This is a How not to summon a demon lord fanfiction only.

From the beginning of time, I have existed I am or was what was once referred to as the Demon Lord, counter to the godly presence in the universe, in truth most of the times while we would argue about a few things, for the most we got along rather well, she represents creation and I used to represent destruction, she was order and I chaos, it was not an antagonistic relationship or so I thought.

You see we were supposed to exist as a balance of sorts, the cosmic balance, in reality, we were supposed to work to promote growth, prosperity, and knowledge, but like most plans, they look great on paper but the execution of it was less than favorable. My tasks were to destroy in order to motivate the universe into advancing their cultural knowledge and abilities.

Like I said it was supposed to work, but in reality, it did not. One day she decided to ambush me and she pretty much nearly killed me, she then took that blasted sword she loved so much and used it on me, meaning she butchered me while I was still alive and could feel every bit of the pain, and she is the benevolent one in this?

She cut me up into pieces and then she scattered those pieces to places I could not even imagine, no seriously I was simply in too much agonizing pain to actually keep track of where she tossed them, I am pretty much the last piece that remains, "So with this I am the only one that has worshipers. I also know that if some of those fools that once worshiped you collect the pieces, they will attempt to resurrect you, and I can't have that."

I wanted to scream, to demand to know the reason, but as it were I had physical form anymore, so talking was a bit beyond my ability, "They will never succeed, they will never realize that I am sending you to somewhere nobody will ever find you, you always liked the color black, you will get to live in darkness for all eternity, I told you, you should really have accepted my proposal and not being so stubborn, but oh well, this is what you deserve."

She ripped open reality and tossed me into an empty void, proposal my foot, her proposal was that I simply sit on my rear and do nothing, just let her do whatever she wanted, she wanted to recreate all intelligent life in her image, destroy countless races, each that I helped nurture and motivate so just her precious little hairless monkeys could survive.

Honestly, I am the Demon Lord but instead of promoting war, I achieved to motivate peace most of the times, while I am supposed to be the source of evil, I only actually caused harm on those that either did horrible things or to prevent them, I lived to promote peace, understanding, and justice, and I am evil incarnate?

As it happens to float as a spirit I began to stretch my perception and began to hear things from other places, places that were somehow connected to this place, my prison, my limbo, and it is not like I have a ton of things to do, floating as a spirit in this place, so might as well be productive and I decided to pay attention to those voices.

As time went by I began to learn things thanks to these voices, ironic that most of these voices came from the very species she apparently loved, humans, they are called, hairless apes would be a better description, but then again that may be that I am still quite bitter about the circumstances I find myself in.

What felt like passed thousands of years passed, and that is when I heard something I never thought I would hear again, a prayer, not just any prayer, it was a prayer to anyone that would listen, "I don't know why, and I don't care, all I want is to be able to have a child of my own, a child that I can love and nurture, to be a good mother to my precious child, why am I denied that? I don't care if god or the devil hear me, whoever is out there, please, let the child I carry be born alive!"

I don't have as much power as I once did, but I felt the sheer sadness and desperation in that prayer, something that touched me in ways I never expected, I decided to go to this lady and help her in any way I could, it was not like I was very busy, and she truly seemed to need my help and was quite desperate.

As I went down to her world, and I got closer to where she was, I began to see the world she inhabited, it was more advanced than the one reality I once lived in, and as I floated near her I saw the reason why her child was not going to live, the body of her child was breaking apart, it was simply not strong enough to be born.

I knew what I needed to do, I needed to destroy that which was causing the child to weaken, and that should allow this very wanted child to be born, I sent my energy towards the child and indeed it did look like my actions were having a positive effect, but as I kept working, I began to feel myself growing weaker and weaker, it made sense I was using what little power I had, but I hope she spoke truly in her prayer, and this child is truly loved, my sacrifice would be worth it if it is.

I saw everything go dark and I could no longer feel or sense things as I once did, funny thing, it almost feels like I am swimming, but that doesn't make any sense, there is no light, so I can't look where I am, it seems that doing one last favor trapped me in yet another prison, well I sort of knew there would be consequences to me helping the lady but this?

Again I found myself floating in so rather vile smelling stuff, but floating never the less, as time when on I slowly wondered how that lady was doing, until one day, I felt something shoving me, and the shoves were not as gentle as I would like, pushing that seemed to last for hours.

Finally I saw a light, and that is when someone cut a piece off me off, made a knot, and held me upside down, and with little consideration this person who was holding me gave me painful slap to my rear, I swear I think I would break a bone, that was so painful I was made to shout in sheer agony, and that is when I realized something.

I was scrubbed rather roughly and someone placed a wool blanket over me, and then carried me to a place I had no clue where I was being taken to, "Mrs, you had a healthy baby boy, here, let me give you, your son." Son? Wait what does this mean? As this person placed me in the arms of someone I could not see thank to this blanket, she gently moved the blanket so I could look at her.

"So there you are, my precious boy, don't worry my child, I will take good care of you from now on, you don't need to cry and be afraid my precious little boy." When I looked at her crying face and heard her voice I realized what happened, when I was helping this woman be able to have a healthy child, I somehow got sucked into the body of her child, and in truth, I became the soul of the child.

I never thought that I would ever experience my own birth, it was traumatic, to say the least, I know I should be grateful that at least I am not a disembodied spirit traveling through the ether anymore, but I think this will cause me nightmares for at least a couple of years.

Having to learn to walk, talk, and do things most people take for granted was not a pleasant situation, but it was something I needed to do, considering how I was floating before I actually should be happier, but I am by no extent of the imagination a human, or ever have been, so my spirit caused my body to grow as what I really am.

As I continue to grow my horns began to grow, my ears were long and pointed out unlike other children, and my hands were quite strong since apparently, I keep breaking bottles with my grip, I finally learned to control that, but when other people looked at me when mother took me for a stroll was not the looks you would expect, to say that they had a shocked look on their faces was in fact not so surprising after awhile.

I began to tune their comments out after a while, comments that I was a mutant freak, or a child experiment has gone wrong, but to mother I was always her precious boy, and mother was always kind, caring, supportive and always seemed to want the very best for me, the amount of love I received from her was such that I never before felt so loved.

My mother worked two jobs to keep us living well, and sometimes after the first years of my life she placed me in a place she called a school, a place of learning she said, a place where I would get mocked and insulted was more like it, she would leave me in the care of my teacher, who did a wonderful job of ignoring me most of the time.

Apparently my horns and tail, made her think I was something they called the Antichrist, since I was in reality not a human I had very little room to argue against that, I did my best to study, got the best grades I could, which often got me this silly star stuck on my forehead, and I did everything I could to make mother feel proud of me.

You are of course wondering if I have such a caring mother, where is my father in all this? Well the truth is he was not there, not present in this life of mine at all, as I grew up I asked mother about it but as soon as she began to cry and sob, I knew that it was a subject too painful for her, so I decided to simply say dad was away working, yes, working far away from home.

As I entered elementary school, I went from being the tailed freak that resembles their definition of the devil, to the top student in the class of whoever was fortunate enough to be teaching my class, I played plenty of school sports, to make mom proud, and did my best in every assignment and test I was ever given.

This, of course, had the negative consequence that either I was called a show-off, or people stopped trying to let me participate in the school sports anymore, something about how could a person be a jock and a nerd at the same time.

I was being bullied so much that it took a herculean effort for me to simply not blast these idiotic bullies into oblivion, so mother did the next best thing, she took me to study Jujitsu, and I decided to try and learn Kendo in our school, the only problem is like in my other studies, I simply tried to do my best, and in my third grade I actually finished my martial arts training, mother was proud when I was sparring with five grown men to earn my black belt.

In regards to the opposite sex, well I was popular for a time, and had a really nice girlfriend, or should I say girlfriend, it turns out she merely wanted to use me to help her with her homework, I felt so heartbroken when I heard her speaking with her friend about how she used the horned freak and how stupid I was for thinking she loved me, she even said that she was too good looking to actually be caught dead with a freak like me.

That is when I decided that a new avenue of entertainment was needed, so my mother bought me a handheld console, a thing I could play games with people around the world and they would never be able to tell how I looked, I began playing games and was much like everything else in my life quite good at it, trying to make mother proud.

I got a ton of gear for my character that simply was too weak for my character to wear, the funny thing is I made my game avatar look like I would look as an adult, that is when two boys came to me and asked me for my help in beating a monster in the game that was giving them trouble, of course, I helped them, and I thought that we were becoming a good friend, looks like somethings were still hard for me to learn.

I was happy that me and my two friends talked and played together, and for an entire year we played in the guild we made, together we built up the guild in a game called Cross Reverie, as I had plenty of gear I either ended up giving it to the guild or sold it to help the guild facilities grow.

It was until I got to middle school that I went to meet my two friends, they were both sitting in the local playground, I was going to them when something told me to wait and listen, "Can you believe that stupid horned freak thinks we are his friend? The guild building is strong enough, why don't we dump the loser, he is an eyesore to the name of our guild!"

I could not believe what I was hearing, "What? Are you plain stupid? If we keep letting the freak think we are his friends, he might donate more of his stuff to the guild, and everyone will thank us thinking we are the ones that gave all that stuff for them to use, let's milk the idiot for all he is worth, and when he is no longer useful, then we can dump him."

First the girl I once thought that loved me the same way I loved her, and now, my two friends who were more of self-serving jackals than even I ever noticed, I don't need people like this, people who love to use, abuse and hurt me, I am through being their punching bag, their tool, I erased their names from my friends list, and decided to change my name and appearance as I went to play Cross Reverie in a new platform, it was called a nerve gear.

I decided to be true to myself and named my character a name close to my heart, I named the character Diablo, no more would I let people walk all over me, I worked hard to study the new information about the game, the new lore, the new skills, to be the best that ever would be, and on the day of the launch I found something that I never thought I would see.

The game in this new console, had actual demon lords, and what is worse I somehow felt like these demon lords were somehow connected to me, I felt that it was more personal, like there was something in me that made me feel this way, I should not be so surprised, the nerve gear allows people to hear and feel the game as if they were living there.

The console was much safer after the disaster that happened after the first MMORPG was released, or should I say after the survivors recovered, I went to fight these demon lords and each dropped a unique piece of gear, so I kept upgrading those pieces after I equip them, nobody managed this, people would bug me to tell them how, but the only response they got was a challenge for a fight.

I kept playing even after mother died, this was my only comfort zone, the only place I could feel like I could let loose and release all the frustrations I had in my life, having gone to college I got a nice job, the pay was not exactly making me rich, but a single person does not require much.

I got a nice single bedroom apartment, had all my basic needs covered, and a decent internet connection, not much else was needed since I still could use my nerve gear and I only had one game, so

I could focus on my reign of terror in the game, or I think some felt like that is what I was doing, I built myself a base, I had everything I could ever need in that place, I could make potions, enchantments, and even repair and upgrade my gear.

My place was so nice that many players tried to kill my character to take it from me, my character might not be considered an official boss monster of the game, but many people thought that I should be considered close to being the final boss, I considered that high praise from the fools that dared to invade my base.

I don't care who it is, nobody is going to use, abuse, or insult me again, or at least not in my favorite game, there I was strong, I had the best gear, upgraded to perfection, nobody could defeat me, they tried to bombard me with their spells, fools, those spells will do them more harm than they will ever do to me.

I wonder if anyone will ever love me, if these jackals are the only people I will ever meet, as I closed my eyes for the night, I didn't even realize I was still wearing my nerve gear when I finally fell asleep on my chair, that is when I felt someone touching my face, but strange, it felt like two people kissed me, I live alone that can't happen.

As I opened my eyes, I looked down at myself and realized I looked quite different than what I remember, I was wearing the gear my character was, I touched my arms, and realized something, I could smell the air around me, there was no ability to smell built in the nerve gear, and that is when I heard two people arguing.

One was a Pantherian, her hair was dark as was her fur on her tail, she was shall we say had an athletic build to her body, and the one she was arguing with had ears that made me think of an elf, but she had the body that would make centerfold models look pain, I mean to say that she was stacked was stating the obvious.