The city of Robotrioplis was dark, cold and reeked of the garbage that lined most of the streets. Cleaning the place wasn't any of Dr. Robotnik priorities, and probably never would be. Cleaning the city was a priority for another day, in the view of the resistance. Dr. Robotnik priorities included catching anyone who dared defined him and spreading fear into the hearts of mobians. which was unsurprisingly easy. The resistance priorities included overthrowing said madman and helping all who need help. It was a simple thing to keep in mind but hard to accomplish.

However, not a lot of mobians supported the resistance's cause, and some feared to take sides, others were completely against it as the enjoyed their new ruler. What the people did, wasn't something, Sonic the Hedgehog really cared about, as it was the least of his problems. Which was strange considering it ticked off a lot of the resistance.

Sonic the Hedgehog was currently in a completely different city, It was where many of the aristocrats lived. He was watching a pink hedgehog sitting on a bench as a green hedgehog was creeping toward her. He didn't know what he expected, as the sun was nearly gone and thieves started doing their thing, the pink one started getting up and that's when the green one snatch her purse. She notices almost immediate and turns around before he has a chance to turn away himself.

"Hey, pretty lady..." he said sheepishly, doing some weird figure gun thing.

"Thief!" she yelled,

"whoa now, no need to make assumptions, dudette."

It's not an assumption, you thief!" she attempted to grab him, he ducked

"if I'm a thief then why are you trying to fight me? I could have a weapon for all you know?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"If you had one, you would have used already," she yelled trying to snatch him again and was successful. "You're not very good at being a thief."

"you're not very smart for not calling the police." That ticked her off and made the mistake of letting him go, in an attempt to snatch her purse. He immediately made a run for it.

"Hey, get back here!"

"Bye, pretty lady, see ya later." He shouted out in his haste

"You better hope you never see me again." She screamed, she huffed and walked away, no doubt going home.

Sonic signed in shadows of his hiding spot, spying on random people wasn't something he did but then again, they weren't just any random mobians, even if he didn't really know who they were. He proceeded to leave his hiding spot in frustration. ' A song of the heart is the only option for a civil meeting between you three.' The guy that appeared out of nowhere stated and honestly, random magic stuff happening wasn't anything new to him. Figuring what things meant, it wasn't something he did. he was starting to consider ignoring the magic lizard guy and continue on with his life, but somewhere deep down he couldn't do that.

The hedgehog then ran out of the city and back to Robotrioplis.

The Oracle of Delphius, the magic lizard guy, had watched the scene that had taken place but another person was behind him, a purple hedgehog.

"They would have been together if you had more specific..." she stated

"I doubted... He probably still be wondering if I'm worth trusting, and I am a mere stranger to him, so he has a right to wonder." The Oracle counter her logic.

"True, but still..." she started "couldn't you have been more specific?"

"May, but Sonic will figure it out eventually, Aleena."

"I hope so..." Aleena muttered before walking away disappearing into the shadows.

Sonic had indeed figured it and somehow felt more like an idiot. He didn't think the guy, the Oracle was being literal when he said 'a song of the heart'. Now here he was... watching the familiar two hedgehogs. They were surprisingly having a calm conversation and obviously hadn't realized, or remember who the other was. He genuinely wondered if they ever would figure out the thing that seems like it would be obvious.

Sonia and Manic, he now knew were their names, and they were apparently his siblings, he didn't know how to process that information. He blinked and realized that now they were watching him, now. Silence, awkward silence and awkward staring.

"so, um..." Manic attempted to break the silence " so, um Sonic, it's Sonic, right?"

"Yeah and..."

"Is this like are new forever...home or something?" Manic asked,

"I hope not..." Sonia muttered, "Its disgusting in here."

"well, then Sonia, You'll be happy to know this isn't forever" he answered

'Thank goodness!" she exclaimed relieved

"Why not?" Manic questioned "why is it here them.?

"This is nothing but a safe house, a safe place..."

"Hopefully are permanent home will be more sanitary," Sonia said snobbishly

"Unfortunately for you, Sonia nowhere we go will be sanitary." He explained with a slight smirk "We'll probably never have a permanent home for a long time."

"What! why not?!" she shouted

"well when you're a runaway, you gotta run."

"Noone said anything about being runaways!"

"I thought it be obvious, I mean we defiantly didn't break Robotnik's laws, barely 36 hours ago." Sonic stated stressing the 'didn't' out. "You broke the law the moment you entered that club."

She sat there, dumbfounded...

"So were runaways, now?" Manic asked, and Sonic saw the perfect opportunity.

"Not like it's gonna be anything new for you Manic, you know considering you are still a thief an all." He stated loud enough to break Sonia out of thought.

"You're a what?" Sonia asked

"uuuuuhhh..." Manic malfunctioned

"Wait a minute..." Sonia started to study him before 30 seconds later suddenly blowing up. "YOU'RE THE THIEF WHO STOLE MY PURSE!"

"Oh shoot..." Manic muttered as he attempted to escape. He didn't get anywhere as Sonia had grabbed him and was now screaming at him. Sonic was grateful the safe house was soundproof. Sonic walked away from his spot without the two noticing.

"Looks like my work here is done..." he mumbled as he left.