it's strange what can inspire you to write a story. I got the inspiration for this story from a BnHA comic dub. In it, Eri asked Izuku what a dad is while watching the Lion King. At the end, she calls Izuku dad, to everyone's surprise. I got the idea on what would happen if Eri met Izuku much much earlier. For example, while he was training with All Might by cleaning the beach. I'll begin the story after I provide the link for the comic dub.

Link: watch?v=gRBCFG7Thfg

We start our story at a beach turned dumping ground. A young male with green hair is seen talking to a thin, skeletal male with blonde hair. After the brief conversation, the green haired male, whose name is Izuku Midoriya, started running toward his house. On his way, he got lost in thoughts and, quite literally, ran into someone who would change his life. Feeling the impact, he manage to stay standing and look to see what he hit. Looking down, he saw a young girl with a small horn on the right side of her forehead. Helping her up and making sure she's okay, Izuku looked around for a person that could be her parent. He saw an adult running toward them yelling, "Eri!". Izuku guessed that Eri was the girl's name and this man knew her. "There you are, Eri. You know you shouldn't run away".

"Are you her father?" Izuku asked, wanting to make sure Eri went with the right person. Based on how her grip on his shirt tightened, she was scared of this man.

"Yeah, we were playing a game of tag," the man said with a smile. "Eri ran off while we were playing"

"He's not my father," Eri said quietly. Based on how the man's face contorted, he heard her say that. The man reached for Eri and Izuku spring into action. Thinking quickly, he grabbed some nearby dirt and threw in the man's face. While the man was blinded, Izuku picked up Eri and started running. He heard the man begin to run after them, so he carefully moved Eri onto his back and pulled out his phone. Hitting the speed dial for All Might, who gave his number to Izuku just in case he's in danger or have questions about training, he handed the phone to Eri with a simple instruction, yell help. Eri did as asked and Izuku heard the man speed up. Izuku knew that if nobody came, the man would catch up and Eri would be kidnapped. Turning sharply to the left, he ran down an ally. He had to make to either the police station, run until All Might arrive, or find another hero. He would even accept Kacchan. Despite his bullying, Kacchan wanted to be a hero. He wouldn't stand by as a kidnapping was taking place. He was so focused on finding one of those places or people, he didn't noticed a crack in the sidewalk. Tripping, he made sure to move Eri and his own body. This was to make sure Eri didn't get hurt. Feeling the impact, Izuku let out a sharp gasp of pain. He saw the man from earlier rushing at them. Izuku stood up and placed Eri behind him. He didn't know what quirk the man had, but he knew he had to do something. Before the actual fight could happen, a large man landed in front of Izuku.

"Sorry that it took so long, but everything is alright now. Why?" The large man, named All Might said. "Because I AM HERE". The man that was chasing cursed under his breath and tried to run away. He barely got a foot away before he was captured by All Might. "Now, young man, Let's get you and this young lady to the hospital". With that, All Might carefully picked up Eri, Izuku, and the criminal. He stopped by the police station to drop off the man before rushing Izuku and Eri to the hospital. "I'll leave it to the professional now". All Might said as he jumped away. it didn't take long for a doctor to arrive and check on them. The main issue happened when the doctor wanted a blood sample. They needed a blood sample, so they could try to find Eri's parents. Upon seeing the needle, she began freaking out. she thrashed about as Izuku held onto her.

"Calm down, Eri," Izuku said. "They won't use the syringe". His words and the doctor's action of putting the syringe away in plain sight help calm her down.

"Promise?" she asked, looking up at Izuku. Izuku smiled at her and nodded. The rest of the tests went smoothly, although Eri showed a dependence on Izuku. She never let go of his hand and had a panic attack when Izuku was asked to leave the room. He was asked to leave because the doctor wanted to see if her clothes were hiding any injuries. It was. Izuku was disgusted and angry at the scars that lined her arms. Luckily, beside Eri's scars and Izuku's sore back, they had no injuries to worry about. Inko, Izuku's mother, was still emotional about the whole thing, and it scared Eri. After calming both Eri and his mother, Izuku explained what happened to her. More problems arose when an officer told Eri that she will be taken to a foster home until her parents are found. She refused to leave Izuku and began to flail about when they tried to seperate her from him. The doctor told the officer to stop and, after telling everyone that Eri now have a dependence on Izuku and removing her from his presence would do more damage than good, it was agreed that the best course of action was to let Eri go with the Midoriya family. They agreed to take care of Eri, but also agreed to the daily therapy sessions for Eri. They don't know where or how she got those scars, but knew that she didn't need those memories left alone. She need to come to term with them or they will have a negative effect later in her life.

-line break-

Despite the addition of Eri to their family, things for Izuku went back to normal. He went to school and the beach just like he always did. The only difference was Eri accompanying him to each of his classes and his training sessions with All Might. Eri was scared of being in the classroom with everyone else, but Izuku and the police officer that explained the situation to the class manage to convince her that she would be safe. The most surprising side-effect of Eri was the fact that Bakugo swore less. He still swore when he got angry, but around Eri, he made sure to keep his swearing to a minimum. Eri also found out about All Might's secrets. Both about his true form and of his quirk. She promised to not tell anyone and everything went back to normal. Eri would watch as Izuku trained with All Might, feeling uncomfortable from being away from him. He made her feel safe and, being away from him, made her afraid. She knew that she was safe with how close they were, but she couldn't stop the uneasy feeling from building. Thankfully, Izuku finished before it got too bad. The most shocking moment was about three months after the incident. It was two month til the Entrance Exams for U.A. and All Might's deadline for him. Eri and Izuku sat in the living room watching the classic Disney movie, The Lion King. While they were watching, Eri asked Izuku a simple question. "What is a dad?"

Izuku looked up at the ceiling and thought for a second. "Dads are someone who protects you. They teach you stuff and encourage you to do your best. They inspire you". Izuku chuckled before continuing. "Sorry, but that is a hard question to answer".

"It's fine," Eri said as she moved to sit on Izuku's lap. "I understand".

-tomorrow after school-

Izuku arrived at the beach with Eri on his back. Seeing the shrunken form of All Might, he and Eri waved at the man. All Might waved back and proceeded to take a sip of the drink he brought with him. "Okay, Eri, you know the drill," Izuku said as he placed Eri down. "If you need help, yell for either of us".

Eri looked up at Izuku and smiled before saying a phrase that, unknowingly, changed Izuku's entire life. "Okay, dad". Izuku blushed and tried to stammered out an answer. All Might spat out the drink and looked into the cup, as if to make sure it wasn't drugged. Everybody's reaction to this was similar to All Might's and Izuku's. Well, nearly everybody. Bakugo teased Izuku about it until Eri called him 'Uncle Kacchan'. He didn't say anything, but the smile on his face told Izuku all he needed to know. Inko, Mitsuki,and Masaru was overjoyed at being Eri's grandma, grandaunt, and granduncle respectably. Finally, the doctor tried to convince Eri that Izuku wasn't his father and her parents are probably worried about her. Izuku also tried to talk to Eri about this. The conversation ended when Eri revealed that her grandfather was the boss of a Yakuza group called Shie Hassaikai. She also told them that was where she got her scars. When asked why she never told them this before, she said she was afraid they would return her, but now she know better. With a sigh, Izuku agreed to treat Eri as his daughter, even though he wasn't confident in his ability. From that day on, Izuku called her Eri Midoriya, his adopted daughter. The paperwork was extremely problematic due to Izuku's age mainly. After that, things went back to normal. At least, it was until the day of the Entrance Exams. While Izuku's time during it was normal, minus the part where he destroyed his arm saving a friendly girl, All Might couldn't say the same. Especially after Eri called him 'Grandpa All Might'. Needless to say, the other U.A. staff members were surprised and swarmed All Might with questions. After telling them that her father was Izuku Midoriya, his chosen successor. Interested, Nezu, the principal of U.A., asked All Might to tell Izuku to meet with him. Izuku was extremely nervous when All Might told him this. He thought he failed the test. Why did the principal want? He felt Eri grab his hand and he relaxed. With his head held high, he walked into the room Nezu was at. Turned out Izuku was worried for nothing, the principal was just curious about Eri. After hearing about her past and her dependence on Izuku, who was her adopted father, Nezu offered Izuku a deal. If he passed the exams, then Eri can sit with him during classes. This will end if either his or Eri's grade drop below 70%. Izuku tried to explain that he couldn't have passed because he didn't get a single point in the practical part. Nezu held up his paw and told Izuku that U.A. were still deciding and that there were more to being a hero than just power. Despite Izuku asking, Nezu sent them away without an answer. The next couple day saw Izuku ponder what else U.A. could be looking for when deciding who gets in the heroics course. He had several ideas, but with no one to confirm his thought, he wasn't sure. He finally got his answer when he got the envelope from U.A. The answer was rescue points.

'Of course, if a hero can't save people, then they wouldn't be a popular hero' thought Izuku before telling his mother and Eri the good news. As celebration, Inko cooked katsudon, which was Izuku's favorite food. When the day came, Izuku and Eri left in their new U.A. uniforms after saying goodbye to their mother. Well, for Eri, it was grandmother. Izuku was wearing the standard male uniform whereas Eri was wearing a child-sized version of the female uniform. It took a couple minutes to find the correct classroom, but they did. Izuku and Eri stopped to look at the giant door before finally entering the room.

"Don't put your feet on the desk!" said a familar voice to Izuku. Turning to the voice, he saw the guy from the exams arguing with Kacchan.

"Huh?" asked Bakugo, even though he clearly heard the statement.

"Don't you think that's rude to the U.A. upperclassmen and the people who made the desk?"

"Nope," Bakugo said bluntly. "What junior high did you go to, you side character?"

'Kacchan need to work on his social skills' thought Izuku.

"I attend Somei Private Academy," asked the guy with glasses. "I am Tenya Iida"

"Somei? So you're a damn elite, huh?" when Bakugo said that, Izuku covered Eri's ears. "Look like I'll have fun crushing you"

"Crushing?" repeated Iida. "That's cruel. Do you truly aim to be a hero?"

"Uncle Kacchan will be one of the best heroes," Eri said loudly.

"What do you mean one of the best?" asked Bakugo with a smirk. "I'm going to be number one, better than All Might".

"No, Dad will be the best hero," Eri argued, pointing at Izuku, who was a nervous wreck at everyone staring his way.

'Dad?' was the thought going through the entire class with the exception of Bakugo. Finally, someone asked the important question of, "Who is the girl?"

Going to end it here. I lost some progress, so it took longer than it should have, but hope you enjoyed