Part one

After Repression (where Tuvok gets a letter from his son with a secret message to turn the Maquis into super obsessed Maquis. A Mutiny develops, Captain Janeway gets very angry, Tom and Harry unsuccessfully stage a revolt off screen, and then at the end of the episode everyone happy goes about their business and watch a double creature feature.

So I had to make a little more out of the in between where everyone goes back to normal, and a resulting misunderstanding.
He felt the ship drop out of warp. He listened carefully, but other then the constant background hum of the warp core he heard nothing out of the ordinary. He sat on the ground with his back against the wall and his knees pulled up to his chest. He already searched the room (or more accurately the closet) for escape routes but other then a small vent on the ceiling there were no openings. If someone told him a week ago that what he had to look forwards to was a sprained wrist complete with deep gash to his arm, a possible concussion, and hours locked in a dimly lit storage room, he might have laughed. He might have howled with laugher while sipping champagne in the Delta Flyer just hours after being married. But here he was, and yippee isn't married life fun.

The ship started moving again. Tom placed his left hand on the floor and closed his eyes. Warp, over warp 4 at least. No one believed him when he said he could feel the ship move, not that it mattered if they believed him or not, if you paid enough attention to the vibrations in the hull, you could learn. It also help to keep his mind off the fact that the room felt much smaller then it did when the door first slammed shut on him.

He felt tired but he couldn't stay awake forever. He closed his eyes and shifted position, moving only made the pounding in his head intensify. He knew he wouldn't fall asleep sitting up.

But he did.


They forgot. It was understandable after the mind meld to bring the Maquis back to their senses the entire episode felt foggy and unreal, and then there was the very real dilemma of avoiding the Captain. B'Elanna rushed to engineering and ran a full diagnostic. In the confusion no one noticed that Harry and Tom were missing. Not at first at least.

Everyone returned to their posts, confused and angry, but that didn't change that they were in a hostile quadrant where it seemed every week another alien came up with an excuse to attack them.

The Captain noticed first. She sat in the Big Chair and contemplated her bridge, and the lack of two of her senior officers. "Computer, located Ensign Kim and Lt Paris."

The Computer answered that they were on the bridge. Janeway looked around and her eyes landed on a pile of unclaimed com badges. great.

"Janeway to Chakotay."

"Yes Captain?"

"I'd like to see you on the bridge." She waited, and moments later he emerged from his office. "We're missing Kim and Paris. Any ideas?"

He frowned and touched his com badge. "Chakotay to Torres."

"Torres here." She answered.

"Where are Kim and Paris?"

There was a pause. "Oh." Came the answer. "I'll find them."

Torres looked around Engineering as though expecting to find the answer there. This would be one of the more hazy parts of the last 24 hours. But the memories were there, and after a few minutes of thought, she remembered most of what she needed to.

Harry sat behind the force-field with an expression that made B'Elanna wonder what made her think dealing with him first would be easier.

"What?" He asked when he saw B'Elanna.

She lowered the force-field. "Hi. I'm back."

"Uh huh."

"No, I mean I'm back. See?" She indicated the uniform. "No more Maquis."

He stood up. "Everyone's back to normal?"

"Yeah. The Captain wants to see you."

He nodded and walked past her. She figured that went fairly well considering the circumstances. Now for Tom. She locked him in the storage cabinet, feeling it would be the least likely place for him to cause problems.

She unlocked the door and opened it, expecting the same kind of reception she received from Harry.

"Tom?" He didn't move, she walked in and knelt beside him. He didn't look good. There was blood on his uniform, but his eyes were open and he was watching her intently.

"Hey." He shifted and looked up. He looked at her closely, took in the Starfleet uniform. "It's over?"

"Yeah. Everything's okay now." She reached for his hand. He kept his right arm close to his body and she realised where all the blood came from.

"What happened to you?"

"You don't remember?"

She bit her lip dreading an answer to her next question. "I did this?"

He coughed slightly. "No, it's not your fault. I fell."

She kept silent while he shifted and with her help, got to his feet. "Let's get you to sickbay."

"No, I'm fine." He stretched slightly and winced. "We have a dermal regenerator in our quarters, remember?"

"What about your wrist?"

"The bleeding stopped, it wasn't that bad to begin with. I'll be fine."

"The Captain wants to see you."

He shrugged. "I can beam directly to our Quarters, get cleaned up, and be on the bridge in ten minutes."

"I did this to you." B'Elanna whispered, horror apparent in her voice as more memories resurfaced.

Tom leaned back against the bulkhead and tried to think of something to say. "It wasn't your fault. Anyhow, we all know you aren't the only one prone to bouts of possession. At least you've never been body-snatched or manipulated by a ship."

"What did I do to you?"

Tom didn't hesitate. "Do you still want to take over the ship and dump us all on the nearest M-class planet?"


"It wasn't you, don't worry." He smiled wryly.

This is what she hated about him most, she couldn't read his expression. Most people were an open book, Harry for example wasn't ever anything but up front. But Tom Paris, master manipulator and… no. She looked again at the man she married and remembered it was a long time since she thought of him as anything other then honourable. "You'll be okay?"

He nodded. "Just waiting for the Chief Engineer to initiate site to site transport." He reminded her. B'Elanna touched her COM badge, voiced the order, and watched as Tom disappeared in the glow of the transporter beam.