A different side a different beginning….

So the main difference with this chapter now is that I added a bit more explanation to certain things, as well as fixed some of the grammar issues and I also added a few more bits and pieces as well as a slight build up to a certain thing that happens next chapter.





Morning in Inkopolis was usually a fairly straightforward ordeal, people got up did their morning routine and then either went to work or went to do some Turf War, or hell some just lazed around most of the day. Simple right?...Well no for one Inkling. "Why the hell does this always happen when I haven't had any sleep?" thought a rather tired rather angry Inkling, as she stared at the invaders in her living room…or rather really she just glared at the duo sitting on her couch.

"So… Are you going to explain why you lot are here, or am I going to have to beat it out of you?" she said as her eye twitched, making the others in the room very nervous.

The smallest of the group spoke up " Now now Ruko no need to get violent… Right? " the now named 'Ruko' spoke up." Well Pearl let me ask you this, how would you feel if a group of people broke into your home whilst you were in the shower? Oh and let's not forget a certain two of your group happen to be on my shit list.. And on top of that I only got home myself an hour ago so I have yet to sleep at all, so tell me Pearlie why should I not get violent? " she spoke her tone dripping with venom her eyes slowly bleeding red.

(Ah but to understand what is happening let's take things back about fifteen minutes) .

A group of people stood at the bottom floor of an apartment building, Said group consisted of five Inklings and two Octolings. "This is not a good idea." the orange haired Inkling spoke up, gaining the attention of the group " Oh and why is that Three?" asked the yellow Inkling. Three looked at her with a deadpan look " Well Four it's because Zero is NOT a morning person… And even less so if she has not slept yet, which by the way I doubt she has. ".

" Huh that's it? Wow that's kinda... Disappointing... I think?" Four asked confused " Well there's that and the fact both Callie and Marie are coming with…. So yeah this is gonna be a shit show. " Three explained while shooting a pointed glare at the two who did not seem to be paying attention but they were and they were trying not to panic about the coming scenario, this only made Four even more confused. Seeing this Pearl explained " There is a bit of bad blood between Naruko and those two… I ain't going into details it's… Kinda personal between them, but let me tell ya if Ruko's eyes go red get the fuck outta her way, or she will most likely throw you through a wall…. Or window. " Ok now Four was both confused and a little scared.

But not as terrified as Marina 'Why did I agree to come along?' she thought.

As the group entered the elevator Eight noticed the look on Marina's face " Marina what wrong?" she asked quietly.

Pearl then followed " Yeah babe you look constipated, what's wrong?" she asked, Marina looked Pearl dead in the eye " Oh I don't know Pearl, maybe it's because we are going to the home of Naruko 'fucking' Uzumaki you know Agent 0 the fucking WRAITH OF OCTO-CANYON! " she said ending with a yell as this was NOT an agent that she was ready to meet, hell the mere idea if being in the same building Naruko made Marina want to run as fast and as far as she could. Especially after she narrowly escaped death last time unlike those poor bastards at Octo-Weapons Facility H. ' Thank God I was transferred to the Wasabi replenishment unit a month before that... Massacre.' Marina thought as she remembered the footage of Agent 0...of Naruko just... Just butchering her way through the men and women, the soldiers, the scientists and the engineers that where stationed at the facility, anything she could get her hands on she made into a weapon of pain and suffering...nothing survived not one member of the facilities personnel nor any of the team sent to investigate and extract any personnel .

It was a fucking nightmare, like something out of a horror film... Hell not even the Cap'n knew what sent her into such a rage... Or at least that's what he says.

Callie and Marie looked at each other ' We are so dead.' they thought... Yeah this was not going to be fun, well maybe for maybe for Three. She for whatever reason found it hilarious whenever stuff like this happened, the sadistic little bitch.

As the elevators reached its destination the group began to shuffle out " Hey Three what number is her place again" Pearl asked " Number 19" Three responded, this got Callie curious " And how exactly do you know what number she lives in Three? You never actually said." Three answered without looking back "I crash at her place sometimes, what's it to you?" Callie responded "Oh.. I was.. I was just curious is all." Three kept walking.

As they walked Callie fell behind the group 'Why is everything getting kinda blurry?' she though as a sudden wave of dizziness hit her and made her stumble and fall against the wall, Pearl noticed this and and stopped "You ok there Callie?" She asked, getting the attention of the others. Callie gently pushed her self of the wall and stumbled forward a little before regaining her footing. " Yeah." She started " Just... Just a little tired is all." Callie said with a tired smile.

As they continued down the hall Four spoke up " So are you and Zero dating or something Three?" she asked causing to group to halt and Three to start spluttering " NO! Oh god no, Four that's nasty she's pretty much my older sister! And I already explained this you little incest obsessed perv!" Three yelled putting the smaller but older girl into a headlock, much to Four's displeasure.

After that incident they finally arrived at Number 19. And that's when the fun began.

"Shit." Three swore "Of course I bloody forgot the key." cause the others to look at her with varying expressions, mainly either a relieved one or a 'are you kidding me' one.

But Pearl came up with a solution…. She picked the lock, how or why she knows how to do that they did not know but that was it they were in, no turning back now.

They entered Naruko's/Agent 0's apartment. Well they would have if Three did not hold her arm out to stop them making them look at her oddly. " Take your shoes of at the door please, the last thing we need is Naruko kicking our asses because we tracked dirt on the carpet." Three said with a light shudder. The others gave her a flat look "What? Would you like it if people tracked dirt onto your clean floor, also it's a nice carpet." Three said as she removed her shoes the others just shrugged in agreement and did the same.

" Huh nice place." Pearl said as they entered the living room, it had two brown couches with separate matching recliners a coffee table in front of the couches and a 65" flat screen TV sitting on a cabinet with some video game consoles and underneath the furniture was a soft forest green carpet all in all it was a nice set up, the sound of the shower running greeted them, " Sooo do we sit or…" Eight asked, Three just shrugged and moved to sit at the bench dividing the living room from the kitchen Eight sat next to her, Callie, Marie and Four sat on the far couch and Pearl and Marina stayed standing(mainly because Marina wanted to be ready to leg it).

As they waited for the shower to stop Callie and Marie talked with each other "Is this really a good idea Marie?" Callie whispered " Not really but what choice do we have, Gramps needs to talk with her about why she was in the Metro." Marie responded "Yeah I get that but Marie you do realise we are going to get our asses kicked right." Callie said, Marie only nodded.

Then quiet the shower had stopped and now all that was left was for them to wait Naruko to come out, a moment later the bathroom door opened and then the sound of footsteps made its was to the living room 'Here we go.' Three thought as the figure came out of the hall.

The Inkling that had just entered was tall, standing at 6'. She was clad in only a white towel that contrasted lightly with her sun-kissed skin and that tried restrain her rather large bust and stopped just below her round rear, her eyes where a ocean blue that had dark bags under them. She had an had a slim yet muscular build similar to a swimmers however the most eye catching features where her whisker like marks on her face and her long crimson coloured with sunset orange tipped tentacles(hair?) that reached down to her heels that had a slightly less 'rounded' shape to them… And the X shaped scar on her left wrist along with a noticeable scar across the side of her neck.

Naruko stopped and looked around her living room, her confused look soon turned to anger as she set her eyes on Callie and Marie, "So… Are you going to explain why you lot are here, or am I going to have to beat it out of you?" Naruko said with an agitated tone.

The smallest of the group spoke up " Now now Ruko no need to get violent… Right? " Naruko turned her gaze to Pearl who shrank back a little " Well Pearl let me ask you this, how would you feel if a group of people broke into your home whilst you were in the shower? Oh and let's not forget a certain two of your group happen to be on my shit list.. And on top of that I only got home myself an hour ago so I have yet to sleep at all, so tell me Pearlie why should I not get violent? " she spoke her tone dripping with venom her eyes slowly bleeding red.

' Oh shit... We are so fucked' Pearl thought as she backed up slightly. Yeah... This was NOT gonna be a fun morning.

Sooo yeah Naruko absolutely fucking decimated an Octoling R&D facility, one that Marina had been stationed at only a few days prior( by the way in this fic Slimeskin Garrison is essentially the name for a cluster of Barracks and R&D facilities... Mainly because I'm not actually sure just what that place is and by that I mean is it just one big garrison or is it multiple facilities? I still can't tell...Kettles fucking confuse me). I bet you guys did not see THAT coming, now the reason behind said massacre is kinda in the air at the moment I have an idea or two but they need some ironing out but from what I can say for now is the destruction of the facility ended up being beneficial( in a way... Kinda) to the Octolings in the long run.

Two of the ideas are as follows.

1. The higher ups of Facility H where working with Kamabo and doing some very VERY messed up experiments behind Octavios back.

(just know the next one is kinda...fucked up)

2. The Flooder type enemies had a prototype version to test if living brains could make the Octo-Weapons more efficient that was developed at Facility H without the knowledge or authorisation of Octavio...A version that that used the harvested brains of Octoling children in a similar fashion to what happens in Metal Gear:Rising Revengence with what Desperado did with those orphans and street kids.

So yeah those are two of the ideas, and before you ask no Marina had no idea of the darker stuff happening at Facility H.(Neither did Octavio but Meh.)

Well there you have it an alternate beginning, and perhaps the start of my version of my challenge.

I hope you all enjoyed it(I know I did) and I hope to hear back from you fellas.

Well I've taken enough of your time hope to see you all again soon.

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