As I already warned you in the last chapter: this is not really a chapter but the short version of the rest of the story (I think I summarized about 40,000 words worth of text). Sadly, I have lost my inspiration for this fanfiction, so there never will be the long version of this chapter (at least not in the foreseeable future). To give the story at least some semblance of conclusion, this is the rest. Have fun with it, and good bye!

Rest of the plot-line

Within three weeks, they manage to complete the space pod. To protect the planet, they decide after a long and tedious argument to flee the planet. Bulma quickly rigs some fake rocket that sends out the same signals as Vegeta's old pod. She shoots it off towards a distant star, both to make Furiza believe they are no longer on the planet and to cover their own tracks.

It is a very close fit in the space-pod, but the two of them manage somehow because Bulma refuses to be left behind. When wake up again from cryo-sleep, they find out that Furiza indeed has taken the bait and left earth alone. Due to the superior speed of the space pods, they are now at least half a year ahead of Furiza and his army.

Vegeta knows of a barren planet where he can train to his heart's content, and Bulma busies herself with inventing new gadgets. An especially great break-through is the gravity simulator (originally intended for herself to nullify any gravitation over 1G), which opens up new possibilities of training.

During their first 8 months together, Bulma has to apply her medical knowledge repeatedly because of Vegeta's well-known penchant for punishing himself through training. Every time he once again has overexerted himself, she can feel it through a strange lurching in their bond, which in turn sparks strange dreams. At first, she thinks they come from him as there are many tailed men and women wandering around, but when she finally shares the memory of one of them, Vegeta tells her that he has never seen those people or the planet. He points out that it rather looks like earth does, and she shrugs those dreams off as an overactive imagination on her part.

Meanwhile, her pregnancy (successful bonding equals children…) is processing neatly, but somewhere along month 3, she starts suffering from fatigue and listlessness. After a little bit of trial and error and no little concern from Vegeta, they find out that the fetus needs more ki than Bulma can create, which Vegeta gladly provides after a few grumbles ("Weak woman, should never have mated with her…"). Those sharings of ki deepen their bond, and within a few weeks, she has to learn how to shield her mind because she makes him lose concentration with her stray thoughts.

Birth though is quite a harrowing ordeal, no matter how much she has prepared herself. Vegeta supports her ki with his, but even so, she is thoroughly exhausted and falls asleep immediately after. During those hours of sleep, the dreams return with a vengeance, but instead of being only snippets, they tell her a whole story:

A long time ago, there was only one people on Atorantisu: the Atorantisu-jin. They were very knowledgable in technology, genetic manipulation and space travel being no foreigners to them. Then, one day, a giant meteorite impacted with earth and eradicated almost three quarters of all Atorantisu-jin. Afterwards, the survivors split themselves into two groups: Those that favored leaving the planet for better habitat, and those who did not want to give up their home.

Eventually, the star-seeking ones adjusted their genes for greater strength so that they would not immediately be swallowed by existing star-empires, and they left for space. After many years of flight, they finally found a suitable planet called. Thus, having repudiated their origins from Atorantisu, those survivors renamed themselves Saiya-jin after their queen who they had left behind on Atorantisu.

Those on Atorantisu studied the Saiyans' genetic modifications and found a major flaw in the design: Although first generation offspring would still benefit from the alterations, they and 99.9 of their descendants would never be able to access the full scope of their strength and abilities. A small group of people started a research project on how to help the Saiyans overcome this weakness, and thirty modified individuals were created. They were sent after the Saiya-jin to unlock all of their abilities, but a cosmic storm damaged their ship, and they had to do an emergency landing on earth.

As there was no way to repair the space ship, the modified Atorantisu-jin finally settled on the planet and hoped their emergency signal would summon help from Atorantisu. However; even after three decades, nobody arrived, and so the small community of Atorantisu-jin kept on farming and hunting as they had been doing the years before, Very early on, they discovered that the planet was inhabited by an intelligent species that had already developed to a stone-age technology.

After a few generations of inbreeding, the Atoranitsu-jin found out that their genetic make-up was to 99.9 compatible, so the first crossbreeds emerged. Studies revealed that the enhancements that would allow them to unlock the Saiyans' full abilities were inheritable, and that most of the genetic memory was transmitted. But their knowledge of technology was quickly forgotten. Eventually, after countless generations, the Atorantisu-jin were absorbed by the indigenous population, and any knowledge of them was forgotten.

Bulma, of course, makes the connection immediately and realizes that Vegeta must be a descendent of the Saiya-jin, just as she is a descendent of the modified Atorantisu-jin. But as she doesn't know how to help Vegeta unlock his full potential, she stays quiet, exerting all her thought-shielding abilities.

Meanwhile, Furiza is constantly coming closer, and once Vegeta Jr. is two months old, they have to flee the planet again, as much as it vexes Vegeta. After three years of constant running and several unlucky meetings with some of Furiza's lackeys (all of them dead now), he finally is fed up and quietly leaves her behind on a civilized planet one night. She is very angry about that and tries to follow him, but he blocks their mind-link completely, and she cannot find a trace of their space-pod. Several weeks pass while she alternately is absolutely furious with him and worried beyond sanity.

Then, all of a sudden, she can feel their mind-link again, only to watch through his eyes how Furiza is taunting and beating him. When Furiza is starting to make sexual advances, she tries to shield Vegeta's mind from the pictures, but memories of her own past overwhelm her. Vegeta struggles on three fronts: against Furiza, against his memories, and against her panic. Everything goes downhill until she finally manages to drag herself out of her stupor and helps him mobilize last resources to battle Furiza away.

When they are in a typical stand-off position once again, Furiza reveals that he still has a transformation that Vegeta doesn't know about. Reverting into his final form, all of Furiza's wounds are healed while Vegeta barely is able to keep his feet under him. Fighting ensues once again, but it is more like the cat toying with the mouse. Finally, Furiza holds Vegeta up with his tail wrapped around Vegeta's neck and prepares the death blow.

Bulma, still looking through Vegeta's eyes, panics and tries to make him move, do anything but hang limply in Furiza's grasp. The Aisu-jin is gloating, Vegeta is depressed, and Bulma is almost out of her mind with worry. Slow-motion-capture of Furiza's fist coming closer, a panicked scream of Bulma, and she looks away. But then, a miracle happens: the fist doesn't connect because of an unexpected power-surge from Vegeta. He frees himself and stands panting across from the Aisu-jin.

While they start fighting once again, Bulma tries to find the source of the strange power Vegeta is using, and all of a sudden, she sees how Vegeta is barely skimming the surface of his own energy. After some trial and error, she finds out that it is her worry for him that is the key. Some mind-bending anguish later, she unlocks the resource, and Vegeta ascends to super-Saiya-jin.

This time, Vegeta has the upper hand, and he doesn't hesitate in killing Furiza as quickly as possible. Those of Furiza's goons who had been watching either are dead now, or they proclaim Vegeta as the new emperor.

After that epic battle and considerable rest, Bulma finally comes clear on those dreams she had three years ago, and how she had unlocked his powers. Vegeta doesn't seem to believe her and shuts himself off once again with the comment that he doesn't need week women.

Bulma is suffering from depression, knowing that Vegeta has left her to rule the galaxy. But then, one day, she sees a huge space ship land not ten miles from her new home, and to her great (and the reader's not-so-great) surprise, Vegeta comes out to get her. After some arguments, Vegeta reveals that made a mistake and doesn't want to rule the galaxy. He has left the empire in the hands of some weakling underling, and has only taken Furiza's flagship.

Some make-up sex later, she forgives him, and together with their son, they board the ship. She would like to see more of the galaxy and find Atorantisu, and he wants searches for the last of his people. But that is another story.


And seeing that I haven't even finished this one yet, the other story is not going to be started…