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I was walking back home, I had just finished a late night shift at work. My supervisor had called and pressured me into taking the latest shift by threatening to reduce my shifts. Begrudgingly, I accepted as I needed the money to finally escape this place. I wanted to travel around the world and see new places, but first I needed money. I had been saving money for a few years, I only had to wait a couple more years before I was eighteen and able to leave the orphanage legally to begin my travels.

As I was making my way home I heard tires screeching, I turned around and saw a blinding white light. The moment before the bright light consumed me felt like an eternity. I tried to run or move my body but I felt paralysed, I felt afraid. I kept attempting to try and escape but nothing worked. I closed my eyes and braced myself for the incoming pain.

After a few moments when no pain came, I opened my eyes to look around. "HOLY SHIT!" I shouted. I was somewhere else, I didn't understand what was going on. I could see all around me various colours were swirling around towards the centre of whatever this place was. There were rocks floating as though I were in space, but I could hear a whooshing noise coming from the chaotic swirling colours all around me. "What is this place, am I dead?" I asked myself, I must have been hit by that truck.

Suddenly I felt something pull at me. It felt like something was wrapping it self all around me, squeezing me.

I got up off the ground and spun around to see where I was. I saw a street filled with shops. "How rude, apparating into Horizont alley." I heard some people around me mumble.

'apparating?' I thought to myself, I looked closer at the shops lining the street, I could see stores named 'Tobacconist' and 'Flimflam's Lanterns'. 'Wait, where am I?'

Looking around the street, I saw people in robes and pointy hats wandering about, 'Am I really in harry potter?' I thought to myself as I walked past dreamily. As I walked along Horizont alley, the dream-like scene of witches and wizards walking around, shopping and arguing using magical terms one would find in fantasy continued.

'Is this a dream?' I wondered to myself, my stomach began rumbling. 'can you even feel hungry in dreams?'. As I continued exploring, I heard people mumbling about the prices, 'I need to get some money for food' I patted myself down, looking in my pockets for anything. It took me a while but eventually, I found my wallet.

Inside I found £100 'Was I paid today?'. I looked around trying to find anything familiar but everything was wrong, different weather, different smells, different time. I wandered, lost watching as everything moved by. I began following a man in front of me, he seemed to know where he was going, but he moved masterfully through the crowd and disappeared around a corner. I was forced to wander aimlessly before I found a person walking alone, a woman this time. I spoke up, "Excuse me, I'm feeling a bit weird, sorry, can you tell me where Gringotts is? if it's not a problem?"

"Oh, it's no problem dear, just head in that direction towards Diagon Alley." Said the short plump woman pointing to one end of the street "It's the large white building, you can't miss it."

"Thanks, ma'am." I said before moving in the direction the lady had pointed to.

I looked around after finding myself on a new street and found a large white building with bronze doors and the words 'GRINGOTTS BANK' over the front. The bank towered over all the other shops. I started walking towards the bronze doors, a goblin was standing in uniform besides them. I began staring at the goblin, 'I must be dreaming, maybe I'm in a coma after being hit by that truck.' I thought to myself 'but everything looks and feels so real'. The goblin began to stare back, I looked away slightly embarrassed at having been caught staring and walked through the doors. There was a second pair of doors, now silver, with words engraved onto them.

Enter, stranger, but take heed —

It was the same warning from the books, I walked through and found hundreds of goblins inside, I saw an empty counter and went to speak to one of the goblins. "Hello, I'd like to exchange some muggle money," I said to the goblin.

The goblin nodded and point somewhere off to the side, "Over there." he said with a rough and coarse voice. I walked toward the counter the goblin had pointed to. "Hello, I'd like to exchange some money," I said once more.

The goblin operating the counter nodded and asked "How much?".

"it's about 100 pounds" I answered taking out all the money in my wallet and handing it over to the goblin's outstretched hand. He began counting the money before putting it away and grabbing some gold, silver and bronze coins.

"33 Galleons, 3 Sickles and 4 Knuts," the goblin said placing down a large number of coins on the counter.

"Do you sell any pouches for holding money?" I asked.

"Yes, it'll be 6 sickles and 4 knuts," he answered.

"Thanks" I replied, The goblin placed the remaining money into the pouch before handing it over. I thanked him again and left.

I looked into the pouch and found I had 32 galleons and 14 sickles left. 'I should find a place to eat and stay while I figure out what is happening' I decided to ask for directions to the leaky cauldron, I remembered that in the books I could get a meal and a place to stay the night there.

I looked around for any nearby witches or wizards. I found an older couple standing outside an apothecary, I walked up and greeted them "Excuse me, I'm a little lost could you please point me towards the leaky cauldron, if it's no trouble?"

"Oh it's no trouble at all young man" The man answered happily "Just head over in that direction and turn left at the fork. Look for a door on your right with a small sign outside with 'The Leaky Cauldron' written on it."

"Thank you so much, sir"

I walked away towards the fork at the end of the street passing by 5 or 6 shops on my way. Eventually, I found the small sign and walked into the dark shabby looking pub. It was dark inside with some of the tables and the bar covered in shadow, the place seemed almost empty. I saw an old bald man behind the bar, I walked toward the bar and greeted him "Hello, my name's Michael."

"Tom, what do you need?"

I looked at the board behind him, I decided to get the steak and kidney pie as it seemed one of the few normal sounding things on the menu.

"A steak and kidney pie please," I answered handing him a galleon.

"Have a seat, it's coming right up."

I sat down at the bar and waited a few minutes for the food.

"Here you go," Tom said placing down my food in front of me. I began eating, the food tasted amazing. 'Is it normal to taste things in a dream?' I thought to myself after finishing my meal.

"Hey Tom, do you have an empty room?" I asked, he nodded and gestured for me to follow. We went up the wooden staircase, He pointed at one of the rooms. "This one's free." He said. I thanked him and walked into the room. It was much more pleasant in comparison to the pub downstairs.

I lay down on the bed, 'Is this really just a dream?', I closed my eyes and tried to relax, I felt some sort of energy coming from all around me. It felt like an instinct somewhere inside me was telling me to connect to this energy around me. I began to focus on the instinct, following it. I began to see the energy in my mind much more clearly, It was colourless, I didn't understand what it was. 'is this mana? Was there even any mana in the harry potter books?' I asked myself.

I felt the land begin to bond with me, it felt wonderful. I was connected to this land, it was allowing me to draw upon this colourless mana but I didn't know how to use it. I opened my eyes, 'Whoa, that was… different'. The feeling of bonding with the land was hard to describe, It made me feel more powerful.

The mana reminded of that chaotic place I was in after I was hit by that truck. As I began to think about that place, I felt something instinctual guiding me as if I'd known how to do whatever I was doing all my life. I felt something wrap itself around me, squeezing me, then with a pop, I was somewhere else.

"Holy shit," I muttered to myself. 'How… how did I get back here?', it looked just as it did the first time but there was something different. I could feel something, it was like a 6th sense I'd had all my life. I closed my eyes, it felt like I was in a pitch black corridor lined with doors. Most of the doors I could sense felt closed except two, they were like bright lights in the darkness. I focused on these two doors, I could sense where they led. I knew one would take me back to the harry potter universe, It was as if the knowledge was always in my mind the moment I saw the door in my mind. I opened the door in my mind and walked through while thinking about the room I was in at the leaky cauldron.

Once more I felt something wrapping itself around me, then I heard a pop. I opened my eyes, I was back in the room I was in earlier, I looked outside the window. 'It's still night, what was that place and what were those doors?' I began to ponder on what to do next. 'I need answers and if this really is really Harry Potter then I might find them at Hogwarts.' I lay down on the bed yawning. 'I'll figure out what to do tomorrow, I feel exhausted.' I closed my eyes and drifted off quickly. Although I was confused and still had many questions, I felt incredibly excited for the first time in a long time.