Dangerous Memories

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to JK Rowling, as do some of the themes and settings. No copyright laws are being intentionally broken. Some original characters will appear in later chapters.

Introduction: Hey thanks for visiting! This is my first fic. so please review. Anyway, back to the intro. This fic. is set after The Goblet Of Fire in Harry's 5th year. Dumbledore has reassembled The Order due to Voldemort's resurrection. Due to his Order commitments the Headmaster has decided to appoint an assistant to run the school during his long, unforeseen absences. Rating PG-13 just in case i get carried away in later chapters!

Chapter One: Unknown Motives

'Did you hear that Harry?'

 Ron asked excitedly as the crowds of students bustled out of The Great Hall, The Welcoming Feast heaving in their stomachs.

'Lupin, Assistant Headmaster, who'd have believed it? Dad said Dumbledore had had enough trouble persuading him to take the Defense Against The Dark Arts job again, but Headmaster! Isn't it great Harry? I mean, it's sad about Dumbledore having to leave so often, but Lupin, he's brilliant! I wonder why they picked him though?'

'Yeah' said Harry unsurely. 'Strange'

Of course he'd been excited, overjoyed that his dad's old friend would be rejoining the school, and in such a high job! Snape's face had been an absolute picture when Dumbledore had announced the news to the school, for once Harry wished Colin Creevey had head his camera with him! Ron was right though, why Lupin? He understood that Dumbledore would have to have a stand-in when he went away on Order Of The Phoenix business, although of course he hadn't actually said that. The Order Of The Phoenix was a secret organisation and nobody knew of it's existence but it's members, however Arthur Weasley had been asked to join The Order over the summer and the whole household had heard him screaming and singing when he'd been asked to join. Naturally Harry and the Weasley's wouldn't breathe a word. But even with Dumbledore gone there were other professors to take his place. What about Snape and Mc Gonagall, or where they in The Order too? There was so much to think about but a sneaking suspicion remained in the back of Harry's mind, 'He's here to protect you'. Harry knew as well as anyone that he was Voldemort's number one target. Was Lupin simply at Hogwarts for Harry's benefit? Like Ron said Lupin had been reluctant to come back. He had to find out. He had to let Lupin know he was fine and a bodyguard would not be necessary, after all he had defeated Voldemort plenty of times on his own.

'I'm just going to go and see Remus, er, Professor Lupin, I'll meet you in the common room' Harry told his friends.

'Yeah ok Harry' Ron said as he walked towards Gryffindor Tower with Hermione.

                Harry set off toward Dumbledore's office, assuming Lupin would be sharing it now, his head full of questions he wanted to be answered. He finally reached the entrance to the office that he had visited several times before. An ugly stone gargoyle stood guard outside the office that was hidden behind a solid wall. Now, what would the new password be? Harry knew Dumbledore too well.

'Sherbet Lemon?' he called out to the statue, 'Chocolate Frog?', neither had any effect.

'Pear Drop?', 'Cockroach Cluster?'.

He went on to name every single type of candy he could think of, twice. None of them worked. Harry concluded that Dumbledore had given Remus the honour of choosing the new password. Now that would be tricky, he had only known Lupin one year.

'Werewolf?', he guessed, 'Boggart?'

Then something occurred to Harry and a smile slowly spread across his young face.

'Marauders Map' he chuckled to himself as the stone gargoyle moved to one side. 'Good old Lupin' he mused 'always got mischief on his mind'

The wall that had once stood behind the statue opened up leaving a gap for Harry to pass through. He mounted the moving staircase inside the gap and eventually reached the familiar oak door of the headmasters' office. Harry noticed that the door was now emblazoned with two golden name plates, one engraved

 'Albus Dumbledore, Hogwart's Headmaster, Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards'  - the other with the words

 'Remus Lupin , Assistant Hogwarts Headmaster, Defense Against The Dark Arts Professor'

Harry could think of a few things he would add to the latter, 'Werewolf' and 'Mischief Maker' sprang immediately to mind. He re-read the second plaque carefully, smiling tearfully knowing how proud his father would be if he could see it. Just then a new thought occurred to Harry How would Lupin cope with his transformations?. Anyway, no time for that now, he had more important things to ask.

                Harry rapped loudly on the brass doorknocker. There was no reply. He slowly  pushed the door open uncertainly and entered the room. It was empty. Looking around the room Harry was amazed at the changes he saw. Only a few of Dumbledore's remaining possessions made the great, circular room recognisable. It was, Harry decided much neater with Lupin's touch added. In front of Harry lay not one but two large, heavy oak desks laden with it's owners choice of decoration. Little steaming pots of strange liquid lay on Dumbledore's desk as did a large bowl of mixed confectionary. Harry noticed fondly that Lupin had half a dozen photographs of himself with the other Marauders, minus Pettigrew who had been unceremoniously cut out. To the back of the room  a cage full of Cornish Pixies stood on a reinforced steel table, Fawkes, the resident phoenix, flew overhead eyeing them suspiciously. The young wizard decided to take a seat at Lupin's desk and wait for him. For ten minutes he sat staring out of the window, realising it must be getting late as the sky outside was now turning red as the sun set in for the night. He grew tired as he looked out, mesmerised by the colours of the clouds as the orange swirls bled into a lazy pink sky.

'Where could they be?' Harry muttered impatiently to himself.

He began to pace the room and then decided to take a look at the great bookshelves that covered the back walls.

''How To Defeat A Giant', 'Dragon Hatching For Beginners', 'Hogwarts Finest Dark Arts Defenders', Hermione would love it here' Harry chuckled to himself. Just then a brightly coloured object caught his eye. At the end of the bookshelves on Lupin's side of the room  lay a small, octagonal, smoke-emitting basin. Although it looked quite different to the one Harry had seen before he could name it straight away.

'It's a Pensieve', he whispered to himself, 'and it's Lupin's'

He drew this conclusion from the beautiful artwork on the side. Under a thick gold rim was a picture that made Harry grin. There, stunningly crafted in enamel was a portrait of the three true Marauders – James Potter Sirius Black and Remus Lupin himself, all transformed into their corresponding Animagi. A full moon glowed upon a cyan and orange sky and behind the friends lay a solitary black tree. Harry recognised this immediately as The Whomping Willow but the picture was cleverly disguised so that the unknowing eye would think it nothing more than a common wildlife scene. Beneath the picture scripted in gold were the words 'Padfoot, Prongs, Moony, A Lifetime Of Memories.'

Harry knew from experience with Dumbledore's Pensieve that the article was used as a kind of wizard diary, where it's owner could store memories as moving images rather than words. Thick smoke of blue and green swirled like a whirlpool inside of the basin and came to rise and hover several inches from it's rim. Before Harry knew what he was doing he found himself staring into the heart of the whirlpool until he found himself spinning,.....swirling,.............falling, sucked into the memories of Remus Lupin.