- - CHAPTER 5: The Lost World - -


The map dissolves away as the barge SPLASHES through five foot ocean swells. The barge is marked 32781 on its rear.

The barge is crammed with equipment - - the Convertible, the Observatory, and the Mobile Lab, the Challenger and Trailer side-by-side, fronts facing forward, the Trailer disconnected from the connector.


Dr. Malcolm stands at the bow, riding the choppy seas. Nick adjusts the rigging on some strapped down equipment while Eddie, seasick, is bent over the rail.

Couldn't - - we just - -

He VOMITS off the side of the boat.

- - airlift - - into the - - island? Eddie asked as the waves pound the boat

Helicopters are too disruptive. If Sarah's in a delicate situation, the last thing I want to do is cause the animals to panic. Dr. Malcolm said.

Nick stifles a smile. Dr. Malcolm notices.

John Hammond has already told you what you're going to see on this island. Being sane people, I'm sure you don't believe him. And I'm sure you've concluded that I'm out of my mind too. I won't bother trying to convince you otherwise. But even if you think I'm deluded and harmless, I promise you, this place is not. There are things in the interior of the island that not only can kill you, they want to kill you. If you take this place lightly, you'll never leave it.


Far in the distance, the tiny dot of volcanic island rises out of the sea.


The boat's Captain, a Costa Rican, points ahead and SHOUTS to them.

Acá está!

They all turn and look over the bow. Up ahead, sheer, reddish-grey cliffs of volcanic rock rise dramatically out of the fog-heavy ocean.

Isla Sorna!

The captain turns and looks apprehensively at his thirteen year old son, his only crew on the boat. The boat ROARS ahead, plowing into a heavy wreath of fog. The mist swirls and encircles it.


A narrow inlet cuts through the steep cliffs, leading to the island interior. The barge bursts through the fog at the mouth of the fiord and heads deeper into the island.


The ship has slowed down and the waves aren't POUNDING it so hard. Eddie SMACKS a metal case down on the ship and flips a couple latches. He opens it, revealing a heavy silver rifle detached into several parts.

Lindstradt Air Rifle. Fires a subsonic Fluger impact-delivery dart.

He shows Dr. Malcolm the dart, a plastic container filled with straw-colored liquid. Each is tipped with a three inch needle and carries a bright yellow warning tag - - "EXTREME DANGER! LETHAL TOXICITY!"

Does it work any better than your satellite phone?

That's funny.

He picks up the body of the gun.

I loaded the enhanced venom of Conus Purpurascens, the South Sea cone shell.

He picks up the barrel and starts screwing it into the body.

Most powerful neurotoxin in the world. Acts within a two-thousandth of a second. Faster than the nerve-conduction velocity. The animal's down before it feels the prick of the dart.

Is there an antidote? Dr. Malcolm asked.

Like if you shoot yourself in the foot? Wouldn't matter. You'd be dead before you realized you'd had an accident.


Lush green plants drip everywhere in this verdant lagoon. Sulfurous yellow steam issues from the ground, bleaching the nearby foliage white. In the distance one can hear the CRIES of jungle birds.

The barge is now beached and the 1997 Mercedes Benz ML 320s back down a narrow ramp onto the soft clay shore at the edge of the lagoon.

There is a large three-toed animal imprint in the clay at the water's edge, and the Convertible backs right over it, swapping the animal's tracks for its. The Challenger goes down the ramp then backs up in front of the Trailer. Eddie gets out and he connects the accordion connector to the Trailer.

Dr. Malcolm is at the edge of the water with the captain. Nick stands between them, translating, while Eddie looks on. The Captain seems fearful, one arm draped protectively around his son.

- - Tengo un hijo conmigo. No voy a hacer nada que es peligroso para el. Quiero fondear a unas pocas millas de la costa, no aquí. He escuchado demasiadas historias sobre esta cadena de islas.

He says he wants to anchor a few miles offshore, not here. He's heard too many stories about this island chain. Nick said.

What kind of stories? Dr. Malcolm asked.

Que tipo de cuentos? Nick asked.

De pescadores. Que acercaron demasiado a las islas y nunca volvieron.

Stories about fishermen who came too close to the islands, and they never returned.

Tengo el radio.

I have a radio.

Tengo el teléfono satélite.

I have a satellite phone.

Cuando tu necesitas algo, llamame me.

When you need something, send the call.

Podemos estar allí en dos horas. Pero no me quedo en este lugar.

We can be here in two hours. But I won't stay in this place.

No me quedo en ningun lugar cercas de estas islas.

He won't stay anywhere near these islands.

Las islas se llaman Las Cinco Muertes.

They call them the - -

Nick stops.

"Las Cinco Muertes?"


W…What does that mean? Eddie asked

"The Five Deaths." Nick answered.

For the first time, Nick's face distinctly registers concern. He notices Dr. Malcolm is staring at him. Nick turns away and picks up his pack.


Both 1997 Mercedes Benz ML 320s follow behind the Mobile Lab to the edge of a cliff, overlooking the sea. The noon sun is high overhead; below, the ocean shimmers in the midday heat.

The Mobile Lab parks at an obtuse angle, symmetrical to the cliffs curve, a few meters from the cliff edge.

Dr. Malcolm looks around apprehensively, the beauty of the place completely lost on him. He mutters to himself.

I am out of my mind.

Eddie connects a flexible cable to the Convertible's power winch and flicks it on. The cable turns slowly in the sunlight. Moving along the length of it, we see the cable leads to a pile of titanium struts painted a camouflage color.

As the winch pulls the cable tight, the strut assembly begins to rise. The emerging structure climbs, spidery, struts unfolding, fifteen feet into the air. The little house at the top, the cage that was tested back at Eddie's workshop, is now just beneath the upper branches of the nearby trees, which almost conceal it from view. The top of it hangs by the bar that extends horizontally outward of the scaffolding.

A cone shaped receiving dish opens on top of the Trailer with a soft HUM. Nick looks from it to Eddie.

What's that?

Global Positioning Sensor.

He slides an optical disc into a small, Marksmann GPS. Dr. Malcolm comes and looks over his shoulder skeptically. The 3D outline of the island appears on the monitor, but largely obscured by patches of clouds.

Useless! It's bouncing off the cloud cover.

Give it a minute. It's a system. It's got to sum data.

Data from what?

Radar. Navigational satellites.

Now the radar penetrates the clouds and the image on the monitor fills in, tracing edges, enhancing details, providing a high-quality map of the island. A blinking red X appears in the lower corner, at the edge of the island.

See, that's us. And I built a location sensor into Dr. Harding's satellite phone, so we should be getting a readout right about…

Suddenly a red triangle appears a short distance away from the X, accompanied by an I.D. tag - - "HRDG" it says.

That's our girl. See, Doc? Everything's under control.

Her phone is safe. I'm so relieved. You've got the rifle?

Eddie picks up the Lindstradt Air Rifle and slings it over his shoulder.

Let's go. And the second we get her, we're out of here.

Speak for yourself. For the amount of zeros on my paycheck, John Hammond is going to get his money's worth. Nick said.


It's quiet inside the Mobile Lab. The books are lined up neatly on the shelf. The Trailer computers sit, booted up and awaiting data input. Right now they display a thorough database on all the dinosaurs on Isla Sorna. It's more of a screensaver depicting the dinosaurs in alphabetical order: Brachiosaurus, Compsognathus, Dilophosaurus, Gallimimus, Pachycephalosaurus, Pteranodon, Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor.

All the way in the back, past the kitchen and lab, up in one cabinet space, there's a RUSTLING SOUND.

A plastic student ID card pops out in the cracks under the bin's door. A photograph in the lower right hand corner of the card is visible - - it's Kelly, Dr. Malcolm's twelve-year-old daughter.

The card slid upward, lifting the panel latch and, with a soft CLICK, the door pops open. Kelly herself tumbles out, wrapped in several blankets and carrying a mason jar half full of a yellowish liquid. We can guess.

She leaps to her feet, blinks the light out of her eyes, and bolts to the front of the Challenger as fast as she possibly can. She races through a narrow door and SLAMS it shut.

A sign on the door says: "LAVATORY." Inside, a SIGH of relief is heard.


The Marksmann GPS blinks in Dr. Malcolm's hands as he makes his way along a jungle trail. Eddie leads the way, Lindstradt Air Rifle at the ready. Beside Dr. Malcolm, Nick chews anxiously on a piece of gum. On the Marksmann GPS, the flashing X is drawing closer to the HRDG marker, which isn't moving.

They come out of the foliage and into a large clearing with a streambed running across it. On the monitor, the X now overlaps the HRDG signal. Dr. Malcolm looks around frantically.

She should be here, we're right on top of it - - Dr. Malcolm said

Over…over there! Nick shouted

A short distance away, a battered sand beige Willis & Geiger rucksack lies on the ground, a torn and dirty shirt splayed out beside it. They all run through the small stream to the other side. Nick picks up the backpack, which is filthy, torn, smeared with dirt and blood.

Oh, my God… Eddie said

Dr. Malcolm grabs it, only to stick his finger through a hole near the opening. Dr. Malcolm rifles through it and finds her satellite phone. He pulls the handset free of its heavy base and shoves it in his pocket.


Sarah! Nick shouted too.

Sarah! Dr. Malcolm called out again.

Dr. Sarah Harding! Nick called out.

How many Sarah's do you think are on this island? Dr. Malcolm asked with a sarcastic tone.

She must be nearby, if we split up we'll cover more - - Nick suggested

Absolutely not. We stay together. Predators look for strays that have split off from the group. Dr. Malcolm said.

I'm going to search the foliage on this side of the streambed. Nick said

Is it our imagination, or did the trees behind him just sway?

One of you guys stay in the center and the other take the far edge. We'll keep within shouting range of each other and call out every - - Nick said

No, it's not us, the trees behind Nick now SHIVER and SWAY from left to right, CREAKING and GROANING as they move. Nick hears it and turns around. The trees sway again, something in them is moving along the stream bed. Dr. Malcolm gestures to Eddie, who readies his weapon.

The shaking trees seem closer now. By walking down the streambed, the humans are tracking right along with whatever's moving in the foliage.

Ahead of them, thick foliage blocks the path of the streambed to a height of about fifteen feet. But around them, the CRASHING sounds get louder and closer, the swaying trees shiver right in front of them. Through the trees, Eddie gets a glimpse of something and leaps back two steps.

What? Dr. Malcolm asked

Something big.

How big?!

Big enough to worry about!

He raises his Lindstradt Air Rifle in defense as the trees in front of them sway and part.

It comes out from behind a tree, pushing it over. It is the sudden movement - -

- - of an adult Stegosaurus! It's a large dinosaur with a small head, a thick neck, and a huge lumbering body. A double row of spade-shaped plates run along the crest of its back, about three feet tall each, and it has a thick tail with long spikes in it. Another adult Stegosaur comes behind that one and a sub-adult comes farther downstream.

The "Gatherer Expedition" freezes, amazed.

The gum drops out of Nick's mouth, PLOPS onto his shirt, and sticks there.

While the Gatherers are reacting to that, the earth VIBRATES and another Stegosaurus, by far the biggest of the group, walks out of the foliage right behind them, crossing within ten feet, apparently unconcerned about these strange little creatures in its environment. Nick and Eddie are amazed looking at real living, breathing dinosaurs. Instinctively, Nick started SNAPPING picture after picture of these creatures.

Eddie bursts into almost helpless laughter, of all things, as he can't contain his astonishment. Dr. Malcolm covers his mouth, trying to keep him quiet.

This is - - this is magnificent! Eddie said.

Yeah, "oooh," "aaah," that's how it always starts. Then later there's running - - and screaming. Dr. Malcolm said.

The Stegosaurs lumber into the foliage on the other side of the streambed. Nick turns to Dr. Malcolm, eyes like saucers, and makes a futile, wordless, boy-was-I-wrong-on-this-one gesture. Dr. Malcolm smiles, leans over, and TAPS softly on Nick's video camera. Nick raises it to his shoulder and FLICKS it on as the Gatherers continues on into the bush after the animals.


Dr. Malcolm and the others crawl through the foliage after the animals. The largest of the Stegosaurus plows through a thick canopy of brush, suddenly opening up their view of a large clearing, in which - -

- - there's a whole herd of Stegosaurs. Maybe twenty in all, the Stegosaurus range from infants all the way up to adults.

The three humans stare in awe at the magnificent sight.

Nick lifts his Nikon F5 to take another picture. He drops his bag and video camera and walks over to a fallen tree. He hops up onto it to get a better view of what he's capturing on film. He still doesn't like the view so he hops up onto another log next to him. He lifts his camera and takes a picture.


shifts down to reveal Dr. Sarah Harding crouching on the ground next to the log.

Around thirty and with a compact, athletic body built for the outdoors, Dr. Harding is dressed in field gear, scribbling notes on a pad she has strapped to her left wrist. She has a camera hanging around her neck.

Hearing the movement, she turns around and sees him, but he doesn't see her.

Hey Nick! She yelled.

He is caught off guard and almost fell over. She starts to laugh.

You kind of got the jump on us there a little bit, huh Sarah.

Yeah. Dr. Harding said, climbing over the log. As soon as she gets to the top of the log, she sees Dr. Malcolm.

Ian, I never thought, in a million years, Hammond would get you to come here. She said laughing.

Hey Eddie!

Hi Sarah. He replied

You gotta granola bar or something, I'm starving. She said, jumping off the log pile into a puddle. She walks over to Dr. Malcolm.

Those animals that just walked by, did you see them, it's a family group. A parabond and a sub-adult, long after the juvenile was nest bound. Every egg clutch I found had shells crushed and trampled, the hatchlings definitely stay in the birth environment for an extended period of time, that's conclusive. I can put that controversy to rest, if I could just get a shot of the nest.

Dr. Malcolm holds up the backpack with his finger.
You haven't been attacked?

Oh no, it's my lucky pack, it's how it always looks. She responded.

Okay Sarah… Dr. Malcolm started.

Is that a Nikon? Dr. Harding asked Nick.

She reaches for the camera still hanging around Nick's neck.

You don't mind if I borrow this, I dropped mine in the water yesterday. The shutter's muffled, right?

Uh - - yeah.

Low ASA color?

Agfa 25.



She scurries back into the clearing with Nick's camera. As a baby Stegosaurus ambles forward to join the herd, Dr. Harding scoots right along with it, moving behind it, using its body as a shield to block her from the view of the herd.

She squeezes off pictures of the herd as she goes, the camera's shutter nearly silent.

In the bushes, Dr. Malcolm and the others can only watch her, stunned. Nick looks at Dr. Malcolm and smiles.

Should we rescue her now or after lunch?


Dr. Harding keeps moving closer to the herd. The baby passes a small grouping of rocks and Dr. Harding ducks behind them. She gets down and starts to crawl through bushes. She's now in a perfect position to photograph the nest, and she squeezes off picture after picture from this ideal vantage point.

All of a sudden, a baby Stegosaurs raises its head right in front of her, having been eating. Dr. Harding takes a picture, as she watched the baby eat.


Sarah? Sarah? She's getting much to close. Dr. Malcolm whispered, puzzled.

What the hell is she doing? Nick asked.

Too close, too close.


Dr. Harding reached her hand out to the baby, ever so slowly, and petted its snout. The Stegosaurus PURRED, and then made a small WHINE. Dr. Harding smiled as the petted the animal.


Look, she has to touch it. She can't not touch. She can't not touch. Once she, once she…look at that. Once she looks at something, she's gotta, she's gotta… Dr. Malcolm said.

Nick is filming with his JVC GR-DVM1 Compact Digital Video Camera.

Dr. Harding continued petting the infant. The Stegosaurus howled from happiness, a piece of fern hanging out of its mouth.

Wow. Is this even possible? Eddie said.

What? This? What'd you think your were going to document? What'd you think you were going to see? Dr. Malcolm asked.

Animals? Maybe…big iguanas. Nick said.

Dr. Malcolm sighed.


Dr. Harding shoots the last picture on the roll - -

- - and the camera's auto-winder WHIRS to life. Dr. Harding looks down in horror as the camera's motor WHINES loudly in her hands.

The noise startles the baby and it makes a loud HOWLING sound. The two adult Stegosaurs turn toward their distressed baby, the plates on their backs bristling. Dr. Harding gets to her feet and starts to move away, slowly. In the brush, Dr. Malcolm leaps to his feet and yells.


Dr. Harding turns and runs, as the Alpha Male, the biggest animal in the herd, comes into the scene. Alarmed by this second threat, the male spins away from Dr. Harding and swings its tail, spikes extended. It WHIZZES through the air, right at her, but Dr. Harding leaps back at the last second - -

- - and the tail's spikes THUD into the dirt where she was.

The three try to encircle Dr. Harding.


Eddie Carr has his Lindstradt Air Rifle raised. Nick tries to hold Dr. Malcolm back from running into the scene.

Shoot them. Dr. Malcolm ordered

There only protecting their baby! Eddie said, hesitantly.

So am I!


Dr. Harding runs around frantically. She ducks under a tail, turns, and tries to run away. However, another Stegosaurus charges her. She jumps out of the way as it almost flattens her. Dr. Harding crawls away as fast as she can. The herd moves, instinctively grouping around all the baby Stegosaurs as the Alpha Male pursues Dr. Harding. It raises its tail, to take another swipe.

Dr. Harding sees it coming and ducks into a hollowed-out log for cover.

Dr. Harding crawls to apparent safety, but a WHIZZING sound comes from outside - -

- - and the Stegosaurs spikes CRUNCH right through the log, stopping inches from her face. She wriggles backwards, out of the log, as the Stegosaurus ROARS and struggles to free its tail.


Dr. Harding crawls free of the log and scrambles away on all fours as the Stegosaurus herd darts away, disappearing into the brush, moving surprisingly quickly for animals their size.

The Gatherers run to Dr. Harding, help her to her feet, and pull her back, disappearing into the thick forest.


the group collapses to the ground, breathless, chests heaving with wild, frightened laughter. Dr. Harding dives on top of Dr. Malcolm, grabs his head, and kisses him again, exhilarated.

Isn't it great?!

Dr. Malcolm pulls out her satellite phone, and shows it to her angrily.

When it RINGS - - you ANSWER it!


Nick and Eddie march quickly back toward their base camp, their energy and excitement palpable.

These images are incredible…legendary…Guys shoot their whole life, they never get stuff half this good. You could give me the Pulitzer right now today…please…competition's over, close the entries, I'd like to thank everybody who lost.

Dr. Malcolm is furious, however, and is in an argument with Dr. Harding.

When Hammond called you, why didn't you say something to me?!

Because you would have tried to stop me from coming.

I would have tied you to the bed!

Me too. Nick said in a salacious mutter.

I figured out how the animals survived without lysine.

I don't care.

Dr. Harding continued anyway.

If you look at the diets of the herbivore species that are thriving, they eat mostly agama beans, soy, anything lysine-rich. And the carnivores, well, they eat the herbi - -

Over her shoulder, Dr. Harding sees Nick put a cigarette in his mouth and start to light it.

Don't light that. Dinosaurs can pick up scents from miles away. We're here to observe and document, not interact.

That's scientific impossibility. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Whatever you study, you also change. Dr. Malcolm said.

I'll risk it. I'm sick of scratching around in rock and bone and making guesses, deductions about the nurturing habits of animals that have been dead for sixty-five million years. Right or wrong, we're ridiculed because we can't prove anything, we can only make assumptions based on how modern day animals behave. It's frustrating, man. Then you show up and fill my head with stories for four years - -

Stories of mutilation and death! Weren't you paying attention?!

Please don't treat me like I'm some wide-eyed grad student, I've worked around predators since I was twenty years old. Lions, Hyenas, Jackals,…you. They're obsessively territorial, and those territories are all in the interior of the island. The only other place they'll hunt is on the game trails. If we stay on the outer rim and off the game trails, we'll be fine.

They go wherever there's food! They have legs, you know, and on these legs they're known to walk.

Could you make that a little more condescending?

Even run, on occasion.

You know, I'm not sure I can listen to you right now without wanting to hit you.

Hit me on the way home. I'm taking you out of here.

He reaches for her arm.


Angry, she pulls him aside and lowers her voice.

What is this? I've barely heard from you for three months, now you charge in here on a white horse - - you don't usually care what continent I'm on. What do you think you're doing?

You are deeply disturbed. Someone who loves you travels five thousand miles to tell you your life is in danger and you're actually suspicious.

You love me?

You don't have any money, there must be some reason I'm hanging around.

Why didn't you ever say so, s##thead?

I did. In the hospital. In Costa Rica.

You were on painkillers. You said it to the anesthesiologist.

Well, I meant it for you. Sarah, please. You've seen the place, you've drawn your conclusions, now let's go.

I've barely begun. I'm trying to change a hundred years of theory, here. Dinosaurs were categorized as vicious lizards very early on and there's a lot of resistance to the idea of them as nurturing parents. Dr. Robert Burke calls T-rex a rogue that abandoned its young at the first opportunity. I think I can prove - -

Suddenly, Nick BOLTS right in between them, running as fast as he can down the trail, toward base camp.

What's the matter with - -

They all turn, looking in the direction Nick is running. A plume of black smoke is rising up over the trees.

Fire! Dr. Malcolm…Fire at base camp! Eddie screamed


Nick bursts out of the trees and races towards the thick plume of smoke. In the middle of the base camp, someone has neatly built a campfire surrounded by stones.

Nick grabs a jug of water from the back of the Convertible, and pours it on the small fire next to the Trailer to douse it, but Dr. Harding steps in.

No! Water makes the smoke billow, use dirt!

Eddie joins in as they kick and rake dirt onto the fire with their hands and feet. Dr. Malcolm is furious.

Who the h##l started a campfire?!

It was just to make dinner. A familiar voice said.

Dr. Malcolm turns towards the source of the voice. Kelly Malcolm, his twelve year old daughter, stands in the doorway of the Trailer, very sheepish. She's wearing oven mitts, stirring bacon in a frying pan.

I wanted it ready when you got back.

The whole group stares, stunned, none more than Dr. Malcolm himself.



Later, the base camp is a blur of activity. Dr. Harding, Nick and Eddie are hard at work, burying the remains of the fire, sealing their food in plastic bags, loading camera equipment, packing up specimen containers and other information-gathering equipment.

Dr. Malcolm, meanwhile, is beside himself over Kelly's presence. They're by the Observatory, Kelly lays on the hood. While Dr. Malcolm talks, he keeps trying to make a call on the Mitsubishi ST-151 transportable satellite telephone, which is now in front of him on the hood.

You practically told me to come here! Kelly said.

I what?!

You said "don't listen to me." I thought you were trying to tell me something.

You knew exactly what I meant! You don't have the faintest idea what's going on on this island, of the danger you put yourself in!

The tailgate of the Convertible is down and Eddie is sitting on the edge. Nick is looking at his camera equipment. Nick leans over and whispers to Eddie, gesturing to Dr. Malcolm and Kelly.
Do you see any family resemblance here?

Eddie makes a hand gesture to indicate "a very little."

Dr. Harding looks to Dr. Malcolm while she packs her backpack.

What do you want to do, lock her up for curiosity? Where do you think she gets it?

Thank you, Sarah. Kelly thanked.

No, no, no, no, no. Don't even start the teaming up thing.

You're wrong, Dad. I do know what's going on this island.

How could you possibly?!

Because you said so. Maybe nobody else believed you, but I always did.

Dr. Malcolm is touched. Nick leans over to Eddie again.
The kid scores with cheap sentiment.

Lighten up, Ian, you sound like a high school vice-principal. Dr. Harding said

I'm her father!

Touché. Dr. Harding responded.

Sure, now. Kelly said

Dr. Malcolm looks to Dr. Harding.

You. Out of the conversation.

He turns back to the Mitsubishi ST-151 transportable satellite telephone.

Eddie, why the hell doesn't this thing ever work?

Dr. Harding goes over to Kelly.

You really came all this way in that Trailer?

Yeah! It was great! Just like staying in a flying hotel!

I told you, it's not like a landline. You have to wait for a decent signal. Eddie said.

Dr. Malcolm SMACKS it down angrily.

Violence and Technology?! Not good bedfellows! Eddie said.

Dr. Harding turns to Eddie and gestures to the High Hide.
If you plan on using your High Hide, I'd move it over to the middle of those cyatheoides.

She gestures to a stand of palm fronds.

They've got a heavy scent, and animals know they're toxic, they won't even look at 'em. How tall is it?

Fifteen feet.

Dr. Harding shudders

Wouldn't get me up there in a million years. You can't do this kind of work in a tower anyway, you have to be out in the field, as close to the animals as safely possible.

Great idea! Why not leave a trail of sheep's blood behind you while you're at it? Dr. Malcolm said.

He looks to Eddie.

I assume the radio in the Trailer won't work either?

If you feel just not qualified at all, you might try flicking the switch to ON. Then, after a short warm up, it will.

Okay, listen, listen! I'm tired and I'm taking my daughter out of here! Uh, anybody who wants to come with me, this is your last chance to get out!

Leaving aside the Mitsubishi ST-151 transportable satellite telephone, Dr. Malcolm takes Kelly's hand, turns, and heads for the Trailer with her. Dr. Harding straps on her backpack and addresses Eddie and Nick.

Okay, listen, when we're out in the field, nothing we do can leave any room for people to say our findings were contaminated. Once the academic world smells blood in the water, you're dead.

Dr. Malcolm, headed for the Trailer, stops and shouts back at them, trying to recruit the others out from under her.

So, Nick; if your staying, I'd be happy to deliver a letter to your wife or your loved one to give you a chance to say goodbye to her, okay?

Dr. Harding ignored him.

We leave no scent of any kind. No hair tonics, no cologne, no insect repellant, seal all our food in plastic bags.

Eddie, you have any personal effects of any kind? Ya know, it's the least I can do. I'll be in there!

He points towards the Trailer

Our presence has to be one hundred percent antiseptic. If we so much as bend a blade of grass, we bend it back the way it - -

Dr. Malcolm leads Kelly into the Trailer.


The door to the Trailer SWINGS open.

Dad, are you mad? Kelly asked.

No, I'm not mad. Dr. Malcolm said, SLAMMING the door closed.

I'm furious!

Dr. Malcolm looked around, it looks as if a tornado has struck; litter and trash strewn everywhere, food and boxes all over the kitchen and on the floor.

What is this?! It looks like your room!

I was going to clean it up.

Right Now!

Kelly pulls one of the two trash cans out from the doorless cabinet and starts throwing away trashed food and drink containers. Dr. Malcolm looks to the Communications Equipment, to him it's incomprehensible.

Dr. Harding enters the Trailer.

What is this?! Eddie?! There's a hundred switches!

Ian, don't be mad. I was going to call you in a day or two to let you know where I was. I always do, don't I? Come on! I'm the best kind of girlfriend there is; one who travels a lot! You like that, right? You love your independence.

Well, I've gotten used to being apart; but that doesn't mean that that's how I want to, uh, live, you know!

You, you know, Kelly, Kelly, this is, um, tall talk.

He points to the door.

Just for a minute.

It's like a height requirement at an amusement park! She muttered, putting the trash can back into the doorless cabinet.

Kelly moves towards the door, but doesn't exit.

If you wanted to rescue me from something, why didn't you bail me out of that fund raiser at the Museum three weeks ago, like you said you would? Dr. Harding said as she cleaned up the mess on the floor.

Uh, there's a slightly different situation.

Or, why not rescue me from that dinner with your parents that you never showed up for? Or why not rescue me when I really need it; actually be there when you say you will? You know, I have made a career out of waiting for you.

You know, Sarah has a pretty good poi… Kelly started, now back to cleaning up the kitchen area.

It's so important to your future that you not finish that sentence. Please. Privacy! Outside! Dr. Malcolm said.

Kelly, with one final SWIPE, puts the remaining trash on the countertop into the garbage. She puts the trash can back into the doorless cabinet. Again, she moves towards the door, but doesn't exit, listening to the conversation briefly before she would leave.

Ian! Come on, come on.

She takes his arms in her hands and sits him down at one of the radio console chairs.

Look; I love that you rode in here on a white horse. I really do! It's very touching. Very romantic. I just need you to show up in a cab every once in awhile too!

Kelly opens the door to leave.

Kelly! Kelly! What are you doing?! No, No, No, No! Hey! Hey! Don't go out there, it's not safe! Stay in here! Come back! Shut the door.

Kelly rolled her eyes and came back inside. She goes past them to the back of the Trailer and continues cleaning up.

Okay, I know what I'm doing. Uh, you guys should definitely go! But I'm gonna stay. I love you. I just don't need you right now. Dr. Harding said.

I'll tell you what you need, uh, a good anti-psychotic.

I'll be back in 5 or 6 days.

You'll be back in 5 or 6 pieces!

What bothers you is that I'm not afraid of this place! And you are!

Chuff. Chuff. Chuff

Of course I am! That's the whole thing! All I want is for you to come


A low sound has been rising while they bickered and now it comes BOOMING over the jungle around them, a THUNDEROUS racket that shakes the very ground beneath them.

Hey! What's that sound? Kelly asked.

The three look out of the back Trailer window to see - -

- - military Boeing Vertol 234 Helicopters ROAR overhead, flying very low. The choppers are enormous, fast-assed creatures, some dangling huge cargo containers under them.

Dr. Malcolm, with Kelly in tow, and Dr. Harding race out of the Trailer to join Nick and Eddie viewing the helicopters.

Here we go! Dr. Malcolm said.

He starts WAVING to the helicopters.

I'll get you out on one of these, right now! HELLO! HELLO! OVER HERE!


Through a pair of binoculars, Eddie studies the vehicles. Emblazoned in a brilliant stark white that contrasts heavily with the drab green paintjob is the familiar InGen logo.

This Boeing Vertol 234 Helicopter's side is marked: N241CH.

Our view PANS down the steel-cable tether to a crew cab Mercedes-Benz Unimog U2450.

I don't get it! Eddie cried.

IT SAYS INGEN ON THE SIDE OF THAT CHOPPER! I don't get that! Why would Hammond send two teams?!

Dr. Malcolm runs towards Eddie to use the binoculars, dragging Kelly along.

Cut the umbilical, Dad!

Doesn't he trust us?! We haven't even had a chance yet! Dr. Harding said.