Infamous chap 3

Cole went to the west. He spends a lot of time doing some side missions. He was doing it because he wants to reach Alden and his dust gang. When he was there he learned how to control his power and how to fight with it better. In this time Alden and his gang were planning to go out of the city. They want to go from the bridge and break it because they don't want anyone to follow them. The police reveal their plan in the last minute. Alden and his gang were in the middle go the bridge. The police called Cole to let him follow Alden. He went to the bridge and saw how they destroyed the bridge. He goes fast to stop them, but they were a lot for him. He starts to attack group by group until he saw a huge robot and Alden was inside to control the robot. Cole crossed them from down the bridge. Alden saw Cole and hit the bridge. He was inside and Cole on the other side. He starts to throw firestone at Cole. It was hard for Cole. Cole defeated him, but he woke up again angry and stronger. Alden starts to send small spider robot to attack Cole. It was hard for Cole to attack and protect himself at the same time. He killed all the spider and defeated Alden robot and put Alden in the prison.