This is a How not to summon a demon lord fanfiction only.

As by the time I finally manage to get everyone comfortable with their living arrangements, well Kiera was not happy at all for the longest time that I got to sleep in the same room as Shera but she had to sleep in the room right next to it. I told her that I could easily have her sleep back in the Elvin royal palace, and I might use Gate to bring her back, or she would have to walk on her own two feet.

Let's just say that she decided to accept and fast, as I was about to leave the Inn Rem grabbed my arm in a rather forceful way, "So where do you think you are going this late at night?" For some odd reason, Rem seemed to be angry about something, something she was not willing to tell me.

"I am going to visit an old friend, I asked one of the guards where to find her home when you were arguing with Kiera about why she and her sister Shera love to eat so much, and I think you mentioned something that it is unbelievable they eat that much and still have such a thin waist."

She looked in their general direction, and sure enough, they were stiff stuffing their faces. "I am not the only one that noticed, Shera is wearing traditional archer's armor, but Kiera is doing something even I wouldn't dare, she is wearing clothes that instead of protecting, they are meant to entice."

I looked at Rem and placed a hand on her head, "Don't worry about me, I am just going to meet an old friend and clear up a major misunderstanding between us, I wouldn't go if it wasn't important and you know it. Now do me a favor and keep those two out of trouble."

As I walked out the Inn Mei told me to be careful, alright she screamed at me that I better come back safe or she would go down to hell just so that she could beat me up. Who needs to be told where Shizira lives, Boe can smell her and she did smell her since we entered the city.

The fact that she lives near a temple, and people say sure the lady that lives there is beautiful but she has turned down every guy who worked up the courage to ask her out, she is nice and polite, but she must have ice water in her veins.

As I walked to the place, sure enough flowers she always loved making flowers, sky blue color walls, and the flowers must look like a rainbow from a higher viewpoint. I simply decided to throw caution to the wind and decided to knock. I waited for what seemed to be half an hour.

What the hell is taking Shizira so damn long to answer her door? It's not like many people come anyone to visit if what I heard is true. "A lady takes longer to get ready, especially if the person who came to visit did not tell her beforehand and it is someone the lady cares about." Well, Boe hasn't changed much, she is still taking her mother's side it seems.

"Who is it? Don't you know what time it is?" I didn't even bother turning around, I simply said it was closer to midnight by the looks of it. Without even giving me a chance I felt someone jump and then I felt two mounds on my back. Get ready my foot, she is in her underwear isn't she?

"Shiriza could we talk for a little bit, there is something I need to confirm with you and there is a person who wants to see you very much. But all this has to be away from prying eyes. So will you let me in your home?"

She seemed to step aside and let me enter her home, it was not exactly what I would expect from her truth be told, the outside was a lot more colorful than the inside, base colors on the furniture like she never actually expected to have any sort of visitors. From someone who usually has such a shiny personality, this place kind of looks dull.

"So you ready to talk with me Diablo? What brought on the sudden desire to talk? Last time I saw you, you were barely sociable when you went to meet Galford. I went there so that you would at least know you had someone to help you, but you ignored my attempt of moral and emotional support entirely."

I found a sofa and sat down, I took a deep breath, "For I don't know how many years Shizira, I believed that you were the one that betrayed me, I believed that you had actually stabbed me in the back and while I could not move you butchered my body and ended up creating the so-called demon lords these people fear."

"I don't know if it was chance or luck, I was able to regain a physical form in another world, and in that place they actually believe our lives here in this universe are a form of entertainment, insane I know, but thanks to their belief I was able to regain all my abilities. It served as a means of therapy to work through the rage I felt when I thought you had tried to murder me."

She sat on the sofa across from me, and now I realize that she is basically only wearing a night robe, rather thin, seems like made of silk, and she was not exactly hiding her figure from me at all, "Funny you should say that, I also felt betrayed by you Diablo, you never once tried to force me to come into your bed, or even force yourself on me, but one night you did try, and that is when I noticed the man who was usually so sweet to me was not the one in front of me."

"You know as well as I do, that sex is more than a simple act for beings like us, it links the core of their very beings, there can be nothing more intimate and profound between us. As soon as it failed I cast a spell at him to reveal himself, it was your aide Sicero the one that wanted to take advantage of me."

I heard something from Boe but even I didn't suspect Sicero would go this far to gain power, "So once he was exposed he tried to say you sent him to do that, I know better and in a moment of rage I sent him to the icy plains of the underworld, where no souls can escape, fitting punishment for such a traitor."

"But that took more out of me that I had thought, and in my moment of weakness I can not fulfill my duties as a goddess, even in the underworld he somehow found a way to influence the temple into naming himself the one true God, and because of this he gains power daily, I been doing everything I can to minimize it, that is why I work as a secretary of the local lord, to be able to keep an eye on the Temple's movements."

I decided to tell Boe to come out and immediately once out of my familiar mark she took the form of an 18 years old human girl and she ran towards Shiriza and was happily giving her a kiss when Shiriza finally realized something. "So Boe told you what happened? Now it makes sense, and why you would come and want to talk with me."

Shiriza began to scratch Boe behind her head, and she looked happy, "Sorry Diablo, but the Temple has been trying to eliminate your followers, I think even some of them actually think that the pretender Sicero is you. Much like he has done with my followers, he is trying to eliminate both your followers and mine to weaken us."

I could not help but shake my head, "No Shiriza it is far worse than that, if nobody believes in us he plans to eliminate us from reality, to claim he is the true God and keep all power to himself. You are right, Boe was imprisoned inside a summon crystal, by Sicero, and once free she told me the truth."

"I am so ashamed that I once believed that you who used to say your love for me was eternal could ever betray me in such a despicable fashion, please Shiriza accept my apology." She walked over to me and without even wasting another second, she began to kiss my lips more passionately than I ever felt before in my entire existence.

She sat on my lap and her body began to lean on mine, and she rested her head near my ear, "There is no need to apologize for something we had no control over, what is important is that you know the truth, I can feel the love of several young mortal women on you, but who am I to say that should not happen? Since I loved you from the first moment we met."

"Diablo, please, believe me, I speak only truth when I tell you, you are the only person who I ever loved, and indeed I will love you till the end of time itself. Once I asked you to do what that traitor attempted to do, but you refused, now I ask you once again, be with me Diablo after what happened and all these years of missing you I realized how much I desire and need you to be with me."

I did refuse her before because honestly, I thought she was just teasing, but as I got up and began to carry towards her bedroom, in what some would call a bridal carry, I looked at her smiling face, "Are you sure you want your being linked forever with me? After all the foolish things I was thinking am I worthy?" Once she was over her bed she began to click her fingers and my clothes and hers were completely off our bodies.

We fell onto the bed and second our bodies touched the mattress we began kissing, touching, feeling each other's body like this was something that nearer one of us could resist or even prevent, the passionate way we were touching each other we did everything we could to make each other feel utterly wonderful.

Shiriza just saying either more, please more, and don't stop. I am not a virgin by any stretch of the imagination, but even I was surprised at how passionate our lovemaking was, we kept going from one position into another, it felt like we were a pair of animals in heat or this was our honeymoon.

Boe for obvious reasons stayed in the familiar mark when she went back in it is something I can't remember, then again since Shizira used magic and we were having sex on her bed, I don't even remember how long we been at it. As the morning rays of the sun came through the few spots in a nearby window we finally stopped. I was just resting with Shizira smiling as her body rested near mine, and she was taking deep breaths trying to catch her breath.

"If I had known you could make me feel like this, I swear Diablo, cosmic order is damned I would have told you how I felt long ago. This one night has been the single most wonderful and pleasurable moment in my entire existence. I honestly wished if that was a dream, I never wanted to wake up from it."

I simply looked at her, held her close and kissed her lips which made her smile, "Well I certainly didn't plan to end up like this, I mean all I had planned was for us to talk about what Boe told me, or simply apologize for being so cold to you when we first met, but do this the entire night? That is not something I planned to do."

She looked at me and simply asked: "Do you regret making love with me Diablo?" What kind of a moron would say yes when they have this unearthly beauty naked after hours of enjoying the sheer ecstasy of making love together for all these hours? "No, Shizira, I don't regret it, I just worry that I might have disappointed you."

She laughed and simply kissed me, "You disappoint me? Never. You sure lived up to your title my love, because you sure destroyed any chance any other man ever had of claiming me for themselves, I am yours, completely yours, Sicero even if he tries to trick me, I will know it, and he will never be able to claim me."

"If I have to be honest the only sad thing is that when we made love we didn't end up creating something new, a new life, but well, it's not like I am the only woman that wants to feel what I just felt, so don't worry my love, as your loving mate, I will build for us a nice home for me and your harem. What do you plan to do?"

I tried getting up from the bed, but with her legs the way they were that is not going to happen, "Nothing much, sorry to tell you that I might have to end up sleeping with some if not all the beings that were created when Sicero butchered my body, I have to do this in order to free one of the girls in the harem you just mentioned from what she perceived as her own version of hell."

She looked at me and nodded her head, "Yes, you are right, you should find them, we both will need to be at our best when Sicero finally shows up again, and unlike last time this time he will be more powerful thanks to all the power he stole from the faith he usurped from my followers and yours."

"Now that we discussed that, what do you want to have for breakfast? Eggs and toast, some juice, or me?" You would think after everything we did to each other last night, she would have enough but clearly, she is not if she is even teasing me like this. I actually ate the food she made, and only did so to prove that I actually care about her and trust her.

"So what exactly are your plans going forward Diablo?" I guess I should again mention this if only to be clear, "Help some of the people I care about, and try my best to find all the pieces that Sicero cut from me if I am ever going to actually regain most of my power, changing the minds and re-establishing the ethics of my followers, and try to do something about the way this world treats each other."

"Shizira you must realize that the discrimination between the races is rampant, something must be done, if this continues all that effort of trying to promote growth and cultural advancement we had done will all mean nothing, and that Idiot Sicero is only doing that because it actually serves his purpose of keeping them dependent on him.

She smiled, "Glad to see you are still the same Diablo I know and love. Now you don't need to worry about meeting Lord Galford, believe it or not, the elves were just as fast declaring your future nuptials as they were willing to send that threat of declaring war, honestly Diablo, it sure didn't take you long to get engaged."

I am beginning to think a few problems with her saying specifically after what we did all night and some of the morning today, "Don't worry Diablo, I did see how those girls love you, and I also know that more than likely a lot of mortal women will find you irresistible, as I told you, you can have your harem. It just shows your masculinity, but no matter what race they are, in the end, it will always be just us."

"And the few dozen children and descendants that actually survive to ascend to be demigods, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the faith by them ends up changing what they call us and we end up being something closer to a pantheon at some point." I know that her being able to read my mind, and the link between us is an unbreakable one, so might as well check it.

"Just as long as you don't go and plot to have said children killed or kill themselves Hera." She laughed and looked at me with this sly look on her face, "Just as long as you don't go sleeping with women I agree that can join your harem or blatantly cheat on us, Zeus." Alright, it is official she can read my mind and memories. Isn't it wonderful that there will be no secrets between us?

What was that? That the relationship runs on the risk of growing stale? Well in what relationship between man and woman has been free of that particular risk? None, I seen wars happen because of that, if you don't, believe me, I can mention Helen and Cleopatra I think we both agree those relationships were doomed to not only grow stale but end up being disasters.

"So at least do me a favor love, I know you will be busy with helping the mortals, repairing all the damage Sicero has made, and possibly helping your little harem, but come and visit me some time, or I will come after you."

As I left her home I was feeling rather good for some strange reason, Boe was inside my familiar mark and she was practically singing that her parents were back together, with that many heads it was more a choir than a single person singing. I wonder how will the others react when I am not in my room.

Well, the scowl on their faces pretty much told me everything that I needed to hear, "Some night walk, you were going to get some fresh air, well you certainly got something that was fresh if your scent tells me anything. In case you forgot Diablo Pantherians have a very sensitive sense of smell, no wonder it took you till now to get back here."

Shera and Alicia were both looking at Rem with this questioning look, "Rem what exactly do you mean no wonder it took him this long to get back here? Where was Diablo? Come on, spill it, we don't have much time to dance around the issue, we got a quest to report, Alicia has to go to the Capital."

She blushed about three shades of red before looking at the floor, fidgeting and then looking at me before she looked at them, "Alright you want it plain and simple, you got it, Diablo was out and slept with a woman we don't know till early this morning, and even had after sex breakfast with her, there, happy?"

From that moment on Rem was quiet since the second their minds finish processing this information Shera pinned me against the wall and looked a little upset, alright she was furious for some odd reason, "Who was it Diablo? Who did you sleep with? I think I have the right to know this, was it, Celeste, again? Medios was sure grabby when you were having your lessons, or is it a woman I don't even know, please tell me it wasn't my mom."

How in the world did she even think I would sleep with her mother, we just adverted one war with the Elvin Nation, does she think I want to start another one? "You both remember the secretary of Lord Galford, don't you? Well, it turns out she is actually one of my oldest friends and went there to have Boe reunite with his mother figure."

"While there I wanted to apologize for my curt treatment of her and clear a misunderstanding, we known each other for I don't know how many countless years, since the universe first began honestly, and one thing lead to another, and she told me to claim her, and we ended up much like Rem just said."

"She told me it would be perfectly alright for her to have other women marry me, the only thing is she would like to be able to approve of them before they marry me." Shera was shaking and she was so angry she was practically in tears.

"So an old friend with benefits we happen to meet casually, you went to clear a few things up and you end up sleeping with her, is that about right? I just have one question, Why not me, hell Rem, Alicia is apparently eager, Celeste is practically already undressing you with her eyes, Mei is practically thinking of mating, and not to mention how flirty you were with that fallen, that is not even talking about Medios, so why not any of these women and you chose to sleep with HER?"

I tried my best to calm her down, and she finally did after I got her to lean on me, "I needed to work things out with her, to be able to trust people enough to open my heart to others, I needed to know exactly what happened since I was betrayed, and if this person is still a threat to both of us, I didn't go with the intention of finding her and sleeping with her, it just happened."

Alicia for some odd reason was not even mad, "Well she did pretty much say that she allowed him to have a harem, honestly someone as powerful as Lord Diablo, it would be weird if he didn't have one, I pretty much think that several if not all of the women that love him already consider themselves in his harem already."

"I mean if Nobles can have a harem, why wouldn't Lord Diablo who is far stronger than any royal or noble ever wished they could be?" Honestly, I find it still strange that for some reason Alicia seems to have more faith in me than even most of my former followers. If I didn't know any better, I would say that Alicia is very much like the followers I once had except even I can see there are somethings she keeps hidden.

None of my followers were this faithful and that quickly, there is something hidden behind that friendly exterior, I just need to keep aware that she might have goals of her own, goals that she wants to keep hidden even from me.

As soon as I entered the Inn, I saw Mei standing there with her arms crossed, and boy I don't need this on an empty stomach, good thing I did eat a light breakfast, I swear I feel like a little kid that stayed too late and broke curfew. "I am not going to go and even try to control you Diablo, you are old enough to know what you are doing, but when you didn't show up for breakfast, I have to admit that I was a bit worried. Next time just tell me when you will stay out the night so I don't worry? Nya?"

The dreaded weapon known as the guilt trip, I had gotten used to thinking that it has no effect on me, boy, I guess we guys never really learn, "Sorry Mei, I had to take care of something, a misunderstanding that was really causing me no end of headaches, it just happens that it took me such a long time to resolve it, but nothing bad happened sorry to worry, so anything that needs to be repaired?"

Shera, Rem, and Alicia were just standing there with their mouth open in sheer shock as we finished talking and Mei was acting like nothing ever happened beside me not cause to worry a little bit. "Nothing major, just that one of the parts of the kitchen is getting a bit worn down, nothing too much to worry about, you can take care of that in a second if I know anything about how fast you are."

Well might as well take care of the kitchen while I am at it, no sense in wasting time and letting the problem get worse from simply me procrastinating. I walked into the kitchen and saw the problem, alright a began to blast away the charcoal dust into new bricks, and once the cleaning was done, I began to cast restoration spells against everything and anything in the kitchen.

Once that was done I used spells to cause the place to be more impervious to damage and even put a few spells that would prevent this sort of disarray from happening again. All in all, it was nothing out of the ordinary, but this should make repairs a lot less frequent and the people that work feel a lot safer. I walked into the dining hall and picked a nice table to sit down and have a glass of juice.

"Know that we are all here, we need to report the quest completion to the Guild, and then we need to get another quest so that you can gain some experience, as for Alicia, I believe we will miss you for a while, won't we? As I understand it you need to see the General, and then go to report to the royal officials in the Capital."

Alicia for some reason was still smiling, "As impressive as always Lord Diablo, indeed I have to report to the King, and I already met with General Galford, he was very happy that you managed to avert the threat of war between our nation and the Elvin Kingdom. I wouldn't feel too sad if I were you, knowing how you seem to attract trouble, I will more than likely be sent back here soon enough since we worked so well together on the last incident."