I found the best place to train where people won't go looking. The Seaside Park is supposed to be a beautiful family attraction, while in reality, it is a natural and man-man dumping ground. The pile of garbage stretches far and wide and is tall enough so that you can't even see the ocean.

The perfect place to train my quirk. Many, many dangers (more opportunities to evolve myself. Better to do it now then when a real hero). Lots of heavy objects. Private. And, I can do a public service for boot.

I get started right away. Running back and fourth from the beach to the garbage tip, carrying heavier and heavier objects is going wonders for my body. My hypothesis was right, I don't need to die to evolve anymore. I just need to put my body under enough stress to evolve, just like you normally would be building muscle, except my progress is exponential! In the first week, I've adapted to long distance running and am working towards running faster and faster. Carrying everything from bags of garbage, car/truck parts, scrap metal, building materials, you name it. Its all here.

About a month into my training, I noticed some minor muscle spasms mostly in my neck and jaw. Until a few days later, my closed on itself and it couldn't be opened. When I relised, I completely freaked out and determined that I contracted tetanus. Thank god, that my quirk eventually overcome the disease. I was getting thirsty, it hurt like hell, and I really don't think I would have survived for long. I was curious on what my body did to rid itself of the disease and submitted a blood sample for a blood test.

Turns out I can hold my breath for so long because my blood carry's around 2500% more oxygen than a quirkless human. Also, if normal peoples white blood cells were cops, then mine are Navy Seals in comparison. The leukocytes I produce are so efficient, that my immune system should never fail again.

I flip to the last page in my journal and start writing.

Accumulated Abilities:

- Infinite fall height survivability (float)

- Advanced circulatory system (approx. 2500% increase of oxygen in Red Blood Cells)

- Advanced immune system (almost invulnerable to disease, superior White Blood Cell efficiency)

- Revival (immune or resistant to death, immortal?)

- Advanced stamina (Always improving)

- Advanced strength (Always improving)

- Advanced speed (Always improving)

- Regeneration (After sleep, death, or unconsciousness, by body fully heals itself with only a migraine)

"Hey! Are you the one that's been dropping off all these new spare parts!?"

I shriek and drop the pencil I was writing with while I look up. A girl around his age with wide criss-cross eyes, vibrant smile and pink locks of hair, is grinning about 10cm away from my face.

I can feel the heat reach my cheeks and I nervously stammer. "Y-yeah." My smile is kinda shaky. "That would be m-me."

She excitedly leans in closer as I lean back, my face is probably redder than a tomato. "Well my names Mei Hatsume, but you can call me Mei because your helping me make my babies."

My eyes widen and my jaw drops. "M-make your b-babies." I'm pretty sure my voice is a few octaves higher than usual.

If its even possible, she looks even more excited and finally pulls away from my face. She grabs me by the arm and basically hugs it between her breasts. I mentally scream. If she wasn't pulling me along I think I would have passed-out in embarrassment.

"The parts you've dropped off have given me lots of new parts for my babies. I'm going to get into U.A.'s support hero course, and I need all the practice I can get."

'Oh… OH… OH, okay. That clears things up a little.'

That seems to have thawed out my brain. "Y-You're applying for U.A. too?"

She turns to me and gives a large, warm smile. My heart clenches. "I guess we're going to get to know each other a little better than, hero." She purrs. She tugs on my arm one final time before I can react. She pushes me into a workshop type area with all types of gadgets, tools and parts scattered around the place.

"You're the first hero to have stepped into the great Mei Hatsume's workshop. Since you've been helping me, Ill give you a freebie. Go ahead, look around and choose something you like."

I stay rooted to my spot but look around in awe. "Wow. You made all this?" It is fairly impressive. She has training dummies, various guns, gauntlet, boots, armour, and things I can't even recognize.

Mei walks towards her workbench and starts working on something. "Of course. My babies are precious to me, so you better treat them with respect." She looks me dead in the eyes, kind of intimidating considering her pupils and normally happy personality. "Got it?"

I start nodding fearfully before I even realize it. "Yep, yep. Mei-san's babies deserve to be treated with respect." My survival skills must be on point, because she grins at my answer and returns to her work.

I start looking around and admiring her work. "My names Izuku Midoriya. Since you are letting me call you Mei, you can call be Izuku." She hums in acknowledgement. Honestly the best sort of interaction I've ever had with a girl before.

'Wait. I've been talking to a girl, and doing a good job at it.' I sneak a glance at Mei, she's wearing some overalls that have been rolled down to her hips, showing off her black singlet. Some kind of protective goggles over her forehead and some tough looking workshop boots. She must have been working for a while, because her clothes and arms are smudged with dirt and grime. But honestly, it's a good look for her. She wears it proudly.

"Are… are you sure it's okay for me to take one of your… babies?" I ask awkwardly.

"Yeah! Of course it is. My babies would get lonely if they don't get used. Come on, let me help you pick." She puts her project down, turns around and wipes her hands on her singlet. Pulling it down and showcasing her breasts, making me look away and blush.

She runs up to him and hugs his arm and pulls him around again. "What do you need? What's your quirk? Weapons? Armour? …Training! Your training now, right!? For the entrance exam!" She stops dead in her tracks and has the most menacing, mischievous and thoughtful looks he's ever seen.

"Heh heh heh-" She giggles menacingly.

'That does not help my anxiety!' I mentally scream at her with wide eyes. Too scared to even form words right now.

"I know just what you need. Come back next week and Ill give you your freebie. You test it out, break it, bring it back, tell me what went wrong. It'll help us both out. What do you say?"

"…Ah. Yeah!" I say excitedly, after a few seconds of recovering from her attitude change. "That sounds great."

She grins. "Good! Now get out, I'm busy." She starts pushing me out of her workshop. "Don't forget to come visit me, you'll find me here most days. Bye!" She slams the door shut.

I just stand there for a moment. "What just happened?" I can't help but to smile and laugh as I run back to the beach. "She was cute… and weird… that was fun."

I think mom's starting to get suspicious of me. My progress has been too fast and eating all the food I am, its pretty obvious now that I think of it. I open the door just in time for dinner and meet mom at the table. "Hi mom. Thanks for dinner." I sit down and basically inhale it, wanting to finish it quickly to come clean with my quirk. I fill up my plate 2 more times before I put it down finally and gather my courage.

She must have noticed because she is patiently watching me with an inviting smile. I timidly smile back and take a deep breath. "I found my quirk."

She gasps, in disbelief and hope. "That's great!" She jumps up from her chair and comes around to my side for a side-hug. "What is it?"

I chuckle nervously. "It um… evolution and… 'revival'."

She smiles. "Evolution and what? You whispered that bit."

I cough nervously. "Revival. As in… you know…"

Her smile freezes and she goes ridged.

'I've already gone this far.'

"I've died before. And I came back to life with an adaption that prevents the same fate if it were to happen again."

She starts crying and hugging me. "I-I don't know what to say."

"I just want to be a hero. Not even All-Might could save me mum, I could save so many people with this quirk. It's just something I need to do."

"I-I understand Izuku."

"Thanks mum."

School is a drag, although I've noticed people are check me out, girls mostly but the guys are giving me jealous and confused glances. My uniform is the same from the start of the year and I guess I have filled out a bit. I haven't gotten any taller, but I have undeniably gotten rid of most, if not all, of my fat. It's good to know that that people are noticing my process, it just gives me more drive and confidence. Even the snide comments and scowls have stopped, so I can't complain. Don't plan on befriending anyone in this hell-hole, so it doesn't concern me really.

School finishes finally and I get dressed into my workout clothes and jog to the beach for my warm up. I immediately get started on the lighter options as I run them to the tip. It's been a week and I'm kinda excited to meet with Mei again. She was fun and energetic, never stopping for anything and has a passion as strong as his.

He throws his load in the waste part of the tip before knocking on Mei-san's workshop door.

~Commmmming~ She sing/songs.

She opens the door with a smile, that gets even wider when she see's me. That makes me grin right back at her with a blush.

"Izuku! Get in here and meet our baby!" She yells excitedly. Making him blush harder and making a worker look at them funny. She pulls him in without a second thought and places him right in front of a robot.

Robot doesn't describe what this monster this. This looks like it was created by a professional villain that wants to specifically kill me. This could be confused for a human at far enough distance. Its at least 3 meters tall with sharp spikes running up and down its arms and legs, fists and feet of steel and literally a crown of horns on its head.

A small smile slowly gets bigger and bigger until I'm grinning at the robot. "It's perfect." I tell her. "Thank-you."

She beams at be. "I call her 'Garima'. She's gonna beat you up, and I'm gonna take that data to make her better." Mei looks at me with a certain fondness. "Don't go easy on her just because she's our baby. She's got sensitive gyro, motion, vibration and heat sensors. 500kW's of pure hydraulic nerve, it's like getting punched by a truck. I modified the A.I. myself to beat you into unconsciousness and wait around for you to wake up!"

She opens a panel on the robot and flips a switch. You can hear the gears whirling and see the lights light up.

*Hello mother.*

If a killer robot could glare, it was doing it at me. *Hello Father* Garima says in a much eviler voice than before.

I tried to ignore the foreboding feeling I suddenly got deep in my stomach. "This… this is better than I expected." He rips his gauze away from the robot onto Mei's intense stare. He blushes a little but when they both just stare at each other, saying nothing, but conveying everything through eyes alone.

"She's umm… very cute." My eyes flickered towards Garima's impassive and unmoving glare before locking back onto Mei's.

"Yeah… you are cute. Anyway!" She starts, completely missing how she just turned me into a hot blushing mess. "Let's take her out for a test drive!" She snatches my hand with hers and holds Garima's hand as well as she pulls us both out of her workshop. Attracting a lot of bewildered stares from Mei's co-workers.

I guess someone like Mei pulling around a 2 ton robot with one hand, and a blushing fit guy wearing training gear with the other would attract anyone's attention.

She leads us into a wide, open clearing. "Initiate program: Midoriya Spar."

I look at her in confusion. "Wha-" That was all I got to say before I found myself on the end of Garima's fist. A steel fist about as big as his head, with the force of a truck, struck me right in the middle of my chest.

I couldn't breathe, I could barely move… Garima was coming straight for me. I rolled out of the way of her foot that came crashing down onto where I was. If I didn't know that I couldn't die from this, I would be terrified. Instead I got a thrill, this was something I didn't have to hold back on, training in a way that doesn't involve conditioning my body. This is the first step into learning how to fight, and- 'shit! Its coming right for me!'

Still not even attempting to breathe still after the first blow, I rush the machine with my advanced speed and try to land a quick punch.

I didn't even get within range before she punched my lights out.

It feels like there's a fog inside my head. Thick enough to be a liquid. 'Probably blood.' I chuckle darkly to myself before groaning in annoyance. 'Definitely a concussion.' I try to move my arms but I can't feel anything. 'Okay! I'm not freaking out right now!' Suddenly, it's like the fog was brushed away and the condensation evaporated. I open my eyes to find both my hands holding onto my face. I look past my fingers to see a curious Mei standing over me, unintentionally giving me a pretty good view of her rack.

To groggy to blush, I settle with a, "Hi Mei."

Her curious looks turned into a smile. "Hi Izuku. You woke up quicker that I thought you would."

She helps me sit up. "Yeah. It's gonna be a tough couple of months."

She giggles. Its' a nice sound. One that you normally wouldn't expect from her. "You never did tell me what your quirk was."

He laughs, and surprising himself, teases back effortlessly. "Isn't it polite to tell me yours first?"

She puts on a mock frown and grumbles. "I call my quirk 'Zoom'. It allows me to see really far away, 5km if I'm getting serious. But that's boring, yours is like super speed or strength, right?"

"Actually, sort of both and neither. Ever heard the expression, 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'? Well… that's my quirk. I call it 'evolution'."

"So you getting your ass handed to you today…"

"Will make me stronger, faster, smarter? I'm not really sure what will happen, but it will help me defeat Girama. It might take a while depending on how often we fight, but I will eventually surpass her."

"But once you do, you'll stop evolving." She muses. I nod. "So, Ill just evolve her along side you. This will be a good project for both of us then."

Oh man, I am absolutely certain I am blushing like a tomato. But I can't help but to grin gratefully at her. Even if she's doing this for her own benefit as much as mine, it's still good to have a real friend for once.

"Plus. Girama is the first baby I've ever had with someone else." She looks seductively at me. "I've heard you never forget your first."

Little did Izuku know it, Mei felt the same way. People always found her hard to talk to, so she paid them little time. When she overheard her co-workers talking about some kid dropping off all the new spare parts they've been getting recently, she just had to go meet and thank him.

He turned out to be a hero in training! His input could be awesome for her so she reluctantly decided to give him a freebie item. But the more she though about it, he hadn't been rude, or insulted her. Hell! He complemented my sweet little babies! Sure, people like to sweet talk her to try to get their hands on her babies, but he really meant it.

She decided that he was going to be her first. She wasn't going to give him one of her babies, oh no. She was going to have a baby with him! Making a baby with someone, for them. Yeah, that was the job she was aspiring to get, but Izuku was going to be her first, be special to her.

It took a week of hard work, expensive parts and materials, a lot of scrounging, de-bugging and tweeking. Working hard because she knew she was never going to forget her first order. She created Girama, build to beat down Izuku and whatever quirk he had. She watched him carefully when she showed him their baby, and the way his eyes lit up when she told him it was his… her heart skipped a beat when he called her perfect. She knew right then and there that whatever that warm feeling was, Izuku was the cause of it and she was not letting him go.

She was worried while watching their baby and him rough-house. He ended up taking a nap in the middle of their game but woke up quick enough. He wasn't even mad that Girama had beaten him easily, Izuku was a good sport and said without hesitation that he was going to keep playing with their baby.

Mei knew that Izuku was something special. And despite knowing each other for such a short time, were going to have many babies together.

LOL. Don't even ask about all the 'baby' references. I just went with it, but I think I overused the joke a little bit.