"Glad you came Ilda and you as well Kirishima."

Before the two enhancers sat a talking animal mixture. The principal himself.

It was sudden the demand for the lower class pair. They had hastily arrived at the main office for their Mutant leader of the academy.

"Now I am here to let you know we have a case regarding Izuku Midoriya."

His statement immediately caught the interest of the pair. Both Tenya and Eijirou worried about what happened to Izuku and Setsuna. It's been a couple of months since they had departed with Izuku as he went to the Medical Center. Questions, possibilities, few nowadays didn't really care anymore. Most of the enhancers just assume Izuku met an untimely end along with Setsuna.

"I am classifying Izuku Midoriya as a Rogue Enhancer with a kill-on-sight notice."

Kirishima stopped her thoughts while Ilda gave a shocked stare. Before both of them could even ask why Nedzu spoke up once more.

"Setsuna was murdered by him."

The small white talking animal pulled out some photos from his drawer. Tossing them at the other end of the table for both enhancers to see.

It was clear how Izuku impaled Setsuna with his fist. The second picture was him taking out the heart.

Kirishima gasp before tearing up. Her best friends, one was killed by the other. She didn't want to believe it. How did it come to this?!

Tenant looked but realized something.

"Where's the baby?" He asks impatiently. Nedzu sighed before taking out another photo. This third picture got Kirishima to fall on her knees while Tenya gagged in disgust and horror.

They both had seen proof of Izuku slaughtering his own child. That was more than enough to make Tenya feel his vomit building up.

"I hope you two understand now. I just wanted to notify you about the situation. Dismissed."

Without a second thought, Kirishima sprinted out of the main office followed by Iida.

Their fast steps raced past the Mutants, Emitters, and Enhancers. Both eventually found themselves outside on the path to the dorm.

Iida witnesses Kirishima dropped down to her knees before hugging herself. The shock and pain became so much, overwhelming the teenage girl. Tenya walked slowly only keeping his focus on his friend.

Crouching down and putting a hand on the sorrowful Enhancer, Tenya spoke.

"I'm sorry Eijira, I know how much those two meant to you." Apologizing for the worst kind of news to dropped so suddenly. The speed-Enhancer did feel the same anguish as his hurt companion.

Looking up at Ilda, her eyes tearing up. She couldn't contain her wailing. Grabbing onto her friend, she needed comfort and Tenya gave her an embrace as demanded.

"That...that! That baby. I became his godmother...I named...wah!"

Tenya understood. He could remember the day when Izuku and Setsuna announce the pregnancy.

"Hey guys, me and Izuku have some news." Heads turning to face the green-haired couple.

"You see I'm with child," Setsuna spoke softly but happily as well. This got the applause and best regards of their fellow Enhancers. Tenya was smiling alongside his girlfriend at the news. Bakugo stopped his cooking for Kirishima just to really make sure he heard right. Kirishima was crying out of joy for her best friends. She ran up to the pair and embraced them both. Izuku smiled while Setsuna laughed carelessly.

"Oh my god! I am so happy for both of you!"

Her joy was reciprocated by the conceived Enhancer. The girls embrace while Bakugo gave a head notion towards Izuku. The curly haired boy understood, so he excused himself from his mate's company.

Following Bakugo outside, both teens walked to find a bench outside. As both of them sat down, Katsuki spoke in a casual demeanor.

"You are really going through with this huh?"

Izuku nodded but didn't say anything else. Most of these thoughts could be read through his eyes. Bakugo knew.

"So you're still uncertain? Tch. Figures."

Izuku gave a guilty smile while nodding slowly. It was his term to speak.

"I am going to be a dad. Yet I never had a father. It just makes me wonder how many kids grew up without a parent in their lives? Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision. Then again, who knows."

"I know."


"Deku, we may live in a parentless society but that doesn't mean shit. What's matters are that you trust yourself. Sometimes the right decision could be either the better or the worse one. Yet as long as we don't lose ourselves along the way, we could always make another turn in the correct path. But, your main issue is that you doubt yourself."

Katsuki was right. Maybe if Izuku didn't have doubts, then he would stop thinking too much. Looking at the evening sky. The sunsets last flare was gone in the distance. The teen made so many wrong decisions in his life, maybe that's why he was so doubtful.

"Still, you're not all that bad off. You got comrades and friends here to support you because you always did put yourself before us. So it's only right we help you and your Setsuna. So in the meantime, while you still can. Focus on Setsuna, because now more than ever. She needs you and I know for a fact that you need her too."


"Well, I said all I need to. How about we head back?"

Katsuki walked off from the bench and Izuku followed. Once there were back at the dorms, Izuku paused.

"Kaachan wait."

The blonde halted his steps. He turned his head slightly to look at Izuku. Those emerald eyes looking at his ruby one.

"I need you to do something for me."

"Go on I am listening."

Izuku exhaled.

"If anything happens to me and Setsuna, look after our child. If they are too young enough to know me and her, then acts as their biological parents. That is my only request."

"That's a deep request, any reason why?"

"I just have a feeling, something might happen to me and Setsuna, so in any case that me and her die or go missing. Look after our child."

"Alright," Katsuki responded calmly.

Once the pair went inside, they caught up with the group. Currently, Ochako was talking to Ilda about some family business while Eijirou and Setsuna are thinking of names.

"Come on Setsuna, I like Sakura!"

"But what if it's a boy?"

"Then we will call him Sasuke!"

"Stop trying to find every name that starts with 'S'."

"But I want to give your child a good name!"

Izuku sweatdropped at the fellow Enhancer. Seeing how energetic Kirishima can get was always nerve-racking. The green-haired teen walked up to his mate.

"Names? I didn't figure this early, you haven't gotten a bump yet." Izuku felt a light punch on his shoulder. Setsuna puffed her cheeks. Katsuki chuckled. His turn to speak.

"Okay, what category are we working with?"

Kirishima looked at Bakugo. "It's in general."

"You were looking for every name that started with the same letter that starts with my name. How is that general?"

"It just is!"

"Okay but what about the parents, it's their choice to decide which category they want to choose from. Well?"

Katsuki waited for the couples answer. Izuku and Setsuna looked at each other. Both of them smiled as if they both knew what they wanted the name to base off of.

"Emotions." Four people looked at the pair. Katsuki was somewhat surprised while Kirishima was all for it. Ochako was interested in this idea. Tenya looked curious more than anything.

"Alright go by the names."

Katsuki went first. "Ikari."

"Wrath? Why that?"

"Don't you see, it represents you Deku, maybe if you guys have twins. Then one could be named Ikari."

"Ya but this is my son, I don't know if naming him wrath is a good call. Plus what if it's a girl?"

Katsuki paused before he shook his head as signifying that he did not have an answer.

"Oh! Oh! I got one!" Kirishima raised her hands up. Setsuna gestured her to give her input.


"Hope? I actually kinda like that." Setsuna responded happily. Izuku couldn't argue otherwise while Katsuki just scoffed in annoyance. He thought Ikari was cool though.

"Well, what do you say? Hope?" Setsuna asks Izuku.

"Hope." The boy nodded happily.

(Somewhere else in the present day)

"Lady Ashido, we are arriving at the estate."

"Thank you, Musashi."

A royal black car pulled into the driveway of a mansion. The thick snow melting instantly. Once the backseat door opened, a woman walked barefooted in the melting snow. Soon the white frost became an evaporated water.

With each step, she reached the main door that stood twice as tall as her. One single touch, she immediately felt all the snow that was once upon the building completely removed. Only droplets of a few places remained.

The woman looked back at the car and swayed her hand. It was a signal for the driver to park the car where it needs to be.

Once that was done, the woman opens the doors of her estate. Walking in, she was greeted by three maids and four of her children.

"Welcome home, madam Ashido." The maids bowed deeply to their master. Following suit, the children were next. One late adolescent young man, two teenage girls, and a little boy. The four children bowed to welcome the heady lady of the mansion.

"Welcome Mother."

With a nod of acknowledgment, the woman then looked around for the fifth child she had birthed, which was her second oldest.

"Where is Mina?" In a stern and cold tone. The maids and three children did not flinch at the pressure created by Lady Ashido. However, the young boy did so.

"Shinta, speak." Her voice demanding.

The child was shaking in fear of what's to come to him. He blurted out "Onee-San is with Ikari right at the moment!" The child's breath exhausted from just speaking a couple of words.

"The boy? What is she doing with that servant?"


Soon the boy felt a slap on his face, he screamed in pain as he was sent flying to the staircase in the middle of the hall.

"They're what?! Shinta, you better speak!"

The sobs a child echoed in the empty halls. Soon enough the rest of the servants. At the edges of the hall, each maid and butler came out and witnessed the scene.

A mother briskly walking towards her own youngest. She grabbed him by the hands and had the boy stand up. Only for her to knee the child in the face. This creating a moan of anguish the child started to quiet down his sobbing.

"Answer the question." The mother implored.

"They...are...they~" Shinta couldn't finish his sentence before choking on his sobs. The woman growled at her child. She was now releasing a bucket amount highly concentrated acid.

"Damn child!"

She slammed her hand down through her hand did not connect. The acid dropped midway and lost its effects and became nothing more than a puddle. She grinned madly. It at first looked like she was smiling at her child but it was to the interferer that now just entered the room.

"Ikari, you dare interfere while I discipline my son?"

"Forgive me for my intrusion ma'am. But Master Ashido gave me orders to make sure young Master Shinta is well looked after. Apparently, you continue to challenge my assignment Lady Ashido."

The woman looked back to meet a butler, one more addition to the servants of the Ashido estate. Although he was unlike the others, he neither obeyed the other members of the family but only care for two of them. The woman's eldest daughter and youngest son.

Thanks to her husband's demands, this new addition became the only retainer her daughter Mina and son Shinta will ever serve.

With his capabilities alone gave him enough power to do so. That was visibly clear from his glowing red eyes. He "erased" her quirk before the acid left the skin completely.

"Oh? What can be done Ikari? Your nothing more than a servant to this household. Still, you continue and continue to test my patience. How about this? If you can last one minute, even with my quirk canceled. My son gets off easy."

"A wager? Well, I cannot deny my master's safety. So I accept."

With a determined gaze, the young man known as Ikari undid his vest and dress shirt. Folding them properly before one of the three maids from before came by and collect them.

"Thanks, Shino." He said the older maid bowed before kissing the late adolescent for good luck.

"Be careful now. Master Mina would appreciate if she did not have to see you in a battered state."

Ikari grinned. He nodded before he looked back the woman as she stripped herself of her formal coat and heels. With eyes still glowing red meeting the fierce gaze of the mother. Ikari took a stance as the woman spoke.

"You are fully aware that just because my quirk is canceled doesn't mean I am helpless?"

"I have no doubt, ma'am, that's why I intend to last with all I my strength."

The scene played out for the children, maids & butlers, and the head lady. Ikari started to release his quirk, the muscle fibers slowly appearing above his frame after that exhaust pipes that you would normally see on a vehicle started to come out of his elbows. Keeping up, the butler soon produced dark green electricity. It soon coated him with all his will.

"I am ready."

The woman smirked before she took a stance of her own. "Alright, since your such a gentleman, I will start our little scuffle."

Instantly in a dash, she became untraceable to spectators eyes. Only for one still eyeing her every move.

Ikari raised his shoulder to block a sidekick. The impact alone was strong enough for all the fibers on that targeted area to burst. The butler soon took this as a chance to strike. Grabbing the woman's leg, he brought her to him with a hard pull. The lady of the house saw this coming. Seeing an accelerated punch coming at her, she decides to parry the strike before countering with a solid downward elbow to Ikari's collar.

Again, the muscle fibers burst from the impact. This time Ikari flinched at the amount of strength this woman has alone without using her quirk was ludicrous. Going for a low kick, the woman countered with her own. Both canceled each other.

Ikari pushes into her. Charging in with a ram. Using his muscle fibers, he instantly bulked up his other shoulder. It hit with little effect.

The woman slid back a couple of unnoticeable inches. She was already getting bored. As a means to end this pointless scuffle. She charges back into the teen. Both started to exchange blows, only for the teen to start wavering in his abilities. Slowly his speed was decreasing, his purser advances even further. Using his muscle fibers to block and counter. Ikari could tell his body was getting fatigued. Slowly the fibers were coming off and hanging loosely on the boy's naked torso.

Only leaving his Full Cowling in effect. Soon, it was only evading and blocking attacks from his master's mother.

He could feel his muscles getting pummeled, bones bashing, and even the skin burning. That melting sensation came the second he couldn't maintain his ocular powers.

Lady Ashido held back a great deal. Though when she delivered the final blow, it was only at best a quarter of her strength. That was enough to send the butler flying and rolling on the red carpet. Luckily the blood that came down from the teen did not make a noticeable stain on the floor.

Breathing heavily, Ikari felt his legs give in before falling into a kneeling position with his arms supporting him. Leaning forward he looked at the woman.

"You know, you disgust me Ikari or Izuku whatever you go by now." The pink-skin woman spat. She strolled and continued to talk.

"First, you **** my daughter, then you come here with my husband who is aware of your sins, and now you defend my Quirkless son. What more could you do to damage my family?

Ikari or better known as Izuku. His face frowned at the truth.

Honestly, even the sins when he was a child carry through into his adolescent years.

"I am waiting for an answer."

"I have no answer to that Lady Ashido."

The pink-skinned woman smirked fell into an aggravated frown. She walked up to the defeated Enhancer.

"Your still just a boy, with no sense of place in the world."

"Wouldn't deny it."

Lady Ashido scoffed before walking back towards her source of frustration: Shinta. Ikari noticed and struggled to get on his two feet.

Shinta, on the other hand, was now getting fearful at the presence of his approaching mother. She held a glare for the child.

The Quirkless-child started to scram around the approaching mother. The maids and butlers couldn't interfere if it meant that they are willing to die.

"Shinta, running away will not save you from your problems."

The boy turned around to look at his mother just behind him. He screamed in fear as his mother's hands were about to reach the child. Only for him to grasp lightly and carried away.

Looking up to his shirtless-personal retainer. He smiled. "Ikari-nii!"

"Its alright Shinta, there is still a couple of seconds left before we win."

Izuku smirked when she saw the woman glared at him. He won this wager.

"So Madam Ashido? Will you excuse young master Shinta?"

The woman looked at her own child in disgust as he was being held by Izuku in a compassionate manner. Cringing, she scoffs. "Fine, you are both dismissed."

With a nod from Izuku, he walked towards one of the older maids. "Thanks for holding my clothes Shino." Grasp his button-up shirt and vest.

"It was nothing. You take care now, until next time Master Shinta."

The bob-haired woman bowed before both butler and child. Shinta blushed in embarrassment, "Until next time Shino-San."

With a nod, both boys left the main entrance hall and went to the southeast part of the building.

Unlike the rest of the Manor, this part held no stationary servants. So that alone gave Izuku and the boy to talk.

"Izu-nii? Are you alright?"

"Yes, I am fine. How about you? Sorry I couldn't intervene sooner."

The child shakes his head. "I'm fine, I just don't...get why is my mother like this. It seems ever since you came she has become more bitter and stern."

Izuku sighed. "Well, she and I...have a bit of conflict running down between us."

"Is it because of Mina-oneesan?"

There was a bit of silence as they kept on strolling through the massive corridor. He did not want to explain it to an eight-year-old child. Rather he chose to leave it be.

"Let's get back to your sister alright."

Without questioning it. Shinta followed the butler towards his sister's room.

After a couple of moments, they had finally arrived. Izuku grasped the door that open to a large bedroom. In the middle of the room was a bed. The girl which was sitting on the bed looked at the pair and got up quickly. She ran up towards the child and hugged him. Looking worried at the bruise on the boy's face. She asks, "Did mother do this?"

Shinta hesitantly nodded. Mina looked up at the green-haired butler. She expressed sadness. Carrying her little brother towards the bed. She places him down and covers him.

"Go to sleep I need to talk with Izuku for a moment alright?"

Shinta nodded before turning away from his older sibling. Mina got up and changed out of nightgown to something more casual.

After that was done, she grasps Izuku's hand and led them out of the room. Closing it, before taking a walk.

"I'm sorry I didn't show up."

"It's alright, your not at fault, I shouldn't have left Shinta alone. The blame is mine."

Mina squeezes Izuku's hand. The pink young lady looked up at the young man.

"My mother...she."

"Knows what I did to you. Then again she caught us in the act. So anyway there is no point in concluding otherwise."

"I'm sorry Izu."

"It ain't your fault. Like I said it was all me."

Truth be told, he remembered vaguely of what happened more than a decade ago.

"How did it feel to see someone you care for die?"

The child looked up at a pink skinned girl. His rage build up as he looks at another of those monsters!

She carried a melancholic expression. As if she was thinking of what he was going to say.

"It hurts. More than I can ever bare." The boy mumbled.

"Do you want the pain to go away?"

"Yes, even if it was only for a little bit."

"How so?"

The boy was glaring at the cold eyes of the girl. He wanted revenge more than anything. Maybe...maybe...she will be the first one! He was baring his teeth with malice and rage. Hands building up the sweat and his body conjuring a small electric chain around him.

Before thinking of striking her, he was stopped by her voice again.

"What will make the pain go away?"

The boy growled. "I will make all Mutants suffer! Starting with you!"

He pushed off his feet and sprinted towards the girl. Throwing a punch, the girl took it. She kept looking at him with those eyes. So empty and cold. The boy retracted his fist and throwing another. He could feel this girl's face being hit. Strike after strike she just kept on taking it. As if they did not hurt her.

This kept going on for some time. Until the boy fell on his knees breathing hastily, tears falling and crying in the middle. Even now, a girl around his age that belong to the Mutants kind just made him feel weak. Frustrated and tired. He sat on his knees and looked at the night sky while the corpse of his older sister still burning. He gave in to his weakness. No matter how much he desired, it would always remain apparent that the enhancers will always stay the weakest.

He closed his eyes awaiting his fate. Waiting for this girl to kill him for assaulting her. But it never came. Her intent to harm him. Instead, he was met with half-lid eyes of the girl. She bent her knees and reach her hand towards him.

"Wha...what are you-?"

"Take my hand. I know of a way to numb the pain for a while."

The pink girl kept out her hand, hesitantly the boy grasped it. The girl led her new companion somewhere isolated. Full of forest and trees. The boy grew confused. His thoughts empty with questions.

That is until she leaned in and initiated the consent phase with him.

In the cold night, breezes hit their colliding bodies. Many things were done that night, yet the boy did not think twice of the repercussions.

After a month or so, the boy and girl would meet up every now and then to practice. Both relieving the stress and loneliness of their lives. Her family, a distant father with a kind soul and a mother bitter at the child's development. Then there was the boy, he had no one but a family friend and childhood friend. Unlike them, however, he lived out in poverty scraping by of what he can come across.

These two filled their loneliness for some time until the girl's mother found out.

"You damn brat! Disgusting! Eloping with an Enhancer!"

The boy witnessed as his sensual companion being disciplined by her mother. At the last hit, he used his quirk to strike her but that alone was futile.

A single hit took him down. Looking helplessly, he saw his partner be taken away from him. Thankfully, he gave her something she could never forget. As well as a mark of saying she was his.

That came in a silver plated pendant choker.

What the child didn't know was that, once you start with a consent phase with one partner. You can't do it with another person.

"Have you recovered anything?"

Mina asked curiously, she was still leading them to their next destination.

"Nothing. I can't remember past our last time seeing each other."

The fact that was over a year ago made things more puzzling for both young adults. Even though Mina didn't interact with Izuku after Asui's funeral, she had known the reputation he had build up.

Many Mutants started to growing concern about this upcoming Enhancer, yet did nothing about it. Everything seemed clean. No criminal records found. The only crime he committed was with her and that was back when they were children.

All because she led him into her resulting in the both of them getting to close. Not that the pink young lady mind.

With a sigh, the pair made it to their destination. The nursery, their reason was to find some bandages and medicine to ease for both Izuku and Shinta.

"Lay on the table I will start bandaging your front first. You can take a nap while I do so."

Izuku nodded at the pink girl. Closing his eyes while he heard Mina searching for the supplies. A short recap of how he got into this situation.

It was cold, the cell, the blood, and even the tone. Looking at the small opening. He saw the yellow pair of eyes that stared back at him.

"What you looking at dog?" His tone was mocking and greedy.

Where was he? Who was he? Then again maybe dog was his name.

"Enough Denki! Stop harassing the subject. We need him calm to test his behavior."

Another voice was aloud in the entrance outside.

"Well hurry up doc. This guy doesn't seem to be well rounded in the brain."

With a sound of a metal door opening, two pairs of eyes welcomed the tired emerald pupils.

Suddenly when the light above brightens up the pair. He was rattling his chains and growing ever fiercer.

The blond teen looked a bit crazed but smiled in excitement. "Oh look he remembers me."

He kneeled down in front of the bound teen. Snatching his mouthpiece off.

"How did your balls taste fuckface?!"

The woman behind looked a bit cautious. She started to notice how quiet the teen became. Looking at his face his teeth bared but no noise. Denki was laughing too much to notice.

By then it was too late. The doctor, she noticed how some pink strands started appearing around the boy's jaw.

"Denki look out~"

With a loud chomp, teeth were sucked into the blond boy's face. Suddenly the body dropped to the floor. From his eyes to his chin, they were bitten off.

The women looked in horror. Her body to frighten to move. And those black sclera around the Enhancers eyes didn't help. Instantly she tried to use her quirk to reset the boy's body entirely but she found her self not being able to use it. Looking again, the boy's eyes glowed a bright red.

Then suddenly she saw his arms they were protruding exhaust pipes with fired a heated flame around his chains and bounds. After a few seconds, he did a full body flex and the chains were broken off and his bounds(whatever remained) torn off.

He slowly got up, never taking his eyes off the woman. The doctor can tell he was furious but did he even know why?


Instantly she was punched out of the cell and into the hallway. She was left in a daze. Looking up slight she caught sight of him. Towering over her.

Feeling her throat grabbed and lifted into the air. She was crying out of pain and fear.


His glare did not soften. Nearing her face he told her.


Instantly, the teen stuck his hand into the woman's chest and using the other to do the same. With on strong pull. He ripped her chest apart. Exposing blood and organs as they fell down to the ground.

Letting the woman fall to the ground, the man took a simple stroll as he unleashed himself.

He couldn't tell how much time had past, all he did was kill any person he saw along the way. Many Emitters were dead before long with nothing but piles of either burnt, crushed, tore, or splattered remains.

The body count was around the hundreds or so. He wears the blood of his captors and torturers. No more remorse. He felt unspeakable rage and betrayal yet he did not know why. Besides the torturing, there was something else he was missing. Unfortunately, he couldn't draw any conclusions except for a pink girl with a silver pendant on her choker.

Eventually, he found himself in the exit. The thick woods coated in masses of snow.

He was mentally confused and physically exhausted. It wasn't until his body returned into its normal state. After an hour or so of walking in the deep coldness. He eventually saw lights, street lights. Walking towards it as a way to find himself, he eventually made it until he felt his body being collided by something. Tumbling over to the side from the force.

He looked up tirelessly at the bright lights. Soon came out was a man. He stood taller than any person he had ever met. About seven feet maybe eight.

The man glances down at the teen. Skin blue as the sea itself. Yet they carry the same yellow eyes the girl in his memories did.

Before blacking out, the man reached down and carried the unconscious teen to the vehicle.

Where he woke to next was on a bed. In this unfamiliar room, he was no longer cold. He had the warmth of clothes, some sheets and blankets, and a person embracing him.

Looking down to the side he saw pink curls. A light breath blowing against his torso.

Reluctantly he got up. Not paying any mind to his surroundings, glancing down at the individual sleeping next to him. It quickly became apparent that this was that shy Mutant he came across at his days in Yuuei.

Confused and cautious, he made sure to get out of the girls gasped. Slowly he got his feet on the floor and started to make his way towards the door.

Upon opening it, he closed it silently. Unfortunately, he did not go unnoticed.

"Who are you?"

A voice got his attention. Turning to his side, he saw a child, holding a blanket by his arms. His eyes tired really noticeable thanks to the yawn.


"He's a new retainer, Shinta."

A deep yet patient voice came through both of them. Izuku turned around to meet the giant that he vaguely saw before he lost consciousness.

The man had a formal suit on, his features oddly similar to the boy, except for the skin. The boy had pink while this man had dark blue.

"Izuku Midoriya?"

The teen found himself looking at the man.


"Do you know who I am son?"

Squinting his eyes, he widens suddenly in realization, this man. He was the general of the Division army of Asia. Yuuto Ashido. This giant that stood before him, was the sole conqueror of China, Singapore, and many, many countries that spanned across this continent.

Feeling of genuine pressure, Izuku felt his palms sweat just like that day a long time ago when he first met the girl, when he first met Mina Ashido.

The blue-skinned giant held a small smile before extending out his hand towards the teen.

"You feel it don't you? The blood of my foes."

Without hesitation, Izuku nodded with sweat coming off his body. The anger and rage towards Mutants were subdued by the overwhelming anxiety and fear of this man alone. Only those who have stained their being with the blood of others can feel each other's share of killing.

As if on instinct, the late adolescent gave the general his hand. They shook for that second felt like an endless moment. So much anticipation and suspense, it was daunting on Izuku before he even realized he noticed.

"Now will you come with me?"

Without any refusal, Izuku followed the man.

"Shinta, go to bed."

"Yes Dad."

No more interruptions. The late adolescent and grown adult made way to another room. Walking was only but a short distance. They had entered a office of sorts, on the sides were shelves of multiple books. Taking a seat on the chair that seem to fit the generals frame. He glanced back at Izuku.

"Your a wanted Enhancer, Mr. Midoriya. Killing your way out of a military prison. It does seem to be heavy record. Though I suggest you were somewhat justified."

"What do you mean?"

He smiled. "You were tortured without any reason. So I figured you would be vengeful towards all of those in the prison."

Izuku knew he wasn't wrong, for the longest time he only remembered the starving, beating, and isolating actions of those people. Yet one of the biggest memories he has was when he was being tortured while experimenting on. That riled his insides. No matter what, he couldn't get rid of that feeling of paralyzed pain and agony. Almost pleading for death to embrace him.

Then there was the other memory or fragments that appeared at random. Memories of himself, though much younger and weaker. Himself with the presence of a girl that gave him a sole reminder of warmth.

"Well...what now?"

The green haired young man couldn't figure what's nexts based off this man's knowledge.

"Considering that your wanted, you do possess great capabilities that might turn against the society. I figured you can do better if you worked under my family."

Bewildered he was, but skeptical he is. "Even though I am a killer?"

"Well it's either I kill you right now or you can serve my children as their personal retainers. Then again I rather the latter considering your death would be a waste to me."

Izuku paused himself to think. He couldn't remember all that much aside from the girl in the bedroom earlier and the incidents that transpired at the prison. So he did not have a lot of good choices. If he remained alive maybe, he could recollect himself, figure out what is missing. It sure beats death right now.

"I...uh...take your work. General Ashido."

"Good, now my assignment might come off as simple but it will be long term. I need you to be a personal retainer for my youngest son Shinta, and my oldest daughter Mina. You have met them both before we arrived here."

Izuku nodded.

"Furthermore, when in public or around other Emitters or Mutants, use an another name. Something that won't get others to notice you right off the bat. Considering that what you have done will set off a lot of people in my military power."

"Okay sure, but why are you helping me exactly?"

"Call it a mutual benefit. You have time to figure out some stuff and a place to stay and I get your services. Like I said killing you will be a waste of your capabilities. Or I could just snap your neck right now."

Feeling more of an ultimatum than a choice, at the very least he could be alright given the situation. Seeing no other option he took the reasoning with faith.


"Good, let me show you where you will be staying for now on. Oh! I forgot to ask, have you thought of a name yet?"

Taking in another second, it was too hard to think of any other whole names so he just picked a word of the top of his head.