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For the next few hours, that's what they did. Richie chose movies to watch and they crammed all seven of themselves onto his double bed. Eventually, Maggie and Went had a few things they needed to do, plus they had to get Richie's prescriptions from the pharmacy, so they were gone for most of the afternoon so they blared Richie's TV as loud as they wanted. Richie was kind of getting bored watching the movies, so he simply picked up his phone and posted a story of his forehead with the words, "Q&A in about ten minutes? Videos and ALL bitches" with a glasses emoji. About a minute or so after he posted it, Bill paused the movie and looked at Richie.


"You're gonna do a Q and A?" he asked.

"How the fuck did you know that?" Richie squeaked.

"I turned on notifications for your account," he replied instantly.

"Yeah same." Ben agreed, and the others nodded in agreement.

"Okay then. Um, yeah, I'm kinda bored." he told them, and Stan snorted. "And I haven't really been active on the account in a while, even before what happened, so… I'ma give my fans a treat, I guess."

"I'd hardly say your face is a treat." Stan deadpanned and Richie snickered.

"Well, I don't think anyone's actually seen my entire face." he said. "Because I was hiding my identity."

"Hell, Rich, if anyone from school follows you I know damn well they know who you are just by the way you type. Your regular Instagram and this one is very similar." Mike chuckled.

"Cut me some slack, man, I tried capitalizing my "I's" and using somewhat proper grammar but… I'm lazy."

"Oh I saw. I looked at your first three posts."

"Mikey… babe. Did you stalk me?" Richie asked, cocking an eyebrow and giving Mike a shit eating grin. Mike laughed.

"I'm pretty sure we all stalked your page, dude." Ben said.

"Ben cried reading some of your captions." Eddie said and Ben smacked his arm.

"Shut up! Like you didn't!"

"I mean yeah like that one made me teary eyed but you straight up bawled your eyes out reading all of them." Eddie retorted, he couldn't help but glances at the recovering teen, knowing that he was the "E" that Richie spoke about in his posts.

"Yeah there were some depressing captions now that I think about it." Richie snickered. "Ah well. For the time being I think the depressing captions are over with, so… yeah. Anyways." Richie stretched a little bit and scrunched up his nose.

"You okay?" Ben asked immediately. Richie nodded and waved him off.

"Perfectly peachy, Benjamin." he replied. "If you guys ever have staples holding your shit inside and try to stretch, just know that it feels incredibly weird." he nodded once to emphasize. They stared at him for a moment and then he held his arms out. "Someone help me sit up."

With a snort, Mike stood and grabbed Richie's hands and pulled him into a sitting position- pulling mostly on his good arm rather than both, for obvious reasons.

"Eds, did ma say whether or not I needed to uncover this?" he asked, looking at Eddie, who nearly fell off the bed.

"Fuck, yeah she said to do that for a couple hours and to just be careful." he said.

Mike helped Richie get situated comfortably on top of a bunch of pillows so he was mostly sitting up, and Eddie gently pulled the bandage up and off, revealing the incision.

"Holy shit." Bev let out a little gasp. "That's fucking- what the hell."

"Ewww." Richie scrunched his nose again and looked up at Mike, who was standing next to the bed, and Mike couldn't help but bust out laughing at the face. "But boy does it feel good. The air is like, cold and stuff. Like you know how it feels to get a scratch on your leg and you take the bandaid off after having it a while? Like that but everywhere." he moved his hand over the area he was talking about.

"Hey Rich, has your chest always been that bare or did they shave you for surgery?" Stan asked, smirking at him.

"Lookie here, motherfucker." Richie pointed a finger at him. "Me and my seven chest hairs are perfectly fine with our relationship and don't need you judging us!"

"Oh my God, you are so weird." Bev cackled and the rest of the group joined in on the laughter.

Once they all calmed down, Richie made a trip to the bathroom and when he was settled again, started looking at questions. The first one he went with was "Did you actually almost die or are you fucking with us?"

He covered himself from the chest down and hit the record button on the Instagram camera, and said, "Mm hm, I totally almost died. Like, deadass died on the table twice." his friends looked at him, surprised that he knew. "I called this redneck bully a dumbass or some shit and the mother fucker decided to end my life." he said, matter of factly. He posted the video and went on to the next question.

"Why yes, trashmouth fanpage one, this is my real face. I am this hot in real life." Richie grinned at the camera. "I'm gonna follow you." he posted the video and followed the page.

"I know damn well they didn't call you hot." Stan rolled his eyes.

"Proof." Richie replied, showing him the question. Is that ur real face? Cause ur hot af.

"But you don't alway look like this- your face is still swollen." Mike told him.

"Oh shit, true." he hit the record button. "Correction, I'm hotter than this- my friend Mikey here just reminded me that my face is swollen af so yee." he posted the video. Mike snorted. "Ooh, the next one is asking about you guys and what you look like. Y'all cool with being on camera?" he asked. They looked at each other and shrugged. "Cool!" he grinned and fumbled with his phone for a second, and then pointed it at Beverly.

"This, my fabulous friends, is Beverly, known to you guys as Red! Everyone normally just calls her Bev. She's gonna be my literal sister soon." Bev gave a peace sign and waved. He posted the video and went on to Mike. He recorded Eddie last. "Last but not least, this is Eddie, known to you guys as E. Yes, that E." Richie flipped the camera back to himself, made a face, and flipped it back to Eddie, who flipped him off but waved.

Richie answered a few questions, even letting everyone else take turns answering for him. Soon, he ended it, because Went and Maggie arrived with dinner for everyone. Richie said his goodbyes on Instagram, and the group of seven went downstairs, Eddie carefully helping Richie.

They'd gotten pizza, but got Richie more mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy, because for the next two weeks he had to continue with soft foods.

"We've got you ice cream to sort of make up for not being able to eat solids." Maggie told him, walking over with his food and a drink. He was seated on the couch, Eddie and Bev on either side of him, Ben sitting next to Bev, and Mike, Stan and Bill squeezed on the loveseat.

"After you eat you gotta take your meds." Maggie told her son, sitting in one of the arm chairs and putting her drink on the coffee table. He scrunched his face up.

"Do I have to?" he asked.

"You may not be hurting now but I'm sure you will if you don't take anything." she told him. He made a fart noise but nodded.

"You big baby, you just don't wanna take pills." Eddie rolled his eyes.

"Look, master pill taker, I do not like the taste of them."

"Then don't taste them?" Bev made a face at him.

"You literally have to, Bev. You put them on your tongue!" he retorted, pointing his spoon at her. She stuck her tongue out at him and took a bite of her pizza.

"You make Eddie sound like a total pill head, by the way." Stan took a sip of his diet coke.

"Well that's not what I meant." Richie grumbled, sticking an overflowing spoon of mashed potatoes in his mouth. Stan snickered.

"Stan's over there like 'tea'." Bev whispered to Ben, who laughed quietly.

"What we whispering about?" Mike leaned close to Ben.

"Stan's sass." Ben whispered to him. Mike snorted and nodded.

When Richie finished his food, Maggie nearly had to force the pain medication down his throat, but after that he was perfectly fine. Maggie had the Lifetime channel playing and some wild stuff was happening at this point in the movie.

"Hey, that shit reminds me of two thousand eight." he said randomly, squinting a bit at the tv. His parents stiffened immediately at the mention of the year, and looked at him. He had his hands in his lap, tapping his fingers against his thighs. "Wasn't that day like a whole ass lifetime movie, ma? Completely unrealistic but it happened."

"I think you should head up to bed, son, uh…" Went trailed off but Richie shook his head.

"You know what, no, I'm tired of hiding that bullshit from everyone. All y'all wonder why my uncle is in prison, well… he kind of like, killed my two cousins. In front of me. In our old house." he spoke the words quickly and looked down at his hands.

"I'm sorry, what the fuck did you just say?" Bill asked, stutter completely gone.

"Uh, mom, dad, elaborate please." Richie gestured for them to speak and he made the zipping his lips and throwing away the key gesture. Maggie bit her lip and looked at her husband. He sighed and looked at his son's friends, shock written all over their faces.

"This is sudden, I know. I didn't think those meds would also be a truth serum." he furrowed his brows. "But yeah, my brother was pretty messed up in the head. He would do a lot of weird shit when we were kids, and we all thought he got out of it but something snapped in his head that day, and he took a knife out of the kitchen and, well, killed them. He said it was because they were being too loud."

"What the fuck." Eddie deadpanned, and the group looked at Richie, who was still tapping his fingers.

"He tried to do the same to Richie." Maggie said quietly. "He got him in the shoulder, but we got back in time to stop it."

"You can't be serious." Bev shook her head.

"We are." Went said, tone serious.

"That's one reason why I was so upset the day we took Richie to the hospital. It reminded me of when he was in the hospital then."

"And the mother fucker is getting out of jail soon?" Stan asked. "Excuse my language, Mr. and Mrs. Tozier, but what the fuck."

"Dad's doing all he can to stop it." Richie piped up. "But if he gets out, well… I'm out."

"Out? What do you mean?" Ben asked.

"I'm dipping." Richie said. "Cause he might wanna finish the job ya know." he shrugged.

"You know we wouldn't let that happen." Maggie told him. "If he gets out, which at this point is very unlikely, he won't come back to this town, let alone this state."

"I just think it's fucked up that he murdered his own children and is going to be released? The fuck is that?" Bev asked.

"Why is it we all have some crazy ass person in our family that wants to kill or hurt us, is what I'd like to know." Eddie said, throwing his hands in the air, one of them hitting Richie's leg. "Oh sorry."

"All good, Eds." Richie gave him a smile.

"What even brought this on, Richie? Besides the stupid movie?" Maggie asked.

"I don't know, I mean… I was hiding stuff from everyone, you know, me being bi and all that, and I don't wanna hide anything else. This is a big thing and yeah." he shrugged and grimaced. "I've just been thinking about it a lot. I had a dream about it at the hospital one night, while I was still on the tube thing."

"Why didn't you tell anyone?" Mike asked.

"Technically, I couldn't," he replied.

"You know what I meant, ass." Mike rolled his eyes and Richie smirked, but it fell from his face quickly.

"After that I just kept thinking about it but you guys kept me distracted and I forced it into the back of my mind, but seeing that dude on the tv with the knife reminded me of it again, and I thought, might as well tell them." he shrugged again.

"Stop shrugging, you idiot." Eddie flicked his arm.


"Do you need to talk about it?" Ben asked. "Like, a therapy session with us or something?"

"Nah, I don't think so, but thanks Benji." he told him. "I just wanted to get it off my chest. That's the biggest thing I've ever hid from you guys, bi being the second." Bev couldn't help but snort at that bit.

"You're insane." she shook her head and he chuckled.

"I know."

"If you ever need or want to talk, you know we're here, Richie." Stan told him.

"I know, thanks you guys. I'll probably spam the group chat at some point with it." he pursed his lips. "I'm not very great at communication." Eddie snorted and raised his brows at him.

"Ya think?"