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For Meiko it was a normal day. She got out of class when the bell rang. Her best friend Luka walked out with her and Miku, Meiko's younger half sister, met up with them. Since there were no student council meeting today Luka, the student council president, was coming home with the sisters for dinner. When Meiko opened her locker she saw a piece of paper flutter to the ground. When she picked it up she saw the back of the letter. It was addressed to Hatsune and had a heart hand drawn next to the surname. Meiko warily opened it. The letter was simple and just said to meet her behind the school signed by a secret admirer.

This couldn't possibly be for me, Meiko thought, sure boys hit on me but lose interest after they actually talk to me. If this is that sacred confession letter I've seen in anime than it must not be for me.

Meiko tried to hand the letter to Miku.

"This is for you. Someone must have put in my locker by accident."

"No Meiko-nee I don't think so, if someone was really intent on giving it to me they would double checked the locker and not just stop at the last name."

Than it's probably a prank. Meiko sighed. Might as well get this over with, I'll beat up the dickbag who pranked me and go home.

"I'll go see what this is about, Meiko go tell mom something is holding me up and ask her is she'd wait for me. If she doesn't want to than text me and I'll take the bus home." Meiko said.

"You'll have to tell me all about the confession!" Miku said excitedly.

"Good luck!" Luka said.

The trio of girls split up as Meiko headed to the track. As she got closer she saw someone leaning up against the fence lost in thought. Even from a bit of a distance that blue hair was a dead giveaway on who was waiting for Meiko. It was Kaito Shion.


Her voice snapped Kaito out of the trance he was in. He looked at her for his second, his eyes wide. Meiko knew it, she wasn't the Hatsune he was looking for. But she didn't want to say that, so instead she acted like it was a prank, that would be less shameful.

"I knew it, this was just some prank…" Meiko turned on her heels to walk away. She should just beat him up right there but the last time she hit Kaito she was chewed out by a basketball team member. She didn't want to beat his ass than be banned from coming to the basketball practices.

"No it's not a prank! Sorry I was shocked I didn't actually think you'd come."

Pfft yeah right. Meiko thought. But there was also a pain in her heart. She knows Kaito is lying but she did kind of want a popular boy to confess to her like in manga, that was a desire Meiko didn't know she had buried in her heart.

"Still sounds like a prank, you got Len in a bush with a camera?" Meiko said referring to Kaito's best friend and partner in crime. Len Kagamine was a known to be a little shit (aka a prankster, but Meiko thought little shit just fit better) since elementary school and ever since Kaito became his best friend Len has been known to drag the blue haired boy into his mischief.

"No just… " Kaito hesitated "One of the first times we spoke you hit me and even when you talk you never seem to enthused unless we are discussing basketball so I just thought, my feelings would be lost on you."

"I wouldn't even know it was you though, you signed it as your secret admirer." Meiko said pointing out a contradiction.

God could these two even get their story right? I bet he's just pulling this shit out of his ass.

"I forgot about that, it was Len's idea that I remain anonymous." Kaito said scratching the back of his head awkwardly.

"Aha! So he knows! Len where are you!?" Meiko angrily began to stomp towards a bush that looked Len sized. But Kaito suddenly grabbed her arm. Meiko turned around to glare at him.

"No he only knew about my crush because I asked him about you on my first day of school, remember we met before the opening ceremony last year?"

"I don't remember that sorry," Man does this guy expect me to remember random bozo's I talk to one the first day of school? I especially wouldn't remember before an opening ceremony it's to early for that fateful encounter shit.

"It's fine, but even after the ceremony I couldn't stop thinking about you and since I was new in town I asked Len about you since he was sitting next to me."

"Alright," Meiko stopped glaring and relaxed her arm still in his grip when she saw the look in his eyes. Dear god this poor boy may actually be telling the truth. But I need to be 100% positive…

"What caught your attention the first time we met?"

"The way you looked at Miku," He did pause a second before he said that, almost as if he was putting the right words to say together in his head.

"Huh?" Kaito's thoughts still didn't fully reach Meiko since she tilted her head to the side in confusion. Her brunette hair rubbed against her neck as she moved it.

"When we first spoke, you looked at Miku with such a caring face, even when Len told me you had a violent reputation I could only think of how gentle your eyes were when you complimented your little sister on her handkerchief. Than I saw you again with a innocent look of admiration when you watched our team practice and than when we talked after practice, your face lights up when you talk about basketball and Miku, I just fell more and more in love."
Meiko was definitely taken about by Kaito's description of her. This boy was very observant which was something she did not expect.

"I'm surprised you didn't just say something about my tits," Meiko said with a self deprecating chuckle. That was what guys usually pointed out when hitting on her, one guy even told her that was her only good asset.

"Well I do notice them, and they are a nice bonus," Kaito said with a blush. Meiko usually gets mad if anyone of the opposite sex brings up her melon breasts but Kaito was honest about how they made him feel which for once Meiko found herself appreciate. It would feel fake if he said he didn't love her for her body, but like he said they are a perk. Meiko may have been proud but he still had one more test to pass.

"But I thought you liked my sister?"

"Well I do like you're sister she's very nice, and people have told me we'd look good together but I-" Kaito paused. Again he was trying to put his words together. "I wanted her to like me because you both love each other so much, she can't think her sisters boyfriend was just some pretty scumbag."

Meiko's eyes widened and she found herself forcefully pulling away from Kaito. Before Meiko could even stop herself she realized tears had formed in her eyes.

This idiot is serious. God he's fucking serious.

Meiko raised her hands up to her face to try to wipe away the tears before the blue haired boy saw her. But looking down at his feet she saw him start to get closer.

"God I was so positive this was just some prank, you actually like me," Meiko laughed as she said this. Please go away. I don't want anyone to see me like this, so pathetic.

Kaito was right in front of her and suddenly Meiko felt cloth hit her face, he was wiping away her tears. She looked up and right away noticed that the handkerchief was one Miku made. Meiko was going to make a snide comment about it but then she saw the gentle smile on his face. She couldn't stop herself from hugging him and crying into his chest.

After a moment of hesitation Kaito returned the embrace. Ah~ he's so warm! Meiko pulled away from Kaito once the tears stopped but she was blushing, mainly of embarrassment.

"So if I say I like you back do we go on a date? Is that how this works?" God I have no clue what how to date someone, most romance animes end at the confession.

"Yeah we can go on a date and than if you like that date and would like to go on more dates with me we'd become official." Kaito said as if he were explaining something that was common sense to him to a child that didn't know better. That comparison fit too well for Meiko's comfort.

"Oh okay. Let's uh… figure that out later…" God I'm tired from crying. I wanna go sleep.

"Meiko-senpai! Can I walk you home?" Kaito called out.

"I live too far away, and my moms waiting in the front with Miku in her car." God Meiko why did you say that? Mom might have already left or you could have told mom to leave and have him walk you to the bus stop! If you're gonna date this guy you should at least talk to him!

"Than can I at least get your number before you go home? So maybe we can plan to have a date this weekend?"

"Oh yeah sure!" Meiko pulled her phone out of her pocket and the pair exchanged phones. Meiko put her contact info in and got her phone back. But when she looked at her phone she saw Kaito put emojis next to his name.

"Give me your phone back! I didn't know you had to put emojis!" Meiko said as she held her hand out.

"You technically don't have to, I just think it's cute," Kaito said, holding his phone out for Meiko to take.

Meiko put a red heart and sake emoji's to fit with the theme Katio established. Meiko loves the color red and she spent the first 10 years of her life living next to the family sake brewery.

"Why sake?" Kaito asked once he received his phone back.

Meiko just winked and ran away. You can unlock my tragic backstory later Kaito-san. Also I really wanna go home and take a bath, than sleep.

Meiko sprinted towards the front gate to thankfully see her mom's car still waiting for her. She quickly hopped into the back seat with Miku and Luka and her mom took off before she could even finish putting her seatbelt on.

"Oh no Meiko! You're eyes are red! It was just a nasty prank after all!" Miku said as she began to fret over her older sister.

"Did you at least teach the guy a good lesson?" Luka asked.

"No. I cried because this guy was genuine." Meiko said. "I'm going on a date with Kaito Shion… eventually" Meiko trailed at the end realizing they talked about going on a date but didn't plan one.

"Wait it was Shion-san that called you out there?" Miku asked in surprise.

"I thought he liked Miku," Luka said. Miku nodded her head in agreement.

"Do you think he might be using you to get to me?' Miku asked, her worrying only seemed to get worse so Meiko put a reassuring hand on her sisters shoulder.

"I don't think that's the case this time, but he'll have to prove it on our date." Meiko said.

The girls spent the rest of the ride gossiping. Meiko's mom was silent the whole ride like usual.

Meiko went to go take a bath while her mom made dinner. Meiko thought about the whole confession and what Luka and Miku said. Meiko probably shouldn't get her hopes up, but if she does maybe a good heartbreak is what she needs to get her head straight.

Once she got out of the bath dinner was ready, their mom made grilled fish which was Luka's favorite.

Once Luka finished dinner their mom got ready to drive Luka back home, Miku was going with them but Meiko decided she wanted to stay home and go to bed.

She put on her favorite red silk pajamas and while she was tired the whole time Luka was visiting the moment her head hit the pillow she couldn't sleep. Almost on reflex she reached for her phone and pulled up Kaito number.

"Can I text him? It's not that late will he respond? Isn't there like a texting rule?" Meiko asked herself. "Aw fuck it." Meiko decided to text him.

To: Kaito

From: Meiko


What do you want to do for our date?

Kaito's response was pretty quick much to Meiko's delight.

To: Meiko

From: Kaito

Re: Date?

I was thinking maybe this weekend we can go see a movie and get ice cream? There's an ice cream place near the train station that I love! Think of a movie you wanna see and tell me if Saturday or Sunday would be best for you. :)

Meiko smiled.

To: Kaito

From: Meiko

Re:Re: Date?

A movie sounds fun. I know that ice cream place I love their mint chocolate chip! I was curious about that new horror movie that came out if that's okay with you. I love laughing at the bad effects and jumpscares. If that's too scary for you I think they're playing "My Neighbor Totoro". And Sunday is probably best for me.

He seems like a guy that would wuss out at horror movies, Meiko thought as a devious grin formed on her face.

To: Meiko

From: Kaito

Re:Re:Re: Date?

Are you trying to make fun of me? If you're gonna tease me don't bring Totoro into it that's a great movie! I'll go see the horror movie if that's what you like, I don't love horror but I'm not a pussy. I'll keep my Sunday open :D

Meiko's grin was so wide you might worry it would fall off her face. Meiko put her phone to the side and was able to quickly fall asleep, the smile still present on her face.

But going to bed at 6pm when you usually stay up late messes with your sleep schedule so when Meiko woke up at 4 am she got on her laptop and watched My Neighbor Totoro since she was too ashamed to admit to Kaito she hadn't seen a lot of Ghibli Movies. But Kaito was right My Neighbor Totoro was a good movie.

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