Full Summary:

Magnolia "Maggie" Potter- er, Black- cannot catch a break. The last seven and a half years have been filled with one thing after another. First she's a witch, there's a Dark Lord trying to murder her, her Godfather escapes prison, her Godfather is actually her father, she competes in a tournament, she watches her friend die, her father dies, she kills the woman who killed her father (her cousin- oops), and has to kill the darkest wizard of the century. Thank Merlin she succeeds.

At least she can finally relax now that the war is over. Scratch that, she has to raise her Godson after his Grandmother dies from a broken heart. That's fine, right? Nope. Working full time as an Auror and raising Teddy is simply exhausting. Why did she tell Charlie, the man Tonks insisted to be Godfather, to go back to Romania?

And why on Earth did she have to sleep with him on New Years?

Maggie really can't catch a break, can she?

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February 28th, 1999

Magnolia handed Teddy over to the awaiting Ginny the second the small woman walked into the Burrow with the baby on her hip. She plopped down on the sofa next to a rather pregnant Fleur and yawned. Exhaustion was evident by the look on her face.

Bill laughed at Maggie's actions, watching from where he sat with George.

"How's motherhood today, Maggie?" George grinned over at her. She laughed and groaned at the same time.

"You know some babies walk at eleven months? Well Teddy is one of them," Maggie sighed, redoing her messy bun, "I have never been more grateful that I got that little house over the hill. Grimmauld was no place to raise this little monster, and all the other Black and Potter homes were too far… the closest was Scotland. I'm going to be selling them once things settle down with Ted and work."

"Merlin, he's walking?!" Ginny exclaimed excitedly and set him down. The baby squealed and waddled off.

Maggie nodded, keeping a close eye on the child, ready to jump up. "I thought Mum told you, we were over here last week when he started."

"Honestly Maggie, you and Mum see each other more than the rest of us," Ron said as he walked in. Magnolia grinned and hugged the man.

"Happy early birthday Ronnie," She smiled. The conversation they were about to have was cut off by Teddy pulling floo powder off a low shelf and causing it to coat him and everything nearby.

"Edward Black!" Magnolia yelled, casting a scrougify on him and scooping him up, "What have I told you about touching Nana and Granddad's stuff?!"

"Not!" Teddy replied, looking guilty.

"That's right. Go play with your toys," Maggie sighed and set him down near the ever-growing pile of toys Molly kept for him and her future grandchildren.

"Mummy," Teddy gave her a grin, showing off his incoming teeth, and scurried away.

"Sorry," Maggie looked to her honorary family, sheepish.

"Do not worry, Magnolia! Motherhood is harder than it looks!" Fleur exclaimed.

"You're doing pretty good for a woman who didn't have 9 months to prepare," Bill agreed. Magnolia reddened and looked to her son. His hair was the same red as the Weasley's as opposed to the crimson he usually copied from her.

"Where's everyone else?" She changed the subject, too bashful to acknowledge the compliment.

"Fred's currently being yelled at because he turned Hermione's hair pink," George snickered, pointing up the stairs.

"Luna is in the garden, looking for Nargles," Ron rolled his eyes.

"Dad and Percy are in the shed, learning about muggle things," Ginny looked completely irritated, "Every since you gave them the flashlight, they've been all about batteries." Ginny glared playfully at Maggie.

"And Charlie is helping Mum in the kitchen," Bill finished.

"Charlie's here? I haven't seen him since the new year!" Magnolia exclaimed, "Ted asks about him. Well, he points at his picture and says 'Char.'"

Bill nodded, "If you want to go say hi, I can take Ted into the garden. I need Dad practice."

Magnolia looked hesitant, "Are you sure? Teddy can get into a lot of-"

"My little brothers run WWW. I got it," Bill chuckled.

"Cast a sun protection charm and make sure he doesn't put grass in his mouth," Maggie instructed and slipped into the kitchen.

Charlie stood at the stove, stirring a pot. Molly had just put the roast into the oven and was throwing some dishes into the sink.

"Mum, Charlie!" Maggie immediately hugged Molly.

"Hello Magnolia, sweetheart. How are you? Have you been eating this week? Are you feeling better? Did you get to the healer like I told you to?" Molly asked the rush of questions as if she didn't see Maggie at least once a week.

Maggie laughed and answered the questions easily, "I'm tired, but good. Yes, I've been eating; a lot actually. Yes, I feel a bit better, but it hasn't stopped. It could just be I eat too much now. And no, I don't have time to get to the healer. Between Teddy and work there isn't enough time."

"You know I can watch him," Molly tsked.

"I know, I know," Maggie sighed.

"I could too! He is my Godson too!" Charlie butted in. Maggie turned to him and gave the muscular man a hug. He held her tightly and kissed the petite woman's forehead. He stood a whole foot taller at 6'1" as opposed to her 5'1".

"You live in Romania with Dragons. That is too far for one thing, and our Godson has a habit of getting in trouble," Magnolia laughed.

"Well, considering I'm moving back here, I think it isn't too impossible," Charlie grinned playfully.

Magnolia's face lit up, "You're moving back here?!"

"Yup! I'm taking over the Care for Magical Creatures classes this coming school year. With the family growing, I figured I should be around more," He explained. His blue eyes gazed into her green ones. Magnolia placed her hand on his forearm where his largest burn scar rested.

"I'm so glad," She said softly, face earnest. Molly watched the interaction with interest. She hadn't realized how close they were. Shaking herself from her thoughts, she cleared her throat.

"Magnolia, Dear, would you mind helping Charlie? I want to go set the table up out in the garden. I hear my grandson out there too," Molly looked excited at the thought of holding Teddy.

"No problem, Mum! I need to bother Charlie about his move anyway!" Magnolia replied happily. Charlie nudged her with his hip and threw his arm over her shoulder.

"I need to bother Mags here about getting Teddy a pet," Charlie nodded.

"Thank you, Dears! Roast can come out of the oven in ten minutes!" With that, Molly was out the door.

Charlie moved back to the pot he has been stirring. Glancing back at Maggie, he spoke, "I missed you, Flower."

Maggie flushed and started whipping potatoes, "I missed you too Charlie."

"You know, now that I'm moving here…" He trailed off, giving her a look.

"Charlie, I work too much and have a son. It isn't the right time," She sighed.

"You didn't think that on New Year's Eve when you crawled into my lap and kissed me," He pressed, moving to stir the vegetables.

Maggie turned red, "It was one night. We agreed one night only, that we'd stay the same and go back to letting everyone think you're like my older brother."

"It was one hell of a night, my Flower," Charlie leaned down, whispering huskily into her ear with his hand on her lower back, "I can't be just your brother, you know I don't want to stay the same."

"I know, but I do, my Dragon," She murmured, goosepimples raising at his actions, "But I can't be in a relationship. It's just… I'm 18 and a mother. I'm too serious and I don't need to tie you down. Besides, you're 26, Char. Do you have any clue how bad it would look if we're in a relationship?"

Charlie frowned and turned back to the food, looking hurt.

"Remus and Dora were 13 years apart and they were Teddy's biological parents. Why should we worry about what people will think of eight years? Does me being older disgust you?" Charlie grumbled.

"Charlie… I didn't mean it like that," Magnolia placed her hand on his arm, "I meant what your family will think. I could not care less about the public."

"I know, I'm sorry. I know Mum wants me to settle down with a witch my own age and I know that you need to focus on Ted and work. Wrong time for us," Charlie smiled sadly, "Maybe we missed our chance."

"We have that night. We will always have that night," She reflected his look. Glancing at the time, her look changed, "Oh Hell, time to take the roast out!"

Charlie laughed as she grabbed the oven mitts and pulled Molly's famous roast out of the oven. Maggie stared at it hungrily after setting it on the counter.

"Hungry?" Charlie asked with a raised brow.

"You have no clue. I've been eating like Ron lately. I keep throwing it up though," She groaned. "Mum had to watch Teddy last Wednesday because I was so tired from it all."

"You should see a healer," Charlie gave her a stern look. She grimaced.

"If you watch Teddy for me tomorrow, I will," She said after a moment of consideration.

Charlie nodded eagerly, "Gladly! I love that kid."

"He loves you too," Maggie giggled, "Now that you're back, visits are easier."

"I'm sorry I didn't take custody too," Charlie suddenly said, "I should've stayed here. You gave up so much for him, I should've too. Dora would've been so pissed at me."

Magnolia's brows raised, "Charlie, you didn't even find out you were his Godfather until after the war. Besides, I would've had to take him even if I wasn't his Godmother. I'm one of his last living relatives."

"I know… I just…"

"Shut up Charlie. Teddy doesn't know the difference and I am so happy being his mum. You're a good uncle," She scolded. Charlie nodded.

"Okay, Okay," He smiled halfway.

"Anyway, time for dinner!" Maggie cut him off before anymore conversation. She was too dizzy and tired and hungry. Everyone hurried outside and sat around the large table. Teddy immediately ran up to Charlie, leaving a jealous Bill.

Magnolia grinned as she brought a stack of plates out. Monthly Sunday dinners were her favorite days. Her family, her chosen family, was all together. There were about ten conversations happening all at once, along with constant doting on Teddy who sat in his Godfather's lap. He had changed his looks to match Charlie's, his favorite of the Weasley's.

The young woman moved to set the plates down when she gasped at the wave of dizziness that hit her. Her vision started going black; the last thing she heard was the plates clattering and her own voice saying, "Oh shit."

Charlie had picked up Magnolia with ease, holding her small frame in his arms, bridal style. Hermione held onto Teddy, trying to distract him from the fact his mum was suddenly ill. Molly hurried Charlie to set Maggie on the sofa, instructing everyone to stay outside and to dig in. Charlie and Ginny stayed with her though, wanting to be there when she woke. Molly raised a brow at Charlie but said nothing, deciding to run a diagnostic spell instead.

Charlie watched his mum's face go from confused to shocked at the gold hue the spell caused to fall over Maggie. Ginny looked just as, if not more shocked than her mother.

"Is she okay?" Charlie finally asked once Molly shared a look with Ginny.

"S-she's fine Charlie. I… Oh Merlin, poor thing," Molly stuttered, "She has no time for this… No wonder she's so tired and sick."

"Should I wake her so we can tell her?" Ginny asked, biting her lip.

"Tell her what?" Charlie demanded.

The women ignored him and Molly nodded, "Please do."

"Rennervate," Ginny muttered, pointing her wand at her friend. Charlie swallowed his irritation towards his sister and mother and focused on Maggie. Her eyes linked open and she looked around confused.

"What happened?" She groaned and tried to sit up, only to be stopped. She caught Charlie's eyes, growing more confused at his concern before looking to Molly.

"You fainted. Your blood sugar was too low… You haven't eaten today, obviously," Molly began slowly, "Magnolia… Did you know that you're pregnant?"

Magnolia laughed loudly, "Was this the twin's idea? It's pretty funny, granted, but did they really have to make me pass out?"

Molly shook her head, "Magnolia, you are pregnant. And judging by how you've been feeling lately, probably about two months along."

Magnolia went quiet and looked at Ginny, who nodded. She looked to Charlie, who was pale. The hurt in his eyes was evident.

"T-that's impossible. I've only had sex with one person once and used the potion with muggle protection plus the spell," Magnolia whispered. The hurt left Charlie's eyes and was replaced with fear.

Molly frowned in confusion and looked between her son that refused to leave and Maggie. Ginny's face lit up with recognition. Her mother sent her a look that caused Ginny to nod and leave the room.

"I am disappointed in you both," Molly sighed, "I'm going outside to tell everyone you're fine and that Charlie is just keeping an eye on you. I'll send Ginny in with food for you both." With that, the matriarch was gone.

Charlie looked at Magnolia, horror on his face, "You were a virgin?"

"That's your concern?" She snapped.

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair, "I'm sorry… Fuck. Merlin, I have no clue what to say."

"I don't know if I can do this, Char. I wasn't ready for Teddy, and I'm not ready for this," Maggie whispered, "I'm going to have to quit work. I can't be an Auror while pregnant. It's bad enough being worried I might not be able to come home to Teddy."

"I'm doing this with you, Magnolia. You aren't doing this alone," Charlie grabbed her hand, "I mean, I'm the one who got you pregnant. And Teddy's my Godson too. I'm going to take care of all three of you."

Maggie sat up, biting her lip, "Charlie, you don't need to. I have enough money to take care of ten children and their children, and that's living extravagantly. I told you when I took Teddy. This is a choice for you, I don't need to tie you down."

Charlie's face turned a red, obviously angry, "Magnolia, are you daft? I want to be in your life! Why do you think I'm moving back here? I want you! I want to be 'tied down' as you insist on calling it!"

"I can't Charlie! My life is about my son! And now this baby too! I don't want to be in a relationship!" Magnolia yelled, glaring at him.

"Let me be a father, Magnolia! Let me be Teddy's father and let me be this baby's father!"

"Ten months ago, you just wanted to be Teddy's uncle! I was fine with that! You wanted to be with those dragons and I didn't want to stop you! You had the opportunity!"

"That was until I realized how badly I wanted my own family!"

"You don't get to pick and choose when you want a family! If you want this baby, you're in it for life, you understand? I will not have this baby and Teddy asking me where Dad went. Children first, no matter what," Magnolia declared. Charlie stayed silent, appraising her for a moment.

"Yes. Fuck, I'm sorry Flower," He finally said, "I should've realized that this could've happened. I'm a Weasley, do you think any of us were planned? Merlin, Mum and Dad finally went to St. Mungo's to have a special stasis charm placed on them so they couldn't have more once Ginny came along." He laughed humorlessly.

Maggie reached out and squeezed his hand suddenly, her face softening, "We're in this together, Dragon. We're having a baby."

Charlie let a smile slip onto his face, "We're having a baby. You're pregnant with my baby," He moved his hand over her stomach, hesitating, "C-can I?" He bit his lip.

She nodded and he placed his hand on her still flat stomach.

"Hello in there," He whispered, "I'm your dad."

In that moment, Magnolia knew Charlie was here for the long run.