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Chapter 1

A Late Beginning

Long ago when humanity was first born of dust, the first of humankind came together to battle against the creatures of Grimm. While it looked like a losing battle for mankind, one day some of those among them discovered a unique mineral from the earth to wield the elements. This new substance was named Dust and with-it, humanity started pushing back against the Grimm.

Not long after humanity started pushing back the darkness those with great power started to unlock a new strength found deep inside all living creatures. Unlocking this new power made those who used it monsters on the battlefield, giving the users a protective shield around them along with a special ability unique to an individual. With these new powers in hand, humanity pushes the Grimm back allowing the people to take land and flourish. With this new land, the strongest of humanities warriors became the leaders of the new world. The strongest of which was clad in silver and Royal blue armor, hair of gold, armed with a golden blade that cut through the darkness.

This warrior was made Leader of all, and so the first Kingdom was born and along with it its first King. While the first Kingdom prospered for a time, like all creations of humanity, it fell in time. But while the kingdom fell its name and the blood that ran through its crown still lives on to this day. But what of the sword, that which was named 'promised victory,' what happened to it? Well, it stayed with the family, yet none who came after could wield it. So, it sits in the family armory waiting for its next wielder, to take it up one more, to fight back the darkness and protect humanity, in its darkest time.

Many Years Later

Town of Camelot

In a quite large town located on the continent is Sanus, northeast of the city of Vale on the opposite side of the vast mountains that take up the northern regions, lies the city of Camelot, one of the oldest settlements in the world.

Once the ruins of a long-lost civilization it was retaken a few centuries ago by a family of warriors and has since become one of the few places outside the 4 main kingdoms that have survived with a large population around the size of mt. is due to being built right next to the mountain wall with a large keep built into it, the old city walls come out from the rock face, thus surrounding the town with multiple entrances on all sides for those traveling to and from the city. The city has both an airport and train station as it was one of the most northern towns on the continent. Being such a large size, the city has its own government and doesn't rely on any of the four kingdoms, only trading. The leaders of the town are the heads of the different districts, but the highest authority of Camelot is the head of the Warrior family that initially took the city back. This family is the Arc Family, one of the oldest on Remnant. Their name can be found throughout history books as being a family of warriors and leaders, having been presented for most of humanities battles, whether it was against the creatures of Grimm or not.

It is where our story begins in the Arc Keep where we find the two adults of the Arc family who have just returned from the hospital after the birth of the family's second set of twins, their fourth daughter and their only son.

"I know you have a job to do but, are you sure you can't rest for a few hours? You just gave birth last night. I'm sure a few hours wouldn't hurt dear." The male said in worry carrying his new son. He appeared in his late-twenties, with wavy dishwater blond hair and aqua eyes with long eyelashes. He wore a white shirt with black tie. A Black waistcoat, and a pair of black trousers.

"My dear Gawain, while it warms my heart to hear you worry, you know that as Head of the Arc family it's my job to take the little ones through the Rite of Weaponry. This is very important as it decided who their 'partner' will be for life. Not to mention they still need their names." The women replied softy carrying her new daughter. Like the man beside her she to look to be in her late twenties, with golden blond hair and Emerald eyes. She was wearing a white blouse with a blue ribbon tied around her neck and blue knee-length skirt with black leggings. She had her hair tied in a bun with a blue bow, a fringe over her forehead and 2 bangs framing her face going down to her shoulder.

These were Artoria and Gawain Arc, Artoria being the blood heir to the family and the current head of the family with Gawain marrying into the family after the two were partners in huntsmen school. They had been married for 5 years now both being 30 years old. They got married after dating for a few years when they got together during their time at school, after marrying they moved into the old family keep with Artoria's parents. Not long after marrying that had their first children, a set of twin girls. 5 years later Artoria's parents passed away having defended the town from a large grim wave. While heartbroken Artoria and Gawain found some hope from the event, that being their third daughter. Now a year later they had another set of twins added to the family and were on their way to the family armory to have the two's weapons picked out.

"Mom, Dad!" "Mommy, Daddy!" "Mother, Farther."

Three different young voices called out followed by three light sets of footsteps. Soon three young girls gathered around the two adults trying to get a look at their new siblings.

"Come on showing us already!" the first child said, she was around 6 years old and had long wild blond hair tied in a high ponytail with a red bobble, and she had emerald eyes like her mother. She was wearing a white vest with red trimming and blue shorts. This was the 1st Arc child, Mordred Arc.

"Yes! I also wish to see our new family members!" the second followed. She was almost identical to her mother, but her fringe and bangs were straighter than her mother's. She was wearing a simple red dress. This was the 2nd Arc sister and Mordred's twin, Nero Arc.

"Can I see them too?" the last voice asked. This was the 3rd Arc sister, but unlike the rest of the family, she looked entirely different. She was around 4 years old and had pink hair tied in twin tails, she had golden eyes and was wearing a blue dress. The most significant difference between her and the rest of the family were the two fox ears on her head and the tail swinging behind her. This was Tamamo Arc the only Faunus of the family.

During the Grimm attack that took the Arc Grandparents, Tamamo was abandoned by her parents in the chaos. This was due to having two Faunus traits, something that is looked down upon, even among other Faunus. Artoria had found her alone when wandering around in her grief over losing her parents; her motherly nature caused her to be momentary forget about their death in worrying over the abandoned child. When Tamamo told her that her parents had abounded her Artoria was very angry, being the mother of two she could not imagine leaving her children.

Upon seeing Tamamo break down crying, she offered her a place in the Arc family. Tamamo was at first confused as to why she would want her to join, but Artoria just smiled and said in a voice full of love, "An Arc always tries to help those in need and what you need is a family that loves you, if you come with me I can promise you all the love you will ever need, and an Arc never goes back on their word." Since that day she has been a part of the family, she quickly became friendly with her 2 new sisters and her new father. It had been a year since the incident, and she could not be happier.

The two parents could only laugh at their three daughter's excitement. "I'm happy your all excited to see your new siblings, but we have to do the right of weaponry first so that we can finally name the two first." Their mother said smiling at the three girls as there all made their way into the family Armory.

The Armory was located deep in the Family Keep going into the mountain. The walls lined with hundreds of different weapons ranging from swords to bows, maces to war hammers.

"What is the Rite of Weaponry?" Tamamo asked confused never having to do it when she joined the family.

Gawain answered his daughter's question while placing his new son along with Artoria putting their daughter on a alter in the middle of the armory. "You see, when an Arc is born into the family, they are brought here soon after they are born to have a weapon picked out for them. This is done by the head of the family who connects with the new-borns aura and uses that to select a weapon for them." He explained, getting all his three of his daughters' attention. "When a weapon is selected the weapon will be the best suited for them and will be the only weapon that works right for them, they can train with other weapons, but they will always have an uneasy feeling with any other weapon than the one that chose them." He explained as he stepped back from the altar with his daughters, Artoria standing in front of it getting ready to before the ceremony.

"But what does it have to do with naming them?"

"When a weapon is selected the new-born is named after the former wielder in hopes of continuing the weapon's legacy. Now hush and let you mother concentrate." He finished shushing his daughters to allow his wife to do the Rite.

Artoria took a breath and placed a hand on each child, and focused her aura.

We are the hand of that guide our people.

We steel our souls and rise by our blood,

We have created over a thousand Legends.

While Death may take our bodies,

Our names do not fade.

We withstood pain to create the Legacy that we uphold,

And by our Weapons, our Legacy lives on,

So, by my right as Head of the Arc Family, let our Legacy be reborn.

When she finished her aura, gold in color, traveled into the two children causing them to glow as well, the girl a royal blue and the boy a pure white. Their glow then gathered and flew into the armory to pick a weapon. Gawain followed the two lights, and after a minute they both split up, deciding to support his daughter's first it came to a battle flag hanging on the wall.

The pole was around 7 feet long with light brown coloring. At the end was a small steel spike at one end, two grip guards halfway up the shaft and at the end the head of a spear about 1 meter long. The part that made it a battle flag was, well the flag, taking up1.5 meters of the pole from the spearhead, the flag was around 3 meters in length and was white with gold design and was V shape at the end coming into the flag. On the flag was the family emblem as well as another design.

'A flower?' Gawain thinks but can't tell, he took the flag and brought it back to his wife who makes it from him. Upon examining the weapon, she smiled.

"Luminosité Eternelle is the weapon's name, so from today forth she will be known as Jeanne Arc the 3rd." she declared placing the weapon near her daughter. She turned to her husband, "Please go retrieve the second weapon."

"Of course, dear."

"MOM, DAD LOOK!" one of their daughters calls out, they both turn to see Jaune's ball returning back to him. This shocked and confused those that saw it happen.

"Mommy, Daddy, was that supposed to happen?" Nero asked confused. Her parents could not answer, this had never happened before! An Arc always got a weapon during the Rite.

"Dear, what does this mean?" Gawain asked in slight fear, thinking something was wrong.

"I-I don't know…" Artoria said in shock; she had never expected this to happen, she had no idea how to fix it or even if it could be fixed.

"Well we can't just leave him nameless, we will have to come up with something and give him a weapon in the meantime," Gawain said, pulling himself back together.

"Yes… Yes, we do, don't we… how about… Jaune, like his sister's name, to help them stay close." She thought quickly, still trying to think of what went wrong.

"I'm ok with that, and for a weapon how about your Grandfather's sword and shield, they aren't apart of the armory since it's was always kept out, he could use that for now until we figure it out." He replied.

"Crocea Mors? Yes, that could work since it's doesn't have a Legacy tied to it yet so it should be fine…" she finished picking up her two babies, hugging them close.

"Jeanne, Jaune, welcome to the family." She said her voice full of love and slight worry for her only son. She will have to look into what could have happened, she just hoped she could fix it before it had an effects Jaune's life.

15 Years Later

It had been 15 years since Jaune and Jeanne were born and a few things have happened. The first is that 3 more children have entered the Arc family.

First was 2 years after the 2nd twins' birth, Artoria was once again pregnant and had another daughter who was named Mash Arc the 2nd, but along with her, another girl adopted the same day.

Mash unlike all the other Arc children was not blond but had pink hair like Tamamo and purple eyes. No one knew why this happened, but Tamamo saw it as a connection to her new sister. The other new addition was another girl with blond hair and emerald eyes like most of the family, yet was not Mash's biological twin. This was Atalanta Arc, the second Faunus of the family.

On the day Mash was born another child was born as well this child, however, was born of a Human/Faunus relationship and like, Tamamo had two Faunus traits, a set of cat ears and a tail. The mother, who was human, not long after having the child disappeared in the night, leaving the new-born alone, doctors and nurses suspect the child may have been an accident, and the mother didn't want to deal with the implication of having a Faunus child as Human/Faunus relation are not very well liked. She was placed next to Mash in the new-born area, and upon learning her fate Artoria and Gawain decided to take her as well. She was named Atalanta.

One shocking event was when Mash was going through her Rite of Weaponry, Atalanta also glowed along with Mash. It turned out she had Arc blood in her somewhere down her mothers' line, yet the family had no way of knowing how many other Arc were out there. The family decided not to bother searching for Atalanta's mother since she abandoned her child they had no wish to welcome her into the family and with that Atalanta was fully excepted into the family.

The last birth was 6 years later with the newest addition to the family being another girl. Artoria Arc the 6th or Lily as the family calls her. She shares the same name as their mother due to the weapon she bonded with having the same well-known owner as her mother's.

When Jaune and Jeanne were 8 years old, they had started to learn how to fight with their weapon. While many would see starting the children's training at a young age as immoral for the Arc's, it was natural to do, as the bond between them and their weapon is essential and that learning young allows them to have a better understanding and connection to their weapon.

While Jeanne was doing well with Luminosité Eternelle, Jaune was not doing as well with his weapon, Crocea Mors.

While his sister had taken to lance combat very well like most Arc's do with their weapons, for young Jaune while doing ok with the long sword/Shield combo, couldn't quite get the hang of his weapons.

With the sword he did ok, yet it didn't sit well in his hands, he felt uncomfortable holding it like he was wearing clothes not quite the right size and with the shield, it felt utterly unnatural to keep it, he preferred to hold his sword with both since it gave him a better grip.

A part of Jaune wanted to toss the shield, but another knew he was going to need it. While his family at first tried to hide the fact he never got a weapon they were unsuccessful as many of the townsfolk knew and gossiped.

When Jaune learned this, he went to do research on his 'weapon' finding that it belonged to his Great-Grandfather in the Great War nearly 80 years ago. At first, the boy was confused as to why it wasn't apart of the Armory but learned that he wasn't originally an Arc. The man married into the family at the end of the war after an event called 'The Arc Defiance,' when Jaune tried to look into the event he couldn't find anything in the family library when he asked his father Gwain told him to wait till he's older to find out.

Ever since finding out about the weapon he has always had a sense of longing for his sisters as they all had their weapons, apart from Tamamo since she didn't have any Arc blood in her. This led to him having a close bond with his elder sister as he didn't feel judged by her for not having a weapon.

Tamamo also grew close to Jaune due to him making her feel apart of the family when she was adopted by the family she always felt like an outcast. Even when her new "twin" sisters were born, the fact one had similar hair and the other being a Faunus helped but the truth Atalanta had Arc blood and got a weapon knocked her back down.

It was Jaune who went to her noticing her drifting away from the family and would crawl up to her and hug her and spending time with her. He truly made her feel a part of the family.

The rest of his family tried not to show it, but he could see the pity in their eyes for not being like them, even his younger sister gave him that look recently after starting to understate the importance of their weapons.

He hated the looks they gave him; it made him feel weak. It due to this that his babied more as well.

His Eldest Sister, Mordred was the hardest on him when it came to training. She's a prodigy when it comes to combat even at 14 was facing people in their first years of the 4 big academies. She actually finished the local primary combat school, Grail Academy, early and is took the extra years to focus on her combat skill. Most Arc's strive to end by 16 so they can spend a year focusing and bonding with their weapons to have greater combat prowess, but his oldest sister wanted to be better.

As the oldest child, she was next in line to become Head of the family and idolized their Mother, seeing her as the greatest warrior and Leader on Remnant and strives to surpass her and become an even better Head of the Arc line.

Jaune, in turn, idolized his older sister, what to be just as strong and driven as her. When he told her this, she laughed and ruffled his hair.

"If you can ever hit me in a fight, I'll acknowledge you as a warrior, K little bro?"

Since that day he had been pushing himself to catch up yet is having difficulty doing so.

For his 2nd oldest sister, Nero, while not as gifted in combat as her twin, it was in other areas that she blossoms, mainly in the Arts. She took significantly to music whether it's playing, singing or dancing. She would often have Jaune learn along with her as a dance or singing partner, teaching him the joys of taking breaks and doing things other than fighting and training.

While at first, he wasn't a fan, after a while he started to enjoy himself, learning how to dance and play an instrument from her, while his sister would outshine anyone partnered with her Jaune enjoys spending time with her.

His 3rd Sister, Tamamo, is who he spends most of his free time with, learned how to cook from her, spends time cuddling together and working on his sister's semblance. She had forgone any weaponry and instead focuses on Dust and Aura Arts being one of the only dust users in the family.

She manly learned this from the family babysitter who would look after them when their parents were out on business. She had left to become a Huntress a few years ago at Beacon, and she would write now and again to the family to let them know how she is doing. She like Tamamo had a very versatile semblance that she would rely on in combat and Tam had taken to learn from her personally when she became a teacher, continuing her own studies on Aura and her semblance.

His Twin Jeanne was his own mother hen; she would continuously move baby Jaune to the point he would actively hide from her. While he could admire her caring nature, it would usually result in her trying to force him to quit his training as she watches him push himself to try and 'catch up.' She tries to convince him that he can take his time but seeing her succeed while he was falling behind makes her sound condescending to him. He loves her dearly, but she needs to lay off him a bit.

Mash was the quietest of all his sisters, unlike most of his sisters; Mash is just content with blending in and not standing out. Jaune usually has to spend time with her actively, she tries to brush him off, stating that "she's not worth all the time he spends with her" but Jaune knows she enjoys his presence.

One thing unique about Mash is her weapon and semblance are 100% defensive based, being a shield and fortification set. She isn't a fan of fighting but always tries to protect others. It was Mash that helped Jaune with using his shield when she came of age, while he's still stiff and unnatural he does better than earlier in his life thanks to her. She doesn't like to see Jaune hurt but seeing how hard he pushes himself had led to her having a certain admiration for her only brother. She had light pink hair in a shoulder-length bowl cut with her fringe covering one of her eyes.

Atalanta was the second Faunus to join the family, but unlike Tam who joined at around 3 years old she was a new-born so had no connection to her old family. She was a lot sterner then her 'twin' and had more no-nonsense personality. The girl seemed to have something against males, but no one really knew why. The family suspected being surrounded by strong female and only really one strong male she sees men as naturally weaker. She tends to ignore Jaune most of the time but easily gets mad at him over small issues. Growing up she also took to nature and liked to spend time in the forest around the town. Growing up her hair grew out, and she started dyeing her fringe green, her favorite color.

Tamamo likes to joke that the two twins have a 'brother complex' which both denied. Mash only admires her brothers drive, but Tam made her out to have a liking for the 'knight in shining armor' type, something she can't deny. For Atalanta, she vividly denies liking her brother, but Tam just stated she was a 'tsundere,' Atalanta did attack her sister at that point, but all could see the blush on her face at the time.

His final sister was Artoria the 6th or Lily as the family calls her as she's the little family flower. She was a little bundle of joy in the family, Jaune was the one to look after her the most due to his sisters being either too young or busy like his parents who are two of the leaders of Camelot. She tries to imitate her oldest sister and mother in their seriousness but is easy to tease and turn her into a blushing mess.

Now was Jaune and Jeanne's 15 birthday, the family had been celebrating it together, but for Jaune, it was a somber experience. Usually, when an Arc turns 15, they would start full training with their weapon and study their family history to be ready for when they studied for their hunter license. But for Jaune, he would not be able to take the extra combat lessons for one simple reason. He had not unlocked his Aura.

While most families unlock their children's aura and if not, a teacher would at around 13 years of age, for an Arc one's aura is unlocked when they start their training with their weapon. The link between the two is key to unlocking it when someone unlocks it themselves they tend to have more than others. This is due to when someone else unlocks someone's aura they push their own aura into a person, this indirectly costs a person a portion of their own aura due to the aura pushing the different aura out of the body, unlocking their own but losing some in the prosses. Arc's however do not allow this in part due to tradition and in part to the family having a semi-inherited semblance that usually cost a lot of aura, so cutting one's aura down was frowned upon.

The family was currently holding a party when Jaune had decided to break away from the festivities to go for a walk around the family home to think about his future. Jaune was now 15, he now looked like a younger version of his father but with golden hair like his mother and his eyes are a more Azure color than his father's Aqua. His was wearing a plain orange t-shirt and black jeans.

He had always dreamed of being a warrior like the rest of his family but just couldn't keep up even with all his training, while compared to his sister his hand to hand skills were the best except for his oldest sister, it could not carry him in battle, without aura he stood no chance against his sisters. Recently his youngest sister had started training, and she was already giving him the run around with her weapon, she had even unlocked her aura already, the youngest to do so out of all his sisters with Mordred being the former holder, unlocking hers at 10 years old with most unlocking they're at around 12 just before going to combat school. Lily had unlocked hers at 8, 2 months after she started training.

He could not help but think he could never be a hero like he wanted. He looked up to all his sisters in one way or another and could not help but compare himself to them. Looking at how strong his family has had him feeling like he didn't belong at all, while he could be considered strong to a civilian, to a huntsman, he was no better than a first-year in primary combat school. Aura may be mainly used for its defensive capabilities, but it does give a massive boost to one's physical abilities as well. A 12-year-old with aura could easily outrun a 20-year-old without getting exhausted due to the increase fo stamina, and the amount of force one expels from the body.

Jaune was so deep in thought that he had not noticed he arrived at the Armory, he would usually come here to daydream about what it would be like to have a weapon, but currently, it made him feel bitter. Turning to leave he felt a slight pull on his body. Confused by this he tried to ignore it but the further he walked the hard the pull was. Giving into the sensation, he traveled deeper into the armory.

With the Arc Family

Back with the rest of the family, they had noticed Jaune had left and could help but talk about how he was acting recently. His drive had started to take a drop leading up to his 15 birthday, and when he was told he would be starting his extra training like his twin, the hope in his eyes had finally gone out, it had begun to dim over the years but now he seemed dead inside and was starting to act colder to the family. Not mean or cold-hearted in any way just his smile no longer lit up the room and he was more sluggish in his movements.

"I'm worried about Brother, he hasn't been himself recently," Mash said breaking the silence that had fallen over the family after Jaune had left. She was in her second year at Grail Academy along with her sister. Mash had on her casual clothing that was a black thigh length smart dress which had a white collar and a red tie on, black legging with a white and grey zip-up hoodie over the top. She had light pink hair in a shoulder-length bowl cut with her fringe covering one of her eyes that were also covered by a pair of oval glasses.

"He has been skipping our spars lately, coming up with excuses not to go…" Jeanne replied, she had seen her twin start to distance himself from her a lot recently, the two would usually train together, but she would rarely see him now, only when they eat together. She was finishing alongside Jaune at Grail academy to finish early next year as well as start her weapon training but found out he would not be joining her, something she was sad about. Jeanne had let her hair grow out and had it in a long braid down her back. She was wearing a white sleeveless shirt with a blue tie on, blue short shorts and blue thigh high stockings.

"Indeed, even I can't seem to break his brooding, it really ruins our cuddle time now that his all mood," Tamamo said with a pout, she was 19 now and was currently working under a hunter as an apprentice to get her hunter license. She had her pink hair in twin tails and was in a white tube top, black mini skirt that had a pink frill and matching thigh high stockings. Over her head, she wore a white and pink striped hoodie sipped up to just below her chest.

"We can't really blame him. He has spent so long trying to stand level with us in combat, but without a weapon, our little knight would not be able to be like the rest of us," Nero stated, being 21 she was in her final year of Beacon Academy with her twin, her sister had won the recent Vytal festival with a landslide victory. She had her hair in a braid with a red ribbon and was wearing a red thigh length dress with a frilly skirt that was trimmed in black.

"Whatever, if he can't be a fighter he should give up now and focus on something else like being a doctor or something. Without a weapon of his own there's no way he'll be a huntsman." Mordred waved off, dismissing her brothers' blight. She had her hair like she always did but was wearing a white tube top with red trim and a pair of jean short shorts.

"How could you say that? You know how much it means to him to be a huntsman, a hero like he sees all us becoming!" Nero turned on her twin with a glare that Mordred returned. They both knew he wanted to be like them when it came to combat, Mordred more so since he looked up to her.

"That's enough you two, no fighting on his and Jeanne's birthday." Their father said. He too felt sad for his only son. He had hoped to bond with the only other male of the family, but something always came up with his job as the head of the local huntsmen. He feared Jaune saw it as him avoiding him, the two would talk and hang out when he could, but he didn't have as good a bond as he wished for with his son.

"I agree with elder sister Mordred, he should just give up and stop wasting his and our time with his fantasies," Atalanta said coldly. She was in a white pullover hoody with a dark green skirt.

"Atalanta!? How could you say that about Big Brother!?" Mash shouted at her 'Twin' who just scoffed and looked away.

A smirk made its way onto Tamamo's face something Atalanta noticed, she knew it meant she was going to mess with her. "Maybe our little kitten wants her big brother to spend his time focusing on her instead of on training~~" she teases with glee.

"WHAT?! NO!" Atalanta screamed, her face going red as she sent her sister a glare.

"Oooo, I see. Well that no reason to crush Big Brother's dreams." Mash followed, looking at her twin in disappointment.


The family could help but laugh at her expense, the mood lightening with the family's banter.

"Do you think Big Brother will be ok Mommy?" the youngest asked turning to the eldest female who had been quiet for the discussion. She was in a cream colored dress with a white skirt underneath, black tights with a black bow to tie up her hair and around her neck. She was currently sitting between her Mother and Father looking up at her Mother.

Artoria didn't answer straight away, ever since Jaune's new behavior came up, she had been thinking of her only son's life so far. When he first was born, she was so happy to finally have a son. It was rare for males to be born into the Arc family for some reason. When he didn't get a weapon, she was scared something had happened to him, that something had gone wrong with the birth, yet nothing came up, he was fully healthy with no problems.

Over the years she's watched her little knight fight to try and prove he was useful to the family. Taking up all his sister chores to give them more time with their weapon along with training himself. Playing with his younger sisters and allowing his older to drag him around, those mainly being Nero's dancing and Tamamo's teasing him, he always tried to make the family happy. She could see him develop his inferiority complex with every passing year his sisters got stronger, it seems with Lily now being able to face him and being nearly half his age has finally broken his spirit and it crushed her inside. This had never happened before, so she had no idea on how to help him cope with his issues so in the end she just left him to himself, something she is disappointed in herself for doing.

She turns to look her youngest in the eyes, it was like looking at a mirror of her younger self or at a younger Mordred. A smile makes its way onto her face seeing the concern in her eyes for her brother. All his Daughters care for their brother, even if a few try not to show it. "I'm sure he'll be fine little one, his just having a hard time at the moment." She spoke softly to her.

"I don't know Mommy… he always looks so sad, even when he smiles, they always feel sad." Lily spoke sadly looking down into her lap, the family had gone silent when Artoria started talking and hearing Lily the mood went somber again.

"Lily…" her Father started, "Jaune's not quite like the rest of us… his been trying to be like us but he can't and most likely won't be like us, no matter how hard he tries…"

"But… his always looking out for us… is there anything we can do to help him?" She asked a bit of hope in her voice. The family didn't respond as her eyes scanned over them, looking for any one of them to answer her prayer.

Artoria was the one to answer her. "I'm sorry, my little flower, I don't think we- "she was cut off as a massive burst of energy exploded from nearby. Her, Gawain, Mordred and Nero, and Tamamo were the only ones to react, being a fully or nearly fully trained huntsmen, Tamamo also responded due to specializing in aura, all of them going ridged.

"What the hell is that?" Mordred asked, confusing her younger sisters.

"I don't know sister but its definably Aura based…" her twin answered turning to face deepening into the home with a frown on her face.

"Mommy? Daddy? What is it?" Lily asked as the two stood up.

Her Father answered with a stern expression, "We just felt a large output of Aura deeper in the Keep, but what could it be…. The only ones in the keep are the family and the only one not her is…"

"JAUNE!" Artoria yelled speeding off to find her son, the rest of the family racing after her to see what could have happened to the only other male Arc.

With Jaune a few minutes earlier

He had been following the pull for a while now as he was heading deeper and deeper into the Armory. He had no clue it was this big, but he thinks he read that one of his ancestors built it as a vault for all the family's treasures but later was changed into an armory due to all the weapons it had inside. There were hundreds of weapons lining the walls, all with a history to them.

'Yet none of them are mine…' Jaune thought bitterly, seeing so many different weapons just showed him how unlucky he was not to get one. He was about to turn back and head back to his family, but something caught his eye, at the back of the next hallway. The pull was now at it strongest, "I'm close…"

Heading down the last corridor he came to an old alter, this was the deepest he had gone into the armory and given the dust he was the first in a while. On the altar was a blue cloth that was coving something. Feeling the pull come from whatever was underneath the fabric, Jaune stepped closer and pulled it off, what he saw was the most beautiful weapon he had ever seen.

While his current weapon, Crocea Mors was a simple long sword with a blue handle and a golden cross-guard with a white sheath that transformed into a shield, in front of him on the altar was another longsword, this one, however, was slightly longer and broader. While not big enough to be a two-handed weapon, it looked like it would work best wielded with both hands.

Like his current sword, this one too had a blue handle and a golden cross-guard, but unlike Crocea Mors, the handle was slightly longer and didn't have much of a pommel, just a flat golden cap at the end of the handle. The cross-guard was a simple golden rectangle in an arc with some blue design and strange symbols. The blade was longer and slightly wider then Crocea Mors and was a steel color, but on the face of the sword was symbols that looked like the same kind of writing on the cross-guard writing but he didn't know what they meant.

He was mesmerized by the sword, he couldn't take his eyes off it, he felt something deep within him call out for the sword in front of him. He didn't notice himself reaching out for it until his hands wrapped around the hilt. Holding the blade in front of himself he could help but feel it felt right, like a piece of himself had been returned to him after so long he forgot he lost it. Looking at the sword he couldn't find any dirt on it, it must have been sitting here for years, yet it seems like it was polished an hour ago. Looking at his reflection in the blade he noticed his eyes glowing, confused at first something clicked in his mind, a warmth started to fill him, a smile making its way onto his face as he finally understood what was happening and what this was, what he was holding.

Taking a breath and closing his eyes he focused on the sword in his hands. Soon information came to his head about it, who once wielded it, how to use it and most importantly, its name. When he thought of the swords name his dormant aura burst from his body in a white glow, illuminating the room like a megawatt lightbulb. After the light died down he opened his eyes, they were slightly glowing as he looked at his aura slightly glowing around him. He felt amazing having is Aura finally unlocked, he finally felt complete, he eyes once again fell on the sword, HIS sword.

"Jaune!" he heard his Mother yell as she and the rest of his family came around the corner behind him when they saw him they froze. He was still slightly glowing with Aura and was holding a sword in his hands.

When Artoria looks at the sword in her son's hands, her heart stopped completely, unable to believe what she was seeing. "Jaune… is that…" she asked unable to finish in disbelieve at the weapon in his hands.

"Jaune's got a weapon…" Nero also said in disbelieve.

"No way…" Her twin could help but add, looking wide-eyed at their brother.

"Wait..." Gawain started, eyes focused on his sword, his eyes widen when he noticed what it was. "Dear is that what I think it is?"

She could make only a slight nod in response before she could gather herself and answer. "Yes… that's- "

"Excalibur" she was cut off by Jaune who fully turned to his family a huge smile on his face, "it's called Excalibur, and it's my weapon."

No one said anything at this, this would change everything for the family, and for Jaune, it was the moment he had been waiting for his whole life.


It had been 2 years since Jaune got Excalibur and much had changed. First was that Jaune unlocked his Aura as soon as he retrieved the weapon and threw himself into training, he had spent years behind all his sister and needed to catch up as fast as possible. And catch up he did. He knew the basics from years of using Crocea Mors but now the blade felt natural, it sat in his grip perfectly, and he couldn't imagine using another weapon.

He started spending every waking hour training with his new sword even Mordred thought he was pushing it, and she was a fighting fanatic. This caused most of the family to worry for him and after he collapsed one time they forced him to slow down and start to pace himself. At first, he was unhappy but relented under all his sisters pleads, but swore he would catch up and surpass all of them one day.

With 2 years of intense training he had finally caught up with his twin sister, while Jaune's win/loss rate with her was still terrible he had finally started to win a few spars. Most of the family were amazed by Jaune's growth and knew if he kept improving at that rate he was the boy would surpass even his Father by the time he gets his hunter's license.

Not all good news came with him getting his weapon. However, some conflict has happened between him and his eldest sister Mordred. While she was happy for Jaune getting a weapon, seeing him catch up quickly was made her feel all the work she put in to be the strongest be overshadowed by her brother's rapid growth. This came to a head recently with something changing in the family, one that broke the camels back for Mordred and further strained the two's relationship.

We find Jaune Arc sitting at a table with one of his many sisters. Across from him is his older sister Tamamo, dressed in her usual attire. On the table in front of the two is Excalibur wrapped in cloth with a paper tag that has written all over it.

Close to the sister is a pot of ink with an ink brush next to it ready for use. Jaune was currently staring at his sister waiting for her to get started on what he had asked her to do, but she once again is stalling his plan for her own amusement given her slight smirk.

"You're sure you want to go through with this Jaune?" Jaune's 3rd oldest sister asks for what feels like the 100 times, He was getting sick of her asking and just wanted her to get on with it so she could stop worrying. The rest of his family was out at the moment, getting supplies for his going away party that afternoon, so he only had now to do this. He was off to Vale and Beacon Academy to become a huntsman in the morning. With his family's reputation and his Mother and Father's recommendation he was accepted without much trouble, but given what he planned to do he knew they wouldn't let him go, so he's doing this without their and the ray of the family's understanding.

The only reason he could get his sister to Arc promise not to tell was through a few bribes of her favorite snacks and favors to cash in later, the two were also quite close as well, even more than with his twin in Jaune's case. So, her stalling is putting him on edge knowing the rest of their family will return soon he didn't want to waste time with his sisters' games.

"Sigh... yes Tam for the last time, I want to do this, and if you ask one more time, I will spray you with a water bottle." He says with a mischievous smirk on his face as he looked at his sister who pouts back at him with her fox ears going flat against her pink hair, her tail swinging irately behind her.

"Alright, alright I get it no need to be a meanie, I'm just saying this is a stupid idea and that if anything bad happens, it's your own fault for doing this so don't blame me." She huffed back seeing her words fall on deaf ears. She huffed out a sight knowing that her little brother was doing something stupid but could see why he was doing it, stupid male pride she thought along with thick-headedness.

A smirk made its way onto her face which did not go unnoticed by Jaune. "If I do this I expect you to help me with my new book you know~~" she giggled, Jaune knowing about his sister's books since he was forced to 'proofread' them, blushed in embarrassment at remembering that they were like, causing her to laugh out loud.

"Do I really have to help with that…."


"And there's nothing I could do instead?"


"*sigh*, Fine…"

She giggled at his sad expression "You know~~, if you go to Beacon there are bound to be plenty of beautiful girls around~~. Maybe you could date one or two of them and give me some ideas for my next book~~."

"Tam?! Semblance. NOW!" Jaune snapped.

"Ugh, fine!" she sighed again getting serious looking back at her only brother.

"Give me your hand then, wrist facing up" she reached out to him expecting with one hand while taking the writing brush in the other.

He did, giving his hand up as she got to work first dipping the brush in ink next to her on the table, and started writing in his wrist, after finishing she placed the brush down and started pushing her aura into the words. "Focus your Aura into the words and place you had on the blade now." She commands Jaune who followed her orders, soon he felt a significant drain on his Aura as the sword started to glow after a minute and a bright light the tag and writing on his wrist were glowing a dark blue.

This was his sister's Semblance, Words of Power, any word she writes along with enough aura will activate what the word means, for example, if she wrote the word soft on a piece of paper and put a bit of aura into it the word, the paper would become soft to the touch. Tam can do just about anything given enough time to describe what effects she wants and enough aura to fuel to activate her semblance. The seal she uses was to 'lock' his sword away with the 'key' being on his wrist, Jaune did this to stop the link he had with Excalibur, while Jaune could still train with it he could not use it as effectively in battle unless he broke the seal.

With that final done Jaune breathed a sigh of relief, now he just had to worry about getting to Vale without his family noticing. He'd already had Crocea Mors ready to go. Hopefully, he'd have some skill with it after a few years of putting it away. With it being a long sword like Excalibur he hopes the family curse will be lightened up on him now he has his weapon, if not the shield will at least give him more protection.

His sister seeing his reaction couldn't help but giggle, he was so scared about the others finding out, it reminded her of him when he was little, doing his best to cover for his sisters when Mother and Father knew something happened and he took the blame. He always did want to be a hero, his sister's own Knight in shining armor, protecting them, even when he couldn't. Thinking back to the times he stood up for her when people called her more than an animal due to having two traits, he would yell at them and get beat up for stepping in. It was one of the reasons she trained herself even if she didn't have to. Remembering her brother's hardships brought her sadness when he couldn't fight and become the hero he dreamed of being. How sad he was back them but still put on a smile for them.

"Sis? Tamamo? Are you ok?" She snapped out of her thoughts and her eyes connected with her brother's. "You spaced out there for a minute, you alright?" He asks with slight concern in his voice he noticed his sister's sad, downcast ears.

"No no I'm fine little Brother, just worried is all. You know how much harder it will be to become a huntsman without Excalibur, you spent so many years feeling envious of all our sisters because of their weapons, even if I don't have one I'm not a blood Arc so the Rite of Weaponry doesn't apply to me, but you spent so many years yearning to be like our sisters." She said in a melancholy voice. Part of the reason the two are so close is due to that Tamamo not having a weapon.

"And when you finally get your chance, you decide to make it harder for yourself just to prove a point!" Throughout her rant Tam was getting more and more heated, "It's just... I don't want you to get killed just because of what Elder Sister Mordred said..." she finished look down at her feet, hugging herself. She may be helping, but it still didn't sit well with her, she likes to joke and tease and not take things seriously, but she cares deeply for her family. They took her in when she was abandoned, and owes them her life, watching her younger siblings grow up was the happiest times of her life she did sometimes feel as though she was intruding on the family, but Jaune always tried to include her, making her feel welcome, and it warms her heart.

Jaune, seeing his sisters' distress can't help but smile sadly know while she may joke and laugh she relies heavily on her connection to their family. He pulls her into a hug that she quickly returns and starts petting her head, she always enjoyed his petting. "I know what I'm doing is stupid, but I need to try at least and see how far I can go on my own." He said trying to ease his sister's worry.

Tamamo just leaned into her brother enjoying his hug and petting of her ears, he always could make her feel the most comfortable. "Just... just promise me if it gets too hard, or if something happens that it's too much for you and your team to handle, that you'll breach the seal and not hold back. Promise me Jaune. Promise me on the Arc name." She finished, looking deep into her brother's eyes, pleading for him to agree.

Jaune after hearing his sister's plea, he couldn't help but smile at her, knowing that she cared for him so much warmed his heart. Her puppy dog eyes pleading also help as well, damn them, he may have built some resistance to them over the years but given how serious she is and the way her ears dropped down made his will crumble before her. "I promise, if things get bad I'll use my sword, no excuse, and an Arc- "

"Never goes back on their word." They finish together, giggling and chuckling together finishing their hug. "Thank you, Brother." "No problem Sis." They smile at each other.

Just then the front door opened with someone yelling they were home signaling the rest of the families return. They smiled at one another before going to help with any of the shopping bags, they still had a party to get to.

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