Here's a little something just for fun. No real point behind this one really. Please enjoy.

Izuku Midoriya sat in the common room while his classmates soundly slept in their rooms as he shuffled a deck of cards. Looking back, he saw Momo Yaoyorozu, Kyoka Jirou and Tsuyu Asui walked towards him with confused looks crossing their face, "Midoriya, what are you doing up? All students should be in bed," Momo stated.

"Y-yeah, I-I-I know, but I just came out here to-"

"To play solitaire," Kyoka questioned as the three sat down and Izuku shook his head, "Then what? Why do you have that deck of cards then?" Izuku frowned and shrugged his shoulders.

The three looked at each other before looking back at the One for All user and Tsuyu shook her head, "So what are you doing then? Kero," Izuku stopped and looked up in confusion, "It's getting late and everyone else is asleep,"

"You three aren't," he looked back down and began shuffling the deck again, "Are you three up for a little game?" he looked back up and Izuku shook his head, "N-nothing bad, j-just a little friendly game of Truth or Dare,"

Momo took a deep breath and shook her head, "Fine, Midoriya, just put the cards away and we'll-"

"B-but we need them to play," the three looked at him in confusion and Izuku inhaled deeply, "T-the rules are simple. Highest card asks and the lowest card answers,"

"And what if we all get the same card, Midoriya?" Tsuyu questioned and shook her head, "What then? Kero,"

"W-w-we go by the suit," Izuku explained, "Spades are the highest suits and diamonds are the lowest…d-d-do you three want to play?" the three hummed and nodded before Marco took a card from the deck and handed the deck to Momo.

The four heroes in-training sat on the couches, each holding a card. They looked at each other before placing their cards down onto the table. Momo had the highest card and Tsuyu had the lowest. Izuku took a deep breath as Momo looked at the frog girl, "Okay Tsu, truth or dare?"


"Why do you always speak your mind, even if it means you'll hurt your friends?" Tsuyu frowned and Momo arched a brow, "I was wondering this ever since we tried to rescue Bakugou and then you were crying about the whole incident, thinking we couldn't be friends,"

"I've always spoke my mind, even in primary school when the other kids made fun of me because of my Quirk because I thought it was better to tell people the truth and what I think instead of lying to them. My parents always told me to speak my mind, even if people were bullying me,"

"Whoa…uh…okay," Kyoka looked up at Izuku and arched a brow, "Uh…round two?" Izuku nodded before the four of them each took a card from the deck.

Placing their cards on the table, Tsuyu ending up with the highest card while Izuku ended up with the lowest. Izuku swallowed hard and looked up at Tsuyu, "Truth or dare, Midoriya? Kero,"


"What is your Quirk?" Izuku's eyes widened as the three stared at him, "You remember what I said to you on the bus ride to USJ, right Midoriya? How your Quirk resembled All Might's? Why is that? Kero,"

Izuku frowned and rubbed the back of his head as Kyoka smirked, "C'mon Midoriya, you gave us the rules, and you're going to back out because you're scared?" Izuku sighed and mumbled under his breath, "Midoriya?"

"I…I need you three to promise me something and not tell anyone what I'm going to say. Not to your families, not to your closet friends and not-"

"We get it Midoriya, we won't tell anyone," Momo sighed and shook her head, "Just answer the question."

Sighing, Izuku nodded and frowned, "Okay…but…to understand it, I'm going to have to tell you everything and it's a bit of a story." The three leaned forward and Izuku shook his head, "I…I was born Quirkless," the three stared at him in shock as he continued, "My mother took me to the doctor and he said it was basically impossible for me to develop a Quirk and the other students bullied me because of it.

One day, I met All Might and you can probably guess my reaction meeting my favorite hero," the three rolled their eyes and Izuku frowned, "I asked him if it were possible for me to be a hero and I told him how I was Quirkless and he basically told me it was impossible, to join the police force,"

"What? But what does this have to do with-"

"I-I'm getting to that, Yaoyorozu," Izuku inhaled deeply before he continued, "And then that muck creature captured Bakugou in an attempt to get All Might and…being stupid, I decided to try and help him-"

"You were that-" Izuku looked at Kyoka and she took a deep breath and shook her head, "Sorry. You were that Quirkless kid that jumped in the mess? You idiot, you could've died,"

"I know, and even though Bakugou was one of my bullies, I wasn't going to let him die like that, so I started to scrape him from the muck. All Might saw the whole thing and he saw that I had the protentional to be his successor," he looked up and was greeted by confused gazes, "All Might was born Quirkless as well, until he met his predecessor…a woman named Nana. She gave him his Quirk and eventually All Might did the same for me.

Our Quirk is called One for All and…as you and everyone saw is very destructive. Before All Might was certain about me being his successor, he had me do some weird tasks like cleaning up a beach.

After he was completely certain I was worthy, he made me eat a piece of his hair, giving me the power of One for All. The first time I used it was in the entrance exam where I shattered every bone in my legs and my right arm destroying that zero-point robot and All Might granted me sixty points for saving Uraraka. The second time I used it was the first day of school. All Might was proud of me that I had learned how to channel One for All into my fingers."

The room fell silent before Izuku stood up and began walking away, "The only ones who know about this outside the four of us are All Might, of course, Recovery Girl and probably Aizawa Sensei…probably," looking over his shoulders, he frowned and shook his head, "Remember, you three promised to keep this secret and-"

"Your secret is safe with us, Midoriya. Kero," Tsuyu slightly smiled before standing up and stretched slightly, "But we should go to bed," Kyoka and Momo nodded before standing up themselves and the three girls began walking away from Izuku.

Looking over her shoulder, Momo called out, "Midoriya," Izuku stopped and looked over his shoulder in confusion, "He was right. If anyone deserved to be his successor, it was you,"

A ghost of a smile twitched across his lips and he shook his head, "T-thanks…a-and re-remember not to tell-"

"Not to tell anyone, don't worry Midoriya, we won't," Kyoka assured and Izuku nodded before the four of them went to their respected rooms for the night.

I know Izuku wouldn't just up and tell anyone about One for All like that, but like I said, this one was made for fun. Please enjoy everyone and please let me know what everyone thinks.