In Enemy Control

Tikatu deserves so much credit for this story as it was un-readable last time, and has been corrected by her, so thank you. And thank-you for the reviews last time but the story does read better now.

When an unknown weapon attacks a Thunderbird while in space, can the craft crew get home safely, without jeopardizing themselves or others?

A simple error

"Are you just going to watch that all day?" John Tracy yelled to his younger brother, Alan. He had been tuned into the British Grand Prix since he had fixed the visual display on International Rescue's space station, located on the edge of the Earth's atmosphere.

"Yep. Come on, kiddo, you're supposed to be helping." Scott joined in with John's calls to get Alan to do some work.

"All right, I was just checking to see if the visual displays were working." Alan stood up as the moaning from his older brothers continued, telling him to get on and help with mending TB5.

"Dad didn't send us up here for a fly-around, Al, remember." stated Scott, who, in their father's place, was taking on the 'I'm the boss role'. He picked up some wires and screws and walked back to the control area.

Alan followed his oldest brother to help him mend the damaged circuitry on the communication display, so that TB 5 would come back into operation. She had malfunctioned after some electrical wires sparked and damaged some of the main communication apparatus, needed for the receiving of emergency calls, so that the world's most famous and heroic rescue team could be launched in action.

"So what exactly happened, Johnny? All we got from Dad was that Al and I needed to come help you fix a simple malfunction in the communication system. He wouldn't say anything else, just that we needed to get going." Scott explained the events of the past 4 hours to his younger brother.

"Well I was working on my next book, about the 'Tracy comet' and I was picking the best images from my telescope to put into my book, when there was the usual bleeping from the communication panel saying someone needed help. However, when I opened the channel there was only a strange signal coming along the radio waves. The next thing I knew the communication system blows up."

"We're just grateful you're okay. Don't worry about the damage, it's nearly fixed. Another hour and we will be done." Scott smiled softly at his brother. Like all the boys, each one was protective of his own personal ship or craft.

"Are you sure you weren't reading your book out loud on the radio waves and you just bored the system to death?" Alan quizzed humorously in the background with the cheekiest grin on his baby face.

"Boring.. right you little s.." John rose from his knees with a spanner in his hand about to go after his baby brother, when a call from base came through.

"Rescued again, little bro, but one day you're going to have to stop relying on others to save you." John complained as he began to open the newly-working communication system to base. 

Scott collected up the tools used to fix the equipment. He was pleased that TB5 was operational again, and that Alan was going the right way with John to get himself thrown out of the nearest airlock. Although still he had an odd feeling, but he shrugged it off as tiredness. After all, there had been a lot of rescues lately. 

"Is everything okay, John? You three have been fixing her for a while now." John's father's distinct, powerful voice boomed through the speakers.

"Yep she is working now, Dad. I'm going to start to analyse that message that I received before everything failed, and I will sent it down to Brains for him to have a look. See if it had anything to do with the damage. But I don't see how or why it could, Dad." John replied, looking slightly oil covered and mucky from fixing TB5, and not his usual smartly suited self. 

"Okay, son, well done. Tell Scott and Alan I will expect them in a couple of hours. Base out." Jeff ended the communication with his middle son while his mind was occupied with the weird happenings of the day.

"You okay, Dad?" Gordon chirped in from behind a speedboat magazine.

"Yes, Dad, is TB5 ok? You look worried." Virgil stopped playing and turned to face is father.

"No, boys, nothing wrong. I'm just wondering why there would be a communication sent, but no message." Jeff explained his query to his Earth-bound sons.

"Well, we will find out soon enough when Brains examines it. Don't worry, Dad, why don't you come have some cookies and a coffee with us take your mind away from TB5." Virgil as always tried to relax everyone.

"Good idea, son. It will be nothing, I'm sure."

Meanwhile, in the deep jungle of Malaysia, a beautiful golden temple looked as if it were a peaceful, calming reverie from the tropic jungle surrounding it. However, this particular temple held one of the world's most wanted men, and the man who was determined to destroy International Rescue.

"Master, I don't understand. Why did you just sent a weak signal when you could have done so much more?" A servant questioned his master's logic in his plan to destroy International Rescue once and for all.

"If you were as clever as me you would know that I have finally found the weakness in International Rescue." A voice boomed around the golden walls.

"But sir, y-you have had me create weeks of rescues for International Rescue but never have you tried to destroy or capture them."

"That is because no more will I wait for International Rescue to come to me. I am going to make their ending look so simple, so professional, and the first part of my plan is a complete success. Stage two is yet seconds away. This time I will destroy International Rescue!" the Hood vowed.