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Today was the day Kaito had worked up to for a year since he met Hatsune-san. He gripped the letter in his pocket as he slipped away from his friends in the cafeteria, claiming he had to go to the restroom. As he happily snuck over to the girls building he thought of when he met Hatsune-san.

It was the day of his high school opening ceremony. He had moved from Tokyo to the country when his mom got remarried. Kaito was worried on how to make a good impression to his new classmates, when he was heading towards the auditorium he saw a handkerchief fall from the pocket of a girl walking ahead of him, he picked it up , the handkerchief was white with a green border and looked handmade. He walked up to the two girls in front of him, one with short brown hair and the other with long teal pigtails.

"I think one of you dropped this," Kaito said awkwardly as he held out a the handkerchief.

"Oh that's mine," said the beautiful tealette as she took the handkerchief from him. Their hands brushed together and Kaito felt his pulse quicken.

"It looks homemade," he blurted out.

"Oh yes I made it myself, sewing is a hobby of mine," she said giving him a dazzling smile.

"Yup Miku's always been good at that domestic crap, she made one for me too," the brunette tuned in holding up a similar handkerchief with a red border.

"Oh Meiko-nee I'm not that good I can't even use a sewing machine to save my life," the girl, whose name was Miku, said in a humble manner.

"Oh I think it's very well made especially for something hand sewn," Kaito said quickly to reassure the girl.

"Thank you! Maybe I'll make one for you sometime," she said with a smile so bright that Kaito almost covered his eyes.

Just than a bell rang and Meiko, the brunette, freaked out.

"Crap we gotta get to the entrance ceremony! See you later blue!" Meiko said as she grabbed Miku's hand and ran towards the auditorium.

Since the boys and girls of the school sat on different sides of the auditorium the three were forced to split up and Kaito didn't see them the rest of the day but he couldn't stop thinking about that girl Miku.

When Kaito had his first class he decided to ask the boy next to him about her.

"Oh you met Hatsune-san? How fortunate, you got the goddess of Kiyotori to talk to you." The blonde boy, Len Kagamine, said with a slight tone of sarcasm.

"The goddess of Kiyotori?" I asked with a gulp. Kiyotori is the name of the town but goddess?

"The Hatsune's are a rich family in town, Miku's father is genius surgeon, her mom is an ex model and while her sister, Meiko, is known for being a bit on the aggressive side both of them have always been the top of their class. But Miku is a different class from her sister since she's a talented singer, smart and beautiful, she's arguably the most popular person in town and definitely the most popular girl in school!"

"Wow, I can't believe she talked to a lowly dumbass like me," Kaito said with a fake sob as he laid his head on his desk. While the sob was fake the disappointment in Kaito's heart was real, Miku was out of his league. His grades weren't bad but they also weren't... good. He didn't consider himself to be the most handsome guy around, his family isn't rich and he just got here so he wasn't popular.

Not yet.

"I need to get popular Len!" Kaito said shooting his head up and giving the startled boy a look filled with determination.

"I'd suggest making a lot of friends and joining a club then," Len said.

"What club do you think Miku would join?" Kaito asked. Kiyotori high has both male and female students but each gender has a separate building so they can only interact in their clubs or during the cultural festival.

"Miku was in our middle schools student council so I assume she'll be in the student council again," Len said.

"Ugh I can't join student council, my grades aren't high enough for that plus I don't like being in charge of things, I'm a go with the flow kind of guy," Kaito said.

"Well any club you join Miku might have to stop by for council duties so focus on a club that will make you popular, I'd suggest a sports club. We've got baseball, basketball and track.

"Well I used to play basketball with my classmates in elementary school so I guess I could start there," Kaito said.

"Than let's try out together," Len told him giving him a cheeky grin.

"You wanna play basketball? But your so shor-" Kaito was cut off from finishing his sentence when Len gave him a glare.

"I've wanted to play basketball since I was a kid but I've always been… like this…" Len didn't want to admit to being short out loud. "But last year my sister got into an accident protecting me. She almost died, hell I could have died. After that incident I decided I would do what I want no matter what others thought of me. I may be too short to go pro but I at least wanna have the chance to play on a team while I'm young."

Kaito could have actually cried at the young boys story, but instead he put both his hands on the boys shoulders.

"I believe in you Len! Let's do this together!"

So at the end of the week the boys tried out for the basketball team together, others did tease Len for trying out but when Kaito and the others saw him play they were mesmerized, he was amazing! Kaito did alright, not star quality like Len but he did well enough to get a spot on the team. Kaito was quick to befriend all his teammates, he was always good at being friendly and approachable so gaining the likability of the team mates and almost all the first year boys wasn't hard. And girls would come to games and go gaga over the cute boys playing, especially Kaito since he was the second tallest player on the team and to those girls he was a hunk. He gained friends and admirer, not just him Len as well, and together they became the most popular boys in their year.

Like Kaito said before many girls came to games and while he was friendly to them just like everyone there were two girls he was most interested in. Miku of course was the top of that list of people he wanted to impress, and she did stop by sometimes since she was the council's treasurer, she did remember him and to his surprise on his birthday she gave him a handmade handkerchief with a blue border. Kaito enjoyed all the time he spent with Miku and the more they talked the more his heart soared, and even his team mates would nudge them telling them they'd be a good couple, Kaito would blush and Miku would look away embarrassed. Kaito enjoyed all of it but a second girl who came to the gym started to peak his interest, Meiko, Miku's older half sister.

She came to watch practices once a week, while Kaito had heard rumors of her being a girl quick to anger and she definitely wasn't very ladylike, he was captivated by how she innocently looked as she watched the guys on his team play. She looked like a girl in love. After a few weeks of her showing up he decided to ask her which player she had a crush on, which got him a kick in the knee as a response. One of the players saw this and got mad at Meiko but Kaito realized she only kicked him to make a point, but didn't kick hard enough to actually do any damage. She started to argue with the teammate that called Meiko out and Kaito was quick to come to her defense. The team mate dropped the issues and Meiko apologized for kicking me before leaving.

The next time Meiko came around he apologized to her for assuming things about her. Meiko was still a little angry at him but explained that she came to practices because she was a basketball fan, Kaito had seen her at games before so that story checked out. After that interaction the pair would talk briefly after practice, usually about basketball, than Kaito went home.

When Kaito started his second year only a few weeks ago he decided now it was time to confess, he was popular, his grades were a little better, girls thought he was handsome, and he was nice to Meiko-senpai so hopefully she would approve!

Kaito was now in the girls building entryway standing next to the lockers, he found Miku's locker and slipped the letter addressed to Hatsune inside. The letter was simple just saying to meet by the track field after school signed by a secret admirer. Honestly Miku probably got tons of letters like that but he wasn't very original and the Kagamine twins, who were the only others that knew of his crush couldn't come up with anything either. But something simple will be just fine he didn't want to go overboard and scare Miku off. Once the letter was in the locker Kaito hurried back to the other building as to not cause alarm, now he just had to wait until 3 pm when school ended.

When the bell rang I shot out of my seat so quickly it almost hit the floor under me, it did alarm a few of my classmates but Len gave me a smirk as I bolted out the door.

I was panting by the time I got to the track field. Not even track club members had made it to the field yet, I leaned up against the fence and grabbed my water bottle and drank almost half of it, running that fast made me thirsty.

God I hope she doesn't ignore the letter, I left the note anonymous so she would be surprised when she saw me. Ah I could see it go down in my mind!

Miku would walk to the field nervously, clutching the letter in her hand. I'd pretend like I wasn't waiting for her eagerly and casually look her way, waving at her when I noticed her presence. With a slight blush on her face she'd walk over and I'd tell her how I feel. She'd smile happily and say she felt the same way, maybe a tear of happiness would fall from her beautiful, pale face and I'd use the handkerchief she made me to wipe it away. We'd exchange numbers and I'd offer to walk her home, before she goes in I'd ask her if she'd like to see a movie with me this weekend. When we go see the movies we'll hold hands the whole time than go get some ice cream at that ice cream parlor I like. Than after 3 more dates we'll be officially boyfriend and girlfriend. We'll date all the way through high school and than go to separate colleges and while the separation is tough at first our love is so strong that we manage. After collage we move in together in a small tokyo apartment and after a year of living together I propose, we come back to Kiyotori to have our wedding and have our honeymoon at Disney. Two years later after a bit of trial and error we have our first son-


I was snapped out of my thoughts by a voice. I noticed the letter first, feminine hands clutched it but the breast which the letter rested on were much larger than Miku's. I then looked up to see the face of the girl standing in front of me. It was Meiko.


I tried not to let my eternal screaming show up on my face, god what should I say? I don't want to lose my good graces with Meiko-senpai but I didn't mean to leave the letter in her locker, man maybe I shouldn't have been so vague.

"I knew it, this was just some prank…" Meiko said, she looked a little disappointed as she began to turn on her heels.

"No it's not a prank! Sorry I was shocked I didn't actually think you'd come," dude what are you saying?

"Still sounds like a prank, you got Len in a bush with a camera?" Meiko asked starting to get angry.

Ah you're lying because you're scared. Well you can make this work Kaito! Be smooth!

"No just… one of the first times we spoke you kicked me and even when we talk you never seem too enthused unless basketball is the topic so I just thought, my feelings would be lost on you." Yes Kaito! Nice save!

"I wouldn't even know it was you though, you signed it as your secret admirer." Meiko said, a little conceived but still skeptical.

"I forgot about that, it was Len's idea that I remain anonymous."

"Aha! So he knows! Len where are you!?" Meiko said stomping towards a nearby bush, I grabbed her arm to stop her.

"No he only knew about my crush because I asked him about you on my first day of school, remember we met before the opening ceremony last year."

"I don't remember that sorry," Meiko said. For some reason that doesn't surprise me.

"It's fine, but even after the ceremony I couldn't stop thinking about you and since I was new in town I asked Len about you since he was sitting next to me."

"Alright," Meiko said, I felt her arm relax but by the look in her eyes I could tell she wasn't letting her guard down mentally.

"What caught your attention the first time we met?" She asked. God I really have to think on that one, I was so focused on Miku the whole time. But one thing suddenly came to mind.

"The way you looked at Miku," Kaito finally said.

"Huh?" Meiko tilted her head in confusion, it was almost cute.

"When we first spoke, you looked at Miku with such a caring face, even when Len told me you had a violent reputation I could only think of how gentle your eyes were when you complimented your little sister on her handkerchief. Than I saw you again with a innocent look of admiration when you watched our team practice and than when we talked after practice, your face lights up when you talk about basketball and Miku, I just fell more and more in love."

Kaito I'm so glad you're only good at two things, being friendly and pulling shit out of you ass. Well, that wasn't a complete lie, I did like the look in Meiko's eyes when she speaks about things she loves.

"I'm surprised you didn't just say something about my tits," Meiko said with a laugh.

"Well I do notice them, and they are a nice bonus," I said with a blush as he made sure to keep fierce eye contact with her.

"But I thought you liked my sister?" That was the last shot, the question I didn't want to hear stabbed me right in my heart.

"Well I do like you're sister, she's very nice. Many people have told me we'd look good together but I-" I had to stop myself when I almost said she was too good for me. That sad look in Meiko's eyes when she tried to leave came back to me, I would just make her feel bad if she thinks I'm just settling for her. "I wanted her to like me because you both love each other so much, she can't think her sisters boyfriend was just some pretty scumbag."

Meiko jerked her arm away from me. Even after all of that is she still not convinced. But then I saw her raise her hands up to her face. She was crying.

"God I was so positive this was just some prank, you actually like me," she said as she laughed, more tears fell down her face. Man how bad was this girls love life?

I planned to do this with Miku but I found myself reaching for my pocket and pulling out the handkerchief Miku made. I walked up to Meiko and wiped the tears from her face, when she looked up at me in shock I gave her a smile. She wrapped her arms around me and cried a little more. I was now the one to be surprised, the girl known to be angry and violent was crying in my arms. I pushed that thought aside as I returned the hug. After about a minute she seemed like she was back to normal.

"So if I say I like you back do we go on a date? Is that how this works?" Man Meiko-senpai was completely clueless in dating.

"Yeah we can go on a date and than if you like that date and would like to go on more dates with me we'd become official."

"Oh okay." She said. "Let's uh… figure that out later…" she was going to walk away but I stopped her.

"Meiko-senpai! Can I walk you home?" I asked.

"I live too far away, and my moms waiting in the front with Miku in her car."

Oh yeah, she gets picked up. I could have walked her to a bus stop but I bet she doesn't even have a bus pass.

"Than can I at least get your number before you go home? So maybe we can plan to have a date this weekend?" I asked.

"Oh yeah sure!" Meiko pulled out her phone and so did I. We exchanged phones and put each other in our contacts. I put my name as Kaito with a blue heart and ice cream emoji. When Meiko saw how I put my name in she gasped.

"Give me your phone back! I didn't know you had to put emoji's!"

"You technically don't have to, I just think it's cute," I said but still I held my phone back out to her. She put a red heart and… sake emoji?

"Why sake?" I asked.

Instead answering my question she just winked and ran away. What an interesting girl...

But man Kaito how are you gonna get out of this one? If you wanna date Miku you can't end things badly with Meiko. Date her for a few months, grow distant, go to Miku for support and than confess to her in your third year?

God I'm in deep shit.

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