Author's Note: Written based upon a suggestion by Red Phoenix Dragon.

Ronald Weasley slammed the car door behind him with great satisfaction and ambled out. He waved towards his waiting family; his wife gave him a surprised and pleased smile. Yes indeed, he had passed his driver's test. He was sure of it.

He might have had to Confund the examiner, but it was only over one little thing. There had been no complaints after that. Why, all the Muggles had begun honking appreciatively at his driving.

The driving examiner shook his head, groping for something with which to center himself. His gaze landed on the shifter.

How had that gotten left in first gear? He squinted at it, then moved it into Park.

The difference between "P" and "R" was that "P" had two legs, right?

Ron turned around as the car began to creep backwards towards him. "Oi, what are you doing?" he demanded. "I'm still back here, you know!"

Startled by the sudden shouting, the driving examiner slammed on the brake.

That was the brake, wasn't it?

Hermione screamed in horror as the car abruptly accelerated, plowing right over her husband and stopping only when it rammed backwards into a tree. Without thinking, she rushed over, but it was apparent even to the most shell-shocked that Ron was never getting up again. Even a wizard could not function with his brains outside of his skull.

Forcing herself to cling to sanity, she immediately turned and cast nonverbal protections on her children - a sobbing Rose had her hands clamped over her little brother's eyes - before sweeping for unseen presences and then rushing over to the obviously-bewitched examiner. The man stared at her with wide, blank eyes, rubbing the back of his neck as though he'd injured it; since he didn't appear violent, she magically unlocked the door, leaned in, and whispered "Legilimens!"

To her redoubled horror, the man's memories made it quite clear who had bewitched him. It hadn't been a vengeful criminal, or even a blood-purist sending a message: no, the man's last coherent memory was of the rapidly-reddening face of his examinee after he was caught failing to look in the wing mirror.