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Arc League Championship — Chapter 42: The Student Master; Yasuko Yukihana vs. Melania Herman Part 1

Yasuko has been waiting for this moment with Melania. It was itching her like rashes since she entered the Arc League Championship. After a few matches between the best duelists, the second round of the tournament is ending with Yasuko getting what she wanted; a rematch with Melania Herman.

Towards the end of the second round for the Arc League Championship, a day after Zuzu's second victory from her duel against Micky Naname, Yasuko has been taking the extra time to train Yuya about Xyz Summon. She still holds on to Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, but she isn't going to give Yuya Dark Rebellion until he can master the Xyz Summon technique without going berserk. She thinks that Yuya needs a lot of training during the tournament because of Yuya's split personality disorder.

After conquering his Fusion Summon, she feels that Yuya is ready to take his Entertainment Dueling to the next level by incorporating Xyz Summon into his deck. She lends Yuya the easiest Xyz monsters that she has in her deck to practice on, knowing the fundamentals of Xyz Summon. So far, they've been having a mock duel all morning to the afternoon because Yasuko's second match isn't until the end of the day.

Back to the same isolated park where Yasuko first trained Yuya on his Fusion Summon, both duelists have a mock duel. Yasuko had her monsters already on the field. It was the first time that Yuya's experiencing what her new deck was like during the time at the Frontier Games.

Yasuko's field is dominating the mock duel. She has Mythical Beast Jackal King (ATK 2400/DEF 1600) (Spell Counters: 4), Magister of Endymion (ATK 1500/DEF 900) (Spell Counters: 2), and Mythical Beast Medusa (ATK 1500/DEF 1500) (Spell Counters: 2) on her field, and there are two Pendulum monsters in her Pendulum Zone: Dragonpulse Magician (Scale 1) and Dragonpit Magician (Scale 8).

Yuya is practicing how to Xyz Summon before he can use Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon. Yuto entrusts him to use Dark Rebellion to make people smile, and that's what he's going to do. He felt that maybe he wasn't ready to use Dark Rebellion if he flips out again. He doesn't want to lose control of what he was doing in his duel.

Yuya has his two signature magicians in his Pendulum Zone: Stargazer Magician (Scale 1) and Timegazer Magician (Scale 8), and two monsters in his field: Performapal Gold Fang (ATK 1800/DEF 700) and Performapal Camelump (ATK 800/DEF 1800). He takes a breath, letting in the cool air breathe into his lungs before making his move. "Now, I take my level 4 Performapal Silver Claw and Camelump to build the Overlay Network!" Yuya declared.

At once, the gold wolf and the camelump transforms into two light brown beams. The two lights flew up in the air like a rocket before descending down into the galaxy portal underneath Yuya's feet. Once the lights entered the portal, the galaxy wormhole shoots a bright light up the sky.

"I Xyz Summon Gagaga Cowboy!" Yuya Xyz Summons Gagaga Cowboy (ATK 1500/DEF 2400) in Attack Position. The bright beam reveals the cowboy with a long maroon shawl cloak behind him, wearing a yellow jacket and black pants as he wields two light green gauntlets that had two revolvers.

Yasuko was impressed with Yuya's improvement in his Xyz Summon. Unlike with their Fusion lesson before the Arc League, Yuya has been determined to incorporate Xyz Summon into his Entertainment Duel.

The boy was astonished that he was able to do the Xyz Summon without going berserk. "Wow! I did it!" he cheered. "I actually did it this time!"

"Yeah, it's like the fifth time you've done it," said Yasuko. "Plus, those are my cards that you're practicing, so don't forget to give them back when we're done."

"You got it," Yuya replied cheerfully.

For the next hour and a half, Yasuko helps Yuya understand the basics of Xyz Summon. Though, the idea of Rank-Up-Magic is something that is outside of Yasuko's field. The more they practice Xyz Summon, the better Yasuko understands Yuya's deck. It's a mix and match of cards that seem to coordinate in different situations. If he continues to train with her more on the Extra Deck techniques, then, someday, he'll start learning how to Synchro Summon before he reaches to the semi-finals.

"Okay, good," Yasuko called. "Now, let's see if we can try this again."

As they were training, the duel was interrupted by someone calling out to Yasuko. "So, this is what you were doing, Yasuko."

Yuya and Yasuko stop dueling to turn around, facing the blond girl who caught Yuya off by surprise. Upon

"Melania Herman?!" Yuya gasped, straightening his shirt down to look better in front of her.

Melania seems to be looking at Yuya from the top of his red and green hair to the orange sneakers below his green cargo pants. "Hey there," she greeted. "You must be Yuya Sakaki, the duelist who discovered Pendulum Summon that everyone's been talking about?"

"Uh, yeah…" said Yuya, feeling nervous in front of the blond girl.

Melania places a hand on her hip, "I never get to introduce myself, but I think you probably know who I am, right?" Melania guessed.

Yuya gives Melania a bright beam on his face. "Yeah," he smiled. "Ever since you made the headlines from the Frontier Games, I've been working extra hard to get myself an invite to the Frontier Games, and it all starts when I work my way up to the Arc League Championship."

"Sounds like it's an ambition right there," said Melania. She takes a brief glance at Yuya before looking at Yasuko. "I'd take it; you're teaching him how to Xyz Summon?"

"Yep," said Yuya. "Yasuko's been helping me how to Xyz Summon so that I can become stronger."

Yasuko saw how Melania raises an eyebrow of interest. She knows that Melania is working on something that could do something terrible for either her or for Yuya. Either way, she is keeping on eye on her.

"Oh, so Yasuko's teaching you Xyz Summon?" Melania inquired, giving off a smirk that Yasuko doesn't like to see. "That's very interesting. You, teaching Yasuko how to Pendulum Summon, and Yasuko teaching you the Extra Deck Summons? You don't see two people learning one's strengths and weaknesses at the same time."

Yuya scratches the back of his head with embarrassment. "Actually, I'm not teaching Yasuko anything," he said. "It just so happens that she did it all on her own without my help."

"Oh, really?" Melania questioned. "Well, I happen to wonder, what if Yasuko ever told you that she had another one just like you."

Yuya blinks in surprise. At first, he thought that Yasuko wouldn't teach anyone else the Extra Deck summon. There was no way Yasuko could've taught another person. "Uh, I don't think Yasuko's the type who would want to teach anyone unless it is something important," he said.

Yasuko doesn't like how the blond girl was making a small humming noise as if she's pretending to be interested. The way how Melania is treating Yuya like he's a celebrity shows her that the blonde girl is planning something.

"Are you sure?" Melania asked Yuya. "I mean, Yasuko was in the Horyuji Dueling Club three years ago when she was in the Frontier Games."

Yuya's eyes widened, surprised that someone like Melania Herman actually knows Yasuko. "Wait," he called. "You knew Yasuko?"

"Know her?" Melania inquired. "Why, we went to the Frontier Game together."

And at that moment, Yuya's eyes grew wide. He was looking at Yasuko, expecting her for answers. He was practically dumbfounding. "What!?" he gasped. "You know Melania Herman?!"

Yasuko knew that she cannot hold the secret any longer and discloses the details regarding her past encounter with Melania. "Yes," she confirmed. "We met when we were in the Tokyo Regional Frontier Games." The girl can see how shocked Yuya is when he is looking at her as if she was the most amazing thing she is to be sighted.

"What?!" Yuya gasped deeply.

"Oh, we go way back," said Melania. "In fact, it was she who taught me how to use the Extra Deck."

Yuya was practically losing his mind right now, trying to process the idea that Yasuko taught Melania Herman everything that he is learning from her. He couldn't believe that Yasuko was the one who taught Melania everything, including how to use the Extra Deck Summons.

The boy turns to the girl. "Yasuko, is that true?" Yuya asked.

Yasuko's eyes narrowed at Melania. She figures that Melania wants to get Yuya to turn against her. She is preparing for this moment since she started teaching Yuya the Extra Deck techniques. It was inevitable that Yuya will betray her the same way that Melania betrayed her during the Tokyo Regional Frontier Games.

"Yes," Yasuko confirmed.

There was no point in hiding the secret from Yuya anymore. If Melania wants to make Yuya turn on her, then so be it. She expects Yuya to do the same thing on her. It wasn't her choice to make in the first place.

"You mean…" said Yuya. "You…you taught Melania the Extra Deck summons?"

"More than that," Melania added. "She taught me everything about dueling."

Yasuko does not need to look at Yuya because she was expecting to see the shocking facial expression. "Almost everything," she corrected.

"True," Melania proved.

Melania was starting to give Yasuko a similar gaze that she was using. "Be honest, do you think Yuya has the right to know?" she questioned. "That you've been holding out on some of the secrets that only you may know?"

Yasuko's eyes narrowed even further, feeling insulted by Melania's words. "I don't need to have anyone telling me how I teach someone," she responded. "I'm only teaching him how to use the Extra Deck because he wanted to know how to use them in his Entertainment Duel."

"Is that your reason?" Melania inquired. "I mean, c'mon, you had to have a good reason why you are teaching this guy." She points at Yuya. "Did he caught your attention because of Pendulum? Or was it something that you are contradicting."

The two girls are locked in a glaring contest, looking at each other to read what their thoughts are. What Melania doesn't know is that Yasuko does have a reason why she is teaching Yuya how to utilize the Extra Deck methods. She isn't sure if Yuya is ready to hear what she has to say. Then again, he should hear her out.

"As much as I want to talk like the good old days, I'd better get going," said Melania. "I'd be expecting you for our fated rematch, so please don't be late." The blonde girl swishes her hair and turns around to walk away from both Yuya and Yasuko.

The two duelists remain in the same spot for about seven minutes, watching the view of the blond girl disappear behind the hills. Yuya faces Yasuko as questions start to pop in his head. He isn't sure what to say right now. All he can think of is that Yasuko taught Melania Herman how to use the Extra Deck methods before him.

The bus ride back to the LDS Stadium took about ten minutes. Throughout the ride, Yuya never spoke to Yasuko, unsure of how to respond. He thought that he would be the only one who can master all three Extra Deck methods from Yasuko, but to believe that she taught someone before himself is something that he needs to know.

Yasuko and Yuya both walk back to the stadium with the girl keeping her head up to be confident enough for the fated rematch. Her brain is now thinking of only her rematch with Melania Herman. As she was lost in thought, Yuya calls her name to get her attention.

"Yasuko," Yuya called. "I need to know."

Yasuko turns to Yuya, who was giving him a look. "What?"

Yuya takes a deep breath before asking, "Why'd you agreed to teach me in the first place?"

Yasuko raises an eyebrow. She never expects Yuya to be straightforward with her. She slows down to hear what Yuya wanted to know. "Why did I agree to teach you the Extra Deck methods?" she inquired. She takes a long thought to think of the reason why she is teaching Yuya the Extra Deck techniques. She has a reason why she is teaching Yuya how to use the Extra Deck summons, just need to clarify it a bit more.

"Because you wanted to use them in your Entertainment Duel," Yasuko answered.

"Stop lying to me," Yuya rebuked. "I didn't know that you taught Melania how to use the Extra Deck, and then, you suddenly know her."

Yasuko stops at her tracks, giving Yuya a heavy sigh of annoyance. "Is that more important than what I'm teaching?" she questioned.

"Yes," Yuya confirmed. He takes a long look at Yasuko's blue eyes. "Yasuko, I don't think you've been quite honest with me until now." He breathes deeply before declaring his question again, "I have to know, why did you agree to teach me in the first place?"

For a moment, Yasuko turns to the lush green bush in the park that takes her to the place of the Action Field with no Action Cards while memories come back to her head. Yasuko can remember precisely how it went down. The bush gives her a flashback to the field setting where thick vines are sticking on the sixty-foot stone walls that surrounds the younger Yasuko Yukihana and the younger Melania Herman. They were practically running away from the other duelists who believe that they are weak, dueling against other opponents. Her opponents have stronger monsters than either of their monsters, but it was all thanks to Yasuko's quick thinking and Melania's quick reaction that made them an unbeatable team.

The more they beat their opponents, the higher they are getting to advance to the main event. She and Melania were taking a short break on one of the stone walls to catch their breaths. Every time people went in and dueled them, Yasuko would always take the opportunity to teach Melania the Extra Deck techniques. Melania was the first person that Yasuko can rely on. They may go to different schools, but there was a bond that Yasuko never felt.

Yasuko felt that it was time for Yuya to know something that she knows only for herself. "I do have my reasons why I'm teaching you, but I still have trouble coping with you learning in my ways because I feel that, one day, you'll start to become like Melania." She takes a long look at Yuya. "So, let me ask you this, Yuya Sakaki, what do you plan on doing once I've completed your training?"

Yuya takes the question into his heart. He was taking a deep thought of what he wants when he completes his third Extra Deck Summon. He knows in his heart that he wanted to be the best Entertainment Duelist and to make Yasuko smile, but then, he thought back of his process. He has Fusion Summon, and now he is working on his Xyz Summon, but eventually, he will learn how to Synchro Summon. At the same time, however, Yuya has been questioning himself, what does he want to do once he completes the Extra Deck Summon?

At the end of the day, the time has come for Yasuko to have her fated rematch with Melania Herman. The whole stadium was going to watch Yasuko's match. They were very excited. They want to see the duelist who can Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Pendulum Summon brawl with the youngest winner of the Frontier Games. It was a match that no one could not ignore.

"Alright then!" Nico Smiley announced in the loudspeaker, telling how excited he is for the crowd. "For the end of the second round is the match that you are all going to be thrilled!" He turns on the monitor screen to show everyone the opponents for the end of the second bout.

"May I present to you, Yasuko Yukihana of the You-Show Duel School, the aspiring star duelist of unknown who can Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Pendulum Summon!" Nico announced. "And the last winner of the Tokyo Regional Frontier Games, the one and only youngest genius of this dueling era, Melania Herman of the Alethia Academy!"

The crowd was going wilder to see the winner of the Tokyo Regional Frontier Games. The screaming cheers of the audience from the stands are screeching loud like speakers. Even the You-Show are excited to see the two best duelists in the arena.

"I can't believe it!" Allie squealed. "It's actually Melania Herman! She's going to duel in the Arc League Championship!"

"This is going to be a battle feast buffet!" Frederick screamed excitedly. "Just seeing Melania here in the Leo Stadium is making me get the shivers!"

Despite how thrilled Allie and Frederick are to see the winner of the Frontier Games, Tate is siding with Yasuko because she is one of them. "Hey, don't forget," he reminded. "We're here for Yasuko."

"I know, but it's just…Melania's a superstar!" Allie can't hold her excitement, looking the blonde girl with such sparkle from her eyes. "She was the youngest person to ever win the Frontier Games, and it was a hard event!"

"Yeah!" Frederick exclaimed. "I was so excited for both of them!"

Yuya turns to the three kids. "I can't wait to see how this duel will turn out," he said. "I'm definitely going to cheer on for Yasuko."

Zuzu is looking at Yasuko with mixed emotions. She was grateful for the girl to make it in the second round, but then she is dueling against her idol duelist. "But to see Melania and Yasuko duel against each other," her mouth pursed, indecisive on who to root for. "I can't decide."

"It is a difficult choice," said Shuzo, a little worried for Yasuko. His eyes are trained at the blond girl. "Yasuko Yukihana is the best duelist that we've got, but Melania Herman is the youngest duelist to ever win the Tokyo Regional Frontier Games. She became the main idol for every young duelist at her age. Some say that she is a prodigy, and despite not being of the pro herself, she is still going for the pros and earn her place, and you'll all about to find out why."

The high energetic atmosphere is phasing around Yasuko like she was a rock in the winds of the noise. It doesn't bother her anymore. As the forest green-haired girl enters the arena, Melania is joining in the big glass floor with her blonde hair swaying behind her head.

With the fire burning inside, Yasuko is ready to take on the blond girl standing across from her.

While Yasuko glares at Melania, the girl makes a small casual smile. "Just like the Frontier Games, huh?" she asked. "Brings back old memories?"

Yasuko frowns at the girl. "How can I forget?" she inquired. "And you're forgetting one rule, Melania: never underestimate your opponents."

Melania snorts. "Of course," she replied. "You taught me to do that."

"And right before you backstabbed me just so to earn yourself a rank," Yasuko added, spilling venom on her sentence like a snake.

"Such harsh words," said Melania. "I hope you are ready for a second beatdown."

"And I hope you better get ready for an ass whooping," Yasuko countered. "Cuz I'm going to beat you the same way that you beat me."

"They look ready to get this show underway!" Nico starts to turn the Action Field. "And the field that they are going to play in is…" The Action Card spins faster until it stops to pop out of the bubble to reveal the Action Field Spell: Utopia. "Looks like the field is going to take this to the highest level of all Action Field Spell, Utopia, activates!"

The black bland glass arena transforms the entire stadium into a land of paradise. The mountain ranges are alabaster to mix on the horizon. There is a lake in the middle of the mountains. The real astonishment lies in the floating cities that are like centuries ahead in the future. The floating city hovers above the two duelists in the middle of the open area surrounded by a mixture of white and blue flowers. A castle was placed near the mountain ranges while the floating cities hover above the forest area of the field.

Everyone was taken at the sight of the field. It was like watching a different city on another planet.

"Wow," said Allie, tranced by the sight of the Action Field. "It looks so beautiful."

"Now this is something out of a sci-fi movie," Tate said in awe, looking at the floating cities.

"It looks so beautiful that it's giving me shivers," Frederick breathed, making shivering motions in response to the sight of the field.

The winds blow Yasuko's forest green hair to make her remove some strays and bangs. "The time for action is now," she said.

Melania seemingly agreed with her. "Then, we shall see." And so, the blond girl takes out her blue duel disk from her back holster and attaches it to her left arm and activates it to allow the neon-green blade to flow out.

In response, Yasuko takes out her forest green duel disk from her drop-leg holster and throws it in the air before letting her left wrist catch it to attach itself to the device while the blue blade glows out from it.

With two duelists ready, they can now begin the match.

"Two duelists locked in an epic battle of judgment and retribution." Melania began.

"As our monsters soar high in the skies!" Yasuko chanted.

"And fight onto the field of battle!" Melania added.

"Behold! The greatest evolution of dueling has begun!" They chorused. "Action…"


Yasuko Yukihana (LP 4000)


Melania Herman (LP 4000)

"DUEL!" The Action Card bubble bursts in the air to rain down cards all over the field. With the Action Cards set, the two duelists can begin their fated rematch.

Turn 1: Yasuko (5x cards)

The blond girl turns her eyes to the crowd with a deadpanning expression. "Kinda like the Regional Frontier Games, huh?" she inquired. "It feels like it was yesterday."

Yasuko is sure to be having flashbacks to the final hour of her day at the Tokyo Regional Frontier Games.

On the day of the preliminaries, Yasuko remembered how she and Melania would always watch each other's back during the event. More duelists would pop out of nowhere to duel either one of them. Earning points together after beating one opponent in a blue. The girls were unstoppable. The attention of the crowd is focusing on multiple duels, so they're like ghosts in the tournament.

At the last hour, back to the middle of the clearing, Yasuko needed a break and took a seat at the end of the corner while Melania goes over to find more challengers. It wasn't sure how long the blond girl was out looking for more opponents, but when she returned, Melania ends up bringing back other duelists for her and Yasuko to take.

It was a drag, as Yasuko would say, and that the two duelists were in a seemingly endless battle against about fourteen to fifteen duelists. The cynical girl couldn't remember what the odds were, but the only that mattered was that Melania and Yasuko managed to earn a lot of points until they are tied up against each other.

Yasuko wasn't sure if who Melania is, but she trusts her to keep watch until the half-hour was up. And that's when things get sour between the two of them. Yasuko can never forget the day when she was out in the same clearing where she and Melania started with the other duelists, and the blond girl declared to duel her. At first, Yasuko thought that she was kidding, but Melania wasn't; she was serious. By taking up arms with her duel disk activated, Yasuko felt that she had no choice.

It was a good start for Yasuko. Of course, every acquaintance comes with betrayals. Yasuko felt it was wrong to be taking out someone who helped her come all the way to be victorious. Melania, on the other hand, didn't care. She wanted to beat Yasuko in a duel to earn her points to get in the Tokyo Regional Frontier Games. It took only one more turn for Melania to beat Yasuko, but it was only because of her exhaustion and her wavered spirit that let Melania lay down the final blow.

Yasuko should've seen it coming. She was so tired from dueling fifty people that Melania was the last one standing and when she claimed that she was only wanted to know how to use the Extra Deck summons. She was backstabbed by Melania because, out of all the duelists who know how to use the Extra Deck summons, Yasuko knows how to use all three of them simultaneously. Right in the same spot of the center of the maze where all of the junior duelists had begun. She saw how Melania was standing in front of her with her duel disk activated, declaring that she will defeat her. Yasuko hesitated because Melania was the first person that she made a connection until the last half hour that made them enemies up to the Arc League Championship. Yasuko never fought back hard because she had conflictions with Melania, but she held her own. She was about to deal the devastating blow until the timer runs out, and because of her lower life points, that got her kicked out of the Frontier Games.

Yasuko had never felt so devastated by Melania Herman and her cunning schemes. She didn't think that the blond girl who helped work her way up in the Tokyo Regional Frontier Games would end up betraying her at the spot after beating the other fifteen duelists. She thought Melania is trustworthy and kind, but in the end, Melania was only using her to get herself into the Frontier Games.

Yasuko shakes to her head to make sure that she is focused on Melania. "Just like old times," said Yasuko.

Melania's smirk starts to form on her face. "Oh, so you thought," she said.

"I lost because I had trusted you," said Yasuko. "This time, I'm gonna set you straight." Yasuko takes out two cards from her hand to start her turn. "I set the Pendulum Scale with my Scale 3 Magical Abductor and Scale 8 Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon!" she declared. "I'm going to show you how I control the duel right now!" And so, Yasuko sets her Magical Abductor (Scale 3) and Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon (Scale 8) to the Pendulum Zones, forming the rainbow "Pendulum" word on her blue disk blade.

The monsters that appear before Yasuko are the green-scaled dragon with bone armor encased on its scales, and the abductor mage with long silky, black hair that goes down to her waist, donning a kimono dress covered in black and flaming teal color schemes and a belt that has the spell counter on the buckle, wielding the long black scepter staff that has the spell counter on it.

Yasuko's pendulum monsters rose from the ground under the pillars of light as they stop to float in the air with their respective pendulum scale numbers underneath them.

"And there it is, folks!" Nico cheered from the microphone. "Looks like we're about to see some Pendulum action right here!"

The crowd was getting excited, but Melania was relatively relaxed about it. "Nice one," she commented. "You've managed to get pendulum cards of your own. I'm not surprised." She turns back to the crowd. "It's just like what you did when we were in the Frontier Games. You're always full of surprises, Yasuko."

Yasuko was not in contempt to let Melania get the best of her like three years ago. "But this time, it's different," she said. "And here's to the memory of our so-called partnership." She raises her hand to the abductor mage. "I activate Magical Abductor's pendulum effect!"

The spell counter inside of the scepter staff glows brightly to start its effect.

(Magical Abductor: Spell Counter 0 1)

Melania was surprised that the pendulum monster that was in Yasuko's Pendulum Zone. "What the? How'd she got a spell counter? You never activated a spell card," she accused.

"I guess it must've slipped my mind that Pendulum monsters aren'tPendulum monsters when they are in the Pendulum Zones, they're treated as spells," Yasuko explained, "and because of Magical Abductor's pendulum effect, each time a spell card is activated, she gains a spell counter."

The You-Show audience was also surprised by Yasuko's description. Tate was the first to realize something regarding Yasuko's cards.

"Oh, right!" Tate exclaimed. "Because Pendulum monsters aren't monsters when they are in the Pendulum Zones. They're treated as spell cards."

"So then," said Allie. "She was able to gain a spell counter just by activating them?"

"Right," Tate affirmed. "And because Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon was a pendulum monster, that means Magical Abductor was able to gain a spell counter."

Gongenzaka was astonished by the new information. "Of course," he said. "That means she can get to their effects quicker." He looks back to the arena. "That's a really powerful effect right there."

Yasuko takes out a card from her hand and activates the Spell Card: Sacred Sword of Seven Stars. "And from my hand, I activate the Spell, Sacred Sword of Seven Stars!" she declared. "This card lets me banish one level 7 monster from my field or hand to draw two cards!" She banishes the only level seven monster that is in her hand: Reflection of Endymion. "I banish my Reflection of Endymion to draw two cards!" She draws two cards from her deck. "And now, Abductor's pendulum effect activates!" Due to the pendulum effect of the abductor mage, she gains a spell counter since Yasuko activated a spell card.

(Magical Abductor: Spell Counter 1 2)

Yasuko was not done with her move yet. She activates the Spell Card: Spell Power Grasp. "Next, I activate the Spell card, Spell Power Grasp!" she exclaimed. "This card lets me target one face-up card that I control and then add one Spell Power Grasp from my deck to my hand, and place one spell counter on it!" A card ejects from her deck to allow Yasuko to add her second copy of her Spell Power Grasp. "I add my second Spell Power Grasp from my deck and then target Magical Abductor to gain a spell counter!"

Zuzu then realizes what Yasuko was aiming for. "And because of the Abductor's pendulum effect, she gains another spell counter," she verified.

Shuzo was looking up to Yasuko's pendulum monsters floating in the air. "This is incredible," he said. "Two spell counters mean more money lot for the pendulum monster."

Due to the effect of the abductor mage, the monster gains a spell counter.

(Magical Abductor: Spell Counter 3 4)

"Now, I activate Magical Abductor's pendulum effect, which allows me to remove three spell counters to add one Pendulum monster from my deck to my hand," said Yasuko.

The spell counter on the abductor mage's belt glows brightly to pay up the counters to activate its special effect.

(Magical Abductor: Spell Counter 4 1)

Yasuko chooses the card that she is looking for and adds Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon. "I add Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon!" she announced. "And now, with these two monsters, I can Pendulum Summon monsters between levels 4 and 7 simultaneously!" She raises her hand in the air to make her Pendulum Summon. "Hear my soul roaring upon thy! I call forth the energy of my heart to unleash the flame of solemnity from within! I Pendulum Summon! Bring forth, my monsters!" Yasuko Pendulum Summons Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon (ATK 2500/DEF 2000) in Attack Position.

"I Pendulum Summon Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon!" From the sky above Yasuko, a single beam of light shoots down to hit the ground to reveal Odd-Eyes Phantom, a dragon with navy blue scales encased with bone armor that has two long horns sticking out from the head with red and green orb implanted at the backbone. Odd-Eyes Phantom roars to life, echoing in the stadium.

"And Yasuko has done it!" Nico beamed. "Yasuko has pendulum summoned her best monster, Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon!"

The You-Show audience was giving the girl applause for showing them the Pendulum Summon.

"Alright!" Tate cheered. "There it is! Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon!"

"It's even cooler than before!" Allie smiled.

"I think my shivers are about to get started!" Frederick squealed.

While everyone was giving the loud applause, Yuya remains silent. He is still having doubts regarding what to do after his talk with Yasuko. He wants to know what Yasuko is going to do in this duel against Melania. He knows that Melania and Yasuko have a history, but he does not know the details between the two of them.

"Yasuko, what do you mean I'll start acting like Melania?" he asked himself.

Yasuko takes out two cards from her hand and then Sets them. "I Set two cards face-down, and I end my turn!"

Turn 2: Melania (5x cards)

Melania raises an eyebrow. "That's all?" she asked. "I'm starting to think you're not working on something explosive."

Yasuko straightens herself, glaring at Melania. "You'll find out something different about me."

Melania smirked. "Then I'll see to it," she said. "I draw!" Melania draws a card from her deck.

"And so will I!" Yasuko called. "I activate the Quick-Play Spell, Shared Ride!" Yasuko activates the Quick-Play Spell Card: Shared Ride. "After this card resolves, each time you add a card, I get to draw a card, which means my Magical Abductor's pendulum effect activates too." Since Yasuko activated a spell card, the spell counter on the scepter staff gives the abductor mage more counters.

(Magical Abductor: Spell Counter 1 2)

"Like that's going to stop me," Melania scoffed. She takes out a card to activate the Spell Card: Terraforming. "I activate the Spell, Terraforming!" she declared. "This card lets me add one Field Spell from my deck to my hand!" A card pops out from Melania's deck to let her add Mausoleum of White. "And I think I'll add Mausoleum of White."

Melania activated a spell card, so that means that the abductor mage's pendulum effect activates to gain a spell counter.

(Magical Abductor: Spell Counter 2 3)

"But I'm not just gonna add it, I'm activating it!" Melania activates the Field Spell Card: Mausoleum of White. The more that Melania activated spell cards, the more spell counters that Yasuko gains due to the pendulum effect of her abductor mage.

(Magical Abductor: Spell Counter 3 4)

"Now, I summon Protector with Eyes of Blue!" Melania Normal Summons Protector with Eyes of Blue (ATK 800/DEF 1500). The monster that Melania summoned is a muscular male warrior with silver-white hair and blue eyes garbed in an armored battle uniform as the winds blow his long dark grey scarf around his neck while holding a sword. "Now, I activate Protector's special effect," she declared. "When Protector is Normal Summoned, I can Special Summon one Level 1 LIGHT tuner monster from my hand." Melania takes out another card to Special Summon Priestess with Eyes of Blue (ATK 0/DEF 0) in Defense Position.

"I Special Summon the Priestess with Eyes of Blue!" The second monster that Melania summoned is a beautiful priestess with long silver-blue spiky hair wearing a white top and a long blue skirt as she holds her small wand that has a silver dragon statute encrypted on it, attached by a long teal cloth.

"And because of the Mausoleum of White's effect, I can make an additional Normal Summon!" Melania proceeds to take a third card out of her hand and Normal Summons The White Stone of Legends (ATK 300/DEF 250). From below the ground, the dirt burst open and erupts out what appears to be a boulder that was glowing in white light. "Now, I activate Protector's special effect, once per turn, I can target one Effect monster on my field, and then Special Summon one Blue-Eyes monster from my hand." She swings her arm to the blue priestess. "And because I'm targeting Priestess, her special effect can activate. You see, I can send one Effect monster that I control to the graveyard to add up to two Blue-Eyes monsters with a different name to my hand." She gestures to the legend stone in front of her. "So, by sending my White Stone of Legends to the graveyard, I can add two different kinds of Blue-Eyes monsters from my deck to my hand!"

The white stone dissolves into thin air to allow Melania to choose and add two monsters that she chooses: Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon and Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon. Two cards pop out from Melania's deck and add them to her hand. "I add Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon and Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon to my hand."

"Good for you," said Yasuko. "Because when you add cards to her hand, I can draw for each amount." She draws two cards to her hand.

"It won't stop me now," Melania replied. "Because thanks to my Protector's special effect, I can Special Summon Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon!" Melania Special Summons Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon (ATK 2500/DEF 2000) in Attack Position. From the sky, a formation of dark clouds was forming to create a small tornado wormhole in the sky, and what came out of the clouds was a dragon with shiny blue scales that reflect off the skies and rainbow flap wings. The dragon flew around the stadium before stopping to land beside Melania, roaring its prideful might.

The whole crowd was cheering on for Melania to summon the monster that is her best. They were practically screaming their lungs out to Melania, especially the three little kids from the You-Show.

"It's a Blue-Eyes!" Frederick squealed, practically shaking from all the excitement. "Melania Herman just summoned a Blue-Eyes monster! Ah, my shivers are starting to give me goosebumps!"

"That is the most awesome monster that I've ever seen!" Tate cheered.

Melania was not done with her move just yet. "Now, White Stone of Legends' special effect activates! When it is sent to the graveyard, I can add one Blue-Eyes White Dragon from my deck to my hand." A card pops out to let Melania pick out the first Blue-Eyes White Dragon. "And now, I activate Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon's special effect," she said. "When Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon is Normal or Special Summoned, I can target one monster on your field and negate its effect." She points at Odd-Eyes Phantom. "And I think I'm going to target your Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon." The solid dragon roars and flaps its wings wide to beam out a bright rainbow glow to nullify any of Odd-Eyes Phantom's special effect.

"Now, let's bring us down to memory lane," said Melania. "I activate Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon's special effect." She takes out her monster card to reveal the first Blue-Eyes. "By revealing a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from my hand, I can Special Summon one Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon from my hand." She takes out a card and Special Summons Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon (ATK 3000/DEF 2500) in Attack Position. "I Special Summon my Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon!" The clouds in the sky unleashed volleys of cracking lightning and booming thunders to summon Melania's mighty monster. A single roar echoes from the clouds was a dragon with shiny silver scales flying down to land with neon blue outlines glowing all over its body with its blue slit eyes staring at Odd-Eyes Phantom. The dragon roars like it is the dominant predator on the field.

"It's here!" Nico announced. "Melania Herman has just summoned her strongest monster! The one and only, Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon!"

Everyone was practically screaming after Melania brought out the most powerful monster of its time. The three little kids from You-Show were filled with high excitement.

"There it is!" Tate exclaimed. "It's Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon! Melania has summoned the legendary monster!"

"I'm so lucky that I get to see Melania in this championship!" Allie marveled.

"I think my goosebumps got the shivers!" Frederick squealed.

The grown-ups were looking at the alternative white dragon with wide eyes full of astonishment.

"It's the one and only Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon!" Gongenzaka boasted. "I can't believe that I'm seeing this in person!"

"Amazing!" Zuzu gasped. "Look at that thing!"

"It's definitely stronger than Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon!" Yuya added.

It seems that the only one who was not very happy to see the alternative white dragon was Yasuko; in fact, she was looking at the monster with such hatred. "It's been a while," she said. Her fingers were digging into her palms so hard that they could bleed at any moment.

Melania was looking at Yasuko as if she's enjoying the moment where her monster confronts Yasuko's own monster. "Just like old times, huh?"

Yasuko has not to need to be reminded, but she can remember the monster like it was yesterday, taking her back to the Frontier Games. They were in the same position as they were three years ago, right in the middle of the grassy area that is several football fields surrounded by the sixty-feet stone walls that lie the maze with two duelists and the respective monsters. Yasuko remembers that it was the duel where Melania backstabbed her. Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon was her strongest monster at the time, dealing with the massive firepower from Melania and her Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon.

Yasuko was naïve at the time. She had to deal with her duel club members pressuring her to get into the Frontier Games, and they wanted her to win her way in so that they can get more members for the club. She had to give in to peer pressure at the time, and she trusted Melania because she thought she can be some help along the way. However, something drives Melania away from her. Melania seems to have abandoned everything that she had did for her. If it wasn't for Yasuko, then Melania would've never made it past the preliminaries to the Frontier Games. If only she could understand what it was.

"Yeah, like the old times," said Yasuko.

Melania gives a smirk. "So, you like the times we had?" she inquired.

"Which times exactly?" Yasuko asked. "Because all I remember was the time when I helped you, and you repay me by turning against me."

Melania turns her smirk into a frown. "It was a competition," she said. "I can't put sentimental thoughts for you if you're going to hold me back."

Yasuko grew infuriated. "That's your excuse?" she accused. "Not after what I had to do to help you?"

"I had no choice," said Melania. "I needed to get to the Frontier Games."

"You did have a choice!" Yasuko yelled. "You just got paranoid that I would take the glory from you!" The fire that started from the moment the match began to turn into a storm.

"I wasn't paranoid!" This time, it was Melania who yelled at Yasuko. "I had to earn my place! You wouldn't understand what it was like to be the only child whose siblings are better than you in a professional sport!" Melania has had enough talking about what happened between the two of them. "I tune the level 1 Protector with my Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon!" The protector raises his sword in the air and then turns into a single green ring. The solid dragon was scanned by the single green ring until it becomes nothing but a set of eight glowing orbs in the middle.

(1 + 8 = 9)

"Dragon with Eyes of Blue! Rise up from the spirit realm to lead your kind to ultimate victory! I Synchro Summon! Appear! Level 9, Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon!" Melania chanted as she Synchro Summons Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon (ATK 2500/DEF 3000) in Attack Position. The storm above the two duelists cracks with lightning before a single roar emits from the clouds. At once, the mirage of a white spirit dragon with white scales that can be seen through with giant wings emerges from the clouds and then flies over on top of Melania. The spirit dragon roars with its wings wide open as it's sound echoes in the stadium.

"Looks like Melania has just taken her monster to the whole new level!" Nico announced in the microphone. "She just Synchro Summoned a Blue-Eyes!"

The audience was stuck with astonishment to see that Melania has just upgraded her monster.

"A Synchro Blue-Eyes!" Tate called, pointing at the thing like he's about to scream. "Melania just did a Synchro Summon!"

"No way!" Allie gasped. "She really did it."

"My shivers are going to get even more shivers!" Frederick squealed.

Even Gongenzaka and Zuzu were impressed with how much Melania has improved in the last three years.

"A Synchro Summon," said Gongenzaka. "So, she's a Synchro Summoner then."

"And something tells me that this is going to be rough for Yasuko," said Zuzu. "I just hope that she can endure this beast."

Yuya was looking at the monster that Melania has summoned. If she has said that Yasuko taught her everything about dueling, then he must've come to assume that there is more to Melania than meets the eye.

"Yasuko," said Yuya, looking even more worried. "How much did you taught her?"

Melania was looking at Yasuko with a solid straight face. "Now, who's paranoid?" she questioned. "As long as Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon is out on the field, neither of us cannot Special Summon up to 2 monsters."

The You-Show gasped in shock. Not only did Melania summoned a powerful monster, but she has just effectively crippled Yasuko's deck.

"Neither players cannot summon up to two monsters?!" Tate gasped.

"It can't be!" Frederick exclaimed.

"This is bad," Allie tensed. "That means only Yasuko can only summon two monsters!"

Yuya was concerned. He is witnessing Melania's evolution of dueling. He wasn't even close to learning Synchro Summon, but he wants to know how far Melania has gotten in her Extra Deck technique. He may speculate that Melania is better than him, but he has wonder if she is better than Yasuko in the duel.

"Let's bring this duel to an end," said Melania. "I activate Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon's special effect!" She gestures to the alternative white dragon that is in front of her. "Once per turn, I can target one monster on your field and destroy it." She points at Odd-Eyes Phantom. "And the monster that I choose to destroy is your Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon!" The alternative white dragon glows blue from its lines and fires off multiple bright beams of blue lasers to destroy Odd-Eyes Phantom.

"I activate the Quick-Play Spell, Forbidden Dress!" Yasuko activates the Quick-Play Spell Card: Forbidden Dress. "This card lets me target one monster on the field to decrease its ATK points by 600." She points at Odd-Eyes Phantom. "And the monster that I choose to target is Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon!"

The You-Show were flabbergasted by Yasuko's decision to target one of her own monsters.

"But that would only weaken Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon!" Tate pointed out.

"Why would she do that?" Allie inquired.

The blue lasers hit Odd-Eyes Phantom multiple times, but the dragon was protected by a force field that seems to deflect the lasers into different directions, leaving it unscathed. The power from Odd-Eyes Phantom decreased by the smallest amount. However, it was all a part of Yasuko's plan.

(Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon: ATK 2500 1900)

Surprised, Melania asked, "How'd your dragon survived my assault?"

"Forbidden Dress' effect makes my monster that cannot be targeted and destroyed by card effects until the end of the turn," Yasuko answered. Her response from Melania a low growl. "And, as memory serves, your monster cannot attack the turn you activated its effect." Since Yasuko activated a spell card, the abductor's pendulum effect activates, gaining a spell counter.

(Magical Abductor: Spell Counter 4 5)

"Looks like you've improved, Yasuko," said Melania. Despite the setback, it does not stop her. "Even so, I activate Mausoleum's effect!" she called. "Once per turn, I can send one Normal monster from my hand or deck to the graveyard to target one Effect monster that I control, and have it gain ATK and DEF points equal to the level of the monster that I send times 100!"

The spirit dragon glows in a blue aura to power up its strength. "I send my Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the graveyard to target Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon and have it gain 800 ATK points!" The spirit dragon gives out a loud roar after gaining a power boost.

(Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon: ATK 2500/DEF 3000 ATK 3300/DEF 3800)

"Let's battle!" Melania declared. "Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon, attack Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon!" As she commanded, the spirit dragon opens its jaws wide and charges up a powerful energy surge. "Mirage Burst Stream!" The spirit dragon unleashes all of its power onto Odd-Eyes Phantom.

Yasuko had to get out of the way as the laser hits and obliterates Odd-Eyes Phantom to oblivion, dealing damage to her life points.

(Yasuko: LP 4000 2600)

"Such incredible power!" Nico boosted from his microphone. "Melania has dealt a heavy blow to Yasuko and her life points!"

The smoke around Yasuko fades, and the girl recovers to keep staring at the blonde girl. "And you haven't lost your edge," she replied back.

Melania takes out a card from her hand. "I do what I had to do to make sure that I can reach to the top," she said. "I Set a card face-down, and I end my turn." Melania Sets a card. "When I left you, I was only but a learner, but now, I am the master in this duel," she claimed. "And this duel, I'm going to show you just how much I've grown."

"Okay, now that just sounds like it's from a movie," Yasuko retorted.

She takes every word from Melania very seriously. Yasuko is preparing to face Melania who is another of her mistakes, and the duel will prove once and for all who is the master and who is the pupil.

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