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Chapter 1: Welcome to Maiami City

From the horizon of the glorious Maiami City, there was an empty bus stop out of downtown from the city. The bus stop stands empty with no passengers to drop off until a public bus came to a halt. The doors hissed open and two footsteps hit the ground before the bus moves out of to reveal a girl was drop off at the stop. She was practically fifteen-years-old with blue eyes and medium-length deep forest green hair tied in low pigtails. She wore jeans with brown ankle boots and a black jacket vest that goes over her black striped long sleeve shirt. She also has a drop leg holster for her Duel disk that resembles a lot like how firearms are holstered. She looks onward around her area to the city skylines.

"Welcome to Maiami City," the girl said, almost to herself. She walked out of the bus stop to look at the metropolitan city from a hill.

Her eyes set at the river connecting all the way to the ocean. The air breeze flew by her hair swaying at the winds. The city was buzzing with many things for her to do. She has to other things to do, like go to an address that her previous house sitter had sent her. It was a relative to who her 'mother' was in, so she could make out the view once she found herself a place to stay. She picks up her travel bag along with her backpack and starts walking down the street.

It wasn't long before she comes to a downtown area where people walk past her. The cars roll on the streets. Kids were playing at some designated playgrounds. It was common, but that's. it what made the town so special. What's been around the girl was so many advertisements for Dueling. Every building and billboard has so many advertisements for their Duel schools that run the entire town.

She had no idea of where she was going, but the city was brand new to her that she may be lost. Regardless, she reviewed her house. She walked on to get to her number apartment as she makes her way towards a street around the corner. As she turned to the other side—


She and the other person crashed with each other, dropping her bags, and spilled her stuff everywhere on the floor.

"Oh no!" She makes a disgusted sound. "Watch where you're going, you idiot! Now, look what you've done!" She frantically picks up her stuff on the ground. "You shouldn't be bumping into someone like that."

"Oh, I'm sorry! I wasn't looking alright!" The voice sounded like a boy around her age. "Here, let me help…" The boys help down to pick up the rest of the goods that were on the ground. She dusts off a few pebbles from her book before she stands up and saw that the stranger had finished picking up some of her items. He was a practically around her age, a young teenage boy with spiky, crimson red, and green hair mixed on top with one spike pointing upwards. He wore a pair of gold goggles over his head with the right lens having a blue star.

"Here…" The boy offered her some books she dropped. She reluctantly takes them without saying anything and shoves them in her traveling bag. The boy noticed something on her. He was looking at her duel disk holster on her left leg.

"You're a duelist, aren't you?" the boy asked. The girl took notice and look at her duel holster before shrugging.

"Yep, I'm just passing by, nothing more." said the girl. She looks at the boy in front of her and saw that his eyes were also crimson red just like his hair.

"What were you doing, bumping into someone like that?" she asked.

"I was uh…" the boy trailed off, starting to look down. She happens to notice his sudden depressing face and started to ask, "Why are you sad?"

"Huh?" said the boy.

"I can tell by the sighing and by that look in the eyes of yours." said the girl. "Most people usually excuse themselves when they bump into another person, but you looked dim, what's the matter?"

"It's nothing really." the boy immediately dismissed the issue, but he can't let it go. "I'm sorry for bumping into you, so bye." He then quickly runs off, leaving the girl alone with nothing to consider. She frowned at his stubbornness.

"Geez, what's his problem?" she scolded. She bends over to pick up her travel bag when an object reflected something on the ground. "What's this?" she inquired. She picks it up and finds that she found what appears to be a jewelry but not just any kind; it was a pendant. She pondered that this doesn't belong to her, so she assumed that it must be the boy she bumped into. She examines the beauty of the jewel. Normally, a finder's keeper rule would apply, but she looks back to the direction where the boy just ran off.

"Hey, wait!" the girl called to the boy.

The boy was retreating from all the pressure that he had to go through back at the You Show Duel school. He was retreating himself to somewhere in the opening, a bridge where he can make out the view of Maiami City. He stopped when he makes it to the bridge. He was about to pick up his pendant from his neck when he noticed that it was gone. He lay his hands flat on his chest to find any solid feeling of his pendant, but it was gone.

"Ah! My pendulum!" he gasped, searching his pockets or his shirt. "Where is my pendulum?!" He panicked searching frantically for his pendant.

"Hey, boy!" A loud girl's voice called to him. He turns around and finds the same girl he bumped into running toward him. She breathes heavily from exhaustion, due to carrying two bags in her. "The next time… you bump into someone… don't forget your belongings." She panted, dropping her bags and picks out the pendant from her pocket. The boy notices the pendant the girl was holding.

"Where did you found that?" he asked.

"I found it on the ground where you hit me," she explained, jabbing her thumb back at the street. "I was about to keep it, but it would be rude for someone like you who is getting sappy, and you run really fast."

"I wasn't getting sappy, but…" He stretched his hand out for the pendant. "Thanks anyway…" He takes the pendant and looks at it to make sure that it was not damaged. While he was staring at the jewel, the girl was looking at him.

"That's a beautiful pendant by the way," she commented the boy's pendant.

"Huh? Oh, thanks." the boy replies back, looking at the pendant with nostalgic.

"Where did you get it?" she asked.

"It belonged to my dad."

"Your dad?" The girl asked again, taking a seat by the railing.

"Yeah. My Dad," he smiled wanly in memory of his father.

"What's his name?"

"His name was Yusho Sakaki," The boy revealed.

"Yusho Sakaki?"

"Yeah. He was the greatest Entertainment Duelist that everyone has ever known. He always things that amazes the people and he was the greatest dad I ever had," the boy smiled with some reminiscing He turned back to the girl. "Have you heard of him?"

"Nope," said the girl.

The boy grew shocked when he found out that she does not know who Yusho Sakaki is. "What, you mean...you don't know who Yusho Sakaki is?" The boy inquired.

"For the record, I just got here like… ten minutes ago," the girl clarified. The boy paused reluctantly, figuring out what makes her not know about Yusho. "But hearing that from you would say he must be a genius for someone who can do tricks." she commented.

"Of course, he is." The boy turned to her on the railing. "By the way, what's your name?" he asked.

"Yasuko," the girl answered. "Yasuko Yukihana." The girl introduced her name to the boy. "What's yours?" she asked for the boy's name and he reply.

"Yuya. Yuya Sakaki," the boy introduces himself.

"Sakaki? So, if you're Sakaki, does that mean that you are Yusho Sakaki's son?"

Yuya smiled, nodding his head as a confirmation of his identity. "Yes I am," said Yuya.

"For someone who believes in Entertainment. I'd say you're not much of a looker," Yasuko commented blankly.

Yuya was caught on and started to get insulted. "What do you mean I'm not a looker?" Yuya inquired, gesturing his hands.

"I'm not saying that you're ugly or anything, I'm just saying that because I feel like it," Yasuko said blankly.

Yuya looks at her incredulously. "I kind of find that insulting," Yuya assumed.

"I don't make an insult unless it appears to be insulting." Yasuko blows bang from the side of her hair. "But on to the more important part: what were you running away from?"

Yuya found that to be a misunderstanding question as he tries to settle the reason. "I'm not running away. I just need to get away from things," he excused.

"That's running away, bub," Yasuko replied, disbelief about his real problem. "Just out with it. What's wrong? You know problems are always gonna follow until you scrape them out of your shoe," she asked him the same question since she got here. "I can separate the lies from the truth, boy." Yuya looks down even more, understanding that she isn't going anywhere unless he confessed what was wrong.

"It's… it's just that, I've been asked to go and duel Strong Ishijima, the Sledgehammer." Yuya started to answer her question.

"Who's he?" Yasuko asked.

"What?" Yuya was even more surprised when Yasuko dismissed the identity of Strong Ishijima. "You mean you never heard of the Sledgehammer?"

Yasuko puckered her cheeks and frowns at Yuya. "Weren't you listening?" Yasuko questioned firmly. "I left the bus stop several minutes ago and the next thing, you happened to come by, bumped me and now you're telling me who Sledgehammer is? My God, this town is just getting crazy," she complained.

Yuya stroked a ping, suddenly recalled the moment where he first met her. He chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his head. "Ooops, sorry about before, I guess I was in the mood," Yuya excused. "But seriously, you really never heard of him?"

"Does the word, "I don't know," mean anything to you?" Yasuko questioned. Yuya nodded to give her a get understandable agreement.

"I guess so…" Yuya then hops over to take a seat at the railing as he explained the whole story. "You see, three years ago, Strong Ishijima challenged my dad to see who the greatest duelist champion is. My dad always duels with the skills of performing amazing tricks, magic, and even circus acting. He was a Dueltainer. The best Dueltainer that everyone admires. One day, Strong Ishijima. challenged him to a duel, but…" Yuya paused there, not wishing to recall the exact moment of his life where things went downhill from there.

"But what? Did something happen?" Yasuko asked, wishing to learn more about his father.

"He disappeared three years ago…" Yuya revealed. "He never came back. He was gone for good."

Yasuko seems to be understanding something like this. She sees the son missed his father. She could see his hands clasping together, fitting its grip as if this was a burden to him. "Is he dead?" Yasuko inquired, getting a shock expression from his face.

"What are you saying?! Of course, he's not dead!" Yuya exclaimed.

Yasuko held her hands in defense. "Hey, that's what I'm assuming, but if he isn't dead, then do you know where he is?"

Yuya shakes his head disappointedly. Sadly, Yuya doesn't even know where his dad went. "I don't know." Yuya stares out in the sea river where he could see the Duel Arena for famous championships and tournaments. "I don't even know where he's gone to. He just got out and vanished without a trace." Yasuko could see something like her experience. Yuya is not only depressed about his father, and this is a feeling that she had longed been taking.

"Don't worry about it Yuya," Yasuko reassures him. "Wherever he may be, he's still around somewhere and that is a good thing too."


"Well…" Yasuko looked at the other direction in curiosity. "For starters, you can have a father or a mother, but if you have many friends and foes, then you can continue to retain what you believe in. I'm sure that you might see him again."

"Yeah, you're right." Yuya started to look back at his pendant. "I believed in everything my father taught me, so I can't be sad for the exhibition match today."

"Exhibition match?" Yasuko inquired.

"Oh, right, I'm dueling the Sledgehammer, so that means…" As Yuya started to explain more about his match, he suddenly hit his head when he realized that he has his match with Strong Ishijima.

"Oh crap!" Yuya panicked, holding his head. "I forgot! Today's the match that I must match the Sledgehammer! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man, I'm late!" Yuya started to take pace to sprint back to his home. "I gotta go! It was nice meeting you, Yasuko! I'll see ya around!" Yuya concluded to the girl before he runs off to somewhere from the bridge.

All Yasuko can do was watching him speed away until he was nowhere to be seen, much to her dumbfounded look. Yasuko could only make out the possibility that her first person she met in this city was seriously weird. "What the hell was that about?" Yasuko asked, more likely herself.

A fter Yasuko met Yuya, she returns to her usual routine in finding the address she was supposed to live in until she graduates. She walks down a street that leads to the giant tower with the name 'LDS' in the top. She never knew how famous this town was for its dueling, but she ignores most of the things around her and wanted a place to sit and sleep for the day. So far, she wasn't having any luck to find her new home.

"My god, how hard is it to find address with no one knowing the place?" Yasuko complained, watching the billboards on top of her posted with various Duel monsters she does not know.

"I should've asked that Yuya boy about this location I was supposed to go," she complained to herself for not asking the boy she met. Yasuko stops by in front of a map on a bus station that had most of the streets and the names of the places that she needs to know. She draws her finger, examining the streets carefully to find the location of where she would be staying. While examining the streets, she draws her address to the one place where she was supposed to go.

"Bingo…" said Yasuko. She picks up her bags and walks off to follow the street that leads her to the address.

"Come on! Hurry! Yuya's probably at the stadium right now!" A cry of despair ringed her ears. She turns towards the sound and saw three people running past her.

First, there was a large man who wore an orange jumper jacket and red sweatpants, the second was another man with a red bandana around his forehead while wearing something that is more like to be a karate shirt and pants along with a pair of sandals that goes higher than the ground, and lastly, was someone that made a ping in her mind.

A young teenage girl came running past her. She had blue eyes and purple hair with two pink highlight bangs in front of her face.

"We're coming, alright!" the girl called, trying to keep in pace with the others.

Yasuko could only watch them hurrying up to somewhere that called a Dueling Arena. She was even more confused than before. First, she met this Yuya Sakaki and he proclaimed that he would be dueling the reigning champion, then there were a bunch of people running to somewhere in this city that had some kind of an arena. This was weird for her.

"Okay, what the hell's been going on around here?"

Yasuko took a while for the resident to even think about her arrival. She was standing in front of a house that is just like an apartment building. A typical roof and an ordinary door with windows for the second floor and there was a garden window on the second floor. She wrestles her bag around a small gate that leads her to the front door, knocking twice loudly.

"Hello? Is anyone home? It's me, Yasuko Yukihana, the transfer student." she announced her name. She waited for several minutes if there is anyone, but it may take a longer than expected. As she waited, she heard a door unlocking and someone opened the door.

It was a middle age woman with brown hair and hazel eyes, wearing a flower apron.

"Are you Ms. Luciana?" Yasuko asked. "Diana Luciana?" The woman, Diana, smiles at Yasuko have gives her a nod to confirm she is the person that she's staying.

"Yes, I am., Diana said. "And you must be the child that your grandparents sent, right? I heard that you were Yasuko Yukihana, and I went for the door."

"Yes, it's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Luciana." Yasuko picks up her bags and enters the house. She had some expectations of an ordinary house when she saw the outside, but on the inside, she was somehow surprised. The house had three couches settled in the living room with a dining table in the middle. A vase was full of flowers, a photo album book in the corner, and even a big screen TV.

"Wow, for someone who lives in an ordinary house, you happened to be a stylist, Yasuko commented.

"It's what I do best to keep myself roomy." Ms. Luciana smiled, "Anyways, you can leave your bag in the living room and rest up. I'm just about to make you some lunch because you had to walk all the way here."

"Thank you, Ms. Luciana, I appreciate it." Yasuko lifts one of her legs to remove her shoe lace from her ankle boots before she unlaced another one. She puts them aside with the rest of the shoes, removing her duel disk holster, and drops down at the couches like a sloth. She turns on the TV and starts to channel surf through various shows that are nothing good to watch.

"Man, I'm beat, I had some weird day for the rest of the week," Yasuko commented, stretching out her hand for the remote.

"How so?" Diana asked.

"There was this idiotic boy I bumped into today and spilled my bags all over," Yasuko recalled.

"Ouch, was it bad?"

"Not really, I could say that the boy was someone a nutjob for not looking at where he was going…" Yasuko paused, started to get onto the other side of the story. "But then… he was also sad when I first met him. I don't know what's his deal, but it had to do with something about his father disappearing three years ago…" Diana came back to the living room from the kitchen with a plate of sandwiches she had made for the girl.

"Disappeared. His father?"

"Yeah, Yusho Sakaki." From the name' Yusho Sakaki,' Diana suddenly gasped with her mouth opening wide enough for her to be a screamer.

"Yusho Sakaki, as in... Yusho Sakaki the Dueltainer!" Yasuko raised an eyebrow, growing more confused with this Dueltainer legend thing.

"Yeah..." Yasuko doesn't seem to care much about this guy Yuya mentioned earlier. "What's the big deal about it? He's just a pro-Duelist legend like everyone else."

"A big deal? You have no idea who Yusho Sakaki is?" Diana inquired.

"I don't really know much about him, so if you do, can you fill me in on who he is?" Yasuko demanded bluntly.

"Yusho Sakaki is the number one Dueltainer in the world." Diana said impressively. "He is the magician of the ARC system and the most talented man who ever lived." Diana opens a drawer and swapped a magazine. She throws it on the table for Yasuko to look at. She takes the magazine and held it in front of her to examine the man in the cover. She was astonished of who Yusho is. He was a very handsome man with black hair tinted in inky-green shading and a purple top hat with green goggles on the bottom side. Unlike Yuya's crimson red eyes, he has golden eyes, a slight mustache and goatee. He wore a red jacket and pants over an orange waistcoat.

"Wow… he's hot." Yasuko commented. She would've imagine if Yuya is an actual splitting image of his father, then she would be swooned over him.

"But so what? He's just a magician for dueling, those are really common for most of the time," Yasuko dismissed it and throws the magazine aside, continuing to watch TV. "I don't see the point in making it a legend, despite his looks."

"Well, that's too bad then," Diana sighed. "He vanished three years ago and left his wife along with his son."

"Yuya Sakaki?" Yasuko assumed. Diana was caught on by her prior knowledge.

"How'd you know that?"

"Because I've just met him," Yasuko admits her encounter with the boy.

"Oh, so have you heard about his match today?" Diana

"The exhibition match he talked about?" Yasuko inquired. "What's this exhibition match that's going on?"

"Oh, right… well, today, he's having a match with the current reigning champion of Maiami City, Strong Ishijima, the Sledgehammer." Diana looked at her clock. "And just to be on top of that, it's probably starting right now."

"Well, let's just see a duel for a change, I could get used to the customs here." Yasuko changed the channel one more time before she stops at the live feed of the dueling arena.

"You fans have been clamoring for this fuel and now, it's finally happening!" Yasuko listened to the man's announcement who is making his debut about the match setup. "Three years ago, the Dueltainer, Yusho Sakaki, failed to defend his title against Strong Ishijima, the Sledgehammer. Now, his son, Yuya Sakaki, will try to embrace that disgrace with a Duel." The spokesman, Nico Smiley, announced to the crowd about the duel.

"Well, this ought to be good…" said Yasuko, supporting her head with her elbow.

"A match between the son of Yusho Sakaki and Strong Ishijima, the Sledgehammer, I just hope the boy would be alright." Diana takes a seat next to her to watch the match.

"Alrighty then, let's get this grudge match underway." Nico Smiley announced as he draws his finger for a card to materials in his tips. "Time to activate the Field Spell, Castle of Chaos!" He raised his hand for the card to activate the Solid Vision arena. Lights illuminate the entire field with every square inch of the land being transformed before their very eyes.

"That's pretty awesome," Yasuko commented. She watched as she could see the entire field being transformed into the exact copy of the card. Strong Ishijima aka the Sledgehammer was being announced to the front of the crowd while Yuya was supposed to make an entrance; however, he did not show as he was as somehow absence.

"Oh dear…" Diana said worryingly. "I thought somehow this would turn out like this. He's just like his father, running away from something he cannot handle." Yasuko wanted to believe it until she spotted a clown sneaking behind Ishijima. She somehow finds this to be very intimidating before the Sledgehammer noticed this and been made of a fool to even see this coming. The clown reveals itself to be Yuya Sakaki in a clown costume.

"I can't believe he would do something like that…" Yasuko said irritably.

"Well, you know how Dueltainment works." Diana commented.

"No, I don't, so if you like, I need to know the basic duels around this town," Yasuko suggested. "I'm not too kin familiar with it."

"Why of course." Diana insisted. "I'd be happy to." Yasuko takes a sandwich while she watches the duel between Yuya and Strong Ishijima.

Yuya Sakaki (LP: 4000) (5x Cards)


Strong Ishijima (LP: 4000) (5x Cards)

"Well for starters, Action Duels are based on coordination between using the field to your advantage while searching for cards that are called Action Cards." Diana explained while watching Yuya taking his first turn.

Turn 1: Yuya

For his first move, Yuya takes off by grabbing onto a railing and rappels down while he summons Performapal Hip Hippo (ATK 800/DEF 800). A pink hippo with a magician's hat and a vest pops out to give Yuya a ride.

"Action Cards?" Yasuko asked.

Turn 2: The Sledgehammer

"Yeah, Action Cards are Spell and Trap Cards that are scattered everywhere across the field and Duelists must obtain those cards if they need to take their opponents by surprise." Diana continues to explain more about the art of Action Duels.

While Diana was talking about Action Duels, the Sledgehammer activates the Feast of the Wild LV5 Spell Card, allowing him to special summon two Level 5 Warrior-Type monsters from his hand, but their effects are negated, and they cannot attack, so he special summons Swamp Battleguard (ATK 1800/DEF 1500) and Lava Battleguard (ATK 1550/DEF 1800) in Attack Position. Two behemoth monsters, red and green, rose beside the Sledgehammer before falling in the sky. He makes them as tributes to a tribute summon to call out Battleguard King (ATK 3000/DEF 1100). When he summons the monster, the two Battleguard monsters disappeared before they materialized together to form a ginormous behemoth king that rose from the forest area with its giant club to smash even Yuya and his hippo.

"So, the goal is to find all of them, right?" Yasuko asked.

"Not quite." Diana corrected.

Strong Ishijima uses his Battleguard King to attack Hip Hippo. The monstrous behemoth raised its giant club in its palms and prepares to smash the poor hippo. Just as it was about to hit the hippo, Yuya swaps an Action Card called Evasion, which negates the attack. The hippo does a rolling side flip to dodge the attack while carrying Yuya on its back.

"Wow, he just used an Action Cards just like that?" Yasuko inquired, impressed over the usage of the Action Cards while taking another sandwich.

"Yeah, as I said, Action cards give you the advantage over your opponents if you can find them in the field." Diana continued. "That's how Action Duels work. It's like a scavenger hunt while dueling. The cards were scattered across the field, you find them, and you can use them."

"So, the more you have them, the more you can get to use them," Yasuko asked.

"Not really, there are a limited number of Action cards that a Duelist can obtain," Diana informed. "So, even if you managed to find one of them, you can't have more than one Action Card."

"Ohhh…" Yasuko was getting more knowledge about how these Action Cards work in Action Duels.

Battleguard King was tribute summoned using at least 1 "Battleguard" monster, so it can attack again if the attack target is a monster. Strong Ishijima makes Battleguard King Attack Hip Hippo again. The behemoth king raised its club once more to make a sudden smash for the hippo. It brought down the club with all its might and makes a giant dust storm that nearly blew the audience away.

"Then you can only have one Action Card then." Yasuko clarified. "Can you hold onto it until your next turn or does it have to be immediately?"

Yasuko saw Yuya running back on track with his Hip Hippo intact thanks to finding and activating another Action Card, Miracle, which prevents his monster's destruction by battle and halving the battle damage.

(Yuya: 4000 → 2900 LP)

The Sledgehammer sets a card face down and ends his turn.

"Of course, Action Spell Cards are like Spell Cards, they can be added to the hand, and be used whenever you feel it's necessary," Diana explained.

Turn 3: Yuya

Yuya draws a card and explains Hip Hippo special effect, which treats itself as two monsters for the count of a Tribute Summon. He sends his hippo running off the pillar runway to make a tribute summoning. Yuya summons his most priced ace-in-the-hole monster, the Odd-Eyes Dragon (ATK 2500/DEF 2000). Yuya summons a dragon that doesn't have wings, but a slim scaly beast with a predominate magenta body, red armor, cream bones on the bones and heterochromia eyes; the left was red while the rightness green.

Upon the summoning of —maybe—most beautiful beast she had ever seen, Yasuko halts her hand on taking another piece of her sandwich because she was seeing a dragon she somehow recognized it from before. Her mouth made a small gape as she saw the dragon. The way the eyes looked, it resembles something she has. She felt a small ping that rang through the back of her head. A ping that chimes like bells. All her eyes focused on the dragon that Yuya summoned.

"That dragon…" she whispered. "Odd-Eyes? What the hell …?" She kept her eyes at Odd-Eyes Dragon in a trance-like state that Diana noticed how she was ignoring her explanation about Action Duels.

"Yasuko...Yasuko." Diana snapped Yasuko out of her thoughts as she shakes her head a bit to get back.

"Huh, yeah what?"

"Are you listening?" Diana asked.

"Oh um… yeah." Yasuko nodded, taking her another piece of her sandwich, and focusing back on the duel. She watched Yuya activating a spell card, Wonder Balloons, which allows him to send cards from his hand to the Graveyard to place a counter on it. He scouts ahead to find three Action Cards and sends them to the Graveyard, placing three counters on it. Yuya then activates the second effect of Wonder Balloons.

By sending it to the Graveyard, he can target Battleguard King to lose 1000 ATK points for every counter placed on it until the end of the turn. Yuya sends the card to the graveyard and three Wonder Counters pops around Battleguard King, which traps it in a balloon body, rendering it useless without its ATK points.

(Battleguard King: ATK 3000 → ATK 0/DEF 1100).

"Looks like this could end the show with a bang," Yasuko commented.

"How so?" Diana asked.

"If this dragon could deal a direct damage to Strong Ishijima, then he may not only lose 2500 LP, but he'll lose more if that beast has an ability that could give him a short victory." Yasuko calculated the possible idea of where this duel will end.

"I guess you did the math correctly, huh?" Diana inquired.

"I guess so…" Yasuko shrugged.

Diana started to explain more about what Entertainment Duel is while Yuya makes his move by attacking Battleguard King with his Odd Eyes. Trapped in the Wonder Balloons, the beast stood no chance compared to the attack points and the dragon fires a red spiraling beam at Battleguard King. The beast seemed to be gone in the explosion, but to their surprise, the behemoth remains intact thanks to the Action Card, Miracle.

(The Sledgehammer: 4000 → 2750 LP).

"Damn, he was just so close, yet Strong man Ishijima is one step ahead." said Yasuko, eating the last piece of a sandwich.

"He is known to be the reigning champion so far." Diana commented.

The Sledgehammer activates his face-down, the Battleguard Rage Trap Card as he took battle damage, it increases Battleguard King's ATK by 2000 (Battleguard King: 0 → ATK 2000/DEF 1100).

Because of this, Yuya ends his turn and the effects of Wonder Balloon wears off, giving the monster back its original ATK.

(Battleguard King: 2000 → ATK 5000/DEF 1100).

Turn 4: The Sledgehammer

With all its ATK returned, the Sledgehammer can attack Odd-Eyes Dragon with his Battleguard King. Yuya and Odd-Eyes breaks off to find an Action Card before the behemoth king can destroy the dragon. Yuya spotted somewhere in the field and tried to get the Action Card, but the attack from Battleguard King clobbers Odd-Eyes with its club before he can get the card

(Yuya: 2900 → 400 LP).

Yasuko would cringe at his attempt if she gives him credit for trying.

Because of Battleguard Rage, Odd-Eyes Dragon returns to Yuya's hand instead of going to the Graveyard, but the Sledgehammer activates Battleguard Magic, a spell card that increases his LP equal to half of the ATK of the monster that was returned to the hand. Odd-Eyes had only 1250 ATK, which regains the Sledgehammer its original LP from the start.

(The Sledgehammer: 2750 → 4000 LP).

The Sledgehammer placed a face-down card and ends his turn. Yasuko could've imagined what this would do to the boy. She gives him her utmost sympathy for his efforts to defends his father's honor.

"And with that, it's game over," Yasuko remarked before getting off the couch, looking down at Diana. "I'm going to my room, alright Ms. Luciana," said Yasuko.

Diana nodded, understanding that watching this Duel is utterly pointless if he doesn't make a comeback with whatever he has left in his hand.

"Alright then…" Diana picks up the plate and returns to the kitchen to clean up.

Turn 5: Yuya

While the T.V was on, Yasuko walks back around the couch to grabs her things to placed them back up in the room where she was supposed to be sleeping in. She picks up her traveling bag and was about to grab her backpack when something happened at this point.

One of her backpack pockets was starting to make a bright glow. Yasuko seems to notice the glow from the inside of the backpack pocket.

"What the…" Yasuko drops her travel bag and takes out whatever was glowing in her backpack. She finds what was glowing and pulls out her crystal keychain. The keychain was a bit chipped but retains its firm solid crystal and it was blinking on and off like a car alarm blinking its headlights. The light kept blinking on and off for the unknown reason.

"My keychain… it's glowing?" Yasuko wondered. She never saw the crystal blinking like this before. It was just a piece of jewelry that's been with her since she can't remember. Yasuko kept her eyes at the keychain until she heard something on the TV screen. "I'll use Scale 1 Stargazer Magician and Scale 8 Timegazer Magician to set the Pendulum Scale!" Yasuko turned back to see something amazing as it is.

Yuya suddenly makes an epic comeback with two monsters, Stargazer Magician (Scale 1) and the Timegazer Magician (Scale 8) to summon not just one, but multiple monsters from his hand. Three monsters appearing in the field are Performapal Whip Snake (ATK 1700/ DEF 900), Performapal Sword Fish (ATK 600/DEF 600) and a newly evolved Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (ATK 2500/ DEF 2000).

When Yuya made more than just one summoning, Yasuko was shocked. The sledgehammer had him cornered and now, he was able to make a recovery to make a counterattack.

"What the?" Yasuko inquired.

Yasuko was between shock and amazed at this summons. She had never seen anyone making multiple summonses at the same time and the new Odd Eyes is something her gives her a shiver in her spine. She has no words to speak about as her crystal keychain glows down from the blinking.

How do you think about this? It's not going to be catching all the duels, it's only by the audience of the character or what she sees, so this story won't have all of the duels because that would be too much. I'm only gonna focus on mostly duels with the deuteragonist, so that way, it'll be simple and sweet. Anyways, I hoped you enjoy taking the time to read this. I know it's a bit long, but I just pound the keyboard until it is satisfying enough.

Stay tuned.