The first time Rey is forced to spend Halloween with Ben Solo, she is eight years old and an angry, wild thing. She also happens to be dressed as a white bunny rabbit- small fluffy tail and two very large, very floppy ears, included.

Maz is dragging her up by her elbow, hard, to the massive front doors of the Organa-Solo mansion, and Rey is screaming bloody murder the entire time.

"Come on now, child," Maz grunts out, finally managing to reach the polished top of the shiny marble steps. "You're going to have fun."

By the time Maz is able to finally reach the doorbell and press it, Rey has thrown herself down onto the steps and is crying hysterically.

"Oh dear," Leia begins, opening the door and giving the small woman an amused, yet still sympathetic look. "Look's like you've got yourself a fighter."

Maz sighs, fully resigned to the fact that her newly adopted daughter has a flair for the dramatic.

"Hello Rey," Leia says, kneeling down towards the tiny girl with loving eyes. "I was so glad to hear that you were able to come tonight. I really need your help!"

Seeing Rey's eyes shift curiously, Leia smirks up at Maz, who breathes a sigh of relief.

"You see," Leia begins, "I have so much candy, and nobody wants to eat it! I just don't know what I am going to do with it all."

Rey sits up quickly, floppy bunny ears shifting forward on her small head, captivated by the beautiful woman before her. Leia is dressed in sparkling white robes and has a shiny gold crown on her head, and Rey thinks that she has just got to be a real princess.

"I heard that you like candy. Especially skittles," Leia continues, pushing the two white ears, out of Rey's eyes. "I have loads of skittles inside. Do you think you could help me eat some? You're my only hope."

Fears forgotten, Rey bounces up and runs into the house, shouting a quick 'bye' to Maz to as she rushes passed.

"How's she doing?" Leia asks Maz, as the older woman stares after her daughter in disbelief.

"She has her days," Maz responds. "Some definitely better than others. But I think she's doing well, all things considered."

"I heard that the foster home said she had been starved-"

"And beaten," Maz interjects. "It was a real sad case. She's still afraid that I'm not coming back, every time I drop her off somewhere. School's been a real nightmare. I'm hoping she'll be able to make some friends at this one."

"Poor thing," Leia mutters. "Any word about her parents?"

"Not since the last police report," Maz says with just a hint of malice in her voice. "They'd been tracked to some crack house in Jersey, but then the trail just runs cold."

"Well she's better off now," Leia says, putting a comforting hand on the smaller woman's slightly trembling shoulders. "She's got you."

This time, when Maz smiles up at Leia and squeezes the hand that's resting on her shoulder, she has tears in her eyes. "And she always will. That's my girl, from now on."

An hour later, Rey- holding the biggest bowl of skittles that she's ever seen- is sitting on the comfiest couch, in the scariest decorated room that she's ever been in. Children in various costumes are wizzing by her, high on sugar, and she's on her fifth handful of skittles. She's just about to pop another one into her mouth, when a small hand snatches them out of her hand.

"Hey!" she shrieks. "Those are mine, give them back!"

A boy, with black hair and even blacker eyes, stares back at her, unperturbed. He's wearing a cardboard box, with two criss-crossed pieces of duct tape stuck on it.

"It's my house," he says challengingly, plopping a red one -her favourite- into his mouth. "So these are my skittles."

"They are not!" Rey yells, reaching for the boys hand.

"They are too!" he responds, learning away and avoiding her sticky fingers. "Who are you, anyway?"

She furrows her brow, contemplating whether or not she should answer him, and the bunny ears slide off of her head. "I'm Rey, who're you?"

The boy's eyes widen, as if he's suddenly realized something terrible, and he looks around nervously.

"I'm Ben," Ben answers, and puts the remaining skittles in his hands, slowly back into Rey's bowl. "I uh, I like your costume."

"I'm a bunny," Rey says proudly.

"I know," Ben awkwardly responds.

"I wanted to be a convict, but Maz wouldn't let me," Rey sighs somewhat dejectedly. Seeing

Ben's shocked face, she adds, "She says I shouldn't think about jail anymore. So a bunny was my next pick."



Ben shuffles his foot stiffly and looks away.

Not understanding the sudden awkwardness that had come between them, Rey tilts her head and examines Ben thoughtfully.

"What are you supposed to be, anyway?" she asks, bottom lip jutting out in confusion.

"I'm an x-box," Ben says haughtily, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, and under his breath adds, "Dummy."

Rey's eyes widen, and she feels her face get hot.

"Well that's a dumb idea!" she screams, and angrily fixes her bunny ears back onto the top of her head. She jumps off the couch, just in time for Ben to fully register her words.

"No it's not!" he yells back, yanking off Rey's bunny ears and throwing them across the room.

"Yes it is!" Rey bellows back outraged, and rips a piece of tape off of Ben's costume.



Rey has just dumped the entire bowl of skittles over Ben's head, when Leia and Maz find them.

"She started it!" Ben cries at the same time Rey yells, "No he did!"

"Well," Leia mutters and turns, wide-eyed to Maz, "Better luck next year?"

As Maz drags Rey out of the door and to the car, Leia watches from the porch, and waves goodbye with Ben at her side, his arms angrily crossed against his chest.

Rey glares at Ben.

He rolls his eyes at her.

She rolls her eyes back and sticks her tongue out at him.

He blanches.

There, that'll teach him.

"Well Rey," Maz grins, clicking in her seatbelt. "I'm glad to see you've had such a fun time getting to know your new classmate."

Oh no.

Rey pukes the skittles back up all over the backseat of the car.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed! If there's a decent interest, and this was going to continue, what costumes would you most like to see worn in this fic- by anyone, including Ben/Rey, ?