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Millennium Item Mix-Up: Chapter 1

Yami Bakura of the Puzzle!

It was all just too perfect. Yugi had overslept, and it was a school day. Grandpa was out, having gone to a Duel Monsters convention to find out about and pick up the newest type of cards. And his little aibou had been given the keys in case of a situation just like this. It was never very hard to shove the brat back into his soulroom. Bakura snickered, having come out sometime during the last five minutes. "Today," he whispered, "today the Millennium Puzzle will finally be mine," Inside his soulroom, Ryou Bakura was banging on the door as hard as he could. /Let me out of here! You'll never get the Puzzle! And besides, Yami Yugi will stop you if I don't!/ His yami growled at the mention of the Pharaoh. //Shut up! Your efforts are all futile! Not even that idiot can stop me if his hikari is asleep!// /Yugi!/ Ryou yelled, as if the boy could hear him. /Yugi! Please wake up! IYugi/I!/ Ignoring the yells of his light as best he could, Bakura concentrated on the task at hand, silently climbing the stairs of the Game Shop. After trying a few doors, he found Yugi's room and snuck up to the bed. Seeing the Millennium Puzzle on the nightstand, he reached over and picked it up, greedily fingering it for a few moments before putting it around his neck. It was at that moment that Ryou was let out of his soulroom. He stumbled out into the corridor between his and his yami's minds, and then gaped as another door started forming next to Bakura's. He groaned as he saw that the door was gray, with the Eye of Horus emblazoned in gold in the center, and knew that his yami had successfully stolen Yugi's Millennium Puzzle.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Having accomplished his task, Bakura retreated to the corridor and let Ryou take over. The white-haired teenager was surprised to find himself in control. He was facing the door leading into Yugi's room, and both Millennium Items were in plain view around his neck. He quickly tucked the Ring under his jacket and was reaching to take off the Puzzle when.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Bakura gasped suddenly as Yami exited his soulroom, but regained his composure enough to glare at the Pharaoh. //What are Iyou/I doing Ihere?!?/I This is Iour/I mind! IGet out!/I Yami regarded the tomb robber coolly. \\Well, you Idid/I steal the Millennium Puzzle. IAnd/I my soulroom is here. Did you expect Yugi to come own playing in the daisies and chasing the cute little bunny rabbits?\\

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ryou winced as the "thief and stealer of souls" started screaming out every Egyptian curse he knew at the top of his mind-voice. "I'm going to have a headache after this." he muttered as he once again reached for the Puzzle. Without previous warning, Bakura took over and snatched his hand back. "Don't try to give it back, you brat, or else I'll-" \\Touch Ryou and I'll kill you!\\ "I'm his yami! And if I may remind you, you're even smaller than he is, counting your hair!" \\I can still kick you in the nuts first.\\ Ryou was suddenly back in control as Bakura slapped Yami. //If you can reach them!// As the two yamis continued trading insults, Ryou rolled his eyes. "It is never fun to have two warring ancient Egyptian spirits arguing in your head." He glanced down at the Puzzle and shook his head. It was too big to hide, so he'd have to try to give it back to Yugi. Easier said than done, if you remembered his yami. Well, he'd just have to try. Sneaking once again into Yugi's room, Ryou reached for the Puzzle to try and take it off, hoping against hope that Yami Bakura was too busy fighting with the Pharaoh to notice. Of course, some things are just too much to ask for. Bakura instantly seized control of his hikari's body. "You'll never return the Millennium Puzzle," he hissed. He tried to keep the Puzzle in his grasp, but between Ryou and Yami, he was forced back into his soulroom. A second later, Yami Yugi gained control. Reaching for the chain around the Millennium Puzzle, he grabbed it and threw it back on the nightstand. Ryou was immediately out of his soulroom and in his own body. Leaving Yugi's room, he quickly ran out of the Turtle Game Shop and back home. He had totally forgotten that it was a weekday, or he might just have had enough excitement for one day to try to survive school.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Yugi yawned, sat up and looked at the clock. He froze immediately. Ryou should have been here an hour ago! He reached for the Puzzle, which was in its usual place on the nightstand. Yugi slipped the chain around his neck. \Yami? Why didn't you wake me up?\ He was answered by a voice that didn't sound anything like the Pharaoh's. //Shut up, runt! That so-called King of Games is gone! Your Item's new inhabitant is Bakura of the Puzzle!//

Bakura's so mean. I know this chapter isn't really funny, but it's the introduction. It'll get better I promise you! I had to go back so many times and change the names, since I'm copying this out of my notebook, and in there, "Millennium" is spelled wrong throughout the entire fic. Please read and review, no flames, but constructive criticism welcome! I want at least one positive review before I continue.

Chapter Two: Since I'm sure you want to know what happens, (don't you? Please say you do) next chapter Yami makes his appearance, and who says it's going to be a normal one? And on a more confusing topic, is Bakura now Yami Yugi, since he just became Yugi's yami? Or is he Yami Yugi Bakura, or Bakura Yami Yugi, or. oh, whatever! Just please review!