Sundays are always known as a day of relaxation.
And that's what cousins/co-workers/roommates Balki Bartakomus and Larry Appleton were doing that morning.
The two of them were taking it easy, after spending the pervious day, which was Saturday getting errands done, followed by taking their girlfriends Jennifer and Maryann to dinner and a movie since they were leaving the next day for their jobs as flight attendants on flights to England, Ireland and Scotland.
As they sat down to breakfast of raisin puff cereal along with coffee for Larry and orange juice for Balki, the two read the morning newspaper.
Larry of course read every section, except for the comics, which went straight to Balki.

As he skimmed through the paper, something caught Larry's eye.
"Balki, I think I found the perfect present to give Jennifer for our year anniversary of dating," he said.
Balki leaned his head over the table to see what Larry was pointing to.
"Cousin, you want to give her a nerf dart gun?
Great choice," said Balki.
"No, not that.
I'm talking about the item next to the nerf dart gun, Larry pointed out.
Balki took a closer look at the ad in the paper.
"You want to get her a picture of a lady wearing gleaming object on her neck?" he asked.
"No, what the woman in the picture is wearing.
It's a diamond necklace.
That is what I want to get Jennifer," said Larry.
"Oh I see.
That's very nice cousin.
You know, Maryann and I are about celebrate our year anniversary of dating as well.
Maybe I can get her a nerf dart gun."
"I think she'd like this tennis bracelet more," said Larry, showing Balki a photo of a gleaming bracelet that hung on a wrist.
"I suppose that's good choice, though not as fun as a nerf dart gun," said Balki.
"Tell you what, we'll get the girls jewelry for their anniversaries, in fact, we can check them out at the store later today, and I'll get you the nerf dart gun for Christmas."
Balki gleefully clapped his hands, jumped up from the table, grabbed a pad of paper and a pencil from the kitchen, returned to the table, and began to write something down.
"What are you doing?" Larry asked.
"Writing my Christmas wish list," Balki answered.
"It's the middle of summer."
"Never to soon to start."
Larry just shook his head and went back to reading his newspaper.
Unfortentley, the jewelry store was closed on Sunday, so Balki and Larry couldn't get in to look at the items.
They were however able to make a quick visit the next day, which was Monday, during their lunch breaks.

When Balki and Larry returned to work at The Chicago Chronical after paying a visit to the jewelry store, the two were emptyhanded.
"I can't believe what that place is charging for a diamond necklace.
Are they pricing per diamond?" complained Larry.
"At that price, I can only get Maryann a tennis racquet but not a bracelet," said Balki.
"I know what you mean.
I wonder how Jennifer would feel about me giving her the rope instead of the diamonds.
I can tell her it's a starter up kit."
At that moment, the elevator opened.
Several people walked out, including the operator Harriet Winslow.
Larry approached her.
"Harriet, do you have a minute?" he asked.
"Sure, what's on your mind baby?" said Harriet.
"How would you feel if someone had given you an impractical gift?"
"Sugar, I've been there before.
One year for our anniversary, my husband gave me a vacuum cleaner even though I hinted that I wanted a brooch."
"What happened?"
"For a week, he slept on the couch, and had cold cereal at every meal."
Thanks for the advice Harriet.
"Anytime baby," said Harriet as she along with a small group of people got back on the elevator.
Larry slumped into his desk and said, "Well that's it.
My relationship with Jennifer is over.
She'll never forgive me for giving her a lousy gift."
Balki comfort his friend.
"Cousin, don't give up the tugboat yet.
I'm sure we can come up with the extra money for the gifts somehow.
And besides, it doesn't matter what we give the girls, it's what comes from the heart that counts," he said.
"Balki, my heart is in the right place.
Just not my wallet."

Just then, the paper's editor Mr. Wainwright appeared from his office.
"Appleton," he said.
Larry got up from his desk and walked up to his boss.
"Yes, Mr. Wainwright," he said.
"Appleton, I'm leaving for a business trip in a few moments and I want you to do me a big favor," said Mr. Wainwright.
"Do you want me to come with you?" Larry asked.
My regular cleaning lady who takes care of my office every Friday is on vacation this week, so I want you to find me a replacement service."
"Yes sir, you can count on me."
"Just make sure you get a reliable service."
"I will."
As Mr. Wainwright headed was heading to the stairway, and Larry made it back to his desk, a light popped into his head.
"Wait a minute Mr. Wainwright," he said.
"Yes Appleton," said Mr. Wainwright.
"Why don't we clean your office?"
"Yes, said Larry, as he made his way to Balki, who was sorting mail and said, "Balki and I will clean your office for you."
"You will?" Mr. Wainwright asked giving Balki and Larry a puzzling look.
"Yes sir.
I grew up in a house with nine brothers and sisters and us Appleton kids were a lean mean cleaning machine.
And Balki is quite the Mr. Clean himself, without the baldhead," said Larry.
"Mr. Wainwright, my family and I lived in a small house on Mypos, but the celing was so clean you can eat off of it," Balki added.
"Very well then, said Mr. Wainwright, Be at my office Friday morning at 9am sharp."
"We will Mr. Wainwright," said Balki.
"Yes and thank you sir.
You won't regret it," Larry added.
"Somehow I've already have," said Mr. Wainwright.