This is a very short epilogue to this story, which was requested but also and I am going to begin another story that will continue from this soon that's why I wrote this as it introduces the next one.


A storm on the horizon

A vast expanse of one of Mother Earth's most unexplored treasures were seen through cerulean anxious eyes, the wind swept through his blond locks and made his body shudder despite the humid conditions. Looking down from the islands highest cliff the Pacific waters broke on to the jagged cliff face as if the ocean was expelling its vigour and fury. The youngest Tracy watched without seeing, his mind was contemplating the past weeks, it had been hell, but what more was to come? The million dollar villa, still overflowing with the appreciation of both Scott and Alan surviving and recovering from their brush with death, however now it's occupants were waiting impatiently for the subsequently mission. Before the explosion the gap between the rescues would have been filled with the boys enjoyment of their own personal activities, or maintenance of IR's sophisticated technology, but this time it was different.

Alan Tracy sighed and quickly regretted it when a shape pain shot through his chest, a consequence still of the breathing difficulties both boys had experienced in Thunderbird 3. "You okay kiddo?" A deep questioning voice was heard from behind the blond. "Yes, for the last time." Alan's voice contained a hint of frustration. "Sorry." Scott Tracy wasn't sorry despite saying so. "So if there is nothing wrong then why are you standing on the edge of a cliff?" Scott placed himself next to his youngest brother and tried to examine his eyes, which were staring out to the horizon. The youngest Tracy son contemplated a thought for a moment and then turned to face his oldest brother. Looking into his eyes Alan began to regret the irritation he had felt when his brother had been concerned about him. Scott's blue eyes were the first things Alan remembered seeing when he finally woke from his slumber of nearly four weeks. According to his father Scott had woken before himself and had demanded to see his baby brother about two seconds after waking. Jeff Tracy had disagreed but being the eldest Scott had a way with his father and despite being very ill himself hadn't left Alan's side until he woke. Alan knew the love, respect and responsibility Scott had of him, but it really could be annoying at times.

"Thanks Scott." The eldest Tracy was slightly shocked at being pulled into a hug but instantly returned the gesture. "Hey you don't need to thank me, I was just as glad to get out of that tin can alive as you were Alan, trust me!" "TIN CAN !" The hug ended as swiftly as it had begun and an annoyed look was etched on the youngest Tracy's face. "Well it wasn't really comfortable in there kid." Scott shot back with a cheeky look on his face and irony echoed from his words. "Oh I'm sorry next time someone tries to kill us I will ask it to be somewhere luxurious where we can be comfortable while we die." Alan's words sparked bitterness in the eldest Tracy. "No one is going to do this or anything like that again Alan." Scott placed his hands on Alan's shoulders and spoke louder than before. Alan looked into his brother's eyes and spoke what everyone in the Tracy villa was thinking, just not saying.

"They will try again." Alan stared back out to the horizon where the sky was getting darker, as stacks of clouds all tinted in greys and blacks towered above the ocean. Scott Tracy felt no fear for IR future missions as there had been four rescues since he himself had woken, but every member of IR now knew how powerful their enemy was, and worse, what risks they would take to eradicate International Rescue. "Alan, I knew starting International Rescue would endanger all are lives and every time any of us gets hurt we all question what were doing here. When I saw you lying in bed all pale and cold, it hurt me deeply, but if we weren't doing this job then many more people would experience their loved ones hurt or dying. That's the risk we take." Scott's words reflected Alan's thoughts. "I know and that's okay, we all excepted that fact, but.." Alan stared deep into his brother's cobalt eyes and hesitated. "What's coming next Scott?" A question no one could answer. As he moved his large tanned hand through his midnight black hair the wind began to blow stronger, and the waves crashed with more power, Scott Tracy wished he knew the answer for what was to come next.

'His eyes are desperate for revenge, but even Scott's worried that people will try and destroy International rescue and us.' Alan examined his brother's form with concern as the though flashed into his head. "Scott." "Yep." Alan turned to face his brother, carefully noticing how close to the cliff edge he was. "We will face this together as a family." Not a question Scott noticed, as a smile passed on to his face he studied his baby brother and again thanked god they were alive. "Of course kid, were all sticking together." Scott ruffled Alan's flaxen hair and dragged him into a hug. "More than one hug in a day, you're getting soft in your old age Scott." Alan laughed and pulled himself out of Scott's arms and began to swiftly walk away. "You just watch it kiddo." Scott said, trying not to smile, Alan noticed his 'fatherly' voice was used.

"Hey why don't we get back inside, grandma's making cookies and Gordon's bored of fixing your Thunderbird now she's home he say's its your job". Scott walked down to where Alan stood and placed his arm around him.

"Sure, but your helping me fix TB3 or you don't get any cookies." Both boys started walking down the grassed slope back to villa just as the sky rumpled with thunder and bolts of lighting lit the sky.

'A storm's brewing.' At the same time as that though flashed through the youngest Tracy's mind, a smile spread on the face of a man on the other side of the world as he gently pushed in the last piece of explosive material.

"International Rescue will pay the price for escaping my first plan, this time I am going to deal with them personally."

The eldest and youngest Tracy's just walked in to the lounge at the perfect time to here the voice come through the radio which had been used to redirect the calls to Thunderbird 5 while John was on Earth.

"Calling International Rescue, Calling International Rescue..."

"Now you will come to me International Rescue!" The Hood laughed as he slipped his voice concealing devise back into his pocket along with his radio.

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