My lovely older sisters 02


Author's notes: Whoa. Surprised people liked it. I just thought of putting it there because I want to continue that other story I read. Well, I'm glad people are interested. Lemme answer some reviews at the end of the page.


Oriana's face reddened like a tomato and she hastily got up from the ground, eyes narrowing into slits as she scowled at her sister. She stomped on a cooked fish head and kicked it to the river where the watercourse took it to the river mouth, into the depths of Looksville forest lake.

"What the hell, Kaori! Why did you kiss me like that!? I thought we agreed to only kiss Touma you opportunistic pervert!"

Kaori licked her lips as she followed her sister, stood up on her feet, and dusted her legs. Touma was gaping at the scene of his two siblings on either side of him. The river current, the splashes fish made, the leaves rustling with the wind, and the howls of the wolves in the woods mixed together to form a soothing backdrop that calmed his nerves.

"I'm sorry," Kaori said, raising her hands to placate Oriana who at the moment looked like a scared rabbit ready to bolt. "It appears I'm just as attracted to you as I am to Touma. Is it not mutual?"

Oriana gaped at her sister, her face so red Touma worried steam would come out of her ears. "T-that's not the point you idiot! Pervert! Fuck off!" Oriana yelped when Kaori vanished from her sight. Touma, having a good vantage view of his sisters saw Kaori reappear behind Oriana. She deduced it a moment after she glanced down and found Kaori's shadow overlapping with her own.

"You didn't deny my feelings," Kaori noted with a grin. Oriana cried in surprise and spun on her foot. Kaori was faster and hooked her hands under Oriana's armpits and reeled the other girl by her shoulders. "I love you, dear sister of mine!" Kaori kissed Oriana's head and nuzzled her blonde hair. "I just wanted you to know that I have feelings for you, and I am quite pleased it isn't a one-sided sentiment."

"Alright, alright." Oriana pouted cutely and sagged in Kaori's hold. "Whatever you say, Kaori. Can you let me go now?"

"Not yet," Kaori chirped. "Touma, be a dear and join our hugging?"

Touma grimaced and stood up. If he didn't indulge Kaori's needs she'd simply haul him off his feet like she did Oriana earlier at their backyard. Oriana glared at him. "Don't you dare," she hissed.

"He dares," Kaori said and lowered her chin to Oriana's head. "Right, sweetie?" Kaori smiled.

Oriana sulked as Touma embraced her from the front, and Kaori lowered her hands and wrapped her arms on Oriana's abdomen from behind. Oriana lowered her forehead to Touma's shoulder and sighed. "You two are the worst."

"Aw," Kaori cooed, giving Touma a wide grin as she continued teasing Oriana. "Love you too, sis."

"Grr," Oriana growled. "You're lucky I love you."

It took them ten minutes to leave the forest on their bicycles and reach the familiar compound. Touma pressed the intercom on the wall beside the gate. "Leslie," he called the gate guard's name. "Can you open up?"

"Right away, sir." There was a beep and then the electronic locks holding the gate loosened. Touma entered on foot, followed by Oriana and then Kaori. A gardener was pushing a lawnmower over the yard. The gardener gave them a nod and a smile.

"Feels weird, having guards." Touma didn't know what to make of it. He knew his sisters didn't need the extra protection, and they were both strong enough on their own to protect him. They often carted him along whenever they have a mission on a different country too, disguised under the pretense of a vacation.

Kaori shrugged. "They try to be as invisible as possible. They even stay on the guesthouse. None of them disturb us, Touma." She tilted her head at the person waiting for them on the porch. He was Caucasian. His black hair was neatly combed. He donned an earpiece on his right ear. Black sunglasses covered his eyes. He wore a suit, the left side bulging slightly to hint at the gun holstered under his coat.

"Good morning sir, madams."

"Good morning Joshua," Kaori greeted the bodyguard with a smile. "Do you have anything for us? From our boss, perhaps?"

The house, the land, the money streamed to their accounts. Even the bodyguards and the gardener all belonged or were under the employ of the mysterious boss Touma kept hearing about. He had yet to interact with the boss, and he wondered if he ever would find a face to meet his sister's elusive employer.

"Yes ma'am," Joshua said. "Permission to inform sir Touma?"

Touma was ready to leave them to their clandestine business when Kaori surprised him.

"Granted," Kaori said. "Can we have someone put these bikes to the garage? Thanks."

Joshua nodded stiffly and spoke to his earpiece. Ten seconds later another bodyguard arrived from the guesthouse and took the bicycles from the three siblings and towards the garage.

"Josh," Oriana said, pushing her blonde hair behind her ear. "What does the boss want?"

"A person of interest entered American soil two hours ago. The POI left Dulles International and headed straight for D.C."

"Whoa," Touma muttered. "It's like a thriller. Is this a spy or terrorist we're after?"

"We?" Oriana laughed and once more tousled his hair, making him scowl. "What's this we business, you doofus? There's no we at all. Just me and Kaori, with you out of the equation."

"If it was two hours ago, then why were we being informed only now?" Kaori made her way up the staircase to the porch, opened the doorknob and entered the castle-like mansion. She kicked her shoes off her feet and stepped on a red carpet on the living room. Touma and Oriana followed her into the kitchen, and the bodyguard closed the door after they were all inside. Touma leaned on the white counter while his sisters made for the refrigerator and the glass cabinet.

"We had another operative monitoring the target. Unfortunately, our operative died of a heart attack in the plane. We retrieved the body outside the hospital, but the damage was done."

Touma grimaced. "Jesus. That's morbid." He tilted his head. "Joshua, sir, why did you ask permission to let me join?"

Joshua removed his sunglasses and gazed at Touma with rich brown eyes. "With all due respect, sir, you were going to be a part of this world one way or the other. If neither of your sisters allows you into our group, you'll be taken by Langley or the US Forces and work for them instead. It would certainly create… conflicts of interest."

"Ah." Touma looked at Kaori. "Is that what you were talking about with the boss?"

Kaori took a pitcher of orange juice from the fridge. "Yup. Despite living in this country, we don't work for Langley."

"Langley…" Touma rubbed his chin. "Virginia? Where the CIA agents have their HQ?"

"Yes," Oriana said and took some cups from the glass cabinet. "But they're called officers, not agents," she corrected him. "Remember that distinction." She lowered the cups to the countertop. Kaori poured orange juice into the cups.

"Thanks," Touma said, accepting the juice Oriana offered him. "Joshua, would you like one?"

"No, thank you, sir. I'll be on my way."

Touma frowned. "That's it? You barely gave us anything."

"A fair assessment. Let me reassure you that lady Kaori was already notified of the target. The nature of your older sisters' jobs is in capturing the targets and leave them bound in extraction points in specific locations. That saves the two the trouble of smuggling a body out of a country."

"Hey!" Oriana glared at the bodyguard, and then looked at Touma worriedly. "Um, he makes it sound worse than it actually is. No need to worry, Touma. We don't kidnap random people off the street. We take bad ones."

"Trust me, Touma. We do not condone pointless acts of evil and would not have accepted these clandestine operations if they were to hurt the innocent," Kaori added solemnly.

"We provide them the papers, the passports, the funds in their operations," Joshua continued. "But we do so through a middleman. If ever the two become compromised, beaten or caught in enemy territory, we make sure that there's no trail leading back to us."

"We?" Touma asked, ignoring his sisters' worried looks. He didn't care about their jobs. He knew they were good people. "Am I gonna get a name for this super secret group of spies or whatever it is you actually do?"

"Rest assured," Joshua said. "When the time comes, they'll introduce themselves to you as well. For now, you should be patient. It took five years for your older sisters to meet the boss. I take it you'll have to wait a little less."

"Wait," Touma said. He glared at his sisters. "You already knew the boss?"

Kaori made a sheepish smile and scratched the back of her head. "We were under orders to hide it from you. The lie was from us, though. Sorry, Touma."

"Yeah." Oriana nodded and took a sip of her orange juice. She wiped her lips with her hand. "If we had our way we wouldn't keep anything from you. But we don't. Last chance, little brother. Are you sure you want to be a part of this life?"


"Wow," Oriana said, shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Not even thinking about it? That's so just like you. Looks like I'll have to prevent you from becoming a field agent."

"It's not up to you."

"Yeah, it is!"

Kaori said, Kaori interjected by telling them the name of the target, disrupting the usual byplay of her siblings. Her fond smile made them both pause, if only briefly. "I have a picture of him in a manila folder in my bed. Want to see?"

"Sure," Touma said.

"Then I shall take my leave." Joshua nodded to each of them. "There's a duffel bag containing one million dollars on the porch. If you need more, don't hesitate to call me."

Touma's eyes followed his back until the bodyguard took a step out of their house, returned with the bag, left it at the couch, returned to the porch and closed the door.

"O-one million?" Touma gasped. "That's a lot of cash!"

"Not enough, usually," Oriana offhandedly remarked, making it seem like the one million cash was pocket change. Touma's eyes widened and a searing heat torched his cheeks when she saucily grinned at him, reached for the hem of her shirt, and pulled it out of her head. Other than the yellow bikini top, she was bare. He had a good of her smooth skin, her sexy figure and her satisfied grin. "Like what you see?" she asked teasingly.

"Y-yeah." His goofy smile made her blush and giggle happily. Oriana held her shirt to her stomach and turned around. "Wanna go swimming with me?" She bit her lip and eyed Kaori. "Both of you?"

"S-sure," Kaori stuttered, sporting a minor blush herself. Touma noticed her eyes ogling Oriana's body just like him, and Oriana shamelessly posed, for their mutual enjoyment. She put her right hand behind her left shoulder blade, her elbow beside her head, and stretched to the left. Just for exercise, she'd insist if they asked her. "Let me get my one-piece swimsuit."

"Nah." Oriana threw her shirt to the dining table, sashayed towards her siblings and wrapped her arms on their shoulders. "No change. You have to swim in what you're wearing." When they didn't complain, her grin grew wider. "Man, if only I knew both of you had feelings for me. I mean, Touma was obvious. But you too, Kaori? It feels crazy knowing my looks are enough to "

"It's not my fault who I'm attracted to," she complained in a vain attempt to defend herself.

"I am so happy!" Oriana, empowered by the defenseless states of her siblings dragged them both to the door leading to their basement.


The swimming pool was rectangular in shape and filled with clean water in a turquoise blue color. It was due to the white tiles of the pool, Touma thought to himself, and then dismissed the trivia when Oriana's cycling shorts fell off her sexy legs and to the floor, leaving her in her boyshorts. She glanced at him with a naughty smile and dived to the pool, submerging into the water with a splash.

She emerged from the shallower part of the pool, her hair clinging to her skin glistening with a sheen of pool water. She winked at him, smiling flirtily. She raised her arm out of the water and pointed at him, beckoning him to join her with her finger.

"Come on, tough guy. I don't bite." He gulped, nodded and took a step forward when she added, "Much."

Touma groaned.

"Easy there, tiger." Kaori laughed from the purple poolside sun lounger. Unlike Touma, she was equipped for nearly every situation. There was a shower room in the corner, and stashed within the towels was a set of swimming clothes. Oriana's excited smile morphed into great disappointment when Kaori emerged from the shower room, having already taken a bath, and donning a violet boardshorts and black bandeau bikini top.

Touma, on the other hand, was constantly in a state of paralysis thanks to the bare skin that kept catching his eyes.

Kaori made a sympathetic smile. "Must be torture for you having to watch us and not touch." She sighed and sniffed, though it didn't stop the grin that eventually took her lips. "If you want, the two of us can have a makeout session and Oriana can watch."

"Hey!" Oriana complained.

Kaori intentionally looked away from Oriana and stared into the ceiling. With a louder voice, she said, "I mean, considering SOMEONE doesn't seem interested in me, I guess I'll have to satisfy my urges with my cute little brother." She winked at him. "C'mere Touma." She tapped her thighs, reminding him of their younger years when he used to sit on her lap. "Come to big sister Kaori. She'll make you feel really good."

"I'm interested," Oriana murmured with a cute pout. Kaori's enhanced senses meant she heard what Oriana said, but pretended not to, though it didn't stop the satisfied expression on her face.

"That sounds fun," Touma said. He shook his head and made an x with his arms. "But no thanks. I'm not… at the right state of mind to play with you." And with a harrumph, added, "And I'm not a kid anymore, sis."

"Take your top off," Oriana jeered from the white pool steps she sat on. "Don't be shy. I'm satisfied filling my eyes."

"No thanks. I'm good," Touma insisted. He was afraid of overloading himself with the stimulants in the physical form of his sisters.

"Hey," Oriana said. "Don't be that guy. We're taking our clothes off to the man we'll marry and here you are being a wuss." She propped her elbows on her thighs under the water, lowered her cheeks to her hands and blew a blonde thread of hair from her face. "What'll we tell our children? 'Dad wanted us to show some skin but he was too much of a chicken to show us his' doesn't sound very encouraging, you know?"

Touma was left speechless by her words, each insult piercing an arrow into his heart until he was left with all his pride bleeding into the floor. Kaori's muffled laughs were the nail in the coffin. A glance confirmed she was indeed trying to cover her mouth with a hand, and failing miserably in halting her laughs. With an embarrassed scowl, Touma took his shirt off and threw it on the ground.

"There. Happy!?" He asked and raised his arms.

"Much," Oriana purred. Her eyes roamed from his chest to his abdomen, and Touma had to resist the urge of covering himself with his arms just to avoid another tease from the girls. He felt shivers on his back and knew Kaori was likely doing the same. He looked back at her, she gave him a smile and continued ogling his body like he did hers and Oriana's.

Touma scratched the back of his head and felt the heat in his cheeks that became a constant in his life since the day he found himself attracted to his sisters. The two shared similar blushes but shamelessly eyed him anyway. It took another thirty seconds before they looked away with satisfied expressions.

"I feel so violated," Touma muttered, sat on the ledge, and dipped his legs into the pool.

"We didn't force you to do anything, silly man!" Oriana pushed her arms into the pool with a plash and threw a wave of water. Touma closed his eyes and gave a long sigh as Oriana soaked him over and over. "Maybe next time you shouldn't hesitate when two girls head over heels with you are willing to do stupid shit like this to get your attention!"

"Wow!" Touma shouted, finally caving in to the pressure. "Not like Kaori had any say in this! You like dressing things up to sound more selfless than they actually are. Admit it, Oriana. In the end, you're just one big pervert!"

She threw another splash just as he said the last word, giving him something to drink and cough over while he spasmed on the floor. He punched his chest and coughed the pool water to his side. He took his shirt, wiped spit and water on his lips, and glared at Oriana.

"Aha. Whoops?" She made the v sign for peace with her index and middle finger in an attempt to placate him.

"Let's see how you like it!" Touma kicked the surface of the water and threw a splash into Oriana. It did nothing other than set her off into another laugh.

"I'm already wet, in case your eyes aren't working!"

"Oh yeah!? I'll make you wetter!" Touma jumped into the pool, submerging himself in water and soaking his entire body as he swam for his sister. Oriana squealed and attempted to climb up the pool steps with her dainty legs, but Touma caught her stomach with his arms before she could escape. He was amazed at her softness and warmth but didn't voice it in fear of giving her more rope to hang him with.

"Let me go, you idiot!" Oriana laughed even as she mocked him. Touma growled and carried her to the deeper parts of the pool despite her attempts to wiggle out of his lock and kick her legs in the air, and with his weight pushed them both beneath the water. Oriana broke free of his hold and swam up to the surface with a gasp. Touma followed her up and laughed at her expense.

"You little bitch!" Oriana chortled and continued throwing water at him. Touma played along with a grin and mimicked her actions. "Hey! Stop that! Stop getting me wet! Only I can do that and you're not allowed!"

"Whatever you say, crybaby." Touma blocked the next wave of water she punched at him.

Kaori took out her smartphone from under her chair and videotaped her adorable siblings' childish games. It was times like these she wished none of them would change, that they remain loving siblings forever. Then again… Kaori played with her hair and checked her online photo album. She took a picture of the diamond rings Touma bought her and Oriana when he was fast asleep. It brought her to tears and made her give a lot of hugs the following day. Of course, she pretended she was unaware of the fact the day he admitted to them.

"I wouldn't mind being his wife," she said softly, and with a more amorous gaze at Oriana added, "And I wouldn't mind being hers either."

Kaori let the two have fun for five more minutes before she sat up and clapped her hands, drawing their attention. Oriana and Touma were in the process of wrestling, their hands clasped on each other's and pushing the other down under the pool. It was a battle they all knew Touma would win, so Oriana was simply enjoying a chance at physical contact with her brother.

"Okay, you two. Time for a break. Let's have some lunch before we continue."

"Ugh. Haven't we ate fish just an hour ago?" Oriana complained and unclasped her hands from Touma's. Her hands quested to his back and she buried her face into his chest. "Unless you're still hungry, Touma."

Kaori sat up, lowered one lovely leg to the floor, and pushed herself standing and up. "We can come back later, you two. There are also some dishes left in the backyard. Someone has to clean them."

"Responsibilities!" Oriana groaned into Touma's chest. "Oh, how I loathe them."

He rubbed the bare part of her back and gave a soft squeeze. "Come on. Five minutes?"

"Fiiine," she drawled. With a coquettish smile, she pushed his chest away and gave him a nice of her back as she sashayed up the steps and onto the poolside. She pulled the wrinkles on her boyshorts while looking back at him and said, "Well? Are you coming or what?"

Touma shook his head and exhaled deeply. "This is the life," he said. He followed her up the steps and took her offered hand. Kaori led the way to the staircase up to the basement entryway, hummed to herself and listened to Oriana and Touma's laughs behind her.


"So this is the guy?" Touma asked, looking at the photograph on the table. In it was a tattooed man with bleached blond hair, a square jaw, and strong cheekbones. He was Japanese, indicating his origin. "He's from Academy City?"

Touma had sat at the dining room table while Oriana and Kaori took the dishes from the backyard and the countertop, returned the pitcher to the fridge and washed the cups, plates, and utensils on the sink and then placed them inside the dish drying cabinet on the wall above the sink. Right now the two scantily clad girls stood behind him, Kaori with her arms crossed and Oriana with one hand on her waist.

"You know, if you let me do the dishes once in a while I wouldn't feel so pathetic," Touma complained. "And why am I still shirtless again?"

"Because Kaori wants to keep staring at your abs," Oriana grinned. A towel was hanging around her neck, the ends dangling under her collarbone. She held his shoulder with her free hand and gave a squeeze. "Why? Think it's unfair to be topless when the two beautiful girls you're with are barely wearing anything?"

"Maybe you're feeling cold?" Kaori asked worriedly. Her gaze turned into disapproval. "You didn't dry yourself when we came out of the basement, young man."

'Don't young man, me. You're not my mother,' is what Touma wanted to say. However, he couldn't voice such disrespectful thoughts to the women who raised him and so he held his tongue and lowered his head in apology.

Kaori stroked his head and said, "I only say this because I'm worried you might get sick." She borrowed Oriana's towel and began drying Touma's head, his hair, his scalp. She was nothing if not thorough in the process of cleanliness. Since they were kids she made sure the other two were always hygienic and informed about the world. Oriana was more mature than Touma in that regard, which was one of the many reasons why Kaori allowed Oriana to accompany her in the first place.

"Have you cleaned your ears?" Kaori asked and removed the towel from his head, throwing it to the chair across the table. "I'll get the cotton swab."

"No!" Touma groaned. "My ears are completely fine."

"Really?" Oriana released his shoulder, leaned in front of him and raised two fingers. "How many hands am I holding?"

"Oriana that doesn't even make sense. My ears have nothing to do with your hands and you aren't even holding anything so-"

"Answer the question," Kaori prodded him.

Touma wrinkled his nose at the insane troll logic. "Um, two? You're holding two fingers?"

"I'm not holding anything!" Oriana corrected him. "I'm raising two fingers." Glancing at Kaori, she added, "We also need to get his eyes checked up. And maybe have him see a psychiatrist and learn if his brain's working fine or if he needs help."

"Touma, we're taking you to the doctor," Kaori decided. He couldn't believe them. Touma puffed his cheeks and refused to answer his sisters until their blank expressions broke into another set of grins.

"Can't you two take anything seriously?" he complained. Kaori poked his right cheek, Oriana poked his left.

"That'll be a negative," Oriana said.

"Though we can abstain for the time being," Kaori added. "But it would be unforgivable not to tease our adorable little brother. Don't you agree, dear sister?"


"Okay," Touma said and sighed in an exasperated manner. "Can we get back to the topic at hand?"

"You were the one who derailed it by asking us for more work," Kaori chided him with a frown. "Now come on, we'll take you to the doctor."

"Kaori, enough jokes…" Touma groaned and covered his face with his hands and peeked through the gap between his fingers.

"Joke?" Kaori tilted her head. The surprised look on her face was very cute, Touma thought. "I am not joking, Touma. I simply find your reactions cute and humorous."

"Gee, thanks." Touma mulled her words with a grimace. He was about to pout, though covered it by hiding his mouth with his palm, his arm raised, elbow propped up on the table, and his face looking away from his sisters.

"He's pouting!" Oriana said, immediately discerning his plan and destroying it completely. "You are so cute, oh little brother of mine!"

"The topic?" Touma groaned.

"The target. He's one of those mad scientists in Academy City. He's unaware he was being targeted."

"Wait, mad scientist?" Touma narrowed his eyes. "Are we sure this guy didn't use some sort of cancer giving x-ray gun or a heart attack inducing freeze-ray gun or something? I mean, he's a mad scientist and the two of you are magicians capable of distorting reality. Isn't it more likely he found out he was being tailed and terminated the operative before making his escape?"

Kaori and Oriana shared a secret smile whenever they knew something he didn't and were going to rub it all over his face. Or rather tease him with a hint of the information without ever going all the way.

"Touma, real life isn't like a thriller," Oriana said. "In most cases I've seen, what's the simplest explanation often is."

"Yes, I've heard of Occam's Razor so no need to lecture me."

"Based on the intel from our super secret organization," Kaori interjected with a waggle of her eyebrows, playing along with what she thought was Touma's childishness at the assumption real-life mad scientists were anything like their science fiction counterpart. An irritating fact he buried deep in the back of his mind. "He even led a paramilitary organization in Academy City."

Touma whistled. "You guys have spies in Academy City?"

"We have spies everywhere," Oriana proclaimed proudly with a puff of her chest.

"So how are you two going to track this guy?" Touma asked and pointedly ignored Oriana's drawl claiming, 'with maaagic'. "Washington, DC's a big place. And I doubt he's going to stay there for long."

"Oh?" Kaori asked. "What makes you think so? Our target is unaware he is being monitored."

"Was," Touma corrected her. "Before your operative died of a heart attack. Again, what are the odds of this happening? A million to one?"

"A hundred fifty thousand to around three hundred million per year in North America," Oriana said. "I think? Not sure. Maybe it's changed. Hold on let me look it up."

"No, please don't." Touma rubbed his forehead. He was feeling a headache coming. "I just don't feel like this is a good idea at all."

"Learn from the expert, newbie." Oriana swiped the photo from the table and went up the stairway to her room and slammed the door shut. Touma looked at Kaori with a perplexed expression, wondering why Oriana acted that way. Strangely, Kaori did not appear perturbed, but rather the opposite. Her serene expression as she seated beside him made Touma wonder if he was the only sane person in their house.

"Touma, do you understand how magic operates?" Kaori asked. She closed her eyes, crossed her legs, one foot over the opposite thigh, sole faced upward and heel almost touching her abdomen, and repeated with the other in a lotus sitting position and clasped her hands. It was an image that made him think of meditation, if it was the feet alone, or a prayer to God if it was merely her hands. Combined it confused him.

"No?" Touma shook his head. "Neither of you ever showed me the process. I mean, I see Oriana cast spells and your magic always appeared passively like my own so I didn't really think there was that much of a difference between our abilities."

Kaori chuckled. "Let me correct you, then. Magic is something sought after by those without the talent to recreate feats of those with talents, such as espers and gemstones."

"Like the psychic from Academy City?"

"Indeed, but the existence of extrasensory perception abilities extended far beyond and superseded Academy City. Even without advance technology, the earth was able to create espers naturally. Those are called gemstones. I think you are one."

"No…" Touma didn't understand why he felt that way, but he felt it wasn't right to call him an esper even though empirical evidence suggested otherwise.

"Very well. However, magicians are not created solely from the desire to have superpowers like espers. They are made from people jealous of the success others have, no matter how mundane it is. Good grades, a wonderful personality, great wealth and more. All those blessed with such gifts do not become magicians. It is often those lacking these gifts that are railroaded into the path of magic."

"That doesn't sound very nice." Touma nudged her shoulder and Kaori lost her concentration in favor of giving him her attention, opening her eyes and smiling at him. "I couldn't imagine either of you being talentless. You're both so kind and beautiful it's impossible to think otherwise."

"Oh, Touma." Kaori breathed his name and leaned forward. She reached a hand. Her fingers caressed his face. She opened her lips, an inch away from his. They both moaned into the kiss. After their lips parted Kaori's thumb rubbed his cheek. Her smile was so happy, her eyes so delighted that he was left breathless from the blissful expression in her face.


Oriana sat on the floor of her dark bedroom. The walls were pink, the floor red, and the ceiling white. A ceiling fan remained inactive from the ceiling. Three portraits hanging from the wall. The first of the Chinese gods Fuxi and Nüwa intertwined, their legs replaced by snake tails intertwined, and their arms hooked on each other's shoulders. The second portrait was that Fuxi, alone, seated on the earth, a mountain behind him, an octagon drawn to his right foot, and a turtle looking up near his left foot. The third portrait depicted Fuxi looking upon a trigram sketch on a scroll of paper. His hand held a quill pen soaked in ink from the black inkwell near his right knee.

On the floor was her white tablet. On the screen was a map application revealing her current location in her home on the hills of Looksville. She zoomed it out to scope the entirety of the United States of America.

What Oriana was using at the moment was an archaic form of magic. Feng Shui was the practice of arranging certain items in specific locations. Once everything was in place, a magic circle would activate and create a spell based on the contents the items offered.

Fuxi was a teacher in cooking, fishing with nets, and hunting with weapons made of bone, wood or bamboo. Created by Pangu, the god of creation in Chinese mythology, Fuxi and Nüwa were the original humans that made Kunlun Mountain, the axis mundi or the location that connected heaven and earth, and the symbol of divinity, as their home.

There was a small sacrifice each time Oriana used this magic. She gave a little more of herself to the people of her choice until her free will would be overridden completely by her new masters. The ones she had dedicated herself to were none other than her beloved siblings Kamijou Touma and Kanzaki Kaori.

She never told Kaori the price of the archaic magic, of course. She was sure she did something wrong. Feng Shui was not supposed to punish its practitioners the way this magic did to her. She was not an Onmyoudou specialist and was painfully aware of that fact the first time she the spell and was subservient to Kaori and Touma for the rest of the day. Kaori wondered why Oriana was helping her with all her chores, and why Oriana indulged all of Touma's games and then became aloof the next day.

Every time she used the spell, an hour of her life would be consumed by its side-effect and be dedicated to Touma and Kaori instead. There were specific days in her calendar where she would be helpless to their will. For now, it was still hidden from her siblings, though eventually she'd run out of days in the calendar and become their slave completely.

It didn't sound so bad, Oriana thought. And it was a long way off.

She sat on the floor, her legs crossed, her hands clenched into fists, and her grin baring her teeth. "Let's do this!" she said and lowered the photograph of her target over the screen of her tablet.

"With my target as the fish, oh great Fuxi, let me be the fisher to catch them in a net." The skin on her arms cracked into golden light that illuminated the dark room. It was like a burning sensation. Often times, Oriana imagined herself as the bait attached to the hook of a fishing rod for her siblings to ravish to their heart's content. She imagined herself submerged in the ocean, a wire wrapped around her naked body, and her siblings swimming towards her and opening their hungry mouths to have their fill.

"Gah!" The burning sensation reached the peak of its crescendo. Her entire body was lit in a golden light and exploded into a bright flash that illuminated the room. And then it returned to darkness. She was left gasping for breath, her scantily clad body in a yellow bikini top and boyshorts bottom covered in a sheen of sweat. She fell on the floor, her head beside her tablet. The picture was burned into a crisp. She grinned despite her exhausted state. Although she needed to hide the fact today she sold her soul to Touma and Kaori, again, she was overall successful in casting her spell.

The map on her tablet shifted to a different location.


"Guys, I found him!" Oriana said, bursting out of her room and looked over the second-floor balcony. Her cheerful face turned into a lecherous one when she saw Kaori making out with Touma. "Hey, don't start without me you hungry, hormonal perverts."

Oriana disappeared from the balcony. Touma was blushing so madly at being caught by his sister, making out with his older one. Kaori a little less so, but it was less her being indifferent to getting caught and more of having a good poker face.

"I-I've been meaning to ask," Touma said, almost cringing as he forced a smile, scratched the back of his ear and changed the subject. "Am I going to join you in this manhunt?"

Kaori scowled. "Of course not."

"But we'll take a trip anyway..." Touma remembered all those vacations they took where the two girls mysteriously disappear for a few hours and leave him with clear instructions to stay in his hotel room until they get back.

"Well," Kaori said, blinking and realizing what he meant. "I can wear a body-cam and show you why a confrontation with a target isn't the nicest of jobs."

"Okay." They turned their attention to Oriana, who at the moment was sweaty, her chest heaving, her legs shaking, and her face reddening from her magical activities. Touma forced down the boiling lust for his sister's incredibly attractive body and said, "You found him? That was fast. Magic's amazing."

"Na-ah." Oriana stuck out her tongue, her hands holding something behind her back. "First, the goods."

Touma covered his blushing face and looked away. Kaori held his shoulders and her hand grasped his forearm, peeling it from his cheek. Her other hand held his chin and made him face Oriana. Oriana, for her part, licked her lips and pressed into his for a saucy kiss. Her tongue was so soft and wet.

"Ahem," Kaori coughed. Their lips parted and Oriana removed the bridge of saliva with the back of her hand.

"Oh, right." Oriana grinned cheekily and raised her tablet, screen pointed towards them. "Feast your eyes on the target's location!"

"Georgetown?" Kaori raised a brow.

"Kihara Amata is in Georgetown?"


Kihara Amata had a mole in the United States government. It started a few years back while he was still working on his Level 5 project with the albino. That was when the Chairman instructed his family to interfere with countries all over the world. Amata didn't understand it at the time, but he was free to interpret the order as he saw fit. He understood Crowley's command as to take over the world. Developing Level 5 espers took too much time. Causing discord in the world powers and then overtaking them from behind the scenes was much easier.

The Kihara family was in a strange spot. They were the forerunners in developing state of the art technology for Academy City twenty years ahead of the rest of the world. They were the closest confidants to the Chairman himself and were permitted to do as they please so long as they keep making successful ventures into the development of weapons and psychic abilities.

They were scientists. Not hired guns. But the Kihara family served Aleister Crowley the way knights served their kings. If Aleister asked them to jump, they would ask how high. And Amata was in the lead position due to the prestige it would give him once his mole enacted their plan of success, the prerequisite being the termination of a certain high profile target.

Amata was currently dressed in a comfy red turtleneck, white pants and red croc shoes, sat on the side of his bed and stirred a spoon in the mug of his warm, black coffee. He drank coffee every day. Caffeine acts as a psychoactive stimulant. When consumed, the caffeine travels from the digestive system, into the bloodstream, and into the brain. This process usually took around thirty to forty-five minutes. When it hits the brain, it blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitter Adenosine. This causes an increase in the activity of other neurotransmitters such as the norepinephrine and the dopamine, causing the brain to rapid-fire its neurons. The combined chemicals and neurons conglomerate to boost the mood, energy, memory, response times, and general cognitive thinking.

In other words, it gave him a good mood.

So with a happy sigh, he took a sip of his coffee and for a moment lost himself in the wonderful drink and escaped the planet populated by carbon-based lifeforms he despised with every fiber of his being.

He checked his wristwatch. It was almost time. He took the remote from the nightstand and turned on the television. The president-elect was in the first limousine at the back of the motorcade. Four motorcycles emerged from the corner of the street, followed by the DC police squad, Secret Service sedans, and then the two identical limousines, followed by more sedans.

They were on their way to a charity event, for what reasons escaped Amata. He hired a local photographer to do a rush job and take pictures of the president-elect for a lucrative sum of money. He insisted the photographer use the camera Amata bought. It was expensive and beyond the photographer's pay grade. But what was even more expensive was the special gift inside the backpack he loaned the photographer under the order the camera was to be placed there and nowhere else. The money was good, good enough to buy common sense, it seemed.

The special gift was a bomb in the shape of a small silver marble. It was an offshoot of his main project at the time. The marble had been active since the moment he arrived at the airport. It was an unassuming thing and didn't draw eyes from custom. In Academy City, the Kihara's possessed free reign, but on first world countries beyond that, they had to be covert and unassuming to avoid the attention their homeland would garner. The marble had been absorbing energy nonstop. It was the fruition of his hard labor with the #1 guinea pig. It had a timetable from the process of gathering as much energy as it could and then releasing it all in one big beautiful explosion.

It was around this time, while the photographer was among peers, reporters, cameramen, sightseers, and tourists that the limousine passed them by.

If he was a cliche villain in one of those British spy films he would give a one-liner to show how much of a quick-witted genius he was in addition to being a maniacal mad scientist.

"Boom goes the dynamite," Amata said, trying for a guttural voice. He snorted. That was stupid and pointless.

A fiery explosion followed the photographer he hired in ground zero, killing everyone on the screen including the cameraman taking the live transmission of the event. He turned off the television and took another sip of his coffee.

Bitter, just the way he liked it.


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