody requirement for marriage. The power rests in solely in the hands of the Lord in Wizarding Britain, as archaic and sexist as it is. No matter their beauty, Harry doesn't intend to let either Daphne or Tracey run his life.

Of course, he's appropriately surprised when instead of a rebuke from either, both beautiful witches glance at each other… and begin to strip down. Their robes are shucked off and their blouses and shoes and skirts follow. In no time at all, he's alone in his study with two beauties wearing nothing but their underwear. Harry can't help but enjoy the sight. Daphne is in a bra-and-panty set of Slytherin green, while Tracey is wearing similar underwear, but in black.

They've come dressed to impress and Harry can't help but wonder if they'd planned for this to happen. Judging by their blushes and overall docile nature, he has the growing feeling that they very well might have wanted this outcome. Especially since neither is even trying to cover up their bodies, their arms hanging loosely at their sides instead as they fidget slightly under his gaze. Lips pressed together tightly, Harry steps around his desk, walking over to the side where Daphne and Tracey stand. He's already in it this far… might as well see where this will go.

"Lean forward and place your hands palm-down on the desk. Spread your legs wide."

As expected, this has the effect of placing both beauties in incredibly provocative positions, though of course they make sure of that, adopting as sexy a pose as they each can with the instructions he's given them. With Daphne and Tracey both essentially exposing themselves to him, Harry is able to eye the two from both a side profile and a back profile as he circles into position behind them.

While both witches are high-quality in the looks department, each has a slight advantage in one area over the other. With Daphne, the blonde's tits are markedly larger, her ass a bit perkier and her hips skinnier. Tracey on the other hand, has a bigger butt and wider hips, perfect for bearing kids. Harry can't help but blink at that stray thought. The ink isn't even fresh on the contracts yet and he's already imagining knocking the two women up.

… He won't lie to himself, mental images of both of them pregnant with his children go a long way towards making his already hardening cock all the harder. Licking his lips, the Lord Potter-Black steps in and brings his hands up between the spread legs of his new wives. His palms cup their panty-clad mounds and he grinds the heel of each into their slits.

Daphne and Tracey both jump at the sudden contact, only to moan and push back against him as it continues. Harry is only moderately surprised that to find the women dripping wet at this point. It seems his earlier thoughts were right on the money. They were each ready and raring to go. Harry won't do either the disservice of calling them out on it though. They're his fiancés or wives or what have you, not whores or prostitutes or escorts.

Still, by this point Harry is rock hard and it's obvious that the witches want him to enjoy their bodies. He's not about to deny that chance. Seeing a chance for another test, the young Lord pulls his groping hand off of Daphne first, and slides into position behind Tracey Davis, situating both of his hands on her wide hips.

A glance towards the abandoned blonde shows her biting her lower lip in lust and envy, but she doesn't say a word about Harry's decision. Instead, she watches on even as Tracey moans wantonly and shakes her fat ass back in Harry's direction. For a few moments, he just grinds the front of his crotch against her shapely posterior, rubbing his bulge along her panty-clad cunt. Tracey's breath hitches and she begins to pant as her head hangs. It's clear she wants more… and he can't help but wonder how much longer before she'll beg for it.

But know, making her beg isn't necessarily the point of this exercise, though it could be fun another time. The point of this all is to establish control over his two wives, to make it clear that they will not be in control of him. Licking his lips, Harry lets go of Tracey's hips and works at his pants. In a few moments, he has his cock out and in hand, drawing a surprised, wide-eyed gasp from Daphne as she stares down at it in amazement.

Tracey, not being able to see it right away, blinks at her friend's reaction even as she cranes her neck to look back over her shoulder.

"What? What is it Daph-hoooly shit that's a big dick."

Harry lifts an eyebrow at that, even as he hefts his thick member. To be fair, he has no real idea just how big his dick is compared to most others. They didn't really compare cock sizes back in the dorm at Hogwarts, or if they did it was during one of the nights where Harry was sneaking out to break school rules in order to save the day, or during one of the nights where he was laid up in the hospital wing, recovering from the former.

Regardless, neither Daphne nor Tracery SEEMED like they were faking their wide-eyed amazement, so Harry took things at face value and brought his member force, sliding it back and forth across the brunette of the pair's covered slit.

"A-Ah Merlin… please Harry… don't tease me too much."

And there's the begging, even if he wasn't necessarily aiming for it. Chuckling darkly, Harry acquiesces nonetheless and slides Tracey's black panties aside to expose her dripping wet, bald cunt. His cockhead fits into her pussy lips and they spread open wide as he begins to push into her, much to the beautiful witch's vocal enjoyment.

"F-Fuck… fuck, fuck fuck… merlin yes, more Harry, mor-ah!"

Harry growls as he reaches up and grabs a fist full of Tracey's brown locks. He pulls the future Lady Potter's head back even as he slides another inch of his thick prick into her needy, clenching cunt.

"Call me 'My Lord'."

He purrs it in her ear and regrets it ever so slightly a moment later, but the harm is done by that point and he's not going to take the spur of the moment words back. Tracey shudders and her pussy juices gush around his cock a bit, so Harry figures it was taken more positively than negatively at the very least. Moaning lustfully as her back arches before him, Tracey nods as best she can.

"Mm, yes my lord… please fuck me harder, please."

Well, he can't say no to that, can he? With one hand maintaining the hold on her hair and the other grasping at her hip, Harry begins to rail Tracey Davis right there in his study, bent over his desk. He is quite aware of Daphne watching everything off to the side, but the majority of his attention is on Tracey and Tracey alone at this point. The powerful wizard's massive member thrusts forward into the witch's cunt over and over again, and Tracey takes it like a champ, crying out happily and doing her best to bounce her wide hips and fat ass back into Harry's crotch as he thrusts forward.

"Yes! Yes! YESSSS!!!"

Tracey's first orgasm comes surprisingly quickly and Harry grunts as his passage in and out of her cunt becomes even easier. Her pussy juices flow down the length of his member and make everything even slicker and wetter than it already was. With the friction diminished further, Harry's member slams home into Tracey faster and harder than before, his crotch smacking into her fat ass and causing it to jiggle with every single thrust forward.

The beautiful brunette witch cries out happily and one of her hands leaves the desk in order to slide down the front of her black panties to frig at her pussy. As Harry fucks her, Tracey climaxes repeatedly, until eventually her legs are like jelly and she's no longer able to hold herself up anymore. When the mostly naked brunette falls forward onto her face, her upper body resting on his massive mahogany desk for support, Harry responds by lifting her hips higher and pounding into her all the harder.

She moans and claws at the wood beneath her weakly, and ultimately, her clenching, tightening pussy finally milks his release from him. With a shout, Harry cums inside of Tracey Davis, filling her young womb with a thick load of his seed, painting her inner walls white with his cum and panting as he finally pulls out, having left a nice amount of cream inside of her.

Displaying a remarkable amount of energy despite her exhaustion, Tracey slides off of his desk and spins around, falling to her knees as she comes face to face with his cock. Before Harry can even react, the brunette witch has her in his mouth, sucking his member clean of their combined fluids and doing her level best to bring him back to full hardness.

Harry's initial reaction is to stop her and ask what she's doing, but ultimately, it feels way too good to do that. In the end, Harry places a hand on top of Tracey's head… and then lets her continue her work, even as the girl herself has one hand on her bra-clad tits and the other down her panties, in her cunt. With Tracey sucking his cock like there's no tomorrow, Harry reaches for Daphne, who has been watching everything this entire time.

The blonde allows herself to be grabbed, a blush on her face as he pulls her in and locks lips with her. Her delicious tits press against his chest as his hand slides down and grabs at her perky behind greedily. Harry kneads and massages Daphne's tight ass for a few minutes, even as his tongue explores her throat. She happily kisses him back, the blonde moaning into his mouth from his molestation of her scantily clad body.

Ultimately, neither of them ends the makeout session. Instead, Tracey finally pulls her mouth off of his cock, once Harry is back at full hardness. Her ceasing her activities draws his attention, and he looks down at her with a lifted eyebrow, a look that Tracey returns with a cheeky grin as she strokes his cock.

"Well, I could keep sucking on this behemoth until it blows again, but I figured Daphne would want next go at this point~"

"Yes! I mean… yes, yes I would…"

The pureblood scion blushes as Harry and Tracey both look at her with amusement. Tracey gets up and steps away to make room, while Daphne in turn moves into position at the desk, adopting the same pose as she'd been in before as well as the same pose Tracey had been fucked in. Then she takes things a step further and Harry's eyes go wide as a deeply embarrassed Daphne slowly pulls her green panties down her body, slipping them off one and leaving them dangling from one ankle as she spreads her long, creamy, smooth legs wide again.

Daphne's hands go back and the Slytherin Ice Queen pulls her perky ass cheeks apart, to show off something Harry would never have expected to find in a million years. Daphne Greengrass is wearing a butt plug. An honest to god butt plug. Biting her lower lip, the blonde looks back at Harry as she shakes her skinny hips back and forth a little.

"P-Please my lord… will you fuck my asshole f-first? I-I'm clean and lubed up f-for you…"

The blonde's entire demeanor has changed. Harry looks to Tracey, but the brunette is just smiling, seeming happy for her friend. It's only then that the young wizard truly realizes who is the more perverted of the duo. While Tracey might be a bit slutty, Daphne is obviously a kinky little freak. Not that Harry minds that one bit. Reaching out, he sinks his fingers into the base of the butt plug. Slowly but surely, he pulls the sex toy out of Daphne's asshole, inch by inch.

Sure enough, it's covered in lube, and in the light of his study, Harry can see Daphne's sphincter glistening, ever so slightly agape. His cock jumps at the thought of filling Daphne's back door with his member and Harry stops putting things off. Tossing the butt plug aside, Harry takes hold of his cock and guides it towards Daphne's tight little behind as the blonde leans forward and rests her front on his desk, all while keeping her ass cheeks spread.

There's resistance at first, as Harry's girthy cockhead presses against Daphne's butthole. Then, he's inside of her and it's like she's sucking him in, the perverse witch moaning wantonly as her back-door swallows him up and clenching around him quite hard. Harry lets out a curse as he grips Daphne's hips with both hands. Pulling his member back a few inches, he slams forward, intent on proving his dominance as he begins to butt-fuck the blonde beauty, much to her vocal pleasure.

"Merlin YES! Fuck me my Lord, fuck me!"

Just like with Tracey, Daphne is turning out to be far more of a slut than Harry had first imagined. If this is what his new wives are going to be like, he has absolutely no regrets about signing the marriage contracts. Oh no, he thinks he's going to enjoy this quite a bit. Off to the side, Tracey is leaned against the desk, watching the two of them raptly in the same way Daphne had watched her get fucked.

The difference this time is that Tracey's fingers keep diving in and out of her cunt as she takes in the brutal ass-pounding of her best friend. She scoops a bit of his cum out every few strokes and brings it to her mouth, lewdly suckling at her digits until they're clean of any of his white, hot seed. It's incredibly hot, but Harry barely focuses on that, fixated on how tight Daphne's sucking butthole is.

With a grunt, the young wizard moves his hands to the front of the bent over witch. Daphne squeaks as he slides his palms up under her and pulls her back from the desk entirely. Her bra comes down off her massive mammaries and Harry grips her tits with both hands, grinding her back against his chest as he molests her breasts and continues to fuck her asshole.

In no time at all, Daphne is climaxing, her butt muscles clenching around his cock even as her pussy juices paint the front of his mahogany desk. With nothing to plug up her cunt, Daphne squirts again and again, making a right mess of the wood in front of her. Harry isn't too worried about it though, in fact he fucks her all the harder for it, loving the way the pureblood ice queen squeals as her ass clenches around his pistoning cock.

He can easily clean up the mess she's making afterwards with magic… but maybe he just won't. A reminder of their first time together would not go amiss he can't help but feel. Not that he'll ever forget this moment. As Daphne goes through yet another explosive orgasm, Harry feels his own second release fast approaching.

Daphne's back door is just too tight for him to keep control for long. Not wanting to waste the cum load though, Harry pulls out at the last second and bends the blonde back over his desk. She goes without complaint and simply moans, squirming beneath him as he paints her body with his seed, spurting it from her perky ass all the way up to her neck.

Watching her pale, smooth flesh undulate as she shudders from the sensation of hot cum across her skin is certainly something Harry wants to see again. When he pulls back, Tracey is immediately there, holding Daphne down before the other witch can even get up. Harry just lifts an eyebrow and smirks as he watches the brunette dominate her blonde friend. One hand on the back of Daphne's head and the other driving two fingers in and out of her sopping wet cunt, Tracey lowers her face down to Daphne's back and begins to lick up Harry's cum as if it's the most delicious thing in the world.

Feeling quite satisfied for the moment, Harry makes his way back around his grandfather's large desk and settles into his chair once more, cock flaccid as he relaxes and watches the debauchery before him. He very specifically leaves the high back chair pushed out from the mahogany desk, and as expected, once Tracey is done cleaning Daphne off with her tongue, both young witches end up on their knees before him, entirely naked by this point, and happily worshipping his member side by side.

As Harry smiles down at them, he steeples his fingers together. After all this, something has been awakened within the powerful wizard. He can't just go back to the way things were before, not anymore. His period of isolation is at an end, brought to a close by the two lovely beauties before him. And yet, while Daphne and Tracey are certainly going to be a handful, Harry finds himself desiring more than just them.

"So, ladies… you spoke of other wives. I suppose I do have a lot of Lordships and a lot of noble houses that will need to be continued. To that end, I will need a Lady for each name that now rests under my control. As the Ladies Potter and Black, I would have your counsel on just who you think would be best suited for these roles… and of course, you'll both be helping me to persuade the witches that you choose to come around to our way of thinking."

Daphne and Tracey exchange a look before smiling up at him. Their tongues come out and they trace from his balls to the tip of his cock, sending a shudder up Harry's spine. Then, Daphne leans back as Tracey takes him into her mouth. One girl a slut, the other a pervert… is it any surprise that the first gives him a blowjob while the second gives him advice on just which witch to dominate next?

Harry grins wickedly and laces his fingers through the hair of each girl as Daphne speaks and he listens.