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Chapter 14

Know thy Enemy

Cú couldn't help but release a tired sigh as he walked back into Roman's warehouse after getting back from Mount Glenn. Having to drop off the new 'equipment' after no news came in from Roman about the new potential smuggle spot, it was strange as they hadn't heard from him all day. That would be concerning to most, but Cú didn't care if the carrot top got his face ripped off, especially after having to spend the afternoon down in the old Glenn tunnels.

He could only feel sorry for his fellow Fang member that have to say down there for so long; he couldn't stand being there for a few hours. Not only is it dark and cold down in the caves, but the worst thing about it is also the smell. For someone like Roman, Cinder, and her cronies, they don't take much note of the scent, and the things that are hidden in the darkness, but for him and his fellow Faunus? They could pick up on small details that speak of the horrifying history.

The black wall that to the Human would be shadows. To the Faunus, they are dried blood splatters where people were torn to shreds by Grimm. The damp and mossy scent in the air? To the Faunus is the smell of dried blood and decomposed bodies that have been locked underground and left to rot and fester for the last 20 years leading to a horrible smell only the Faunus can pick up.

Cringing up his nose in disgust at the mere memory of the smell, he had to restrain himself from calling his people out of the tunnels and leaving this whole mess behind but not before flipping Cinder the bird. Sadly he knew he couldn't, not only because Sienna was counting on him to spy on Taurus and his new 'friends' but that he wasn't sure who was going along with Taurus or who were just to dumb to think for themselves, like (as much as he hated the comparison) sheep being lead to slaughter.

"You've returned." A female voice spoke out when he reached the seating area, not surprised to see Cinder lounging in the same seat as that morning, but surprised to see her two shadows weren't with her and bickering with each other like usual. No, instead, as far as he could both hear and smell, they were the only two in the room, which he found both worrying and a blessing. Worrying because the only time 'Thing 1 and Thing 2' weren't here doing as such was when they were off doing something for mother duck, which could be bad as he had no way of knowing what exactly that was. But on the other hand, this allowed him to talk with Cinder alone without her shadows getting in the way, and given the few bits he got from Bishop, he hoped to use them as bait and pull up some more information from her.

Grunting in reply, Cú made his way the couch off to the side of where Cinder was sitting, not nearly as high quality as the chair Cinder had but a decent one at least. Dropping into the seat, he 'relaxed' into the cushion, Gal Bolg resting between the arm and himself. Having chosen the end closer to her, he showed he didn't fear her enough to sit away but was cautious enough to keep his weapon between them. Something she noticed given her smirk and raised a brow, but he ignored it.

"I take it all was well with the delivery." She asked with a natural sway, clearly amused at his annoyance with her treating him like another pawn to control.

"Yeah, went fine, Glenn's still a crap hole." He began with little care at his words given her brow fell at his crude words, glad to ruin her mood and hoping to do so more. "Didn't except the shipment to be so large and heavy-duty." He commented, getting her insufferable smirk back onto her face, much like Bishop enjoying his reaction to the acquired Atlesian armor.

"Indeed, my supplier in Atlas did well in getting their new stock as soon as they left the assembly lines, and as you say they arrived, then, it seems all went according to plan." Cinder said with her satisfied smile, her words were to stroke her ego, but instead, they gave Cú a perfect way to jump on the information he got from her so-called 'supplier.'

Humming in slight confusion, Cu but on his best' recalling something' face drawing Cinder eyes, but he ignored her questioning glare as he spoke aloud. "I don't know about that. It was Roman who was supposed to go pick up the stuff, and your 'supplier' didn't seem too happy with the change at first," he said. Causing Cinder to give her full attention before locking eyes with her and giving a carefree shrug, "said some not so polite stuff about you not informing him, but in the end, it doesn't matter." He waved off, knowing Cinder was a person of pride and ego, and to hear someone spoke poorly of her behind her back, she would be unamused.

"I'm sorry, who was it who said this?" she asked sternly, not seeing the smirk twitch onto the other side of Cú mouth.

"Don't know, middle-aged, black hair and tanned skin. Wore a grey suit and had one hell of a bushy mustache." He paused, letting the information sink and take a breath.

"Watts." Cinder muttered quietly to herself as he took a breath, most likely speaking his name subconsciously, but with his hearing, Cú was able to hear and get a nice piece of information. He had purposely chosen to leave out Bishop's, now known as Watts, name in hopes of getting her to slip since as far as she knows, he didn't get any name from the man, but now Cu had something he could dig up.

"Called himself, Bishop, said he worked with you and not under you, which was odd to me." He continued without a beat, distracting her from her slight slip of a name, which he accomplished, given her annoyed scowl at his words.

"Bishop, while useful, tends to think himself above those around him, unsurprising coming from an Atlas born, as I'm sure you know." She said, getting a nod from him, but he still wanted to see how far he could push her.

"Funny, he said something like that about you. I think it was, and I'm just quoting here, 'a snot-nosed brat'?" he stated as a question, and given the orange flames that licked at her eyes, she was not too happy to hear it.

"I see, I'll be sure to 'discuss' this with him when we next meet after my time in Vale ends." She stated, glaring off into space, clearly imaging burning Bishop's mustache off along with the rest of his face.

"Sounds like you two don't get along, how did you end up working with him if you don't like him?" He asked, pulling her out of her 'death dream,' and back to the world, she sends him a small smirk thought it was a bit more strain than before, but he didn't point it out.

"As much as I'd like to remove him, he is too useful of an asset for my operation's in Vale to allow doing so. Why do you think I put up with Roman's complaining along with Mercury and Emerald's bickering?" a rhetorical question, but he nodded to in understanding.

"I hear you. Get people like that in the fang; you just wanna cut their head off for the silence it would bring, but know you can't since it wouldn't go over well with the others." He stated, getting a nod in return.

"Indeed, after all, what's a queen without pawns to use to your advantage?" That was the second time chess and been brought up today with both Cinder and Watts. It might not be a bad idea to look into any groups that might have use chess as a calling card, or if anyone used a piece as an alias before. One more reference would be a good conformation, so Cú went about asking if Cinder was the 'Queen' in this case. But before he could, the doors opening drew both his and Cinder's attention, and both were shocked. Most of all, confused at what they saw.

Roman had returned from his trip to wherever the Subway entrance was, and while at first confused as to why Roman wasn't back before him, it was clear something had happened. As Roman's 'immaculate' suit was ruffled and hanging off his frame, the pure white coat was covered in soot and burn marks along with his face and signature hat that was barely hanging on his head. He ignored the looks Cú and Cinder were sending him as he dropped into the seat next to Cú. Not caring as he pulled at a crooked cigar and lit it with a broken match, taking a significant drag before releasing the smoke with a deep sigh. Finally, turning to the two, he just shook his head at their question before going back to his cigar. But not before he did release a small sentence, which confused them both more.

"First red riding hood and now a flying orange, Vale is getting weirder."

"Cliffs suck." Jaune groaned as he along with JNPR, RWBY, and Tamamo finally finished the 30-minute hike back to Beacon through the Emerald Forest and the cliff up to the school. Given the exhausting fight, the walk back had been filled with complaints from a few members about either how tired they were, how smelly and sticky they were, or both. It had quickly ground on Jaune's nerves, having spent a lot of aura in the fight to able to cut the evolved King Taijitu and then afterward, boosting everyone's aura to acceptable levels to travel back to Beacon. Leaving his own reserve low (for him anyway, Thank Oum for AAA Class aura levels (Arc Absurd Aura)).

"Welcome back teams, it's good to see you all well. We heard a loud roar coming from your direct and were about to head out for support." Ozpin announced himself to the panting teens as he alongside Glynda, Port, and Oobleck stood near the cliff launch pads. Each was holding onto what they could expect is their weapons. Ozpin with his cane, The Long Memory, Glynda with her Riding Crop, The Disciplinarian, Port with his blunderbuss ax, Blowhard and Oobleck with a Thermos, Antiquity's Roast.

"We were lucky," Tamamo stated as the others tried to catch their breath, drawing raised eyebrows from the teachers. Tamamo knowing how dangerous the situation had been had dropped her carefree attitude. Going into full 'Huntress' mode as she stood straight in front of who was Vale's leading Hunter. "While the Taijitu themselves weren't much of an issue at first, even if the information was wrong about the designations of the Grimm. 4 in total being King Taijitu's, they weren't much of a challenge for me and team JNPR, however," the seriousness of her voice shocked the Beacon staff. Glynda, most of all, having worked with Tam the most, it was rare to hear her voice sound so grave, and her next words informed them why.

"A Possession-class Phobia linked with the 4 Taijitu's and morphed them together into an A-class Hydra Taijitu." The cliff seemed to go deafly silent at her words, the wind seemed to still as the Beacon staff processed the information. After a moment, the Headmaster spoke, more serious than the two Beacon teams had ever heard.

"Let's head to my office, I want to know everything."

It wasn't RWBY and JNPR's first time in Ozpin's office at the top of the old CCT tower. Last week's adventure at the Docks had been a valid reason for a dressing down from the veteran Hunter even if they stopped a robbery. And like last time, the tension could be cut with a knife as Tamamo gave a detailed report on what had happened with her and JNPR when they had departed. Ruby mentioning the few Beowulf's her team quickly dispatched on their way to catch up.

"Lucky, with Jaune augmenting Pyrrha's semblance with his own and Nora's strength, we were able to strike the Phobia which took the Taijitu's with it. After that, Jaune stabilized our aura to acceptable levels before making our way back to Beacon with little resistance." Tamamo finished leaving the room silent as the professors digested the information.

Goodwitch had a noticeable frown on her face as she scanned the two teams, clearly looking for injuries. Students should have never had an encounter with an A-class Grimm at school much less first years. Maybe some 4th years might encounter one on their missions, but that was rare as all A-class Grimm sightings are either ignored. Like the occasional Elder Goliath that might be seen roaming with a Goliath parade or with having a team of B and A class Hunters sent to eliminate it. She thanked Oum; none of her students were injured and that it wasn't an actual A-class.

Port was uncharacteristically quiet and stone-faced, while the student body and a few of the younger Hunters saw him as an old windbag and blowhard. In reality, he was one of if not the oldest active-duty Hunter on Remnant, being over 70 years old, having been born a few years after the Great War. Aura does wonder for the bones.

He had seen a lot in his long life both as a Huntsmen and during the Faunus Rights Revolution some 55 years ago. Barely 20 years old at the time, he had fought for the rights of Faunus alongside many others and after 5 years, won. But with how low the population was after the Great War and the Revolution, the age of the average Hunter graduate was lower with those graduating at 17 instead of 21 like it is nowadays. As such many died young with all the negativity, the two wars generated. It wasn't until 40 years ago when Mount Glenn was finished, did the Hunter curriculum change to give more aspiring Hunters more time to learn and grow.

Port was one of the first new staff at Beacon, the now, Secondary Hunter school, while places like Signal and Pharos were open to cover the old 12 to 17 age range to better build trainees' foundations and life skills. Math, English, Science, Sparing classes, weapon craft, and care, etc.

While the secondary schools coved the more important and crucial topics like Grimm studies, History, Survival 101, Team Leading and Tactics, and Combat class for both Grimm and personnel. He had even taught Ozpin, who had been one of the first to ever pass Beacon at 21 and was there when he was made Headmaster only 6 years later after the tragedy at Mount Glenn. Being one of the few surviving Hunter who lead the civilians to Vale through the subways. His act of Valour and the death of the old Headmaster got him the seat as the 2nd and a much younger Headmaster at the time, and Port had no problem with it. He was only more determined to stop something like Mount Glenn from happening. To hear an A-class Grimm was so close to Vale, something he hasn't seen since Mount Glenn greatly worried the old teacher, but he was joyed to see the student were unharmed.

Oobleck was the most vocal of the teachers, muttering to himself about what had happened and trying to figure out how such a Grimm showed up near Vale and how it wasn't spotted sooner. While his main field of study is history being one of the leading archaeologists on Remnant. He was also just and interested and studied in other fields, one being Grimm studies. It's one of the reasons he and Peter got along so well even if Oobleck is over 3 decades younger them the man, even a student of his. Peter had been a trove of knowledge on both history and Grimm studies, having lived through a lot of it with the Faunus revolution and post-war Grimm boom. He and Port quickly become Hunter partners once he had graduated and practically became his assistant teacher until he was hired at Beacon fully a few years later. But after going over all his knowledge, he was still annoyed they had missed something both dangerous and rare like a Phobia.

Ozpin had remained stone-faced throughout Tamamo's report, not even a twitch since he had sat down on the chair. While most would have not been unnerved by this, the fact he had not moved at all meant his beloved mug had remained full and untouched left many uneasy. It was normal to see the man take a sip every few minutes or so, but it had remained full and going cold on his desk for over 15 minutes now and looked to be staying that way.

Finally, the relatively silent room was broken when Oobleck released an annoyed groan as he tried to pull his hair out, "HOW COULD THIS HAPPENED!? A POSSESSION-TYPE GRIMM?! Their so rare, and so much is still unknown about them! You got to see its behavior, witness the mechanism of its parasitic prosses! If I had known we might encounter one, we would've accompanied you to collect data on it. WHAT A MISSED OPPORTUNITY!" the doctor cried as the room looked at the doctor weirdly, seeing his friend lose his mind cause a bellowing laugh to come from Port, also weirding the room out more as Glynda slapped her forehead in irritation. Ozpin himself finally reaching for his mug and took a sip, unbothered by the now cold beverage.

Finally stopping his laugh Port sent the two teams a pleasant smile, "You all seem to have had quite a valuable experience so early in your Huntsmen Careers." he stated as he moved forward to pat Jaune on the shoulder, quite heavily given how his shoulder sank under the 'pat.' The sound of his shoulder cracking, causing the others to wince in pity. "It must have been a daunting task." He started getting a hurried nod from the group as Jaune twitched under the man's grip.

"Oh, yeah, I guess. Hehe." Ruby awkwardly laughed as she watched Jaune with worry, hoping his aura was still high enough to withstand Port's consulting hand.

Not notice Jaune's or his students distressed faces he gave her a short nod and Jaune one last 'pat' (the whimper of pain from Jaune sounded quite pitiful to his friend's ears, like a wounded animal), "You should all get some rest. Maintaining yourselves is an important part of being a Huntsmen or Huntress." He finished not noticing the even more awkward laughs his words got as Ruby and Pyrrha consulted Jaune, who was holding his shoulder. Tears licking the corner of his eyes, and his lips pressed together tightly, trying to keep up a resolved front, and failing.

"Don't worry, professor. After today, I think we're all going to be enjoying the rest of the holiday to relax." Pyrrha stated, getting nods all round. Both Nora and Yang appeared to be asleep, with Nora leaning against Ren, snoring away before he nudged her getting a startled "SLAKOTH!" as she realized they were still in Ozpin's office and sending him a sheepish smile and shrug as he rolled his eyes at her antics. Yang was a bit better, somehow with her eyes still open, but the sleep bubble from her nose and vacant eyes showing she was asleep. Her own partner nudging her and causing it to pop and getting her to jump slightly, sending the hidden cat a glare with only got a smirk in return.

"While I would like nothing more than a warm shower, I'm more curious about this 'Phobia' you keep mentioning. I've fought against a possession-type grim before, but I only thought they could do so to an inanimate object, not other Grimm?" Weiss questioned, not noticing she had reached up to the underside of her scar as she spoke, the others noticed but were also curious as the room went silent once more. Looks past between the teacher as they debated if to talk about it to first years, soon though their eyes landed on Ozpin, who, after a moment, locked eyes with the Grimm studies teacher and gave the nod. One that Port returned as he faced the student, a serious look on his face once again.

"As I'm sure most of you know when it comes to our knowledge on Grimm we are sadly quite lacking in that department when it comes to how they work and evolve, it part of the reason why my lesson is mostly on ways to dispatch and counter Grimm instead on why and how they come to be." Port began getting looks of realization from the group, it somewhat explained why he spent most of his time recalling his battle against the Grimm, it wasn't to just inflate his ego but show them how he had to deal with Grimm when he was more active.

Port continue as he started to pace like he did in his lessons, but this time he kept his eyes on the teen instead of going into his own little world, "Even as old as the Human and Faunus are what we know about the Grimm are only theoretical in nature since when a Grimm dies their corpus dissolves meaning we are unable to study them, it's hard for us to understand how they work. One way we can understand them is that Grimm change as they grow older and more experienced." Everyone was now paying attention, even Oobleck had stopped his small rant as he listened to Port's lecture.

"This is where the Ranking system comes from, by looking at the appearance and how Grimm act in the wild, we can determine the threat level of Grimm. Though keep in mind that the ranking is for just a single Grimm, meaning a normal Beowolf might only be a D-class Grimm, a pack of 5 or more might be seen as a C-class threat. Its why you are only allowed to go on missions without a professional Huntsmen in your second year since that is when you will be given a C-class license." The group could only nod at this, while a few missions could be done close to the Kingdom by first years, they are officially classed as D-rank Hunters. Back in the Primary Schools in the latter half of the curriculum, if they could continue into the Huntsmen courses, they got an E-rank pass, which basically allowed them to start carrying their weapons in public, but not much else. Before this, they had to carry them in cases between home and school, which sucked for most. It was only until the second year when they got a C-class license could one be classed as a Hunter or Huntress, with E and D being the training wheels of licenses, C still under the direct care of a schooling body with B being the norm for a Graduate and up. A-Class for those who have completed enough missions or lived long enough to be classed as veterans in the field and finally those few who reach S-Class by going above and beyond like Ozpin during the fall of Mount Glenn.

"While it's nice to learn all this, what does this have to do with the Phobia?" Blake questioned, trying to understand why Professor Port wanted to go over the basics with them again; they had covered this with Ruby during the first few weeks to help her catch up like they had promised, so even she knew all this. Port seeing, he was beginning to ramble locked eyes with Professor Oobleck, who, after a moment, stepped forward, seeming to take over the lecture.

"The reason Port felt the need to remind you all of this is due to the fact the Phobia is somewhat of an enigma and curious topic in the Huntsmen community." He became his voice slow and serious compared to his quick rambling type of teaching, shocking the group, but he ignored this as he continued. "You see, while it is known Grimm evolve and grow over time like most creatures, one subject that is debated is how they sustain themselves. While it is known Grimm sometimes fight over territory with other wildlife like wolfs and bears, as far as we know, the Grimm don't actually eat anything." This somewhat shocked the group as they had expected that the Grimm must feed on other animals like most predators, but when they thought about it, how do Grimm like Goliath's sustain themselves given how large they grow? Seeing the questions begging to slips out, Oobleck raises his hand to stop them as he continues.

"I don't know why this is, but there is a theory that is the most widely accepted in the community, and it has to do with the fact that the only other creates the Grimm seem to hunt are Humans and Faunus. Can anyone tell me what it is that draws the Grimm the most? The one thing above all else that they 'hunger' for?" The students tensed at his words, their minds racing to find the answer, it was Ren who was the first to find the answer which was to be expected given the nature of his semblance.

"Emotion." He drew the eyes of the room are he look at his hand, which, unlike the rest of him, seemed to lose its color, confusing team RWBY but getting JNPR's eyes to widen in understanding. "Or to be more accurate, Negativity." Oobleck nodded at this as Ren locked eyes with him.

"Correct Mr. Ren, if there is one thing we know for certain about the Grimm, it's that they are ravenously drawn to feelings of the negative nature, hate, rage, longing, despair, and more. It was this very fact that started the Great War almost 90 years ago." The room was somber at this when it came to light Grimm were drawn to emotions, the kingdoms of Mantel and Minstrel decided the best way to counter this was to not emit them at all, that locking emotions away was the best way to fight the Grimm. The king of Vale disagreed, as did the kingdom of Vacuo when Mantel and Minstrel threatened them into joining, luckily this backfired. Jaune was the one to have the biggest reaction to this as his fists tightened to extreme levels, worrying Pyrrha and Ruby who were sat next to him after Port's 'counseling,' seeing their worry he relaxed and sent them both reassuring smiles and shaking his head to wave their worry off.

"The reason this is brought up is that the leading theory is that the Grimm somehow feed off our negative emotions and use it to grow and evolve. Where the Phobia comes in all this is that as far as we can tell from the few sightings we have had of it, unlike the rest of its kind, it doesn't evolve; it stays the same no matter how old it gets." This confused them as if it didn't evolve, what did it do? Something Weiss pointed out with a shaky voice.

"So, what does it do with the… energy if not to evolve?" she asked, but the grim look on her and the other's faces meant most of them had an idea, one Oobleck grimly confirmed.

"We believe that the Phobia stores this energy instead of using it and then when it gathers enough attaches itself to another Grimm and acts as somewhat of a booster, casing rapid evolution on its host. Or in this care, the mutation and combination of multiple of the same type." This scared the group to know such a Grimm existed, and a few voiced this, but after a moment, a crack was heard silencing the students as Glynda held her whip in hand.

"Calm yourselves, students, while this can be distressing. This was something you were all going to be learning over the first few years at Beacon, so learning of it early doesn't change much, the fact is Phobia's are extremely rare, and it is even rarer for one to live long enough to do what this one did. Rest assured, the chances of this happening again at this level are very slim." Her words seemed to calm the students, but a feeling of uneasiness was still in the air.

"If it was so rare for this to happen, how did it then?" Jaune asked aloud, getting everyone to start thinking the same, it took a few moments before Ozpin spoke for the first time since asking Tamamo to start her report.

"Mount Glenn." This drew the room's attention as the Headmaster continued, ignoring Port's worried face having been they're with Ozpin at the time and knowing it's something Ozpin has conflicted feelings for. "There are many tunnels that lead from Vale to the old settlement, and with all the negativity in the area. What most likely happened is the Phobia was nesting in the tunnels when the disaster happened and gathered up a large amount of negativity and found it's way close to Vale through the old subway system and exited through on of the old serves entrances where you were unfortunate to come across it," he explained but soon after sent the two teams a smile. "But fortunately you were able to stop it before it got to Vale and for that congratulations are in order. Expect to be getting a bonus with your mission rewards for the elevated risk level when your payment goes through, but I think it's about time you all got some rest. Tamamo, if you don't mind taking RWBY and JNPR to their rooms, I'm sure you know the way." He finished getting a salute for the Faunus who had stayed quiet during the talk, not wanting to draw away from how serious it was but seeing it was coming to its end saw now was a good time to raise their spirits back up as she started to usher the teen out of the office.

"Ai Ai, sir! ~ Come along kiddies, time for your bath, and then bedtime! ~" she stated with a pair of claps getting sighs and looks of confusion form the group.

"But it's like midday?" Ruby stated but was shushed with Tamamo's tail, which coved the young rose's mouth.

"Apapap, don't question it, you're having a bath or no cookies for dinner. ~"

"*horrified gasp* NOT MY COOKIES!" Ruby cried as she shot into the elevator, getting a laugh from the room as the teens moved to join her, Tamamo moved close to Jaune giving him a side hug as they drew close to the elevator.

"You ok? Noticed you tense at the mention of the Great War." She whispered to him, she knew why and was hoping he was alright given it was a dark moment for the Arc family, something Jaune cares a lot for.

"I'm good, just sucks is all," he said with a sad smile one she mirrored but with a squish of her hug his smile grew as he returned the gesture, it turned stained as a smirk made its way onto her face when they stepped on the elevator, it turned to one of horror at her next words, spoken aloud and in shock.

"Awe~ if you want to have a bath with your big sister like old times, all you had to do was ask Jaune~!"


The elevator shut at Jaune's yell and Tamamo's cackle. Glynda could only sigh at her protégé's teasing, wondering how she was going to deal with it over the coming days she was still at Beacon.

"Ozpin." Port's voice drew her attention as Port locked eyes with Ozpin, "You and I both know those entrances were boarded up heavily after the fall, if something like a Phobia came out of one, something must have opened it."

"Or someone," Ozpin returned, getting the room silenced again. "Bart, if you and Peter could look up the locations of any entrances in the area, Tamamo and the students fought this Hydra Taijitu and go have a look for me if you would." He instructed as both men nodded, quickly making their way out themselves leaving Ozpin and Glynda alone with Glynda releasing a worried sigh.

"This is bad, Ozpin. this could have gone horribly wrong if Tamamo went alone or Oum forbid it was RWBY or JNPR by themselves, not to mention this is the third high-level Grimm sighting near Vale, were gonna have to be more careful." She stated, getting a nod from the man who looked into the dark drink in his hand, a thoughtful look on his face.

"A Phobia… the extreme fear of something. What an adept name for a Grimm that can suddenly bring such fear." He spoke aloud, getting a slow nod from Glynda. Taking another moment, Ozpin tipped the last of his mug's contents into his mouth and finished it off, not caring for the cold, bitter coffee, it was much too early for something like this, both in the day and the school year. He just hoped it didn't escalate before the Vytal festival, but when his stomach ached at the through, he felt his prayers would go ignored.

"Ugg, it's only like, 11 in the morning, and I'm already done with today…" groaned Jaune as he stretched out his stiff limbs.

"Same." Was echoed all around him as the teens all shuffled along. JNPR, RWBY, and Tamamo had just stepped out of Beacon Tower and were all heading towards the armory to get out their gear, then it was straight to their rooms for shower and fresh clothes, preferably their pajamas so they could all sleep the rest of the day away.

"I've taken a few professional Hunts since I got my license a couple years ago, yet I've never been this tired…" Tamamo muted as she leaned against her brother, getting poor Jaune to half drag his sister along, but he couldn't complain; Ren had Nora on his back where she was snoring away, oblivious to Ren's struggle to carry her on his sore limbs.

"The added lecture as soon as we got back didn't help," Yang complained as her shoulders sagged, barely half a week since lessons ended, and she somehow ended up with one happening in her brake.

"Even so, it was very informative. It's scary to hear that the Grimm could become so strong if left unchecked." Weiss added, making the group somber, they all knew the treat of the Grimm was massive, easy to see with how few settlements are out there, but to hear why it was so bad and what can come from it was frightening.

"We should take heart in knowing we were able to eliminate the Grimm before it could do damage," Ren spoke up as he trudged ahead, a thoughtful look on his face at learning the Grimm they faced was an A-class. His hands held Nora's legs a bit tighter at the memory of the only other A-class Grimm he knew, he was somewhat glad they were all there to eliminate it before it could do as he said, like what happened to him and Nora.

The group had finally arrived at the armory and split up into their teams to their locks as they all went about removing their weapons, Armor, and supplies, Ren dumbing Nora in front of her own getting a pout from the girl given the slight panic at waking up such a way, Ren just sent a shrug at her. Jaune, Pyrrha, and Tamamo, who had followed them when they split with team RWBY, all had to hold in snicker at the two, finding their interaction adorable.

A few minutes later, they re-joined RWBY and started heading towards the dorms, light conversating broke out between the group, going over the fight, and what they could have done better. Tamamo taking some joy in cutting down Yang down when the girl started to get a swelling head something she noticed the blond did a lot, she hoped she gets it under control along with that temper of hers, lest it gets her into something she can't walk away from.

"Even so, we've only been at Beacon for a few months, and it seems like every other week something happens that involves us," Blake stated dryly, getting the group to nods as they all went over all the different events since they met.

"I'm starting to think its bad luck to hang around your team, Rubes." Jaune's words drew the group's attention with Ruby sending the Blond boy a betrayed look.

"What does that mean?" Weiss's haunting voice spoke out, not liking Jaune's statement at all. Jaune seeing he had the mentioned team's attention he crossed his left arm across with his right stroking his chin as he gave a loud hum.

"Every time something happens, theirs one of you involved." He stated getting deadpan looks from the all-girl team along with his own.

"No, that's you." All his friends stated, causing him to falter. Turning to the group with wide eyes as he pointed to himself.

"Me?" all he got were nods as he tried to understand it, Nora seeing her Fearless leader struggle started to name them all off her finger, each one like a stab to Jaune's chest.

"The Giant Grimm in Initiation." She began, one finger raised.

"That was the explosions fault, and it's not like it was the only big Grimm. Weiss and Ruby caused the Nevermore." He stated in defense, getting a 'Hey' from both girls but was ignored by Nora.

"The Forever Fall" was next with another of Nora's finger rose.

"That was Cardin's fault."

"He was targeting you." The others cut in, getting him to deflate getting a snicker from his sister, who somehow had a bucket of popcorn, enjoying her brother getting a dressing down from his friends.

"You also damaged Crocea Mors on that trip, also." She mentioned getting a wide-eyed look from Tamamo, who gave her brother a look.

"Wait, Crocea Mors was damaged?" she asked as Jaune flinched, trying to come up with a cover.

"Not damaged, destroyed." Nora specified getting Jaune to wither under his sister's glare, "I don't think we bother to pick it back up after?" Nora asked, getting Tamamo's glare to intensify, but Jaune sent her rapid nods to say he still had the 'damaged' weapon in his locker.

"Weren't you the one to destroy it?" Blake asked, but luckily for Nora was not heard by Tamamo, who was too busy scolded her brother, mentioning how angry their Mother was going to be getting him to pale more.

"ANYWAY, next we had the Docks last week," Nora added, getting Jaune to point at Blake with a desperate look.

"I was helping!"

"Still counts! ~"


"And now we have today!" Nora finished with her hand up in a high five, one Yang quickly finished as Jaune sank to his knees in defeat, a cloud of depression over his head.

"Your right…" he muttered as Pyrrha and Ruby started to pat his back in apology, the others laughing at his reaction, it was strange how all the event somehow involved the blond leader, but it was funny to point out.

"Can we not mention this again?" he asked/begged his friends as they all looked away from him, getting him to the sigh in resignation, knowing he would hear about this more in the future.

"Aww, are the mean teammates bullying my baby Brother~." Tamamo teased as she started to cuddle his head, getting him to spurt in annoyance, happy the mood had been lighted given the stressful day. Letting her brother go, she skipped in front of the group and sent them all a smile. "It's almost lunchtime, so how about you all go get showered, and we can order some takeaway, my treat, and watch a movie. How's that sound?" she asked the group getting cheers who speed up wanting to get their showers as soon as possible JNPR's room being called out as the meeting location with Nora mention a slumber party much to the girl's joy and the boys dread. Ren in knowing he was going to get no sleep and Jaune with having them with his sisters.


'hum' Pyrrha stopped, however, as her scroll began to ring, drawing her partner's attention, pulling her scroll out. She looks at the caller and a bright smile growing on her face at who it was.

"Want me to wait up?" she was stopped from answering when Jaune spoke up. A smile still on, she shook her head as she looked to her friend.

"No thanks Jaune, I'll be along shortly." She replies, getting a nod and grin from him as he started to move away, neither noticing each other's slight blush at seeing the others smile. Taking a breath to calm her flushed face, she answered her scroll, her smile still in place.

"Hello, Mom!"

It was a few hours later, and both teams and Tamamo were currently sitting around JNPR's living room. The credits of their chosen film scrolling down the screen as Ruby, Yang, and Nora sat on the floor in front of it, Blake, Wiess, Pyrrha, and Tamamo sharing the couch with Jaune and Ren having a single seat each with all of them in their PJs and a few pizza boxes stacked empty on the desk behind them. Like Tamamo had said, they had cleaned up and changed with her ordering take away for the teens, sat in relative peace after the hectic day they had all had.

"Welp, that was fun," Yang stated as she stretched her body after being in the same position for so long, some others doing the same.

"Yeah, it was! The stuff with the people was a bit boring." Nora stated as she rocked from side to side, sat in front of Ren, who could only roll his eyes at her friends' complaint.

"I know! But the giant monster fights are so awesome!" Ruby cheered as she pumped her fist into the air.

"Of course, you only found those parts of the film entertaining," Weiss stated to her leader, who just poked her tongue out at her partner, getting a laugh from the room.

"After today, it's strange watching a monster movie, what with us also fighting a multi-headed monster," said Blake getting nods from the others. "And with what we learn about the higher-level Grimm, it makes you wonder if a Grimm could grow to a size like those in the film."

"Please, these no way a Grimm could grow to be that big, they would crumble under their own weight!" Weiss pointed, getting some hums of agreement from Ren and Pyrrha, Tamamo, who had been cuddling her tail on one side of the couch, sat up and put a finger to her chin as she spoke aloud.

"Well, a Grimm can't grow THAT big, but I've heard of some being larger them buildings with a Goliath being the most common." She mentioned getting looks of realization from the room who could only nod and think of how much they learned today about just how dangerous the Grimm could be.

For a few of the hunters in training, today had been somewhat of a wakeup call for them, having only face the D and C class Grimm located near the kingdoms. For those who had been unfortunate to come face to face with the more deadly Grimm, it served as a reminder to what they were training to face and the type of danger they will have to face in the future. All of them could say that the new information had caused some fear to grow in them, but they knew by the time they had to face such dangerous Grimm would be when they were graduated and ready for such enemies, so they could breathe easy knowing when the time came to face such Grimm they would be more than ready.

"Well, it's not like we can do anything about it at the moment, just gotta make sure that we're ready if we ever come across anything like that," said Jaune getting words of agreement from the two teams. Tamamo could only smile as she watches her brother interact with his friends. It warmed her heart to see him like this and proved she had nothing to worry about with his decision to come to Beacon. When she had sealed Excalibur she had been worried that something might happen to him since he wasn't in the best of places at the time but watching him be dragged into a small brawl with the 3 girls on the floor over which of the monster in the film was the coolest, well she says brawl. Still, it was more Yang and Nora brawling with their partners trying to break them up and Jaune with Ruby clinging to the blonde and shaking him for insulting her favorite of the two flying monsters. The yelling of "at least he's not a giant bug!" being her main retort to his comment of how easy her favorite monster got its ass handed to it during the film. Jaune's partner failing to pull Ruby off of him while Weiss chose to ignore them all and go to retrieve a drink but the muttering, she could pick up from her proved she wanted to say something but didn't.

"Come now, Ruby, I'm sure Jaune didn't mean to offend you." Pyrrha pleaded as she tried to pull Ruby away from Jaune, the younger girl was hanging from the blondes back as she lightly pulled on his hair. Jaune himself trying to pull her legs from around his chest.

"NEVER! How dare he call my flying demon dino a weakling, he destroyed a whole town with the flap of his wings alone! His WINGS!" Ruby cried, sinking her teeth into Jaune's scalp, causing him to yelp before Pyrrha almost pulled her off, but sadly Ruby still held onto the boy. "and then he dared to say the damn Moth was better? LIES!"

"I thought the Moth was cute," Pyrrha muttered to herself, but sadly Ruby heard, gasping in shock and looking to Pyrrha with betrayal.

"What?! How could you like her better?! You were my crimson comrade! My scarlet sister! How could you betray me?!" Ruby dramatically cried, throwing her head back and slapping the back of her hand on her head as if to faint, sadly for Jaune, the girl's legs still locked around him, even now when he was starting to use his semblance.

'Damn, what does Ruby do for training? I know she needs strong legs for her semblance, but this is ridiculous!'

Pyrrha, unable to keep the small smile off her face at the younger girls' antics, looked away. "I'm sorry," she muttered before facing her with a determined expression, "But I must support my leader, no matter his taste in Giant monsters."

"So... its treason then…" Ruby 'sinisterly' muttered. Her red bangs hiding her eyes before a cry of "BENZIE!" and a poof of petals, the girl, had tackled Pyrrha, freeing Jaune but now being wrapped around the champion. Sadly for Ruby, Pyrrha was a renowned fighter and not a brother who had been the target of 7 sisters and was quickly overpowered and trapped in turn by the champion who had her long hands wrapped around Ruby's whole body. Locking her arms at her side while her legs were locked under Pyrrha much longer legs. From the outside, it looked like Ruby was sitting in her lap, but really, she was almost strapped down like a chair. Some would question why Pyrrha would use such a hold, but for the members of JNPR, it was known, to the 'sadistic' smirks of the boys and 'horror' of the girls.

"Good going Pyrrha, with the criminal captured it's time to administer the 'punishment.'" Jaune's own 'sinister' voice spoke out as he loomed over the two girls, drawing both their eyes. Pyrrha's growing in knowledge along with a smile while Ruby's grew fearful of the look in Jaune's eyes, the hunger in them causing her to shiver in fear and maybe something else as a small blush grew on her face as he drew near, hands raise and growing closer to her body.

The other in the room watched as the predator Jaune drew closer to the trapped Ruby, with half the group looking on in confusion and slight worry and the others in amusement and slight fear. While the Flower Power pair knew what was about to happen, it took Tamamo a moment to recognize the look in Jaune's eyes and like the others, shivered in fear. For the other member of RWBY, they were growing worried and cautious with how Jaune was moving toward Ruby and was about to move to intercept. However, they were stopped by the others, Ren placing a hand on Blake's shoulder, Nora still holding onto Yang from their 'fight' and Tamamo drawing Weiss back onto the couch, ignoring her "Hey!" and shushing her, "Don't worry, this will be funny to watch." She told them, causing them to slightly relax, knowing Jaune wouldn't do anything bad to her but still curious at what he was going to do.

For poor Ruby, she could only wiggle and try to escape Pyrrha's grasp, but there was nothing she could do and soon started to yell her case, not giving into them. Yelling statement's like, "You'll never take me alive!" and "I'll never tell you were my emergency cookie stash is! NEVER!" but her cries went unheard as Jaune's shadow coved her and Pyrrha.

"Oh, you poor, naive little Rose. It was foolish to challenge my champion to unarmed combat, and now you at our mercy." He began as Ruby whimpered in fear, and the smile on Pyrrha's face grew bigger. A blush also made its way on the red head's face, liking how he said 'my champion.' she wasn't a big fan of the notoriety her fame got her, but for some reason, hearing Jaune use it playfully and in a light-hearted setting made her happy.

"Don't worry Ruby, we aren't going to hurt you." Pyrrha loudly whispered in her prisoner's ear to calm her down, but her voice went slightly deeper at her next words, "we're just gonna make you scream."

"No please! I'm sorry!" Ruby begged.

"Nope!" they both said as Jaune leaped forward.

"BWAAHAHAHAHAH! STOOOOOOOOOP! PLEEEEEESE! AAAAHAHAHAHAHA" Ruby began to cry with laughter as Jaune's hands travel from her neck to her armpits trying to find where she was most ticklish. This was something Jaune and become something of an expert at during his years at Camelot, and that was being able to tickle someone into submission. Mainly his sisters, since all of them could beat him in combat, he needed another way to disable them if they did something wrong, and the best weapon in his arsenal was tickling.


"Her sides are her weak spot."


This continued on for a few minutes with Ruby's cries growing louder with her weakness exposed much to the amusement of the room. When Jaune finally stepped away, Pyrrha gently unraveled herself and leaned the now limp Ruby down on the floor, placing her head in her lap to rest.

"kill me…"

"You got off easy." Pyrrha, Nora, and Tamamo all stated at the same time, Tamamo looks to see the red faces of the female half of JNPR, who looked back with embarrassed blushes. The reason for this is Jaune has done this to both of them during the first semester. All but Ren have had moments when the rest of the team have had to discipline a member who did something wrong, the whole news of Excalibur being Jaune's, but for Nora and Pyrrha both involved their favorite food, pancakes, and chocolate respectively, each having an incident where their addiction got out of hand and with the help of the other girl were able to hold each other down while Jaune caused them to scream with laughter. Both had suffered a full 10 minutes of his tickle torture, so seeing Ruby crumble under only a few minutes was a bit sad to them. Tamamo was the same, but with multiple sessions under her belt, so many in fact, all he had to do was act like he was going to tickle her to get her started. Giggling from across the room already, it was kind of sad.

"So, that's why we heard screaming for your room those few times," Blake stated with a deadpan look. While amusing the ridicules of what was happening was a bit too much for her along with Weiss, who looked somewhat relieved at the revelation.

"Yeah, Jaune-Jaune can get pretty scary when he brings the claws out." Nora nodded around with Tamamo and Pyrrha doing the same. "Why? What did you think we were doing?"

"Nothing special."

"Being fools."


The three answered with Ruby still catching her breath, but she still was able to send Yang a wired look like the rest of the room.

"What? Nora and Pyrrha screaming Sir Knight's name. Made me think he was putting that semblance of his to good use." Yang said with a shrug, the echo of hands meeting foreheads, the chocked coughs, and laugh of a bomber and fox filling the room at her reasoning.

"Nooo, Yang. I-We've never done anything like that." Jaune stated with a blush, much like Ruby and Pyrrha, "and even then, where's Ren in all this?"

"I dunno, maybe he likes to watch or something."

"OK, that's enough of THAT topic." Weiss cried out, getting Yang to bellow a laugh, even proud to see the ever-stoic Ren blush at the idea along with her own partner who had a slight trail of blood coming out her nose. Tamamo had also pulled a notebook out of her cleavage and was furious writing in it, smoke trails, and all.

After the room had calmed down, small talk had once again started up, Jaune having leaned against the couch with Tamamo playing with his hair while he ran his fingers through her tail. Weiss, having taken the Jaune's former seat with Blake still on one side of the couch, Nora was having the same treatment from Ren while Yang and Ruby lay across the floor. Ruby's head still in Pyrrha's lap, also getting her hair played with.

"Hey, Jaune?" Ruby asked, getting his attention.

"Sup Rubes?"

"Can I ask you something?"

"You just did." Half the room answered.

"Shush you all."

"Hahaha, ok, what's up?"

Ruby waited a moment before answering, "Can I ask why you tensed up at the mention of the Great War?" both Jaune and Tamamo seem to freeze at that.

"Yes, I would like to know if that's alright?" Pyrrha added, having been next to them when it happened. Seeing this had gotten the rooms attention Jaune and Tamamo locked eyes, a silent conversation going between them, after a few moments they both released a tired sigh before Jaune stood with a stretch.

"Alright, it's a bit of a family story tho." He started, taking a seat next to his sister with Blake shuffling over to give them more space.

"Oooh, are we getting another Professor Arc class~?" Yang teased, seating up to send him a smirk, Jaune rolling his eyes at his before sending her a dull look.

"Wasn't it you who complained about 'to many extra lessons."

"Aaaaa tomato tomatoe!"

"Professor Arc class?" Tamamo asked, getting a short explanation from the group about the other times Jaune had sat down and told them all something like a teacher much to her humor and his embarrassment. "Didn't see you as much of a teacher type?"

"Shut up, if you find it so funny you can start." He challenged getting her to groan but was too late before she could redirect Ruby had speed in front of her and was giving her the best puppy dog eyes, she could, and Tamamo proved to be very weak to cute thing and was quick to agree. The others beginning to face her as she straightens up, ready to start the 'lecture.'

"Ok to start, what do you all know of Camelot?" she began getting Weiss to raise her hand much to Tamamo's amusement, who rolled her eyes and pointed at her to answer.

"Camelot is one of the largest and oldest settlements on Remnant, it has existed for hundreds of years and is essentially a Kingdom in all but name in the modern era." Weiss getting a nod from Tamamo.

"Basically, that's what most are told about it in the other Kingdoms," Tamamo started getting nods from the room, Ruby rose her had to ask a question which Tamamo pointed out.

"If Camelot is so big, why isn't it classed as a Kingdom?"

"Good question and the answers are the CCT and the hunter schools, specifically the fact Camelot doesn't hold one of the main control towers or secondary hunter schools unlike Vale, Vacuo, Minstrel and Atlas. It also why Mantel in the continent of Solitas is no longer classed as a Kingdom by some." She answered, getting nods of understanding.

"Why wasn't it? if it's so big, you would expect it to have played a large role in the war." Blake stated, getting looks of understanding and confusion from the room. Jaune was the next to talk, seeing his sister did indeed start off, so he decided to free her of the teacher role.

"You all remember me mentioning my family's armory?" he asked, getting nods from the room as well as a small gushing session from Ruby before she calmed down and allowed him to continue. "Well, I said that there are hundreds of weapons in the vault at the moment, but over a 100 years ago it was quite bare, there were hundreds of Arcs living in Camelot with many branch families and the main family." He stated shocking the group, the idea there could be hundreds of people from the same family was both quite awe-inspiring to think about and strange to them, something Ruby asked.

"What do you mean by Main and Branch family?" Tamamo decided to answer her this time.

"Well, before the war, there were a couple of families that would have been famous and traditional enough to have multiple children over the generation. Leading to many members of one family, so the concept of the Main family and branch family was. Like the name implies a tree with the main family being the trunk with the firstborn being that and any other siblings and their children growing off it like branches, all a part of the same family tree but spared out." getting a nod from the confused Rose, mostly understanding the concept. It was only a few moments later, Ren spoke up with a grave voice.

"If there were so many Arc back then to warrant the use of Main and Branch families, why are there so few now?" his voice sent a shiver around the room as what Jaune was mad about finally clicked in the group's heads.

"The Great War…" Pyrrha whispered aloud, getting a nod from Jaune, who took a deep breath.

"As I'm sure you all know, some of the first shots of the war took place on the east side of Sanus. When people who were migrating from Vale clashed with people from Anima who were expanding aggressively into the continent, guess what's also located in that area?" he rhetorically asked.

"Camelot," Blake answered.

"Right, back then much like today, Camelot was self-governed or more accurately it was the home of the Arc family. A Kingdom like settlement with a huge stone wall and giant keep located on the continent of Sanus, not under Vales control. To Minstrel and Mantel, it was the perfect location for a forward operating base and asked the Arc's to join the war on their side. But as you can guess, my ancestors said no, something Mantel and Minstrel weren't too happy with." He started; everyone was listening intensely as Jaune started to explain Camelot's role in the great war. "What followed was the armies of both Mantel and Mistral sieging Camelot to take it by force. With two armies with tens of thousands of soldiers against just a since clan of a few hundred, they expect to trample the Arc's and use Camelot as their capital on Sanus. Sadly, for them, the Arc's even back then was renown for being a warrior clan, and Camelot was almost impossible for them to breach."

"So cool~. What weapon did they use? Did any of them have your semblance? Ifnotoneofyoursisters? Maybesomethingdifferent?!" Ruby began to speak a mile a minute before Yang covered her sister's mouth to stop her.

"How about we let Teach continue and not cut him off yeah?" she asked getting Ruby to glare at her, Yang was about to roll her eyes at her, but they widened for a moment before looking at Ruby blankly "Really?" she could feel the smirk on Ruby's face after she had licked Yang's hand, but instead of recoiling away she instead started to drag her hand over Ruby's face getting Ruby to spurt and pull away from her while she laughed.

"EW, Yaaaang~ Grosssss~." She complained as she wiped the end of her shirt onto her face to clean it to wipe her face, Yang rubbing her hand into the carpet while she laughed at her sister along with Nora, Jaune, and Tamamo, Weiss Pyrrha, Ren and Blake doing a better job at hiding their amusement.

"Don't lick my hand next time."

"She's right, Ruby, who knows where it's been," Blake stated, getting a nod from Yang before she realized what it was Blake had said.


"Enough you three." Weiss cut Yang off before turning to the amused Arc siblings and sending them a nod, "If you would continue." She said, getting a nod of thanks.

"Thanks, Weiss. From what I know, the siege went on for a few weeks before they managed to break the wall, but before Mantel and Minstrel could finally march inside and claim victory, the Grimm came." This caused the room to gasp, not expecting the sudden appearance of the Grimm to have a factor, but they remember Pro-DOCTOR Oobleck stating how a seize-fire would occur when large Grimm waves attacked the fronts. Jaune saw they had realized this and continued. "While it's known when this happens, a seize-fire would happen until the Grimm were destroyed, but the war had only just started, and the danger of the Grimm wasn't as understood. So, when the Grimm started showing up in droves, the Mantel and Minstrel Armies had only but a minimal number of forces to deal with them, this proved their downfall. By the time they realized, it was too late for them to turn on the Grimm, so they tried to escape into Camelot to get away but in doing so, trapped themselves and the Arc's in the city."

It was a horrifying image, to have such a massive Grimm wave that it forces 2 armies to try and hide and still fail? None of them could imagen what it would be like to live thought such a thing. "The fall of Camelot and the Arc's is the reason why for the other large-scale battles where Grimm waves happened, it was mutely known that both sides would turn on the Grimm before continuing along with the reason Vacuo joined the war. Fearing the same would happen to them if they didn't pick a side and given their part in Camelot's fall, sided with Vale."

"What about the Arcs? Clearly, some survived given you're here?" Pyrrha asked, pulling the attention of the room from such a horrible picture.

"Were not sure how many managed to escape. We know at least one did since one of our younger sisters who's also adopted was able to have a weapon when she reacted during the ritual for a weapon," Tamamo explained, getting nods from the room as she continued from Jaune. "For Jaune, it was his Great Grandmother who survived from the main family that he and our sisters are related to. She escaped to Vale, where she was taken in by the Warrior King and joined the Vale army for the rest of the war, meeting our Great Grandfather during the 10-year war." She explained, getting looks of wonder from the group.

"I take it Camelot was taken back when the war was over?" Ren asked, getting a so-so gesture from the fox.

"Not for a while, with all the Grimm, massive decrease in population and food from the war no one really had the time or resources to try and take back Camelot for a while, two decades in fact. Around 20 years after the war officially ended, our Great Grands and Grandparents use the connections they had built up from the war and the years after to retake the city now more open with more than just the Arcs living there, even played a role in the Faunus Revolution since it wasn't another 5 years till that started, but I think you can learn that in your actual history lessons." Tamamo finished as she stretched and yawned, ignoring the renewed interest at her information, especially from the monochrome pair, but sadly for them, she was tired and wanted to sleep, not like any of them looked to be able to stay awake either. Her yawn being contagious, and everyone echoed it, realizing just how tired they all were.

"Right, I think it's time we all finally get some rest," Jaune stated as he stood, getting groans of agreement as everyone got up as well. The trash was thrown out with Tamamo giving her brother a quick hug before quickly departing, having enough of the teens for the day along with RWBY starting to shuffle out of JNPR's dorm with well wishes and goodnights, but before Ruby left called out to Jaune.

"Hey, Jaune?"

"Yeah Rubes?" he asked before grunting as Ruby semblance charged into his chest, holding him tightly, Jaune was confused at first until she spoke.

"I'm so glad you're alright." She whispered as Jaune's eyes widen slightly before changing to a look of understanding, his own hands circling the slightly shaking girl. He had almost gotten eaten today, and it was understandable to be relieved that he wasn't. However, for Ruby, she was still 2 years younger, missing out on the last of her education and, as such, missed the more, gruesome lesson done in the last year to discourage the last few who didn't have the stomach for the job. Even if he was fine in the end, it still must have been hard to watch. "I don't know what I would have done if you had…"

"Hey, I'm never gonna leave you like that, Rubes, Arc's Word." He cut her off, his sooth voice calming her down. "Besides, we gotta get through Beacon and be the best Hunters on Remnant, right?" he asked, getting a laugh from her as she stepped back, wiping a few tears and sending him a smile.

"Right, right!" she nodded before sending him a smile," Night Jaune."

"Goodnight, Ruby."





"Team RWBY will be the best, though."


"do NOT copy my thing!"




Jaune released a sigh as he moved to join his team in their bedroom, as he entered, he came face to face with the blank stares of Pyrrha and Ren, blushing as he realized, they had heard his banter with Ruby.



"…. 'snore…'"

Nora wasn't with them having already collapsed over her bed, Ren just smiled and shook his head before heading to bead himself with Pyrrha doing much the same.

"Oh, Jaune." She said getting him to blush more and shrug as if 'what can you do?' drawing a laugh from her as she removed her tiara and placed I on her desk, releasing her hair from its tire allowing her hair to flow free much to Jaune enjoyment, giving even Yang's hair a challenge in volume and length. "Hey Jaune?" her voice drew him out of his head, his blush growing slightly from staring.

"What's up, Pyr?" he asked as she shuffled in place.

"I was wondering if… I got a call from home asking if I would come over for next week of the brake and was wondering if you would like to come with me?" she timidly asked, getting a surprised look from Jaune. Not expecting to be invited to visit Pyrrha home town, "We can ask Ren and Nora in the morning, but I wanted to see if it was ok with you cause you're the leader and all…" she continued to ramble getting a chuckle from Jaune which she pouted at. Seeing this, he rose his arms in surrender as his laughter died down.

"I'm fine with it, Pyrrha, and I'm sure Ren and Nora will be too. Now that I think about it, I never asked where you were from, only about your time at Sanctum Academy." He noticed getting a look of realization from Pyrrha, who could only smile and clap her hands together.

"Oh, your right! Don't worry, Jaune, you'd love it back home." She excitedly replied, getting Jaune to smile in return.

"So where is it you live?"

"Oh! I'm for the northern part of Solitas in an Atlas and Mistral cost town called…"


And that's the chapter! It was a lot of world-building, like 88% world-building but I felt like writing a chapter like that since any work I did do about this story while I was 'away' was all on pre-canon information and world-building, so when I finally got around to this that was what was mostly on my mind, it might be annoying to a few people, but I'm sure just as many are interested in the lore as well(really wanted to call this World of Remnant).

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