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Class 1-A was spending time in their dorms studying and socializing when all of them, some teachers and a select few others disappeared in a flash of light only to reappear in a large room built like a movie theater lobby.

"WHERE THE FUCK AM I" yells Bakugou.

I make my appearance to the confused visitors.

"Hello, and please calm down." I say

"FUCK YOU" Bakugou says Lunging at me when he suddenly freezes in air unmoving like a floating statue.

"I have a proposition for you. I am what you would call a celestial and because of this I have some influence over the multiverse. I have the ability to travel between and display different universes at will. If somebody has a powerful soul they can exist in separate universes. Your friend and classmate Izuku Midoriya is one of those people. I would like to take the time to show some of these universes to all of you. If you're willing of course" I say

"That sounds like it could teach us a great deal about heroism if Midoriya acts the way he does in this universe" says Nezu.

"That is why I thought I would show them to you" I explain.

"If you don't mind where is my baby right now?" asks Inko Midoriya.

"He is currently conversing with Izuku's from different dimensions" I explain

"Before we watch can you tell us about some of them?" Uraraka curiously asks.

"Of course. He is a fighter or hero in most of them. Sometimes he has powers sometimes he doesn't. He has been the god of thunder, a spider powered vigilante in a world where most beings don't have powers, One of my favorites he is an alien who comes to Earth and becomes one of it's greatest defenders saving it time and time again." I say

"It's good to see he still has that heart of gold even in different dimensions" says All Might.

"I wanna see Mr. Deku save people" say Eri and Kota earning a chuckle from the pussy cats and Mirio.

"When do we get to see these in action" asks Todoroki.

"Soon, but before that there is food here and people don't need to use the bathroom here. Also you don't have to worry abou time because it is frozen in your world" I explain.

After everyone has grabbed food and drinks they all find a seat in the theater to watch whatever Midoriya is about to show them.

"Excuse me sir what should we call you?" asks Kirishima

"Oh, I'm one of the Izuku's I mention so you can call me Izu" says I " the scene will start soon so get settled."


A group of people are being led across a rainbow colored bridge as a deep threatening growl is heard.

"Go Back" says the man leading the crowd.

On the other end of the bridge is a massive wolf easily the size of a truck. The wolf breaks into a sprint at the crowd until it is stopped by the sound of rapid gunfire and a storm of bullets coming at it.

"That wolf is scary" says MIneta.

A ship is seen shooting at the beast. A closer look reveals that the ship doesn't have a gun but a woman with a massive gun is firing through an open door. The crowds retreat down the bridge is cut off by an undead looking army being led by a living man.

"I wonder where Izuku is" says Uraraka

"I'm sure he will show up to save them he always does." says Lida.

The scene cuts to a bulky green haired man with a glorious beard in swinging a spear at a woman who is dodging and blocking with ease.

"There he is" says Kaminari " I'm really digging the beard, it's a good look."

The woman catches the spear.

"To be honest I expected more" she says before throwing Izuku to the side with the spear in her possession.

The scene changes to the man who is leading the undead army.

"Heimdall, the sword" says the man who is reaching towards the sword keeper. When Heimdall doesn't comply the army of corpses run towards the innocent civilians.

"Oh no they're going to kill those people" Mina says with fear in her eyes.

Izuku is now up against a wall being choked by the strangely dressed woman.

"Here's the difference between us I'm oden's first born, the rightful heir the savior of asgard, and you're nothing" she says before throwing him across the room.

Suddenly Gran Torino realized why Izuku was fighting this person who was obviously so much stronger than he was.

"He's trying to buy time so that the people can escape" he says.

"Correct" I say.

Izuku gets up as the woman pulls out a knife and tries to stab him. They start taking swings at each other until Izuku gets slashed in the chest by her knife.

"So simple even a blind man could see it" she says before cutting one of his eyes out.

" " says Eri fearing for the life of her saviour.

"Eew now you really remind me of dad" she says.

" Excuse me Mr. Izu are the siblings?" asks Nezu.

"Yeah" I say " it's a really long story".

The scene goes back to the battle on the bridge. Some soldiers are keeping the undead away while the wolf is being held back but not injured. Then the wolf howls at them and charges towards the crowds.

"This stupid dog won't die" says the ship's gunner valkyrie.

The pilot has a conflicted look on his face. The wolf continues running towards the crowd as they scream in fear. The ship moves ahead of the wolf and the pilot Bruce banner gets up and moves to the door. Heimdall unsheathes his sword in preparation to fight the beast.

"Everything is going to be alright now. I got this. You wanted to know who I am." says Bruce

"What the hell are you talking about" asks Valkyrie

Bruce dives out the door. Bruce crashes into the bridge painfully right in front of the wolf stopping it so it can process what just happened. Bruce is unconscious.

" What a dumbass" says Bakugou.

The wolf continues to charge the crowd. It seems unable to move right before it reaches them. The wolf gets thrown backwards by a large green Bruce in hulk form. Valkyrie looks stunned as she realizes bruce is the hulk. The wolf and the hulk fight pushing each other of the bridge. Now fighting in the waters below. The undead soldiers are now on the ship making it go down.

Izuku is thrown onto the railing of a balcony, forced to watch everything he swore to protect die before him.

"You see no one's going anywhere. I'll get that sword even if I half to kill everyone of them to do it." says Izuku's sister hela.

Meanwhile the soldiers are steadily falling to the undead army. Valkyrie's ship falls onto the bridge blocking the asgardians path. Heimdall is fighting the undead when his thigh gets slashed and he gets knocked onto his back. Right before he dies the undead soldiers stomach section gets blown out. To reveal korg.

"Hey man I'm korg this is Miek" says Korg gesturing to Miek. "We are going to get on you all on our spaceship and get out of here. Do you wanna come?"

A body comes from the mist around the bridge.

"Your savior has arrived" yells Loki as the ship he is standing on comes into view.

Izuku starts chuckling only for Hela to drive a knife into his back receiving a scream of pain.


The class looks back to see Inko crying muttering something about her baby boy.

'So that's where he gets it from" thinks the class in unison.

Loki starts guiding people onto the ship.

"Welcome Home. I saw you coming" says Heimdall

"Of course you did" says Loki as he joins the fight.

"Valiant effort but you never stood a chance" says Hela while driving a knife into Izuku's arm pinning him to the railing "You see I'm not a queen or a monster I'm the goddess of death. What were you the god of again?"

Izuku loses consciousness and dreams he is in a field with his father.

"Even with two eyes you only saw half the picture." says Oden.

"She's too strong I can't beat her without my hammer." says Izuku

"Are you Izuku the god of hammers … that hammer was to help you control your power to focus it. It was never your source of strength." says Oden

"It's too late she's already taken over asgard" says Izuku

"Asgard is not a place it never was. This could be asgard. Asgard is where our people stand. Even now, right now those people need your help." says Oden.

"I'm not as strong as you" says Izuku.

"No, you're stronger" says Oden with a smile as he walks away.

Izuku wakes up.

"Tell me brother. What were you the god of again" says Hela.

Lightning starts to crackle between Izuku's fingers. Hela looks up to see a lightning bolt coming straight for her. The electricity covers the entire city except the bridge. Hela falls to the ground below as Izuku flies into the battle at the bridge. As soon as he lands he starts decimating the undead army with powerful blasts of electricity. Valkyrie gets out of the ship and starts cutting down the army on the other side of the bridge. The hulk is fighting the wolf as Loki is dodging blades and throwing knives. The undead army's leader puts down his axe. Hulk is getting dragged across the lake's floor. The hulk throws the wolf of the side of the waterfall. The leader is seen in different clothes hiding with the scared crowd.

Izuku walks to Loki and says, " You're late."

"You're missing an eye" says Loki

Izuku, Loki, and Valkyrie walk toward Hela who is now on the bridge.

"We can't just by time the longer she is on asgard the stronger she gets." says Izuku

"So what do we do" asks Valkyrie.

Izuku turns to Loki.

"This was never about stopping ragnarok it was about starting it. Surtur's crown the vault. It's the only way." says Izuku

"What's ragnarok" asks Eraser.

"The prophesied destruction of asgard." I respond

"That's bold brother even for me" says Loki before running off.

"Shall we?" asks Izuku looking at valkyrie.

"After you" she replies.

Izuku coats himself in electricity and starts fighting Hela. Valkyrie joins in and it becomes a closer fight. A spear cut's Izuku's chest after he yells "Go now" to the getaway ship. The ship takes off. Loki grabs Surtur's crown in the vault and looks at a glowing blue cube. The getaway ship is being attacked by undead soldiers who have climbed on. The kill the guard protecting the people on the ship. Then they are riddled with bullet holes. Their former leader starts to fight them in one last act of redemption. He fights them off the ship.

" For asgard" he says before jumping out to fight the horde.

"Hela" he yells as he fight his way to his former boss.

A knife soon finds itself lodged in his chest as he falls over dead.

Loki puts Surtur's crown on the eternal flame and says, " with the eternal flame you are reborn.

Hela is walking over to Valkyrie limp but living body.

"Hela, enough. You want asgard it's yours" says Izuku.

"Whatever game you're playing. It wont work. You can't defeat me." Says Hela.

"Oh I know" Izuku says as a large building behind him crumbles and burns " but he can"

Surtur bursts through the building destroying everything in sight.

"No" says Hela unbelievingly.

Valkyrie runs forward and knocks Hela Over. Izuku hits her with a lighting blast sending her through the bridge.

"We had no choice" says Izuku " If we didn't do this Hela would have killed everybody."

Behind him the hulk jumps at surtur.

"No" says Izuku as the huku punches Surtur in the face " Hulk stop you Moron"

The hulk has grabbed surtur's horn and is puching him in the face. Surur throws the hulk back at the bridge.

"Hulk stop just for once in your life don't smash" yells Izuku.

Hulk looks back at him and says " Big monster?" wondering why he can't fight it.

"Let's go" Valkyrie says.

Hulk grabs them and jumps into the ship through the open door.

A large blade shoots out of the water and hits Surtur in the chest. Hela rises out of the water standing on a massive blade while launching more at Surtur.

"AHAHAHA I am Asgards doom" yells Surtur as he slams his massive sword into Hela killing her and destroying the planet.


"So what did you think" I ask.

"I wish I had power like that" whines Kaminari.

"That whole family is kind of fucked up" says Bakugou.

"He looks hot with the beard" says Midnight.

All the girls in the room excluding Eri and Inko look at midnight with Jealousy and anger in their eyes.

"What" asks Midnight knowing exactly what she just did.