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The Fifth Day


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"Damn it! This can't be happening! I can't believe this!" Shiro yelled loudly. "After all that's happened, I never dreamed this was going to happen."

"Shiro, please calm down." Shiro's wife, Aina asked him. "I don't like this anymore than you but there is nothing we can do right now. We just have to wait and hope for the best. At least, we're together, that's what matters right?"

"You're right, Aina, but I still can't believe this. We were set up. I should have seen it coming but I didn't." Shiro said disgusted with himself.

"No one is perfect, Shiro, and you can't see the future. So please stop blaming your self. I don't blame you. Just come and sit down." Aina said still trying to comfort him but she was worried a bit.

"Ahhh!" Shiro groaned as he sank next to her. He put his head in his arms and went over everything that got him here in the first place. It mainly started about a week ago, when he and Aina finally decided to get married. Well they had decided to get married before, but they were finally married a week ago. It seemed to him like the best time of his life and that nothing could go wrong, but life wasn't going to be that easy on him. On the first night of his honeymoon, he and his new bride were attacked. They kidnapped Aina and Shiro tried to stop them but was unable to do so. With really thinking, Shiro tried to break into a Federal Forces Base and steal a Gundam but was caught while trying to do so. After being interrogated, he was able to strike a deal with a mysterious person to rescue Aina with help. He later found out this person was Alice Miller, the lady from Intel that a year ago seemed not to like him much. Well, the 08th MS Team was quickly re-assembled with the addition of Ace, who was Alice Miller.

They were able to break into the rebel Zeon base and rescue Aina without any real trouble, but the trouble was yet to come. After they had rescued Aina, Ace went off on her own and Shiro chased after her. When they finally found Ace, they ran into Cynthia, the leader of the rebel Zeon soldiers who had a grudge against Aina. Ace revealed herself to be Alice to Cynthia. It seemed the two had some not very good history together. Well because of that Aina had a slight wound on her arm but Alice had a wound in her abdomen. The wound wasn't totally bad but she was losing a lot of blood. Shiro called Sanders in to take care of Ace. When he was sure Ace would be fine, Shiro and Aina made their way outside to the waiting Gundams. On their way out, they got attacked by Cynthia again but were saved by Norris, a person Shiro thought he had killed a year ago in his final day with the Federal Forces but was able to survive. From there, he and Aina left with the Gundams and rendezvoused with the rest of the team for pickup.

What surprised Shiro the most was when they finally returned to the Federal Forces Base. There was Military Police waiting. As soon as he and Aina got off the plane, Shiro and his wife were arrested and place in a holding cell. It seems that Alice had left behind orders for them to be arrested before she left on the mission. The rest of the 08th Team was furious over what was going on. Alice was unable to answer any questions because of her being unconscious but the rest of the team assured their leader that they would get answers as soon as Alice came around. Right now, that is all Shiro can do is sit and wait for answers.

-----Elsewhere on the Base------

"This totally sucks." Karen said. "I can't believe that Intel chick would backstab us like that."

"I totally agree." Michel said. "We've gotta do something to help out the Commander."

"I say we got have a talk with Ace." Kiki said in a not so friendly tone of voice.

"I agree but not in that way." Sanders said. "Think about it. We're in the middle of an army base, if we try to beat up an officer we'll end up with Shiro and Aina. Maybe we can talk her into letting Shiro go, especially since he helped save her life."

"I don't think it will work but then we don't have much of a choice, do we?" Eledore said.

"Do you ever stop complaining? Besides think of someone other than yourself, would you?" Karen said glaring at him.

"You can't take a joke can you. I am thinking of Commander Newbie. I was just saying that I don't think this will work. That Intel chick is more stubborn that you." Eledore said. Karen glared even harder at him but he gave her a smile back that implied "just kidding."

The 08th Team minus their leader and his wife slowly made their way to medical section of the base. When they finally found the room Ace was healing up in. They slowly made their way in only to find an empty bed but a doctor standing next to the bed.

"You here to see Alice Miller?" the doctor asked. Everyone nodded. "She left about 15 minutes ago. I told her it was imperative that she stay here and rest but she refused to listen to what I had to say."

"What do we do now?" Eledore asked as they walked out.

"I guess we just go back and talk to Shiro." Karen said. "Sanders, you treated her wounds. Is she going to be okay walking around? She's our only was of getting Shiro out of that cell."

"Well, she had lost a lot of blood." Sanders said. "Its hard to tell. But if that doctor let her go then I'd say she was slightly stable. She might be in danger of passing out but not dieing I don't think."

They continued to talk as they made their way to see Shiro. On their way 3 fellow soldiers ran by them in hurry. A forth was trying to catch up. As the forth approached, Karen stopped the soldier and asked him, "Hey, what's going on? What are you in a hurry for?"

"Didn't you hear?" the soldier said. "There's going to be a press conference in 5 minutes. They're going to make an announcement concerning your friends." Before anyone could ask anything else, he ran off to join his friends.

"I think we better get going, if we're going to be able to get in." Michel said. Everyone nodded and started to run towards the press conference.

The room the press conference was taking place in was already crowded but the team was able to muscle their way into the room.

"Hey they're about to start and look who's going to speak." Eledore said. Everyone looked up and was somewhat surprised and somewhat expecting what they saw. At the microphone stood Alice Miller, she was holding onto the podium which was helping her to stand. You could tell she wasn't totally healed yet but that didn't stop her.

"Can I have everyone's attention please." Alice said over the mic. Everyone around started to quiet down. "Thank you. As you all know, 5 days ago a rebel Zeon faction made a public demand for freedom and they gave us 5 days for our answer. Well today is the fifth day and the Federation does not give in to terrorist demands. That is why our answer is: NO!" Quite a few reporters were surprised.

"Does that mean you are going to allow the rebel faction to kill Aina Sakhalin?" a reporter asked.

"You didn't let me finish." Alice said back to him. "The federation will not give in to terrorist demands but that doesn't mean we will allow them to get away with murder. Just yesterday, a team of mobile suits, including myself, were sent in to stop the rebels and to rescue Ms. Sakhalin. To be politically correct you can't call her Ms. Sakhalin. What the rebels didn't mention was that the Federation pilot she deserted with she recently married. So to be correct her name would be Aina Amada. Shiro Amada, her husband, was also part of the rescue team. But even though he helped to subdue a rebel uprising it can't be overlooked that for the past year Shiro and Aina have been fugitives from the law. Shiro has been found of aid and abetting the enemy, which is considered treason as well as deserting the army in the middle of a battle."

"Why I outta…" Karen whispered as she was ready to go up and punch Alice right then and there.

"Not here." Sanders said as he and Eledore held her back. "You can't do anything yet. We'll just have to wait to see what to do."

"I have said this because all charges against Shiro and Aina have been pardoned." Alice said. The 08th Team stood stunned by what just had been said.

"Can you tell us why is it that they were pardoned from all charges?" a reporter asked.

Alice looked at the 08th Team and said, "Lets just say that I have seen first hand that Shiro and Aina are not traitors and indeed very brave and loyal."

"Are we going to hear from Shiro or Aina?" another reporter asked.

"Well that's up to them." she replied as she looked towards the end of the stage and nodded. Shiro and Aina started to walk towards the podium. Many cameras went off as they walked over to Alice and both shook her hand.

"How does it feel to be free from all these charges?"

"It feels great. I just found out as all of you did so I'm still getting over the shock." Shiro said.

"Mrs. Amada, were you worried about the rebel faction following through with their threat?" a reporter asked Aina.

"I was worried but I was especially worried about Shiro. When I was kidnapped I was mostly worried about whether Shiro was safe or not because I was not aware of what they did to him."

"Shiro, when you went with the rescue team to rescue Aina, how did you feel? Did you want revenge?"

"Part of me wanted revenge but I was more worried about Aina which helped me keep a level head throughout the mission." Shiro said. "You see, when I joined the Federation army, I was like a lot of soldiers. I saw all Zeon as monsters and wanted to kill as many as I could but when I met Aina, we had to work together to survive and it made me realize the reality of the situation. Our enemies weren't monsters, they were fellow human beings and they were fighting for a cause they believed in as was I. It just happened to be a different cause. After meeting Aina, my view on the war and the way I fought it changed. I no longer wanted to kill every Zeon I saw but I wanted to stop them without killing them. I wanted to minimize causalities as much as possible. Luckily I was able to maintain this view even while on this mission and that's why I'm able to say that there was no causalities on this mission. All rebel Zeon members were apprehended, all of them are alive." Shiro took a breath. "There is one last thing I would like to say and I will step down, I like to thank my fellow 08th MS Team members for their help in this mission. I truly believe that without their help this mission would not have been successful." Shiro said as he motioned to the 08th Team. All the reporters turned to the 08th Team and started taking pictures and asking questions.

"I can't believe he just put us on the spot like that." Karen whispered to the rest of the team.

"Lets get out of here." Sanders said as they quickly made an exit out of the building

"Hey maybe this will get me some free promotion for my music." Eledore said as they got away from the reporters.

"Eledore!" Everyone seemed to yell at him. He just smiled back as if he didn't do anything wrong.

After 20 minutes of searching and dodging reporters, the 08th Team finally caught up with Shiro and Aina who were talking with Alice Miller. They silently made their way up to hear what was being said.

"Thank you for what you did. It couldn't have been easy." Aina thanked Alice.

"I think we're even. If you wouldn't have pushed me that first bullet would have it my heart and I would be dead. If you wouldn't have done that and I might have survived, I might not have pardoned you and Shiro but I'm not totally sure." Alice said. Then she looked at Shiro, "I guess I should thank you for disobeying my order. I wouldn't be alive right now, I owe you my life."

"I guess that makes us even too." Shiro said as Alice looked confused. "A little over a year ago when I disobeyed the house-arrest orders, I could have been court-martialed. When I met with Lt. Kojima, I was almost going to be court-martialed but just as he got mad at a comment I made he calmed down. Right when he calmed down I heard something behind me. That was you wasn't it? You saved me from the court-martial, didn't you?" Shiro asked.

"You're better than I thought, Shiro Amada." Alice said. "You're a great soldier, even if you are a little naïve, but it was an honor to have been on that mission with you." Alice said as she saluted him.

He saluted back to her. "It was an honor to serve with you as well. If you ever need help, we'll help you, right 08th Team?" Shiro said.

"Sir!" They said as they saluted him. Alice stood by and watched as they all talked to Shiro and Aina. A few of them thanked Alice for helping Shiro.

After a while Shiro said, "Well we have to get going. I'm a little tired from all this and we still haven't been on our honeymoon. So I guess we will talk more some other time" Everyone gave a small laugh.

"Have a fun time and be careful this time." Kiki said joking a bit. After a couple more laughs the team decided to go their own ways. As Sanders made his way to leave the base, Alice stopped him.

"There's something I wanted to ask you." she said to him. He looked at her. "Why did you save me? Was it just because Shiro gave you an order to?"

He looked at her and almost laughed, "No, I saved you because no human being should die if there is a chance that they can live. Plus, I didn't think you were all that bad. Last year when you shot at Shiro, you didn't miss. You were just trying to scare him. I could tell them that you weren't all bad."

"That's the first time I've heard that." Alice said. "You know, I turned you down on a dance but how about I buy you a drink?"

"Dance?" Sanders asked confused but then it hit him. "Were you that woman that was at Shiro's wedding that I asked to dance?" Sanders asked and Alice nodded. "I thought you looked familiar, it was the brown hair that confused me."

"Yeah it was a wig." Alice said. "So how about that drink?"

"Sure." Sanders said as they walked off.

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