"Leo! That's enough! You know what you signed up for." A cold voice snapped from inside leo's office. It wasn't yelling, or shouting, it just boomed with a presence that demanded respect and held an unquestionable authority. "I'll do what I can, but you need to prove to everybody that this isn't a waste."

"But you don't believe it will work do you?" Leo's whisper was firm and resonated like a growl. He might have lost a battle, but the war he was fighting was far from over.

Nana grabbed his arm, keeping him from knocking on the door, she bit her lip and shook her head. Whatever was going on in there did not sit well with her. But that's where Eri was, he left her in Leo's office for the better part of a day.

"I believe your heart is in the right place, but the military is the best place for those that wish to use their quirks for good." The building shook, and the handle turned. "You're walking a thin line Leo, I might not be able to bail you out of things go badly."

The door turned opened, revealing a pink haired woman that was dressed in a military uniform. Her posture was perfect, and her stance one was of strength, it was the woman that spoke after Leo-sensei did earlier this morning, an unimpressed scowl was on her face as she looked at the three of them with cold green eyes.

"Perhaps you should teach your students not to eavesdrop." Ms. Haruno raised an uncaring eyebrow at them as she turned sharply down the metallic ramp, hands behind her back, despite her relative petite form, the structure shook and groaned as though someone much heavier walked upon it.

Inside the building Leo rested his head against the far wall, leaning against it, a low growl escaping him with every breath. Despite his massive size, he looked like a toddler that had been put in time out. His great paw gestured them in. "Ahh, Nana, Izuku, Punk-for-brains, come on in, I was just finishing up for the day."

"What's wrong Leo-sensei?" Nana was the first through the door, moving to comfort the overgrown cat like they were family by placing a single hand on the tan suit he wore.

"Did someone forget to take out your litter box?" Sora shot back, still moving closer to the man. "Or maybe you're just not used to working eight hours straight and you're just cranky because it's pass your-"

"Sora!" Nana sneered, glaring at their blonde companion, her voice a harsh whisper like the angry wind before a coming storm. "Not a good time!"

"Why do you always take his side!" Sora replied in his own harsh whisper like they were trying not to let Leo hear. "No mention about how he dropped kick me this morning, or how he called me punks for brains, besides this is male bonding, we make each other feel better by teasing each other." He turned towards him. "Right, Izuku?"

"I uh, well I don't really know that is." Kacchan used to do that a lot to him, but that was mostly just bullying, but his other male friends didn't do it. Probably. "I don't think so?"

"Hey, hey, hey, save the fighting for the crime!" Leo spun, slapping his cheeks into a smile. He rolled his large shoulders and walked towards his desk. "Sa-," He readjusted his tie and coughed. "Ms. Haruno, was just reminding me that this is not final and that while people might trust me, they do not trust my students or hell half of my teachers."

He tossed Sora a newspaper that had been sitting on his desk, the title read, "U.A, the Lion of Justice's private war on crime!"

"Fresh off the press," Leo sneered, collapsing down onto his desk with his paws rubbing into his eyes. "Not even a day and I'm being accused of training my own private army, with kids! Kids! Child soldiers! Me!" His anger faded and he ruffled his mane before slapping his jaws and tugging a whisker. "Doesn't help that already two students were caught using their quirks to rob someone."

What? He wanted to ask why, how, when, where, and what. His lips moved but not a sound came from him. A U.A. student, doing something like that? He couldn't even picture one of his old classmates doing something like that.

"Well, what do you expect when most of your students are from the gangs you busted?" Sora tossed the paper back on the desk. "Just expel the delinquents and focus on kids that give a damn like Nana, and Broccoli. Hell expel me to, I can do a hell of a lot more-"

Leo gave a laugh that lacked humor so much it sounded more like a rockslide. "You don't seem to understand the position that most of these students are in. For most of them, this isn't just their last chance, it's their only chance. I expel them they go to jail, if they're lucky they get tried as a child, only to end back in there. Here I can try to inspire them, try to show them that they can do good and that there is good worth fighting for."

"Jail doesn't do that." Leo sat back at his desk, rolling his massive shoulders and gave a long sigh. "Jail shows them that there is nothing for them but a life of crime." He cracked a toothy smile. "Besides, punks like you are the best scrappers I could get my hands on, need that hot-headed show-boat attitude to inspire others and show the public that we are fighting."

This wasn't in the history books. He always managed U.A. being filled with hopes and possibilities ever since it was first built, as the unquestionable birthplace of heroes where everybody inspired to go to. Not this empty shell being filled by on the back of one man. The founder was kind of amazing. If All Might was the Pillar of Justice, then the sacrifices that Leo was making were the foundation.

"I just need one year with as many promising heroes coming out of my school as I can get and then we can start making that difference." He was all smiles now, beaming with the pride of a lion and all its majestic nature. "Thanks for hearing to this old man groan, about youth and what not, but what brings you three to my office?"

"Oh!" He took a step forward, hand scratching the back of his head. "Well I just wanted to pick Eri up, and umm, find out what I'm doing for a home, and food, and other stuff."

Leo shrunk, sinking back in his chair and slowly sliding down it while sucking on his lips. "Right, housing and other stuff."

"Leo!" Nana stomped her feet, "You forgot to do that didn't you?"

"What? No! I just didn't get to all of it!" He continued to slide down in his chair shrinking away from Nana as she advanced towards him. "I have his and Eri's citizenship papers, but it's a lot of working trying to find space for a pair of orphans, and Izuku's at the age where he can live on his own so funding for that kind of a thing is limited, and I uhh. OH!"

Leo slammed a paw onto his desk a smile on his face that looked more at home on a cat statue than a grown cat-man. "I know! He and Eri can stay with me, that way I can pick his brain more. That and Eri and I have really bonded you know, she's a big fan of the original power rangers, and I uhh, well its kind of the only real option given how short notice it is."

"You probably just filled out the citizenship paperwork and decided to reward yourself by relaxing huh?" Nana glared, palms on the desk on her tippy toes to properly look Leo in the eyes. "I can see your guilt sensei."

"Hey, have you ever tried to find a place for two kids to live in just a single day? It's not as easy as it sounds, I can do cheap and available but not ones that are safe especially for a little girl like Eri," Leo tried to smile through whatever withering glare Nana was giving him, but couldn't hold out so long. His ears flattened and he lowered his head. "Look, I'm sorry I'll try to find them a real place but for now my home is the best place for them. I'll eventually figure out someplace for them."

"Have you thought about dorms?" The words flew out of his mouth before he even thought about it. All eyes were on him in the space between heartbeats, had he really been so quiete this whole time that they forgot he was here? "Well, I mean, it would solve a lot of problems having dorms on campus, like curfew, and security, and it would help with bonding with other students so we can have better teamwork."

"As if you'd catch me living in a dorm." Sora shrugged then rolled his neck, heading towards the door. "Anyways I've been here long enough, catch ya later fuzzball."

"Hey! Wait up!" Nana spun on her heels, bouncing after Sora, she spun again, her head the only thing visible as her body passed through the door. She gave him a giant smile, grey eyes shining like silver. "I'll see you tomorrow Izuku! It was nice meeting you, let me know if Leo messes up and we can beat him up! Bye!"

"Yea!" He raised his hand, but she was already out the door. "Bye."

"Honestly, those two really know how to put some grey in my first." Leo slumped back into his chair and sunk down into it taking a deep growl like breath that shook the floor. He smacked his lips, staring at him for a few moments before letting out a long growl. A clawed finger waved about the air. "As for your dorm idea, it's great, I hadn't even considered it, and I'd loved to do it, but both time and money are an issue right now. I need to prove to the world that we need more heroes, that quirks can be used for good. Maybe once we're not teetering on the brink of failure I'll be able to get some dorms built."

"Don't you have someone with a building quirk?" He stood proudly this time, with his shoulders back. This U.A. wasn't the one he knew, but it was the one he had now, and this time he could help make it better. "The U.A. dorms I was in were built in three days thanks to pro heroes with quirks that could be used to build."

Leo blinked from his slouched position, a purr preluding his smile like the calm before the storm. "Heroes, that do more than fight? Boy, you keep making the future look brighter and brighter. Got any other ideas I can borrow to help people understand us?"

He paused, for the most part, U.A. rarely did anything with the public outside of the occasional press conference U.A. didn't really deal with the public, and they even had a press wall to keep out the press. But there was one thing. "Every year we held a sports festival where the students would compete against each other, it was televised and got more views than other sports events. So something like that might help?"

"That sounds," Leo leaned forward, his purr rumbling like thunder without sound and there was a feral look in his eyes as his mane began to stand on its end. "Beyond perfect! A showcase! A race showing the public that we're not just blowing steam! Ha!" He stomped his feet on the ground shaking the building once more. "I love it!"

He reached into the desk pulling out a stack of papers, slapping them onto the desk. "Now then, I filled out almost everything I could, all that you need to do is sign and everything will be done, you'll be a citizen, Eri will be your little sister, and technically speaking I'll be your legal guardian and sponsor so if you turn into a villain or commit tax fraud I'll be the first one they come after."

The pen was heavy in his hand, and not just because it was an oversized pen made for someone that was closer to eight feet tall than seven and had giant cat paws for hands, but because of what it represented. No small part of him was hoping that this was all just some dream and that he'd be waking up in the hospital anytime soon.

Was this what Sir Nighteye saw? It certainly wasn't how he saw his day going when he woke up in the morning. He placed the pen to the paper, slowly writing his name. Then it was done, he was officially part of this time. And hopefully, he'd do more good than harm. "Don't worry Leo-sensei, I'm sure that things will work out."

"Me too my boy, me too."

By the end of the month, sixty percent of the student students were no longer part of the program.

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