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Chapter 1: An impactful first impression.

The "town" of echo creek was exactly as it had been described to him by Fury. Small, but not quite a true town; big, but not quite the metropolis that New York is. It could be considered a hybrid between the two while taking the best aspects of both. It was close to a beach, complete with its own pier, with carnivals and attractions.

fresh, but with the very present heat that was so characteristic to L.A, yet it was more dry than humid-which he was thankful for.

it was brighter, cleaner and way more peaceful than manhattan ever was. The air felt more lighter as he took it in when he arrived on the city.

A literal breath of fresh air.

The house, a regular two stories building, was not much different from his former house back in queens, which surprised him considering he would be living in such a big house, meant for at least a family of four, all alone, having space to spare and little to no baggage to fill it up.

Still, for the first time since arriving here, Peter Park...wait, sorry...Ben Reilly felt genuinely excited. He was glad for having such a big space all for his own. It made him feel more adult and in control of his life now.

It was funny to think like that, but he had to believe it now.

This is going to take some getting used to though, Ben reflected as he entered his own house. He never thought of the things he owned as truly his, as silly as it sounds. The exception of course being the things he made himself.

Speaking off...i should probably get this done right away. No time for sentimentality.

Ignoring the already present furniture and decoration (the work of Nick Fury and his agents S.H.I.E.L.D. he assumed) and going straight for the backyard, Ben retrieved something, a piece of red and blue clothing out of the handbag he brought with him, making it the second and final bag he had brought back with him from his home in queens. He didn't have much in the first place and he was told to take only the absolute essentials, making his travel luggage pretty nonexistent, in comparison to other travelers.

But this particular piece of cloth was his whole life.

his identity.

And now he was going to burn it.

The backyard was nice and homey,complete with a chair swing and a tree, but the thing that called to Ben the moment he arrived there was a small metal trash can in the corner, next to the barbecue and the wooden chairs.

Yes this will do.

Bringing the can over to the center of the yard, Ben took the piece of cloth in both of his hands and gave it one last look. It was pretty much just a bunch of rags at this point but one could still recognize the characteristic blue and red color scheme, covered by the iconic black web pattern that went over the red bits of the costume.

He didn't bother with repairing the spider suit once he finished incarcerating his villains because he knew he would never wear it again, even if such a thought didn't made itself known completely in his mind by the time he defeated his enemies.

Burn marks, massive tears and completely worn out.

The stories this suit could tell.

He would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy it. Being spider man: the thrill, the excitement, the opportunity of doing something meaningful and overall the feeling of empowerment. It was addicting, though he never allowed it to get too much into his head. he also knew of all the downsides such power brought.

Hence, his current situation. Now however, with a new life blooming in the horizon, it was time to dispose of the past.

And what better way to do it than with a bonfire?

There was no real mirth behind that thought, but Ben knew it was necessary. In such a quiet place, the presence of spider man was not required. Thus it was time to say goodby, for good this time.

Slowly and with the respect it deserved, Ben lowered the rag that once represented hope, into the bin.

Then, reaching into his pocket, Reilly pulled out a box of matches. Without wasting any time, he lighted a match and dropped it into the bin, alongside the whole box. It took a few second but then the fire began to pick up with enough heat to burn apart the cloth, making the fire rise up more to the point it rose up to the opening of the bin.

Ben stared at the flame for a couple of minutes, his face neutral but somewhat melancholic, until he pulled out another piece of cloth out of his red hoodie.

The mask, with the cracked lenses, seemed to be looking straight into his soul,questioning him.

What are you going to do now?

What will you do without me?

Are you sure about this?

Is this what you want?

Ben felt as if the mask weighed 10 tons in his hands and yet he didn't find the strength to let could he? This mask had been his whole life. Being spider man...it had been one of the best and worst things that could have ever happened to him in his short life. all of the good and the bad that came with it will stick in his memories for what remains of his life.

No amount of disguises or new identities would change that. There had been a time in his past that he couldn't even think of a life outside of the spandex, and that mask began to feel more and more like his real face than his actual face.

But that time had passed and his dependence on the mask became his own undoing in the end. It resulted in the death of the one person he should have given his absolute earnest to protect.

After staring at the mask for another couple of minutes, which felt like an eternity, as cliche as it sounds, Ben actually smiled at the mask.

It wasn't the most happiest of smiles, but It was the closest he could muster, considering the situation.

Then, without hesitation, he threw the mask into the fire, making the blaze roar in a single second. Immediately, it was as if the world stopped resting under his shoulders. Such a liberating feeling couldn't be described in mere words.

What am i going to do you ask? Well it's simple.

Grabbing the nearest fire extinguisher, Ben erased the flames, leaving only the ashes of what once was the beacon of hope and disaster of new york. Giving the smoking bin one last glance, ben began to walk towards the lower floor bathroom, all the while thinking one last answer to the past he literally burned apart:

I am going to live. Simple as that.

Ben had been insecure about allot of things during his process of becoming new man in echo creek, but the thing that he was the most grateful about this whole mess was about how good he looked in blonde!

You can say whatever you want about nick fury, but when he is right he is right. I barely recognize myself.

Dying his hair was a lot simpler than he thought and the results where instantaneous. While his face remained the same parker sace he grew to accept and "cherish", the hair gave him a completely new look. It made the more prominent feature stand out the most, making him look, if he dared having such a thought, more handsome than "usual".

who knew such a small thing would change his whole outlook on his appearance?

Peter parker never considered himself to be quite the catch towards the opposite sex. Being pretty much a wallflower for the longest of time back in midtown didn't do wonders to his self esteem.

As time went on and as he acquired his powers, he learned to be more confident in himself and to never take shit from anybody. still, he never once thought the time would come that he looked himself in the mirror and thought...damn!

Then again, i am not peter parker anymore, am i? And i say: Ben Reilly, you are looking good!

Running his hand on his new hair, ben couldn't help to let a small laugh escape his lips. He didn't knew why, but he had a good feeling about today. The worse was behind him now and today, with god as his witness, he was going to have a little fun.

But first he needed to unpack what little he had in his room.

Going upstairs, he noticed a little note hanging from one of the doors in the left side of the corridor directed at him. Raising an eyebrow at it, he took in his hands and read it out loud:

"Dear Mr. Reilly:

As you have probably already noticed, we took the liberty of filling up your home with all the necessities and utensils a house should have by default. We also took the liberty of adding some other things that houses aren't "normally" supposed to have. I would tell what those things are, but i don't want to ruin the surprise. Lets just say that just because you are retired, doesn't mean that you are "RETIRED", if you know what i mean. You may have started again with an empty slate but it is better to expect trouble than to be caught by surprise later and pay for it. That is our motto back here in S.H.I.E.L.D.

Anyway, i personally chose the stuff that would go into your room by taking into account what you had in your previous room in queens. I hope you like it.

Good luck with your new life in echo creek.

Sincerely: Phil Coulson.

PS: you start school tomorrow so you should take advantage of this free day to get used to the city. Also...chin up kid. Try to enjoy yourself. God knows you need it".

"Well, it seem is may have some friends in SHIELD after all. I wonder who this Coulson guy is. He sounds...nice? Maybe a little creepy but who i am to judge. I am just a guy who sticks to walls". Ben chuckled to himself saying that last little truth.

Ben also wondered about those so called "things" that they placed in his new house, without his consent mind you, but he wasn't in any hurry to find up about them just yet. Whatever these surprises are, they could wait and remain hidden, until he needed to find them.

If he ever did needed them that is.

Without wasting any time, Ben entered his new room only to have his jaw immediately drop at the sight before him. It was definitely bigger than his room back in queens and with so much stuff that he didn't had before: a big and comfortable looking bed, a sturdy closet, a nightstand, a big library containing all of his favorite topics in books, his own bathroom and most importantly, a little workshop complete with a professional chemistry set and engineering tools and materials. It was the room he always wanted but never could really afford.

There was just one odd thing out of place: a framed full body mirror next to his workshop. While a mirror is not an odd thing to find in a boy room, the fact that it was framed like a portrait and bolted to the wall is pretty odd, not to mention the size of it. It was a bit too big to be called a full body mirror. It was more like a giants full body mirror. Why would coulson think he would need something like that? Wasn't the bathroom mirror enough?

Well, it is just a tiny thing not worth complaining about. Opening the closet he realised, to his dismay, that it was completely empty. Maybe it was too much to ask at this point but why couldn't the guys in SHIELD pick up some new clothes for him? It's not like it would cost them anything.

Oh well. I guess that after all they have done for me i can't be too picky , and it's not like i can't afford new clothes with the money Nick left in my bank account. Seriously, it's like my own tiny fortune in there. It seems that being overdue with bills will be a thing of the past now.

"Still, it looks like i will have to hit the mall for new clothes while i'm out. The clothes i brought with me will barely last for the rest of the week and i would like some variety in my style".

Taking the little clothes that he brought in his bag, Ben began placing them in their respective drawer. Soon he had nothing left on his bag but one little framed photograph: it was the picture of two men, an elder and a little boy. The elder, big and with silver hairs covering the head smiled kindly and happily towards the camera had his hand on top of the little boys shoulder. The boy, who couldn't be older than 8, had a shy almost nervous smile, but nonetheless happy look in his eyes for being next to said man.

Ben Parker and Peter Parker. One of the few photos that he had with his adoptive father and the only picture he took from home back here. The photo was taken so long ago it was hard to believe it actually happened or to remember why it was taken in the first place. Nevertheless, the only reason he took it with him was to remind himself of why he was doing this, a constant reminder of the life he left behind and to never forget that while he may not be a hero anymore, it does not excuse not helping others in need or to do the right thing when it needs to be done.

It just means i will have to help others without the suit. That may be...a little difficult.

Ben took one long look at the picture before setting it in the nightstand. Noding to himself, he began heading downstairs and make way to the local mall. If he could find it that is…

He didn't even took 5 steps after exiting his new home before a familiar buzzing in his head stopped him dead in his tracks.

The spider sense was a complex ability to describe. Even just saying "buzzing in my head" was too simple and far from what it really was. It was more than just noise in his mind. As long as the spider sense remained active, he...sensed the world around him in a nigh-omniscient way. He could feel his surrounding in a way his other five senses couldn't hope to match. It really helped with swinging around the city without actually looking where he shoots his webs. And as it is expected from a alarm system, it has a variety on intensity depending on the severity of the danger. The buzzing from an incoming rocket missile is not the same as the buzzing from an incoming bullet round and it was easy to tell them apart.

Right now, the buzzing could be related to either an incoming punch or something about to crash onto him.

"HEY!WATCH OUT!"- and the winner is an out of control girl in a skateboard about to crash into him.

Acting solely on instinct, Ben sidestepped right at the least second and grabbing the girl by the hip while the poor skateboard flew and crashed into the poor mail, which didn't stood a chance against the force and speed behind the skate and broke apart. Had it been her she would have most definitely broke some bone. The girl, seeming to fight the sensation of whiplash from the sudden stop, looked at her former skateboard in annoyance.

"Oh great, just what i needed! That is the third skate this week. My folks won't be happy about this".

Her eyes widened in realization of the position she was in and looked to her savior.

"Hey there! Thanks alot for the save dude! Wow! You are much stronger than you look. If it weren't for you i would have ended the same way as your mail. Sorry for that by the way".

Ben smiled at her and pulled her up to a standing position.

"No problem, and don't worry about it. I didn't like that mailbox much anyway. You should be more careful though. you could have broke your arms or worse."

"Oh that? This ain't my first rodeo so i would have been fine! If there is anything i have learned in all of my tricks, is how to fall well and proper!".

"Well, i will have to take your word for it then".

Ben took this chance to really get a good look to the girl daredevil: she has wavy, shoulder-length platinum blond hair with an aqua streak on the left side, tan skin, mint green eyes, and freckles. She is of medium height and has a slim, curvy body. Her clothes consist of a green and white raglan shirt, an orange seashell necklace, cyan jean shorts, green and white knee socks, and blue and white sneakers. She had this california girl vibe that just spoke laid back and fun to be around.

There was also the tiny, insignificant fact that she was incredibly pretty but there was no way Ben would say that outloud. He may be more confident, but when i came to the opposite sex, he couldn't help but return to his wallflower persona from time to time. Specially with cute girls.

Realizing that she was talking to him, Ben snapped out of what he assumed was a creepy, staring fest.

"I am sorry, i was distracted. What where you just saying?"

"I was just asking if you were new in town. I haven't seen you around and i like to think i have been here for enough time to know just about anybody in this town".

"Oh. yes… yes i am new to town. Just moved in in fact. The name is Ben, Ben Reilly ".

"Cool! New faces are more rare than you might think in this little corner of the world. My name is jackie lynn thomas. Welcome to echo creek!".

"Thanks for the welcome but...what where you doing just now? Was it some sort of trick or do you make it a habit to crash into new people when they come into town?":

Ben nearly slapped himself in the face for running his mouth and for being so blunt to a person he literally just met. He wasn't usually this relaxed enough to make quips about it.

You idiot! Don't ruin your first impression by being a smartass! Damn you mouth for having a freaking mind of your own! She's probably insulted now...

Luckily for him, his joke was met with a fullhearlty laugh from was surprising, considering his jokes and quips were usually met with groans of annoyance or in the from of violence, usually physical.

"Nah man, you don't look that shady to deserve a skateboard to the butt"- jackie said between giggles. It was such a delightful laugh and what the hell was he thinking? He was not going to fall for the first pretty lady that just so happen to pass on his path. That was just way too cliche, and he used to run around fighting bad guys in tight spandex.

He decided to test his luck.

"Well lucky me then, i knew it was a good idea to leave my dark ominous cloak at home along all my weapons of mass destruction".

He was rewarded with another chuckle. He was on a roll!

"You are a funny guy Ben, i like that. Sometimes the people in this town take themselves way too serious for my liking".

"Believe me, i am the complete opposite of that".

"I'll say… anyway, do you have plans for today or something".

Ben paused at that. Was this going in the direction he thought was going? He couldn't possibly be this lucky.

"Well… i just thought i'd familiarize myself with the town a bit. I planned going to the local mall first since my closet is looking pretty barren right now and i would like more options than just red hoodies. Not that there's anything wrong with red hoodies". And it's true, there isn't .

"Really!? That is some big coincidence! I was just heading to the mall myself!"

"You're kidding." this day was just full of surprises.

"Yeah, i was planning on meeting a friend there so we could have some fun. Her name is Janna. You would like her. A total nut, but the fun kind".

"Well, if you wouldn't mind giving me directions i wouldn't mind hanging out with you guys. But only if it's okay with both of you".

"Dude, of course it's okay and don't you worry about jeanna. I am positive she will love you. Funny and handsome. A full package!". Ben couldn't fight the bright blush on his face, which in turn earned him a new fit of giggles. So he guessed it was a fair trade. Taking his hand in her own, the new pair of friends began running towards what ben assumed was the direction of the mall, all the while Jackie began bombarding him with questions, which he answered in a predetermined fashion.

He hated that he had to lie to others about his real condition and reason for being here in the first place but at this point he was just numb towards it. besides , his new story wasn't so different from his original one, but that wasn't the point right now.

What really mattered was that he was holding hands with his brand new, and cute, friend in this town full of strangers, on their way of meeting a potential new friend, in the mall he had intended to go in the first place.

All the way thinking that despite all of his setbacks, things were beginning to turn up his way for a change. And as Ben and Jackie made their way to the mall and as they talked about everything and anything they wanted, with a familiarity that could only be found in the greatest of friends, Ben had only one clear thought in his mind.

This new life might not be so difficult after all.

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