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"But Bella, you hate Forks. Why would you want to move here when Florida would be so much more like Phoenix?" Danielle asked, her phone squished between her head and shoulder as she worked on the steaks she was cooking for dinner.

Bella and Danielle normally called each other at this time of day to talk, but of all the things Dani expected her sister to tell her, the announcement that she was moving in with them in Forks was not one on the list.

"Because..it's complicated!" Bella sighed as Danielle turned the steaks and checked the time. "Besides spending some more time with you and Dad would be good for me, wouldn't it? I mean all the family books say it." She mumbled.

Danielle rolled her eyes at how bogus that sounded. "Bells, it rains here like all the time and when it doesn't rain it snows, both of which I know you hate. You tell me all the time when Dad I go to Phoenix. What more do I have to say?" She checked the timer on the microwave then bent to check on the potatoes in the oven.

"Plus it's not like we have an extra bedroom here you could move into. We'd have to share my room and the one bathroom in this house." Danielle muttered, lightly swinging her hair out of way as she straightened to continue cooking the steaks.

"Danielle come on! You're acting like you don't want me to move in with you and I know you! You hate that we have to live apart as much as I do." Bella whined.

Danielle bit her lip and poked at the steaks with a spatula. "Yeah but..." She trailed off and sighed unable to finish her sentence. "Dani, it's final. I'm coming next week and I'm moving in with you and Dad. It'll be great. Trust me. Now we don't have to drive up Mom and Dad's phone bills with these long distance phone calls every day." Bella chuckled slightly.

Danielle laughed a bit with her. "Ha ha. Speaking of Mom though, what does she think about this?" She asked, happy really if she was being honest that her sister wanted to move in with her. At the same time though she had to wonder how their slightly hair brained Mother felt about this.

Both Danielle and Bella knew how much she relied on Bella everyday to help her keep everything in order. The thought of her trying to stay on her own in Jacksonville while their Stepdad went to baseball practices worried Danielle a little more than any daughter should worry about their Mother.

"Mom'll be fine." Bella answered readily. "We already talked about it and I told her I'm going more for you than for Charlie. She agreed it would be good for us to spend more time together since we're, you know sisters." She muttered.

Danielle giggled softly at that. "Yeah that sounds like her." She murmured still not completely convinced that their Mom would be okay without Bella.

"Plus you know, she has Phil to look after her. I think we can trust him to make sure Renee doesn't do anything too crazy." Bella added using her Mother's first name. Something Danielle never did since she knew her parents, (especially her Dad) didn't like it when Bella did it.

"I guess..." Danielle conceded. "Well you're still getting the bottom bunk when you get here since I'm still less likely to roll off and break something. Also," She turned off the oven and grabbed the mitts before opening the door.

"I haven't been able to save up enough for a car yet so you'll have to ride to school in the patrol car, which I know you love so much." She teased, picturing her sister blushing like she always did when she was embarrassed or mad.

"Either that or get a bike like mine. Although with your level of clumsiness a bike probably isn't a good idea." Danielle teased her sister slightly she set the pan of steak fries on the stove top.

"Oh haha...very funny." Bella sighed. "For your information Danielle, I've been saving up for my own car so I won't have to ride with Dad or get a bike. And if you ask nicely I might consider letting you carpool." She said smugly.

Danielle sighed and started to respond when she heard the front door open. "It smells good in here, Dani! What's cooking?" Danielle and Bella's Dad, Charlie called coming through the living room to the kitchen where he hung up his gunbelt and jacket on the wall.

Danielle turned and smiled at him as he came through the kitchen door. "Steak and fries Daddy." She put her hand over the mouthpiece briefly before returning her attention back to her sister.

"Mmm, that looks great." Dad said sniffing the aroma before wrapping his arms around his daughter. "You had a good day at school today?"

Danielle smiled and nodded her head as he gave her a scratchy kiss on her hair. "Yeah. Hey Bella? I got to go now. Dad's home and dinner's about finished over here. Call me with the dets on your move later?" She picked up the pan of fries and dumped them in a covered basket before reaching for the two plates she'd laid out earlier.

"Sure. Bye Danielle. Tell Charlie I said hi." Bella said softly. Danielle slid a steak onto each plate set them both down at the table. "Will do. Bye." She hung up the phone then set it down on the counter before going to grab the fries basket.

"Who were you talking to?" Dad asked like he did every night when he came home even though he knew there was only person Danielle talked to during this time of day.

"Bella," Danielle answered as if this were the first time he asked. "She was just telling me about her plans to move here with us since Mom and Phil are going move to Jacksonville with his team." She explained, grabbing the salad before sitting down at her usual place across the table from Dad.

Dad nodded his head and grabbed two cups from a cupboard. "Oh. So are you excited now?" He asked knowing that Danielle had been more or less on the fence about the news since Bella first broke the news to them two weeks ago.

Danielle shrugged her shoulders as Dad poured himself a beer and filled the other glass with water from the fridge. "Yeah, although Dad...we might want to think about getting an addition to the house. I mean not that I mind sharing my room again, but-."

"What? Are you afraid Bella might walk in on you and Jacob?" Dad laughed as he sat down and surveyed the meal before him.

Danielle blushed. "Dad, Jacob is not my boyfriend." She said for what seemed like the millionth time.

"Uh huh sure." Dad winked to let Danielle know he was teasing as usual. "That's why you hang out with him all the time and invite him over more than you do your girlfriends." He took a big a sip of his drink then picked up his fork and knife to cut into his steak.

"Daaad..." Danielle shot him a pleading look.

"But you know, I wouldn't be completely against it if you guys did decide one of these days to take your relationship to the next level." Dad continued, smirking as he helped himself to some fries and a small serving of salad. "I'm sure Billy would be on board too. I mean you two are so-."

"Daaaad! Okay! This conversation is officially done. I'm done." Danielle cut a first bite of her own steak and popped it into her mouth.

"All right! All right! I'll stop." Dad chuckled and set his utensils down before reaching for a napkin. After wiping his mouth he spoke again.

"But seriously, would you really mind permanently sharing your room with your sister Dani? It's not like it lacks in closet space or anything and I can get you a privacy partition if you really need it." He asked.

Danielle shook her head. "No, that's okay." She responded carefully. "It's just I'm worried she won't like it here. I mean Bella's always hated Forks and anything to do with rain or snow. I'm not sure she'll be able to make it one week without begging you to book her a one way flight to Jacksonville."

Danielle reached for her water glass and took a long sip thinking of the last time Bella had visited Forks which was several years ago when they were thirteen.

Sure they had lots of fun together, but Bella always looked significantly relieved to finally be returning to Phoenix at the end of vacation.

Dad nodded as if considering. "Well...maybe she'll surprise you. After all you like it here, don't you? Maybe you can help her to like Forks better when she comes. Introduce her to your friends. Show her the sights." He picked up a steak fry and stirred it around in some steak sauce.

"Dad, she already knows all the sights." Danielle mirrored her Dad and stuck a fry into her own mouth.

Dad gave her a look. "Then introduce her to the kids you hang out with at school. Like your friend Angela. She's a nice girl. Maybe helping Bella make some new friends could be the key." He suggested.

Not likely. Danielle thought knowing that Bella would get a lot of attention at school and in the neighborhood because of how small Forks was and how close knit most of the community was as a result.

If there was anything Bella hated more than rain and snow, it was getting too much public attention.

"I'll see." Danielle put her fork through her portion of salad and scooped some into her mouth to chew thoughtfully as she imagined her sister, blushing and stumbling around in the school hallways as she tried to navigate her way though a flock of students who've probably never met a new student in their life.

The imagery worried and amused her more than it probably should have.


"Danielle? What are you doing home so late Hon? It's after dark." Charlie asked in a half worried half reprimanding tone as Danielle let herself into the house later that evening, rubbing her hands together to warm them.

"Sorry Dad." Danielle peeled off her coat and hung it up in the closet before plopping down on the couch next to him. "Angela and I went to the diner for hot chocolate and then we started talking about the Spring Fling Dance while doing our English homework. I lost track of time." She explained.

Dad grunted in acknowledgement of his daughter's explanation. "Well...as long as you're okay. Next time call if you're going to be late." He ran his hand down his chin as Dani nodded in response.

"You know there have been more attacks right? Do you still have your pepper spray?" He asked turning to give his daughter a look.

Danielle sighed and leaned over to lay her head against her Dad's shoulder, noting the half eaten box of pizza laying open on the coffee table. "Yes Dad. Always." She snuggled up on the couch.

Over the past couple weeks some reports have been coming in to her Dad's office at the Forks P.D. concerning a series of mysterious murders occuring in Seattle.

Although Dad and the rest of the police force have been doing their best to help catch the killer responsible, so far their efforts have been turning up null and as a result he was always worrying about Danielle especially when she'd stay out a little late with a friend, though there haven't been any cases directly in Forks yet.


"Hmm?" Charlie turned to look towards his daughter as she reached for a slice of pizza. "I've been thinking about what you said at dinner the other day. About how to help Bella like living here when she comes?" She took a small bite of her pizza and chewed it thoughtfully before continuing.

"I think we should get her some kind of welcome home present. You know maybe something that will remind her of Phoenix or at least helps her feel less homesick." Danielle suggested.

Dad raised his eyebrows then laughed a bit before wrapping an arm around his daughter's shoulders. "Well...funny you should say that Darling, because I've been thinking the same thing." He sat up suddenly on the couch and passed her a can of pepsi.

"In fact, I already got something for Bella."

"Uh oh." Danielle pretended to be overly worried at that annoucement. "What did you get her Dad?" She asked with a laugh, curling up on her side before taking another bite of her pizza.

Dad rolled his eyes back at her, well used to his daughter's teasing and occasional lack of confidence in him. "Just a little something I know she wants. Do you want to see it?" He asked.

Danielle raised an eyebrow. "Sure! Where is it?" She asked, popping open her drink and taking a sip. She felt both excited and nervous since she was well familiar with her Dad's surprises.

Sometimes they were good like when he brought her a slice of german chocolate cake after her violin recital last May and other times it was like when she turned eight and Dad "surprised" her by taking her on a half hour long fishing trip to La Push instead of taking her to the zoo like she wanted.

"On it's way here." Dad lifted up his arm to check his watch. "It should be getting here any minute now." He muttered, returning his attention to the game.

Danielle started to ask what he was talking about when her cellphone rang and she looked down to see Jacob Black's name flash on the screen. Quickly she hit the answer button and hopped off the couch to take the call in the kitchen.

"Hey Jake, what's up?"

"Hey! Not much. Just...heading up your way with a little surprise for your other half. What are you up to?" Jake asked, good humor in his tone as usual.

Danielle shrugged. "Just chillin with my Dad for a few seconds. I just got in a few minutes ago. What's the surprise?" She asked, hoping Jake would tell her.

"You'll see. We're almost at your house." Jake answered just as the sound of a car pulling up into the driveway of the house filled Danielle's ears.

Dani groaned dramatically and rolled her eyes. "Come on! Why can't you just tell me? I promise I won't spoil the surprise! You're such a pill!" She protested.

Jacob laughed. "Chill out Dani. I'm here already. No need to resort to name calling." He joked just as the sounds of car doors opening and shutting sounded softly through the house.

Turning towards the door, Dani ran outside still holding her phone to her ear as Jacob walked over from a large rusted red pick up truck. Behind him from the other side of the truck, another boy stepped out and joined Jake said as they made their way up the Swan's driveway.

Grinning when she saw her friends, Danielle hung up the phone and ran down the front steps to greet them, not hearing her Dad coming out behind her.

"Oh my God!...Oh my God! Are you guys serious?" Dani exclaimed as she met Jake near the top of her driveway.

Jake was laughing as Dani began to run around the truck. "It was your Dad's idea. What do you think? Think Bella will like it?" He asked, crossing his arms as Dani finished her lap around the truck.

Danielle beamed at her friends. "I think she's going to love it." She enthused.

At first glance the truck wasn't much to look at. It was an old model, probably at least twenty years old and painted a dark rusted red, but somehow Danielle could easily see her sister driving it.

Bella was never one for anything too flashy and the sturdy build of the truck was perfect for shielding her perpetually and hazardously clumsy sister.

"It's perfect for her." She said, biting her lip as she gave the vehicle another look and patted the hood of the truck. "This is such a sturdy car. It's so Bella." Dani started to ramble.

"Oooh-hoo! I think someone's jealous." Embry, the other boy who had accompanied Jake to Dani's house snickered causing Dani look back up sharply at him.

"Why would I be jealous?" She asked with a weak laugh as she saw the laughing look in Embry's eyes. Both Jake and Embry laughed together.

"Aww don't worry Dani, Embry and I started working on fixing something else up for you. It's not as big as this, but it'll be better than that hunk of junk you call a bike." Jake chuckled, patting the side of the truck affectionately as if it were a well bred horse.

Danielle narrowed her eyes slightly. "Hey! I happen to love my bike." She insisted, thinking of her beloved three speed which her Dad had gifted to her for her fourteenth birthday.

Of course all of her friends in the La Push reservation thought that it was hysterical that she biked all the way to the Rez from her house here in Forks. Jacob, Embry and Quil, another of Dani's good friends, especially got a huge kick out of it and always teased her for it.

Especially since Danielle got her driver's license the previous year.

"We know. Still, what we're working on will probably get you around faster and with less chance of you having to walk four miles because of a flat tire." Embry retorted with a grin.

"You boys aren't talking about giving Danielle what I think you are, are you?" Dad came up behind Danielle, standing at his full height and giving Jake and Embry a sharp warning look.

Jake quickly shook his head. "No Sir. It's just an old volkswagon beetle that was on its way to the junkyard before I got my hands on it." He explained quickly. "I just need to fix it up, give it a fresh paint job and then it will be ready for her to drive." He grinned.

Dad relaxed visibly at that. "Oh...I see. Well thanks for bringing the truck up Boys. Can I give you a lift back home in return?" He asked, scratching his head as he surveyed the truck himself.

Jake shrugged while Embry shrugged his shoulders. "It was no problem, Chief Swan. And thanks. A ride home sounds great." He said politely exchanging glances with Dani again. Embry nodded his agreement.

"Can I come too?" Dani asked, not really relishing a ride in her Dad's patrol car, but not really wanting to be left behind in the house either.

Dad nodded at her. "Absolutely. Come on everyone." He gestured with his arm, waving everyone towards his car. Jake, Embry and Dani quickly piled in, the boys in the back with Dani sitting up in shotgun next to her Dad.

"Dani." Jake leaned forward and tapped Danielle on the shoulder as Charlie slowly backed the car out of the driveway. "Make sure to bring Bella around to Rez sometimes after she gets here." He grinned.

Dani grinned back. "For sure. It might be fun." She responded, getting a little more excited for her Twin's impending arrival as they zoomed along the nearly deserted roads towards La Push.

Yeah, it's going to be great.