"Oh god!" The sound of a man in terror as his colleagues were killed by a pair of teenagers. Looking at the two, One was tall with blue straight hair, while the other was shorter with green curly hair.

Seeing how easily the killer's friends were slaughtered by the pair of boys, was enough reason to give up.

Both tall and short male was silent. Although their eyes were going through the man's soul. The stares from their form of a gas mask were terrifying, the black outfits did not help relieve the stress. To top it off, it was dead in the night of the shady alleyways.

The smaller teen approached him. He did not speak just slowly walked forward as green electricity crackled around him.

Attempting to resist, the man aimed his arm creating a form of smog. Before it can go any further. The emerald lightning teen blurred to the man's vision and appeared behind him. In a split moment, the places both of his hands around the face of the killer. Turning his targets head into a spiral motion so fast that a swift 'snap' was the response to such an action.

After a moment of silence, the taller one spoke.

"Is that the last one?"

With the nod of the shorter boy. The taller spoke again.

"You know the protocol, confirm the kill."

It was obvious but the kill needed to be confirmed otherwise they couldn't leave there location. A simple protocol that was really annoying at times.

"Kill confirmed." The shorter one spoke.

The partner nodded and the two left the darkness of the alleyway. Waltzing out towards the streets of the poverty. Homeless and druggies around and about had suddenly stopped and took a look at the dark clothed pair and made no eye contact after a couple of seconds of realization.

"Let's get out of here." The shorter one told his partner.

"Right." The taller male agreed.

Both now heading towards the parked vehicle, similar in the color of there outfits; the black Hum V stayed in place welcoming inside to leave towards the next generation.

"I'll drive us back." The taller called the driver's seat as the shorter one got in through the passenger door.

"Sure Ilda." Curly green agreed with that suggestion.

The two took off in the night as the sound of awaken engine kicked off into gear.

"So, Izuku. How do you think we did?" As the drive felt forever, the taller one known as Iida started a conversation. Fifteen minutes in the dead silent road with no oncoming traffic or incoming. Run-down buildings passed by in moments and there was no soul on the sidewalk. Barley the headlights kept visibility parent but it was not enough. Considering they were in the slums around one in the morning.

"If you want my honest opinion. We did pretty shit. It took an hour to find that guy, not only that we got a bystander killed in the process."

Clear annoyance filled Izuku's voice as he recalls a young boy getting impaled by the crystal-like quirk earlier that night. Death was natural around these parts no matter the age, gender, or character. If you do not have a trained quirk then your just another prey to the City of slums. Then again no one is safe at all around this country.

"Yes... it was indeed unfortunate."

Tenya agreed with no empathy for the child that was killed earlier last night. To that Izuku clenched his left fist, deep down it bothered the green haired teen.

"Unfortunate? We were right there. We are trained enhancers. Yet we still watched as the boy had his chest impaled by that assholes quirk!"

Emotions were a flaw to have for this job. Especially before and after the task is completed.

"We couldn't do anything about it. It's not our job to be rescuers, we are punishers of the lawbreakers."

"You mean we couldn't get involved?! That's some bullshit if I ever heard any! By standards of our job we are what the pre-collapse called 'police' or 'cops', so shouldn't we be there to help those in need of help?!"

The pre-collapse, an age before the four-century quirk war even started. The era of Quirkless as some historians would call it. A time where things weren't so dark and bleak as today.

"You make it sound like this a welfare service. Get your act together otherwise, you will be terminated by the mutants."

The argument was full of anger and concern. Questions were asked by not answered, how can they be answered? In the world the pair lived today, they might as well just shut up about their opinions. Otherwise, the Mutants will come after not only them but their families.

Mutants, the highest of the quirk class. Nobody knew how or when it started, but they were the first kind of individual to inherit the abilities of quirks in exchange of-of their natural human appearance.

Izuku signed tiredly at his partner's concern. It was obvious the taller teen was just watching out for the both of them. In this cruel world with wicked people controlling it, who where they to argue of what is law. They were enhancers, the lowest of quirk pyramid. Nothing but their abilities pales in comparison to that of a mutant and barely match up to the emitters, who were the middle class.

"You should be looking out for yourself and your family Ilda. At least you have something worth fighting to keep alive." Izuku said with venom in his tone.

To that reaction, the taller teen tensed his hands on the steering well and narrowed his eyes but dulled his sight.

"And you're saying you don't have anyone to keep alive? That's what you're saying?"

Confused, but indeed curious about his partners family.

"I used too. My older sister Inko...she was a kind, compassionate, and loving woman."

Soon realizing what was said, Tenya apologized.

"My apologies, I wasn't expecting you to be...up front about it."

"Up front? She taught me that it is always better to say something than don't say at all otherwise there will be bigger regrets than acting out...that's how she..."

Izuku felt his heart weight a ton, the memories of his older sister being crucified by mutants was a traumatic thing to remember.

Ilda couldn't say thing else and left it at that and did not bother to create another conversation that could potentially lead to a full-blown argument.

As they passed by many streets and buildings, Izuku obviously saw a woman being surrounded by a group of guys. Each one closing in. The lone female was visibly scared. Nothing short of pure fear emitted from that expression. Which was responded by the clear greed and lust from the thugs?

"Shit. Ilda stop the car!" Izuku raised his voice and his partner knew why he did so. Immediately the sound of tires rubbing roughly with the friction against the dirt/incomplete asphalt, both opened the doors and leap out. Quickly, Izuku activated his quirk.

Full Cowl: Instantaneous Speed!

Dirt was separated by the amount of force being generated as each step hit the ground. At this point, the thugs were looking at the pair. Green lightning blurred fast towards them as racing blue followed as well.

Reshipuro Bāsuto: Level One.

The band of the potential rapist couldn't read their exact movements. To fast you can say. One thug felt his face being kicked in as the saliva came rushing out in a split moment. Two of them were tackled to the ground as the taller one restraints them both while the shorter started fighting the rest.

'Damn it. We shouldn't waste any more time!' Izuku thought to himself as he dodged an incoming hook and crouching beneath a crystallized kick. Looking at his targets, both were enhancers at first guess. The second thug had the ability to crystallize their limbs but seemed limited to two maybe one for now. The other seemed to have a similar ability to Izuku's quirk but without the physical signs of activating a quirk. Or he could be wrong and just assume that the first guy was just physically trained like him and Tenya.

"Heh, a couple of brats. You want to kill your own kind."

The first brute said smugly while switching his Crystal ability to his both his arms. Readying for the attacker's next move.

Izuku did not verbally respond but instead acted with violence and dashed at rapid speeds towards the seemingly normal thug. Before reacting fast, the contact was made when the green haired teen elbowed straight at the jaw, breaking a few teeth at the process.

It did not stop. Quickly, Izuku grabbed the back of the thugs head, interlocking his own fingers and pulled his enemy down. Racing the face down while Izuku brought his knee up. Again contact was made but stronger than the last attack. Smashing the nose and parts of the face with his knee, repeated the same process over and over. Until the man couldn't even bring his face up anymore. Blood spilled but it was just starting.

With Ilda, his restraining lead to a quick snap of the cervical vertebrae leaving two dead corpses. Looking up at to see his partner dealing with one of the last thugs. He saw that another guy was lurking towards the girl.

Through sprinting, the taller teen raced fasted with the help of his engine legs. The sound of the exhaust pipes puffed out before the sound a racing heat exiting its home.

Quickly in his first state of Reshipuro Bāsuto, Tenya aimed a power slide to the thug's heels.


The confused and surprised thug fell over on top of Ilda. With fast grasp, Tenya put the thug on top of him into a hold.

With quick action, Tenya snapped the thug's neck just as how he dealt with the previous thugs last night.

Slowly rolling off the now-dead body of the last of the thugs and getting up.

Dusting a bit of dirt off his dark uniform, he likes behind him to meet a bloodstained partner. Izuku's dark uniform combat pants were covered in blood.

Reviving a nod from his shorter partner, Tenya looked back the woman who seemed older than the both of them.

"Ma'am, are you alright?" Ilda asked taking a half-step towards the potential victim.

In a quick moment, both Izuku and Ilda saw the woman stepping back with shaking knees.

"Y-You?! Get away from me you monsters! I know what you are! You are a slaughter of your own people! Kinslayers! Demons, get away from me!"

She ranted with fear and anger. Both teens were stunned at the response. Their fellow enhancer was cursing them with her words.

Quickly catching on, Izuku stepped forward slowly to reach for his taller partners shoulder.

"Come on let's go and Ma'am? Take care of yourself."

Izuku ushered his partner and he complied as the two left towards their vehicle. Leaving a puzzled woman as she kept staring at the shorter of the pair.

For the rest of the drive, it was silent. Nothing else came up or even brought up.

It was around one in the Morning before the pair arrived at the dorms for enhancers.

After parking the vehicle, the two made their way into the main lobby, being greeted by other boys and girls in dark uniforms as them. Some saying 'hi' or just nodded in greeting.

Izuku left to his own devices as it was a long night. Meanwhile, Tenya was greeted by a certain bob-haired less.

"Hey, Ilda." Her bubbly voice caused the lobby to stop and looked towards one of the taller individuals in uniform.

Ilda removed his gas mask to greet the shorter lass before him. "Hey, Ochako." In his eyes, he saw the teenage girl before him wearing the uniform that represents 'Emitter'. Similar to a business skirt outfit, but with a color pattern of pink and black.

She, Ochako the only emitter in the room which made other enhancers agape with shock. Reason being is that sight that they were witnessing, the emitter and enhancer touching lips with each other without any shame in the world.

It wasn't taboo by any means to date a higher class or a lower class but that was only the relationships between enhancers and emitters. It was just surprising that no-one saw Ochako in the first place.


Izuku opened his dorm room to meet a messy room with clothes on the floor and bed sheets unfolded. He closes the door after he enters and opens the closet next to him. Undressing, to meet a naked and bare skin reflection. His body was not the attention aim rather the necklace that held a ring. It was silver both chain and ring.

Both resembled something important to Izuku.

Love and Family.