Watermelon Steven

Steven and Gregare sitting outside the car wash eatingwatermelons. Steven spits out a seed and it lands on his cheek. "Look, Dad! I'm Amadeus! My father, he disapproves of me!" He says in a German accent.

"Ha! Well check this out." Greg takes a bite on his watermelon, closes his eyes, and spits out two seeds. The seeds land on his eyelids, forming pretend-eyes. "Ta-da!"

Steven laughs.

Amethyst laughed, "is this what you guys do when we're not around?"

"Pretty much," Steven giggled.

"Betcha can't top that."

"Bet I can."

Steven blows the seed off his cheek and bites into his watermelon. He stands up. takes a deep breath and spits a seed, knocking a can off a cone faraway. Greg is shocked. Steven raises arm in triumph. "Haha! Beat that!"

"Haaa... That was impressive, my son. But the name of the game ain't distance nor accuracy."

"It ain't?"

"No Steven, this challenge is all about who can spit the coolest."

"I don't know, that was pretty cool," Sadie said.

"Thanks, Sadie, but you haven't seen anything yet," Steven told her, remembering what's to come.

"Allow me to demonstrate." Greg chews on a watermelon slice and places on it on the ground. He winks at Steven and then hunches over. He then spits three seeds between his legs into the watermelon slice, which flings them back over him and he catches them in his hand.

Steven applauds. "Wow, Dad! Uh... Dad? You okay?"

"...Help me, son!"

Amethyst laughed again.

Steven helps to straighten his back and he falls backwards onto his seat, groaning heavily.

"...Beat... that."

"What?! You're asking for it!" He eats several watermelons. "You're really asking for it! Hurricane... Spin... Spiiiiiiit!" He twirls and spits watermelon seeds everywhere, even on Greg.

"Is this how all those watermelons came to life?" Pearl asked.

"Must be," Garnet said.

"Watermelons?" Sadie asked.

"Yeah, the ones that looked like me?"

"Oh, right," she remembered.

"I still can't believe that they've completely inhabited Mask Island," Pearl commented.

"And that they fought back against Malachite," Amethyst added.

"Wait, a couple of sentient earth fodder fought against Jasper and Lapis' fusion?" Peridot questioned.


"We wouldn't have defeated her if it wasn't for them and Steven," Pearl answered.

"My hurricane spin spit is unbeatable!"

"By jove! It's full of seeds!"


"Congratulations, son. You win by a mile." He makes a crown out of a watermelon slice and puts it on Steven's head. "I crown thee, Your Water-Melojesty."

Pearl smiled at the image.

He bows, and Steven bows back. "My liege."

Steven and Greg start laughing uncontrollably.

The next morning Steven is fast asleep on a lawn chair. He yawns as he slowly wakes up and looks around, noticing tons of oddly-shaped watermelons had grown all around him.

"Huh... ? Holy watermelon!"

"They all grew overnight?" Sadie questioned.

"It's kind of like my healing powers except it brings life to plants," Steven said.

"Why do I have a feeling that this isn't the first time you did this," Lars surmised.

"Well, one other time."

"Which was Pumpkin," Lapis said.

"Can you revive a dying plant or will it always become sentient?" Connie asked.

"I don't know... I haven't tried. The only times I've done this is with the watermelons and Pumpkin. I'll have to try."

"But then you might have a walking flower roaming your house," Lars thought about how that might be creepy.

"I'll let Lapis and Peridot take care of it."

He picks up a watermelon that resembles himself. "Is this...?" He gasps. "Can it be... ? They're me! They're all me!"

"It's even weirder that they look like you," Lars said.

Steven brings the gems to check on the strange occurrence.

"Hmm. This is really impressive." Garnet said.

"I suppose... Your mother had the power to grow sentient plant life to act as her defenders." Pearl told Steven.

"But Rose's plants moved and stuff." Amethyst picks up a watermelon. "These guys don't do... anything."

Peridot thought about how Pumpkin seemed to favor Steven when she first came to be but then stopped being loyal to him when he tore into another pumpkin. Now, she doesn't act any differently when Steven's around. But Pumpkin might be different anyway since she doesn't resemble Steven. Peridot wondered if Rose's plants looked like her.

"Amethyst, be careful. This one's just a baby." He takes the watermelon and looks at it. "Aww! Look at him, so precious."

Greg tries to tread through the field of watermelons and accidentally steps on one. "Ugh. Ohh... This is really weird... What are we gonna do with all of them?"

Steven gasps as he has an idea.

Steven sets up a fruit stand outside of Beach City Funland, with the smaller Watermelon Steven as a display. "There. That's a mighty fine looking table, right Baby Melon? Mm-hmm."

"You sold them?" Connie questioned.

"No, no. I was going to give them out for free but people were giving me money for them. That was before they came to life," Steven answered.

Sadie remembered running into Steven and his watermelon.

"Steven! What's going on here? You got a permit for this setup?" Mr. Smiley asks.

"Oh, uh... Hey Mr. Smiley! Um, here." He hands Mr. Smiley a watermelon. "Try one of my watermelon Stevens!"

"Hmm, man I don't know, it's kinda weird lookin'. Buut...I'll go ahead and accept your bribe." He walks off.

Steven sees Sadie approaching. "Hey there!"

"Hey, Steven! What's all this about?"

"Just a little side project that I got going on."

"Oh, really? Ha, that's great. How did you get such handsome watermelons?"

"Let's just say there's a little Steven in every one of them."

Sadie laughs. "Great sales pitch, dude. So, how much for one?"

"How much? Uh, I was just gonna give you one, Sadie.

"Come on, I insist. I love supporting local businesses." She holds up some money.

Ronaldo takes a photo of the watermelons. "Whoa! What's going on here?"

"Hey Ronaldo."

"Don't mind me, just doing some live blogging about your weird watermelons." He laughs and starts typing on his phone. "Check... out... these weird... watermelon guys... down by the Funland... entrance... It's... really... weird..."

"Oh, brother," Lars said, annoyed.

Steven and Sadie watch on as Ronaldo slowly types away.

"Steven, you shouldn't keep your customers waiting like this. I'll just give you five bucks and take one, okay?" She takes a Watermelon Steven and leaves.

"Sadie, wai-"

"What? You're only selling them for five dollars!? Hey everybody! Come get a Watermelon Steven! He's practically giving them away! Hurry before they're gone forever!"

A crowd of people rush over to Steven's fruit stand to buy Watermelon Stevens.

"I'm questioning the demand of Beach City citizens," Pearl contemplated.

"I'm always questioning the people in this town," Lars said.

Sadie rolled her eyes.

Some time passes, Steven is counting all the money he has collected from the sale. "And another, and another, and another, and another... Cool, one hundred pieces of money."

"From selling melons?" Lars questioned.

"The watermelon Steven's were making pretty good business, that was until they started coming to life."

Onion appears from underneath the fruit stand and gets out from it.

"Oh, hey Onion."

Onion beckons with his hand.

"Umm, you want... my money?"

Onion looks up, shakes his head and beckons again.

"Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm all out of Watermelon Stevens."

Onion points at Baby Melon.

"Sorry Onion, Baby Melon is not for sale."

Steven looks away for a second and finds that Onion, and Baby Melon, have vanished.

"No surprise there," Connie commented.

"Ooniiiooon!" Steven chases after Onion, who is running away with Baby Melon.

"Give me back my Baby Melon!"

Baby Melon suddenly comes alive in Onion's grip. Onion quickly drops him and Baby Melon runs up to Steven to hug him.

"My Baby Melon! Aah, my precious... I... thought I'd never see you again..."

Steven suddenly realizes and looks at the living baby watermelon, as he winks at him.

"That one definitely had more of a personality," Steven observed.

"That one was different from the others now that I think about it," Pearl thought back to the end of the whole ordeal.

"You're... ALIIIVVVVEEE?! I really shouldn't be so surprised about this..."

"No, you shouldn't," Lars agreed.

"Oh man, the other ones must be alive too, right?"

Baby Melon hugs Steven, unaware of the question. Steven begins to go all over to return buyers their money and round up the Watermelon Stevens, who also begin coming alive. He retrieves them from Sadie and Mr. Smiley in the process.

"Oh man, I think there ended up to be more watermelon than people in the town," Greg observed.

Ronaldo starts recording a live video. "Keep Beach City Weird" presents— oh hang on a second..." He retrieves a spatula and a hand mixer. "... first, ever, official, mutant, watermelon, autopsy."

Lars laughed to himself that his stream had no views.

Steven appears alongside several Watermelon Stevens. "Ronaldo! STOOOP!"

"Steven! Get out of here! You're gonna ruin my web-sclusive!"

"Ronaldo, it's ALIVE!"

"Not for long."

"No, don't do it!"

Ronaldo hits Steven's hand with his spatula as Steven reaches for Watermelon Steven.


All the Watermelon Stevens turn to look at Ronaldo.

"Wha— G-get away from me! Stay back!"

"Well, it definitely doesn't take much for them to get defensive," Connie observed.

"Steven didn't know how to control it," Pearl responded. "Though, the watermelon are just bizarre altogether."

"Uh, yeah, they're walking food that look like Steven!" Lars explained, loudly.

"No, it's because Pumpkin is completely different from them," Peridot found them strange, too.

"Yeah... they are a lot different from Pumpkin," Steven thought about it. Pumpkin seemed to have a personality of her own, only favoriting him because he made her. She was never bound to Steven like the watermelon were. Maybe it was because the watermelon looked like him? But, why was that? He created them all in the same way. Also there was Baby Melon that was more similar to Pumpkin, only showing affection to him and not lashing out on someone if they hurt him. Steven couldn't make sense of it.

The Watermelon Stevens hiss at Ronaldo and begin to attack him. Ronaldo screams. "Noo!" He yells in distress.

"Oh, wow," Lapis was impressed. She wondered how Rose used this power.

"Nooo! Ronaldo! I'll go get help!"

"Steven, is the camera getting all of this!?"

Steven adjusts the camera to Ronaldo's direction.

"Sweeeet!" He keeps yelling in distress as the Watermelon Stevens keep hitting him.

"Quite the determined one, isn't he?" Pearl noted. This human was always overly into their work.

Steven bursts into the house. "Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst!"

The gems were reading newspapers. "What?"

"My watermelons came to life, and they're attacking people!"

"What!?" They exclaimed.

They leave the house and gasp in amazement to see a crowd of Watermelon Stevens standing at the beach.

"They followed you there?" Sadie questioned.

"Yeah," Steven answered. "They were just trying to protect me."

"Rose's plant's did the same; but they never resembled her," Pearl stated.

"Wooow..." Amethyst said in amazement.

"You said they're hurting people?" Pearl asked.

Steven nods.

"Rose's plants lived to fight," Garnet said.

"He can't control them." She places her hands on Steven's shoulders. "Steven-"

The Watermelon Stevens take a step forward, looking angry.

Even the smallest negative gesture triggers their instincts, Peridot noted. There is sentient life on Homeworld but they aren't violent like this. Then again, Steven created these on accident while the structures on Homeworld acted on their intended purpose. It then clicked for her on why the watermelon and Pumpkin were different.

"Get in the house."


"Now" Pearl pushes Steven inside the house and the Watermelon Stevens hisses loudly.

"Oooh what!? Bring it, melons!"

"Did Rose's plants ever act like this?" Lapis wondered.

"No, Rose always knew how to create and control her creations." Pearl answered. "At least, for the entire time I was with her."

The Gems leap onto the beach to confront the Watermelon Stevens.

"Gems, do your thing."

Garnet shot her gauntlets while Pearl, and Amethyst leapt away.

"Wait, don't! Come on Baby Melon, we have to stop this." He runs down the stairs.

Amethyst attacked the group causing them to explode. Pearl slices some with her spear and shoots a bunch with her laser.

"Probably not the strangest group of creatures you guys have fought," Greg surmised.

"We were doing pretty good at first," Amethyst noticed.

Garnet kicks one in half. "Come on!" Garnet destroys a few but is then tackled by many Watermelon Stevens, piling and pinning her down.

"Everyone! Please stop! I'm okay, look!" He raises hands in the air. "You don't have to fight anymore!"

Why wouldn't they listen? Sadie wondered.

Amethyst is pinned by the Watermelon Stevens and cries in distress. "They're gonna put me in the ground!" She cries more. "Noo! Noo! Aaah!" Two Watermelon Stevens are digging a hole in the sand and another one brings in a banquet of purplish flowers.

A few gaped in amusement.

"Those flowers are lovely!" She screams and cries.

Pearl is wrestling with the Watermelon Stevens. "Let go of my spear, you little twerps! I'll destroy you!"

Garnet is still trying to get all the Watermelon Stevens off her.

"This is bad, Baby Melly. How do we end this carnage?"

Baby Melon closes his eyes and punches Steven in the belly, knocking him back on the sand and grasping the other watermelons' attention.

"Uh oh."

"Baby... Melon?"

Baby Melon stretches his arms out in content as several Watermelon Stevens tackle him, causing a cloud of sand to envelop the place.

"Wha- Woaaah!"

"The bravest sacrifice," Steven spoke. It was the only way; Baby Melon truly understood. Which again, was strange, not even Pumpkin had that much intelligence. She acted more like a dog.

After the cloud subsides, Steven tries to push his way through the crowd of Watermelon Stevens to Baby Melon.

"This is actually sad," Greg said. He didn't think he'd feel for a watermelon.

"Ugh, let me through, you melon heads!" He sees a destroyed Baby Melon. "Ba-Baby Melon..." He starts walking to Baby Melon's remains. "I understand... You stopped the watermelons from fighting everyone else... by making them fight you." Steven holds up Baby Melon's remains in anger for the other Watermelon Stevens to see. "Look at what you've done! You think I wanted this?! You should all be ashamed! He knew this is what it would take to calm your rage! ... He understood true loyalty."

There is a momentary silence.

"Go! Think about what you've done! And don't come back until you understand what he did for me, for all of us!"

The Watermelon Stevens begin walking away, splitting up into different paths; some head into the ocean, some travel far into the land.

"Well, they listened." Steven said.

"At least they're all on Mask Island so we don't have to deal with them," Amethyst brought up.

"Not just that, they built a statue of Baby Melon over there."


"Yeah, you didn't see it, guys," Steven spoke, referring to the Gems. "They built like houses and stuff."

Lars didn't even bother thinking about walking watermelons building their own homes like humans do.

"You think they're more intelligent now?" Pearl wondered.

"They must be," Garnet said.

"I think I know why," Peridot piped up.

The attention of the room turned to her.

"On Homeworld, sentient creatures like this are created except they are always made with a purpose. Steven, you didn't even do this on purpose which explains why they have a little more free-will than the things that are on Homeworld."

"That's right," Pearl agreed as she was thinking about it, too, throughout the episode. "Rose always created her life for the purpose of fighting so they were always capable of doing so."

"But, why do they look like me? And what about Pumpkin?" Steven was still wondering.

"You actually had intended to make Pumpkin. And you made her for the purpose of making her so that's why she acts the way she does," Peridot answered.

"Oh," Steven thought in amusement.

Connie was intrigued by what Peridot was saying about the sentient creatures on Homeworld. How did one create them? And what were they used for?

"Spoken like a true king," Garnet said.

"They don't need a king. They're their own melons now."

Pearl and Amethyst proudly place their hands on Steven's shoulder, as they watch the Watermelon Stevens leave. Steven then takes a bite on Baby Melon's remains and the Gems react in disgust. The star iris then zooms in on Steven munching the watermelon, ending the episode.

"Steven!" Connie shrieked.

"Why would you do that?" Peridot couldn't help but giggle, slightly.

"Uhh, he wouldn't mind."

Lion 3: Straight to Video

Steven is inside the Big Donut struggling to make a food decision, while Lion is napping near the counter. Steven is looking at the different donut options.

"Hmmm... Hmmm... Hmmmm—Hmmmm."

"You can do it, Steven," Sadie was leaning on the counter.

"Thanks, Sadie. It's just, I could get a donut, which would be tasty. But I always get donuts. Shouldn't I be living life to the fullest and trying new things?"

"I've definitely been there," Greg commented.

"So tonight, maybe I'm thinking... spicy pretzels?"

"Why don't you ask your little friend?" Sadie looks at Lion, who suddenly sits up from his nap. Lion then walks over to the fridge and presses his face against the glass door.

"Ugh, Lion Lickers," Steven still had a grudge against them.

"They're not that bad," Sadie wouldn't go for them usually but, sometimes they were a nice treat.

"Ugh, Lion, those are gross. No offense."

"You kids better hurry it up. Lars and I are closing up-"

Lars comes in from the employee room, jazzing to music on his headphones and eating a donut, and exits the building.

"A-a new album just released," Lars stated after getting a few looks.

"I'm closing up for the day."

Steven sees several bags labelled "Sadie" in a fridge. "Hey Sadie! There's a snack named after you?"

"Nah, those are all lunches my mom packed for me."

"Aww, that's so nice."

"Ehh, actually, it's pretty embarrassing. She's been doing it for years. I mean, I know how to feed myself! They just make me feel like a kid, you know?"

Sadie would definitely say she appreciated her mom a little more now. Even if she had a habit of taking over. But, she had been giving her a lot more space lately.

"Can I try one?"

"Sure. But, choose wisely. Some of those have been in there for a few months."

Steven and Lion return home with one of Sadie's lunches.

"Alrighty, Let's see what we've got here."

He pulls the food items out of the lunch bag on the kitchen counter. "Looks like a classic PBJ sandwich cut into triangles."

As Steven is examining the food items, Lion sticks his nose into the empty lunch bag and it gets stuck on his face.

"Very nice, it's the only shape a sandwich should be. Mama Sadie, this lunch is a win."

Steven and Connie were focusing on Lion in the background.

"Anyone know where this is going yet?" Amethyst asked.

"Hmmm," Steven pondered.

"I think..." Sadie hesitated. She didn't really know how to explain. "The tape you found, Steven," she said, softly.

"Oh! Oh." Steven's tone fell after he knew what she was talking about. Mom's tape. The one she wanted me to find. He was actually interested to see it again after he saw the other a few days ago.

"Tape?" Lapis questioned.

"My mom left a tape for me inside Lion," Steven cleared up.

The Gems perked up.

Greg got anxious but excited at the same time. He also remembered watching the Nora tape with Steven the other day. He hasn't seen this one in years either.

Connie grew curious as well.

Lion backs up towards the door, trying to get the lunch bag off his face.

"And for dessert we have... woah look at this!"

He runs up to Lion.

"Lion, Lion, look! It's a cookie shaped like a star." He laughs and compares it to the star on his shirt. "I guess you could say this cookie is... out of this world, eh?"

Lion snouts and blows the lunch bag off his nose, hitting Steven in his face. The lunch bag drifts down and Steven, unaffected by the bag, bites into the cookie. He then looks at the painting of Rose hung above the door.

"I wonder what kind of lunch my mom would've made me. Maybe actual space cookies!"

When Rose and him decided they were going to have a kid, and she told him she wouldn't be able to exist at the same time, he always knew Steven would be upset that he never knew her. And that his life would be different without a mother; and that he'd yearn to know her. But, it's not like he doesn't have a family; he's got the Gems and himself. Four loving parents when he barely even had two.

Lion walks besides Steven and sits down, saying nothing.

Steven sighs. "I just wish... I knew a little more about her."

Me too, Steven thought. Though, today he knows much more but still feels like there's still so much to uncover.

Lion pokes his nose at Steven's shoulder and looks at him.

Steven noticed that Lion poked him like that because he knew about Rose and that the tape was in his mane. Why did it take so much effort just to get him to lead me to the Nora tape?

"Blink if this means you love me!" Lion keeps staring at Steven. Steven then blows into Lion's eyes, causing him to blink involuntarily. "He loves me!"

Steven prepares a makeshift bed for Lion, using the cushions from the couch.

"All done! I made sure to make it extra skooshy, just the way you like it! Wha... hey!"

Lion grunts, leaps up into and crawls into his bed.

"Hey, get out of there! Lion, this is the Steven bed, not the Lion bed!"

Connie giggled. "Aw."

"Come on! Whoa!"

Lion walks off Steven's bed, taking the blanket with him.

"Ugh! Hey! That's mine too!" He takes off the blanket, and Lion has a teddy bear in his mouth.

"He sure used to be a pain," Pearl commented. Not like he still isn't.

"And Sir Bearington."

Lion drops the teddy bear. Steven then jumps back into bed.

"Hup! Ughh." He yawns. "'Night lion!"

Lion rolls on the makeshift bed and falls asleep on his back.

"Love you... in the morning." He starts snoring.

Some time passes, Steven suddenly wakes up and finds himself surrounded by pink plants.

"Lion's mane dimension!" Steven smiled.

"Mane dimension?" Lars questioned.

"There's basically a small world inside Lion's mane that I can go into."

Lapis was curious. "What's in there?"

"Just a bunch of things my mom had. I think she used it as storage or something." Well, important storage. Steven thought about the horde of trash out in the desert. Mom wanted me to see the things she kept in Lion's mane.

Whoa... What is this place? He tries to talk, but cannot hear his own voice. I can't breathe!

"Yeah, you can't breathe in there," Steven confirmed.

"I wouldn't think a dimension in a lion's mane would have oxygen in it," Connie commented.

"Steven! Steven! Steven! Steven!" Pearl calls out to Steven and finds Lion sleeping on top of Steven, who seems to be suffocating and struggling.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Hang on! I got you!" She tries to pull Steven out by his legs. "Ugh, Lion! Let him go!"

"I guess there was only one way to find out about his mane," Amethyst guessed.

"He didn't have to suffocate him," Pearl said, annoyed.

Lion lifts his body slightly and Pearl, pulling at full force, is flung backwards with Steven pulled out. Steven is gasping for air.

"What happened?"

"Steven, are you all right? Why was Lion sleeping on top of you?"

"I don't know. He's being a little clingy today. But that's cause I'm his favorite! Oh!"

Lion nuzzles against Steven and pulls his face into his mane.

"See? Wait... Why are you here, Pearl?"

"Me? Nothing. I was just uh... Well, you know how I always say... um, I just uh... I like to watch you sleep sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean often."

Amethyst laughed.

"That's not creepy at all," Lars commented, sarcastically.

"I don't do it anymore," Pearl laughed nervously.

"Okie-dokie, it's time for everyone to leave Steven alone. I'm a growing boy and I needs my rest." Steven lies down back in his bed, but then sees Lion, sitting at the side of bed and watching over him. "Lion, that means you too." Steven closes his eyes briefly and opens them again, finding Pearl joining Lion in watching over him too. Steven chases Lion and Pearl away with a pillow. "Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah!"

A few chuckled at the sight of Pearl crawling away.

He sighs, flops back on his bed and falls asleep.

Steven begins to dream, of himself and playing checkers on a tiny island. Steven moves a piece.

"This is one of my dreams," Steven explained.

Dogcopter places a chess piece on one of Steven's checker pieces. "I win."

"You dream about Dogcopter, too?" Connie asked.

"Yeah, all the time."

"Oh, what? That was a good move!"


"Dogcopter. How do you do it?"

"How do I do what?"

"I mean, what's your secret? How'd you get so talented?"

"I wouldn't expect Steven's dream to be any different," Sadie smirked.

"Yeah, of course they're weird," Lars said.

"All dreams are weird," Amethyst brought up.

"Well, Steven's gets its own category of weird."

"Don't focus so much on talent, Steven. Making art is all about communication. A piece of art is a conversation. Every choice you make, is a statement." Dogcopter eats the chess piece. "Don't worry about labels, or conforming to a standard. Just be true to yourself, and people will appreciate your honesty."

"Woah. Thanks for the advice."

"And take a deep breath." Dogcopter flies away.

"What?" Steven then finds himself falling into a void and quickly takes a deep breath. He soon finds himself surrounded by the pink plants again. He gets up and finds himself in the middle of a plain of pink grass. Here again? I don't know what this place is but it feels... familiar.

"Familiar?" Greg wondered.

"I was thinking of Lion's mane."

"Oh, right." Greg thought he meant familiar about Rose.

"Where was Rose even supposed to keep anything?" From all Peridot could see, there was just endless fur.

"There's an island that you can't see yet."

Why can't I breathe? Wait a minute... Lion! He struggles and pulls himself away from Lion sleeping atop him again. "Ungh! Lion, my face is not your bed! What's going on with you?"

Lion rolls over on his back, exposing his belly.

"You just wanted a belly rub?"

Lion just grunts softly.

Steven gasps and starts stroking Lion's belly.

"You never let me touch your belly! Oh!"

Lion pulls Steven in for a hug and shoves his face into his mane.

Garnet thought about how Lion was doing this just so Steven could find the tape. "It seemed Lion knew what Rose wanted."

"It is still strange to me Rose would use a lion to store stuff in," Pearl spoke. "She could've used a box or something."

"Then we would have all seen it," Garnet told her. "She left all those things for Steven."

Pearl sighed. It still didn't sit right with her. Didn't she trust me?

"He's like a magic messenger," Connie told Steven.

Steven struggles around. "It's a trap!" He struggles again. "An adorable trap!" He struggles some more. "Okay, you got me!" He puffs at Lion. "Will you let me go? Come on now! Ugh!"

Steven tries to pull himself free, but Lion hugs him tightly, sinking his claws onto his back.

"AAH! That's it!" He steps outside the house. "Let's go Lion, you're on a time out!"

Lion just stands in the doorway and looks at him.

"I said, you're on time out!" He pushes Lion outside. "You're gonna stay out here and think about what you did!"

Steven locks Lion outside on the porch and heads back to his bed. As he does so, Lion begins to yowl sadly and looks at Steven with pitiful puppy eyes, grasping his attention and mesmerizing him.

"No one can resist Lion," Connie said.

"He knew what he was doing with that move," Steven said, cocky with his arms folded.

Steven gasps. "He loves me!" He goes outside to Lion and hugs him. "Aww, I just can't stay mad at you! You're a wonderful pink human being. Except you're not. 'Cause you're a lion."

Steven sinks his face into Lion's mane and finds himself back with the unbreathable pink plain again. He quickly pulls his head out and gasps for air. Lion glares at Steven as he places his palm on Lion's mane, causing it to glow pink. Steven then takes a deep breath and dunks his head back into Lion's mane, back into the pink plain.

"I wonder how Lion was able to pull the sword out all on his own," Steven pondered.

"Yeah," Connie wasn't sure either. "It looked like it came from his head, though."

I'm inside Lion's mane?! Steven proceeds to dunk his head in and out of Lion's mane repeatedly and laughs in entertainment, causing Lion to growl and glare at him in annoyance.

Pearl snickered.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist." Steven takes another deep breath and climbs all the way into Lion's mane. Am I... supposed to do something here? Wha...? He sees a pink tree on a hill in the distance and moves toward it. Mm...

"Ah. I see it," Peridot announced.

"Have you tried walking really far away from the island?" Connie asked. "Like does it go on forever?"

"I've never tried."

Garnet greatly admired Rose's style since this place reminded her of her room.

Quickly running out of breath, he sticks his head out of Lion's mane briefly to breathe, and goes back in. Steven reaches the tree and looks around at the various things around it, such as the Crystal Gem flag...

"That is the Crystal Gem flag," Pearl explained, proudly.

A bubbled gem...

Her smile was stifled when the sight of Bismuth's gem came into view.

Bismuth, Steven thought.

"Who's gem is that?" Lapis became interested.

"That's a bismuth," Peridot answered.

"But who?" Why would there be a bubbled bismuth in Rose's care? Lapis wondered.

Peridot saw the troubled looks on the other Gems' faces.

"She's a Crystal Gem..." Steven decided to answer. "But, her and mom had a disagreement during the war. So she put her in Lion's mane," Steven answered with a small voice.

Lapis had more questions, but decided not to ask. So, the Crystal Gems had an intended prisoner? She became irritated so she went ahead and asked those questions. "How long has this gem been in there for? And why hasn't-" Lapis stopped raising her voice when she saw the looks of the other gems - ashamed.

"We never knew Rose bubbled Bismuth until recently," Garnet told her.

Lapis calmed her expression. Again, another misunderstanding. Besides Rose.

The Gems knew why Lapis was upset. Peridot eyed her friend in worry.

Did Rose really hide away one of their teammates without telling anyone? Peridot questioned. It doesn't seem like something she would do. Then again, she didn't even know the gem, this is just based on what everyone else says.

Steven decided not to think about it. He has thought about the whole thing with his mom and Bismuth enough before.

Greg didn't know everything that happened during the war but he always had faith that she did what she thought was best; Garnet thought similarly.

Sadie and Lars saw this was a sensitive topic so they didn't comment about it. They were sure they would see why at some point.

Rose's sword, an XXL Mr. Universe shirt...

The corners of Greg's mouth perked upward.

A chest, a picture of Rose and Greg, and a VHS tape. Steven picks up the VHS tape and finds it labelled in cursive, reading "For Steven".

For me? Who would put this here? And how does this huge place fit inside of Lion's mane anywa-

Steven begins running out of breath again. He then realizes he cannot exit Lion's mane and starts to panic. He starts running back to the pink grass when he trips over a rock. He tumbles down the hill and into the pink grass, successfully exiting Lion's mane and gasps heavily for air. Just then, Pearl is seen exiting the Temple gate with Garnet and Amethyst.

"...and he keeps sleeping on Steven's face! But Steven doesn't want me watching him anymore. So one of you two has to do it."

"No need to worry anymore," Steven commented.

Steven sees the Gems from outside the house and decides to slip away from them, bringing along the VHS tape with him.

So we're going to watch Rose's tape again, Sadie remembered it made her emotional.

He goes to the Big Donut as Lars and Sadie are opening up for the day.

"Sadie! Sadie!"

"Steven, you know donuts aren't ready for another hour."

Steven whispers into Sadie's ear.

"Really? Come on!"

Lars was curious what they were about to watch. He remembered Sadie acting weird afterward.

Steven and Sadie sit in the employee room as Steven puts the VHS tape in the TV in the room.

The whole room grows curious and anxious at the same time. The Gems and Greg haven't watched this tape since before Steven was born. The others were watching it for the first time. Steven was eager to see the difference between this and the Nora tape since it was still fresh in his mind.

They both begin watching the tape as it starts to play. The screen crackles with static and flashes between different shots of the ocean waves and The Temple, when a younger Greg dances across the screen on the sand.

"What are you doing?" Rose giggles.

Sadie looks to Steven. "Steven, that voice."

Sadie glanced to Steven to see if he had a similar expression; there was only a faint small smile on his face this time.

The screen flashes again, showing Greg napping and snoring on the beach, with a seagull on his stomach.

Rose chuckles.

Pearl's chest fluttered after hearing that laugh again.

She whispers. "Greg made a friend."

The seagull squawks, waking Greg up, and flies off. "What?! Ah!" He pants.

The screen flashes again, showing just Greg on the screen.

"Go on..."

"Sorry, I'm getting stage fright here."

"Tell us about yourself."

"Well, let's see here... My name is Greg. No, no, no! This is all wrong!"

Greg wasn't even paying attention to the stuff about him, like the others, his entire focus was on Rose.

The screen flashes, opening with a crab on the sand. "Okay, go!" The screen pans towards him, posing on the beach. "They call me..." He strums his guitar. "Mr. Universe! Get ready baby, you're gonna have the coolest dad this side of the cosmos!" He mimics a guitar riff. "Press the button, Rose!"

"Oh, right!"

A colorful stream with stars then washes across the screen.

"Was that the right one?"

"Uh... Maybe."

"Oh, what does this one do?"

The iconic star iris then zooms in on Greg and the screen flashes, showing Greg on the beach, while Rose narrates over the shot.

The room remained quiet.

"Isn't it remarkable, Steven? This world is full of so many possibilities. Each living thing has an entirely unique experience. The sights they see, the sounds they hear. The lives they live are so complicated... a-and so simple."

Steven watches the tape in sheer happiness.

Steven saw how happy he was watching this tape for the first time. He felt pain for his younger self. If only she was just like what everyone said she was.

Connie could tell Steven wasn't feeling even remotely the same as Steven on the TV was.

Lapis wondered how Rose came to love the Earth so much. From her tone, it really seemed like she loved learning about the Earth and everything that existed on it.

"I can't wait for you to join them." She turns the camera towards her, revealing herself. "Steven, we can't both exist. I'm going to become half of you. And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that's me, loving you and loving being you. Because you're going to be something extraordinary. You're going to be a human being."

"Hey, Rose!" Greg called.

"Take care of them, Steven."

Steven briefly remembered his mom saying a little more at the end of the other tape. He felt a little happier knowing that his mom and dad simply had him for the purpose of having a kid. It wasn't like he thought before, that she had him for an important reason. It was just because she wanted create life.

The screen flashes again, showing a pregnant Rose setting the camera down and running up to Greg. Greg caresses Rose's belly and they lean in for a kiss, when the screen flashes for one last time, crackling in static as the tape ends.

Amethyst saw her two couch mates wipe away their tears. She wasn't crying herself but still felt that weight on her chest.

Pearl wiped her eyes from tears. She looked to Garnet who had her hand under her visor.

The room still remained quiet as sniffles were heard from the right side of the room.

Lars enters the employee room. "Hey, Sadie, come on, we got to open up!"

Steven and Sadie turn around to look at Lars with tears in their eyes, causing him to back up in awkwardness.

Now, Lars fully understood why their faces looked like that.

Steven steps out of the room, high-fives Lars' chest and leaves. Sadie then steps out of the room too, wiping away her tears.

"What in the world did you guys watch?"

Steven walks out of the Big Donut and hugs Lion.

Sadie then picks up the phone on the counter and dials a number. "Hey, mom?" She blushes. "You know how I said you didn't have to make me those lunches anymore?"

Peridot was a little surprised at what she saw. Obviously, this didn't reveal a lot of what Rose was like but, this didn't match up at all with the reports on her. Homeworld described her as some ruthless monster. She seemed like the complete opposite to that here. When she first came to Earth, Peridot thought the Crystal Gems were warping the image of Rose. She did shatter a diamond. But, it seems like Homeworld was the one portraying Rose to be someone she wasn't.

Garnet put a reassuring hand on her pale friend.

"I'm alright," Pearl wiped her face again and smiled.

Steven looked to his dad who also looked emotional.

Connie knew Steven didn't feel the same about his mom anymore. She didn't need to see his face to know that. I wonder if we'll see more of her, she wondered. These episodes are taking place in the past, I don't see why it can't go farther.

Garnet pressed the remote once she saw everyone in the room shake off the effects from the episode.

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