The door to the office slammed open with such force it nearly came off its hinges and abruptly pulled us both out of the quiet enjoyment of each other.

Pam stood there, fangs down and on full alert. She took in the scene before her. Eric and I still embracing each other on the floor. Blood on both our lips from our exchange. She looked as shocked as she did pissed off.

"What the fuck was that?" She demanded.

I didn't know what to say and was glad Eric chose to field her question.

"We exchanged blood. I will assume you felt the culmination of that." He said.

It hadn't occurred to me that with Eric and my minds completely open to each other that what we felt would have rode down their bond.

"I just felt my whole existence slide of its axis. So, I say again. What the fuck was that?"

"As I said before, we exchanged blood and have sealed the beginning of a bond together." Eric said slightly annoyed at having to repeat himself.

I decided it would likely be best if Eric and I weren't wrapped around each other while they hashed out the particulars of what we had just done and began to untangle myself from him. He tightened his grip on me and curled his mind possessively around mine.

"Stay. Please." He whispered into my mind.

I laced my fingers into his and nodded. I wasn't ready to be separated from him either so, I settled myself back into him and he relaxed again.

"What the fuck Eric? Do you have Stockholm syndrome? She was nice to you and now you're what, in love with her?" Pam demanded confused and angry.

"Pamela, that is enough." Eric said seething.

That stung. I knew Pam had a respect and appreciation for what I had done for her and them, but it was clear she didn't think I deserved Eric.

"It is nothing like that Pam. I have got to know Sookie over the last several months. We formed a bond without blood. Now we have strengthened it in blood. I care for her deeply. She is brave and loyal and kind. She is mine. You will respect that whether you understand it or like it." He said firmly.

"Of course, Master." She said hatefully and stormed back down the hall nearly taking Ari down as she went.

"Don't worry about her, she will come around once she calms down and gets to know you better. She is not good at sharing." Eric told me.

"I guess that must be a family trait." I said with a wink.

Eric laughed and nodded his head. He stood up and moved us to the couch. I situated myself so that I was facing the room as Ari asked if it was safe to come in.

Eric waved him into the room while he ran his nose along my neck. He licked a bit of blood off my shoulder and laced his fingers back into mine.

"I can smell that you've begun a bond." Ari said smiling. "What did I tell you."

"Yes. You were right. Happy now?" I asked exasperated.

"Completely." He sassed me back looking like a cat who got the cream.

"What are you two talking about." Eric asked.

"I'll leave it to her to tell." Ari said smugly.

I squeezed Eric's hand and sent later to him. He nodded and squeezed my hand back.

"What are your plans, Aurelius?" Eric asked moving this morning forward.

"I have made arrangements for many safe houses around Area 5, all far from any cities or towns and all in non-descript buildings like this one. I appointed 7 of my most trusted underlings to interview, place and oversee each vampire that contacts any of our already vetted people. There are 4 pack masters who will be interviewing any Were's or Shifters who contact any of theirs. We will not have another Bill Compton infiltrating our ranks." Ari explained.

"What about the news of the rescue tonight?" I asked.

"Nothing new to report on that front other than they finally got the fire out at the facility and are beginning to search for bodies. Human Securities Squads have taken charge of that and have called this rescue an act of terrorism. They will likely not be giving out a statement until later today when they have more information on what happened." He said.

I nodded and laid my head on Eric's shoulder. I was so tired. These months of being a light in the dark, of plotting and planning, using my powers tonight and everything else had sucked the energy right out of me. Not even the coffee Ari had given me earlier was helping. I began to doze off as Eric and Ari continued discussing plans for the freshly born revolution.

I came around when something cool and wet dripped onto my cheek. I opened my eyes and wiped my cheek and my hand came back bloody. I pushed off Eric's shoulder to see the blood was dripping from his ear. The bleeds had started. What time was it?

We were no longer in the office but in a bedroom. I was still in Eric's lap and he was sitting in a large armchair across from the bed. A light in a small bathroom lit the room softly.

"Eric you've got the bleeds." I said concerned.

"I'm fine. I was going to put you in the bed, but I didn't want to be parted from you." He said quietly.

"You could have just lay down with me. I wouldn't have minded." I told him.

He looked distinctly uncomfortable at the idea. Did he not want to sleep next to me? I felt sad at the thought.

"It isn't that." He said feeling my thoughts. "It's just that…"

It hit me then. He'd been strapped to a bed for 5 years. The idea of lying down again must have triggered memories of that. He was free now but the years of what he endured were still with him.

I stood up and tugged his hand to follow me. I led him into the bathroom and grabbed a cloth off the rack. I ran it in warm water and cleaned the blood from his face and neck.

"You don't have to do that anymore." He said.

"No. I don't have to. I want to Eric." I told him gently.

He leaned against the counter and let me care for him. When I was finished, I wrapped my arms around his waist and we just stood there feeling each other.

"We don't have to get in the bed. We can sleep in the chair if that's what you want. Just give me a few minutes to freshen up and use the bathroom." I said.

He kissed the top of my head and went back into the room closing the bathroom door behind him. I used the toilet since my bladder was screaming for relief. I washed my hands and face making sure all the blood was cleaned up. There were night clothes sitting on the counter and I grabbed a tank top and a pair of shorts and quickly changed.

When I opened the door, Eric had turned down the bed covers and lit a candle on a nightstand next to it. He was sitting in the armchair looking pensive.

"You need to sleep well Sookie. You've been though a lot tonight." He said thoughtfully.

"You do too Eric. When was the last time you slept comfortably? When was the last time you truly slept?" I asked.

He sat quietly contemplating what I had asked. I could feel his turmoil in our bond. I curled my mind into his and sent soothing waves to him. He relaxed fractionally.

I could tell he wanted to be close to me, needed that connection. I could also feel the tendrils of fear that gripped him when he thought of lying down. I didn't want him to suffer in his freedom as he suffered in captivity. I grabbed the blanket off the foot of the bed and walked across the room to him. I pushed the ottoman close to the chair so he could stretch out his legs and be more comfortable before I crawled into his lap and covered us both.

I kissed his cheek before I snuggled into his chest and tucked my arms around him.

"Sleep well Eric." I whispered.

He wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled the top of my head. I felt the happiness and gratitude he felt as his mind curled around mine.

"Goodnight Sookie." He answered.

A few minutes later I felt our bond go quiet. He'd gone to his day rest for the first time since I had known him. I drifted to sleep moments later.

Eric wasn't lying next to me when I woke up. He wasn't in the bedroom or the office it connected to. I checked the time and it was well after nightfall. I hurriedly dressed in the clothes I found on the end of the bed, slid into my trainers and went to go find him. The warehouse was a beehive of activity. The number of people had doubled since last night. All the cots had been removed from the open space and a command center had been set up in their place.

I scanned the area for Eric, but I couldn't feel him here. Our bond was there so he was still alive, but it was muted. I started looking for Ari or Pam next. Surely one of them would know where he had gone. I spotted Pam near the back where the blood was being handed out from a warmer.

"Pam! Have you seen Eric tonight?" I asked her.

"Hello Fairy Princess." She said disdainfully.

I had to quell my temper before I spoke to her again. I thought I had formed a sort of bond with Pam during our time in the facility, but it was clear I'd been mistaken. I was going to have to talk to her about this animosity between us and hopefully work it out, but now wasn't the time.

"Have you seen Eric or not Pam?" I asked again.

Her lips curled into a sneer as she quickly scanned the room, for what I had no idea. Something in my mind started screaming danger and I felt my power roar to life. Blue white light stated to appear in my hands, and I clamped them into fists while I wrestled for control. Ari had told me it's a natural defense for your kind from mine. My senses were fully heightened, I saw it coming before she moved.

Light detonated from the palms of my hands when I raised them to try and block her from getting to me. She flew backwards slamming into the wall of the warehouse before she crumpled to the floor. She was singed and blood was running from her nose and mouth. He clothes and hair were an electric mess. Our confrontation had drawn the attention of everyone in the room.

"I am not your enemy!" I yelled at her.

She just sat there openly glaring at me in both shock and contempt. She made no move to get up nor to respond to me.

"I'm not entirely human. Remember that the next time you try to hurt me." I said nastily and turned to leave.

Ari was standing right behind me and I nearly ran into him in my hurry to get the hell away from Pam before anything else detrimental happened. He looked me over and then looked passed me to where Pam was still leaned up against the wall.

"Do I want to know why you are such a mess?" He asked.

"No. No, you don't." She said in the imperious tone she preferred.

She glared at me like she was trying to kill me with her eyes. I didn't back down from glaring right back at her. I'd be damned if she thought that she was intimidating me. A vampire came up and whispered something to Ari and he looked murderous. He leveled a steely look at Pam.

"Do not think this is the end of this conversation. When your maker returns, I'll leave your punishment to him." Ari told her seething.

She simply nodded to him and sped away from all the eyes watching us. This was not how I had wanted things to go. I had begun to like Pam and I surely wanted her on our side. As far as I could figure she was fine with me on my own, she was not fine with me being bonded to her maker. I would need to talk to Eric about this, it was clearly going to continue being a problem.

"Do you know where Eric is?" I asked Ari.

"I do not Susanna. He was gone before I rose for the night." He told me.

Shit. I had no idea how I was going to find Eric and I was concerned that he just left without saying a word to anyone.

"Do vampires sweat?" I asked.

"We don't. Why do you ask?" He said confused.

"When we were still at the facility on several occasion, I saw Eric covered in sweat. Not water like he'd been wet but actually coming out from his pores." I explained getting rather concerned.

"That's not possible. Our bodies no longer operate that way since we have such low body temperatures and we are technically dead."

Double shit. They had done something to him to change his physiology. I remembered the drive I had swiped. It was encrypted and with the breech none of my passwords were going to open that drive. I needed to know exactly what they had done to all the vampires in that facility. We need to talk to all the other rescues to see if any of them had any strange things happening to them.

"I stole a backup drive from the facility. It will have all the data ever collected on the vampires and Were's that we rescued. Do you have anyone who can hack a computer drive?" I asked him

"I'm sure I can find someone that has those skills." He answered me as he began texting a light speed on his phone.

"Ari. You need to ask all the others we rescued if any of them have anything unusual happening to them. If they have altered Eric's physiology then he may need infusions or something to keep him stable, the others could as well."

A pit of dread opened in my heart as I realized the ramifications that the newly freed captives could face if we didn't get the information on that drive.

"I'll get right on both of those things and let you know as soon as I have a list and Lizette cracks the drive." He told me still texting.

Now that Ari had things covered, I returned my focus to trying to find Eric. I walked out of the warehouse followed by Samuel. I assumed this was part of Ari's texting to make sure no shit flew between Pam and me. I didn't bother asking and just let him follow me out into the vast field of grass surrounding the building.

I walked until I could no longer see the warehouse, until I couldn't feel the minds of anyone besides Samuel. I stood quietly listening to the wind whoosh through the grass, felt the humidity of the heat of the night, and stared into the blackness of the star dotted sky. Once I felt completely calm and my mind was quiet, I began tunneling into my power. I called them up until my hearing and sight was preternaturally sharp. My light lit my hands in a pale blue glow, and I felt it sparking all through my body. Only then did I touch my bond with Eric. I wrapped it in the same blue light that lit my hands and I called his name in my mind, pushing it down the bond to him. For a few minutes I got no response, no sign that he heard of felt it. I tried again only this time I sent a much more forceful call.

This time I got through to him and I felt out bond flare and heard him call my name.

"Where are you?" he sent down our mental link.

"In the field behind the warehouse." I sent back to him.

I could feel the link getting stronger, he was getting closer. I sat down in the grass to await his arrival.

"Eric is coming." I told Samuel.

He nodded and walked further back away from me. Close enough to intercede should it become necessary but far enough away that when he left us, he wouldn't disturb us.

I could hear Eric now. A moment later he appeared in front of me, drenched in sweat. He stood there with tormented eyes. Shivering in the wind.

"Oh my god Eric!" I said rushing to his side. "Are you alright?"

"I think I need to feed. I feel worn out and I am sweating. Vampire do not sweat." He said tiredly.

"Where have you been? Why did you just leave?" I demanded.

"I felt caged in. I went out for a run to clear my head. I should have fed before I left. It was a mistake to think myself fully recovered after one night." He answered.

I looked him over and other than sweating he looked ok, his glow was bright, and his color was good, for a vampire anyway. He sounded tired though totally different from the vampire in charge last night. I wrapped my arms around his waist and laid my head on his chest.

"I was so worried when I woke up, and you were gone." I said into his damp shirt.

"I'm sorry alskling." He whispered into my hair.

"Eric, I'm worried that something they did to you in the facility changed you. Somehow made you sick. Ari has people working on the hard drive I swiped from the facility during the escape. Once they hack that I should be able to see everything they did to you that I didn't have access to before. I need you to promise me that you will tell me if anything changes with you or you begin to have any other symptoms ok." I implored him worried out of my mind.

"You have my word Sookie."

We started to make our way back to the warehouse and he led me around to the side of the building our room was on.

"Where are we going Eric? There's only one entrance into the building" I pointed out.

"Not for me." He said with a smirk.

He wrapped his arms around me still smirking and slowly rose us off the ground and onto the roof of the building. I clamped my arms around him like a vice and stared at him in disbelief.

"Why aren't you obeying the laws of physics?" I asked with a slight hint of fear.

He just laughed and smiled at me.

"You have your gifts, I have mine." He answered as he released me and opened a door in the roof of the warehouse.

"Would it have killed you to warn me?" I said glaring at him.

"What's the fun of being a vampire if you can't terrorize mortals." He said laughing harder.

I shot him a scathing look and an obscene gesture.

"Ari said that same thing to me once when he scared the hell out of me, and I almost fried him with my light. You might want to be more careful."

"Saucy, I like it." He said grinning like the devil and extended a hand to help me into the building.

I took his hand and he lowered us into our room. He told me he was going to shower and get changed so the others didn't see him in any kind of weakened state. I knew this was important and I made sure that he knew I wouldn't mention his current condition to anyone but that I had mentioned it to Ari.

"We can both trust Aurelius." He said and disappeared into our bathroom.

I sat in the recliner and let my mind drift back to my time at the facility. I ran through all the meeting I could think of trying to remember anything that had been said or discussed that might give me a clue as to what was happening to Eric or any of the others if Ari found more vampires with the same symptoms as Eric. Sweating and fatigue so far, that could be so many things. I shot to my feet when I remembered my meeting with the higher ups with LODI. The evil smile on that viper's face when she was trying to tell them that they had a few new things they had been experimenting with that showed some good prospects.

"Eric I'm going to talk to Ari." I called to him.

I hustled out to the main living area in search of Ari. I found him standing over a small vampire with electric blue hair and more piercings than I'd ever seen on one person. She was dressed in black ripped jeans and a fishnet top over a bra with chains and pins in random places. She was typing away on a keyboard and I assumed this was Lizette, our in-house hacker.

"Sookie, we were just about to come and get you. Come have a look at what's on here. See if any of this makes sense to you." Ari said when he noticed me.

I walked up to the laptop and started scanning the files for dates. I had a damn good idea when the new testing started. It would have been during the time when anything higher than level three testing was banned. Nothing invasive. Viral loads, mutated strains of human or zoonotic infections, and other environmental tests.

I found 5 files that contained the testing during that week. Three were only environmental tests to sound, temperature and ultrasonic waves. Those weren't going to be it. The other two files were more likely the cause. One was a new mutated strain of hepatitis, the other a mutated strain of Malaria.

"Can you get both files on separate screens. I need to see what the symptoms and incubation periods are for both." I asked.

"You got it hun." Lizette smiled at me. "Sorry, I mean Lady Brigant."

"Please don't bother with all that just call me Susanna." I said.

Two vampires appeared with two monitors and quickly hooked them into the system. The files loaded on to each screen. I scanned through the Hepatitis V file and after about ten minutes I ruled that one out. The second file though called Malaria Plasmodium falciparum V6 as I read through it, I knew this was it. All the symptoms matched, the incubation period matched, this was it. I kept reading through the entire file and the more I read the more worried and pissed I got. This was not good.

"Lizette, I need you to check that drive for antidotes and human inoculation for p.f.v.6." I said gravely. "Find me everything with that acronym."

She hit the keyboard without question. Typing away looking for what I had asked for. Ari was looking at me expectantly. I was trying to get control of my anger and worry. I could feel my power humming under the surface.

"How many more?" I asked.

"12 so far that are reporting. We are watching for sweating in anyone else that we took from the facility. Do we need to check with the two natured as well?" He said.

"No this was made specifically for vampires. I had no two natured on my wing so nothing about the testing they did on them will be on here. You should tell the heads of the packs to ask and watch for anything off with their own. There is no telling what they have done." I answered still furious.

Eric had joined us at some point, but I was so wrapped up in my anger and trying to figure out what was going on that I hadn't even noticed until he rested a hand on my shoulder. I felt him curl his mind into mine and I relaxed fractionally. Ari started to quietly fill him in on what we had discovered so far. He confirmed a few moments later that he was certain that he'd been given this as he'd heard the techs discussing at when the bagged it into his veins.

That was it for me. I knew he was infected with it for sure and until Lizette found everything on it, I had no idea if this was curable or a death sentence. Pam approached us and made a shitty comment and my hands ignited like torches. I slammed my chair back, told her to get fucked and stormed out of the building before I did anything I'd regret.

I walked out into the driveway, aimed my hands toward the ground and sent every bit of my anger and sadness into the earth. Dirt, rocks, and grass exploded all around me. The release felt amazing and scared the hell out of me. Everything around me had exploded. I had decimated everything around me. I stared at my hands in horror and amazement. This power that lived inside me was getting stronger. I needed to talk to Eric and see just exactly what it was that I was capable of and if he knew anyone else like me. This was something I had to learn to control.

"Is it safe to approach?" Ari asked for about 20 feet away.

"Yes." I answered quietly.

He came and stood silently next to me surveying the destruction I had just unleashed.

"You are very powerful Sookie. I have not seen anyone of your kind this powerful in a very, very long time. Eric will be along to see you as soon as he finishes dealing with Pam. I filled him in on the earlier incident. You certainly showed them all what hell looks like when it wears the skin of a gentle human. You have solidified your place among us" He said.

"I think it's fairly clear that I am not all that human." I said angry.

How could no one have ever told me what lie dormant inside me. I was angry I hadn't been told, I was angry that Eric and many others were sick, I was scared at the thought of losing him. I was furious with LODI for doing this and even more angry that everyone was turning a blind eye to the atrocities being committed against super naturals.

"Look at me." He commanded. "There is nothing wrong with being what you are. Humans are ignorant and dangerous. You are making a difference for all of us, human and supernatural. You have begun the days of change. Nothing will go unpunished or ignored anymore."

I gave him a watery smile and nodded. I was back in control of myself and my power was lying quietly inside me again. Eric walked out to where we were standing and surveyed what I had done to the driveway. The light in his eyes was like fire behind ice. I felt how impressed he was as well as pride and understanding flowing into our bond. He opened his arms and I walked into his firm embrace.

"You will have no more issues with Pam, she has been dealt with." He said into my hair.

I hugged him tighter. I didn't want there to be animosity between Pam and I but I sure as hell wasn't going to take an ounce of crap from her. I had bigger problems to deal with like finding out how to heal Eric and how to control my powers.

"Lizette has the files you asked for ready for you to look at." He told me.

"Ok, lets go have a look. I need to see what we are dealing with." I told him.

He took my hand in his and lead me back to the warehouse. All the vampires and two natured who had seen my display were watching me with awe and respect and a little fear. I nodded to them as we passed. I returned to my chair that had now been set to rights and looked over the files. The three I was most interested in were human inoculation, vampire antidote, and transmission and testing protocol.

The strain was mutated to affect only vampire physiology but live inside humans as a dormant carrier. The disease would progress fairly rapidly, and after a month would become uncurable. That meant our vampires need to start a treatment protocol immediately. Human carriers could also be cured completely of the parasite if treatment was administered with in that same month time period.

The infection started presenting with sweating and fatigue, then, muscle pains and headaches, followed by periods of fevers and chills and severe anemia. If the disease hadn't been treated by this time the infection was uncurable and would be followed by seizures, coma and circulatory collapse leading to death. While vampire didn't have a typical circulatory system since they have no heart beat the blood does circulate by whatever means their animation provides for.

The treatment was Mefloquine given to a human for a period of 1 week, while taking infusions of vampire blood that was untainted to bond the medication to our blood cells and theirs. Then the vampire had to be given two infusions by any means twice a day for two weeks.

All humans who had been bitten by an infected vampire where now carriers and had to all be treated before it became a pandemic. No infected vampire could bite a human without spreading the infection so we would need plenty of IV supplies.

When I finished explaining the particulars to both Eric and Ari, they both looked pissed and worried. We were damn lucky this was still in the experimental trails and they hadn't realized that this heinous infection had indeed taken and found a way to make it terminal.

"I need you to send out everyone possible to get as much Mefloquine as possible. We will also need plenty of IV supplies as well for the transfusions of both vampires and humans. We need to test everyone from the facility for the infection symptoms or not. Lists of all humans who were bit by anyone from the facility as they will need to be treated immediately. Any humans who plan to feed vampires need to be inoculated. We don't have much time before this becomes uncurable." I said with authority.

Ari nodded to me and started calling names and barking out orders. Eric started making calls to anyone in the vicinity of other VPM pharmaceutical facilities and told them to begin treating their humans and vampires in case the other locations were doing the same trials. I continued surveying the files on the hard drive for any more nasty surprises. I didn't find anything else that seemed an imminent threat but I did get the locations of about 75 other facilities that ours had been cooperating with and gave that information to Eric so he could start trying to find contacts in any of those areas.

I sat and watched everything happening around me. Answering questions as necessary. I had done all this. Ari was right and for the first time in my life I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

"Sookie, come. You need to eat it's almost dawn." Eric said into my ear.

He was right. I was starving. I had been so wrapped up in the events of the night that I hadn't eaten a thing. He led me back to a small kitchenette and let me pick what I wanted from the fridge. I made myself a couple sandwiches and grabbed a sprite. We went back to our room after that and I dropped onto the bed and ate my dinner.

"What about you? Are you hungry?" I asked him.

"I had some bagged blood earlier after I showered." He answered.

"That is not answering my question Eric." I replied.

I tossed my plate and napkin in the trash. When I turned around the fire behind ice look was back in his eyes.

"I'm infected." Was all he said.

"So am I. We shared blood. We have a cure. Let me feed you Eric." I said.

He looked away from me and his whole body was tense. I had learned to read him so well in the time I had known him. He was struggling between what he wanted and what he thought was best. I took his hand in mine and put the other on his cheek and turned his face back to mine.

"Let me do this for you." I whispered and pulled my hair away from my neck.

He buried his hand in my hair and kissed me deeply. His other handed wrapped around my back and pulled me into him.

"You are a treasure Sookie." He said between kisses.

He picked me up and pinned me between his body and the wall. I could feel his desire pressed into my core. I didn't bother with propriety and rubbed myself against him. His kisses became deeper and more frenzied. He kissed his way down my neck and inhaled deeply at the juncture between my neck and should before he sank his fangs into me.

A guttural growl came from him as he pulled my blood into him. I sank both hands into his hair and scraped my nails over his scalp. He pushed himself harder into me and dug his fingers into my hips. I felt my blood turn to liquid fire, my senses began to sharpen and the urge to take his blood hit me like a ton of bricks. He crushed a vase on the little table in his hand and gave me his bleeding palm. I latched on and pulled his cool spicy blood into my mouth.

The world kicked off its axis harder than the first time we shared blood. I knew what we were doing. Ari had been very detailed in his vampire tutelage. We were deepening our bond. We were becoming one. I wanted it. I wanted him. Him offering told me all I needed to know about his intentions. I felt him everywhere in and on me. My powers woke up, but the light was a soft white yellow and it flowed out of my hands into him. He threw his head back and moaned. I felt a part of my light become a part of him.

Our bond was a living thing. His eyes were almost black when he looked at me.

"You are mine. I will never let you go." He said, his voice raspy.

"As you are mine and I will never let you go." I answered breathless.

He pulled my face to his and kissed me. I could taste my blood and his and it did something powerful to me. I pulled his shirt up and off and ran my hands over his body. Mapping all the muscles and scars he bore. He shredded my shirt and bra a second later. His hands and mouth were everywhere. He dropped into the recliner taking me with him. We were both writhing against each other. He gripped my ass and hip and pushed himself into me. My desire was burning me up inside and I was panting.

I clawed at the button on his pants and he torn mine right down the front. He moved us to the bed and shucked his pants and pulled what was left of mine off taking my panties with them.

"Sookie." He hissed as he sat at my entrance.

I pushed my hips towards his and he sheathed himself inside me. I ripped my nails down his back as he pumped into me powerfully. He was magnificent. He carried me higher and higher growling and speaking in a language I didn't understand. My vision started to white out and I felt a weird tingling in my gums. Iran my tongue across my teeth and was shocked to find that my canines were shockingly longer than they had been. Our eyes met and he smiled at me ferally. I was about to bite him and seal our bond when a loud crack shattered the sounds of our lovemaking.

"Don't you dare." Commanded a man I had never seen before standing next to our bed.