A/N: This outtake takes place before "Burrow Dinner"

Eventually, Harry began lazily kissing the part of Ginny that was closest to his lips, which happened to be her shoulder and, when he turned his head slightly, part of one ear. He wasn't really thinking about technique at that point; quite frankly he was too relaxed to even move on to other parts of Ginny's face. But she sighed contentedly anyway as his mouth met the soft skin underneath her jaw and he even felt her give the slightest shiver when he hit a more sensitive spot. He finally rolled off of her and onto his side, leaving one hand resting on her bare stomach.

"So," he began.

Ginny wiggled a bit closer. "So," she said back. "What do we do now?" Her voice took on a slightly suggestive tone. "Do you want to have dinner again?"

Harry grinned. "Several more times, I think. " He sighed. "But first we should probably put the memories back."

"Yeah," said Ginny, wrinkling her brow. "Do you think it will hurt? I pulled out a lot of memories."

"I don't know," said Harry. "I've never put back more than one or two at a time before."

He sat up, wrapping the sheet around him, and scooted over the Pensieve. "I'll go first."

"Are you going to put them all back at once?" Ginny asked. "And how can you separate mine from yours?"

"It will take all night to put them back one at a time," replied Harry. "And my wand will know which thoughts are mine." He grabbed his wand from the floor and stirred it around the Pensieve. A number of silvery thoughts began attaching themselves to the end of the wood like a Muggle cotton candy machine Harry remembered the from his youth.

"Maybe I'll just put back half of them to start," he said. He raised the wand to his temple and closed his eyes, stiffening a bit in anticipation of the possible pain.

Ginny watched as Harry's thoughts siphoned off his wand and disappeared into his temple. She wasn't sure what she expected him to do as they were replaced – wince maybe – but she was certainly unprepared for him to shiver, eyes squeezed shut, and moan a bit with . . . pleasure?

"Harry?" she asked uncertainly.

"More," he grunted, holding out his wand. His eyes were still shut. "Give me more."

Somewhat confused, Ginny dipped the wand back into the bowl and pulled up more thoughts. "Here," she said, putting the wand back in Harry's hand.

This time, Harry leaned back against the pillows on the bed as he placed his wand to his temple. His body was vibrating lightly and he had a small smile on his face as more of the memories slipped back into his head.

"How does it feel?" she asked.

"Feels wonderful," he mumbled. His other hand had moved down and Ginny could tell he was rubbing himself beneath the sheet. "All the times we . . . all at once. I can feel it. I can feel . . . everything." He moaned again and opened his eyes.

"Are there any more?"

Ginny swirled the Pensieve around. "A few, I think," she said. "Can you really feel them?"

Harry nodded. His eyes were unfocused and dilated – he seemed to be listening to something far away. The motion of his hand under the sheet grew faster and when Ginny scooped out the last of Harry's thoughts from the Penseive and put the wand against his brow, he groaned.

"Yesss," he hissed. "Ginny . . . put yours back. It's . . . ohhh."

His movements were getting erratic and the sight of Harry pleasuring himself caused heat to pool between Ginny's thighs. She was of half a mind to push the sheet aside and climb on top of him right then, but the rest of the thoughts swirling in the Pensieve caught her eye and the desire to experience whatever Harry was overcame her.

"Wait for me," she said, pushing Harry's hand lightly away from his erection. "Where's my wand?"

Harry's hand slowed and he leaned further back into the pillows, a rather dreamy smile on his face. "It's unbelievable, Gin. I remember . . . everything. Like it's happening again." His hand drifted downward again.

"Harry, wait for me," Ginny said again. She leaned over and put both hands on his shoulders. "Hey, why don't you watch while I put my memories back?"

Her suggestion worked. Harry swallowed hard and nodded at her. "K", he said. "But hurry."

Ginny dipped her wand into the Pensieve and swirled it around until a number of thoughts clung to the end. She settled herself back against the pillows next to Harry and touched her wand to her temple.

From the initial jolt than went through her, Ginny thought she was having an orgasm, so intense was the rush of feeling. She closed her eyes and immediately was assaulted with visions of her and Harry coming together in intense snogging, cuddling and lovemaking. When they had watched some of these same scenes in the Penseive, one at a time, it had been like viewing a series of moving pictures that felt familiar - but not - at the same time.

But now Ginny was not only seeing the images, piled up on top of each other, but remembering them at the same time. She could feel Harry's skin, slick with sweat against hers as they rolled together under a tree in the Burrow's orchard; she gasped with pleasure as he slipped one, then two fingers inside her while she stood against the wall in the Harpies' locker room and she groaned as he grabbed her bum while she straddled him in her bedroom at her flat, his fingers working her clit and bringing her to the edge of orgasm.

"Ginny . . ." Harry's voice sounded far away as she watched and felt him kiss her deeply on his bed in his Hogwarts dorm. With a flash of recognition she remembered how they'd both skived off class and hidden in his room for hours, talking about everything and nothing and getting to know each other through words and kisses. The images grew a little fuzzy and she heard Harry's voice again.

"Ginny. " Now he sounded amused.

"Mmmm?" she didn't want it to stop.

"Would you like the rest of your memories now, or are you just going to continue rubbing yourself against my leg?"

Ginny lazily opened her eyes. Harry was laying on his side next to her, a rather suggestive smirk on his face. Looking down, she realized that she had wrapped one leg around Harry's and was thrusting against him. He was hard, his penis pulsing against her belly, and as her brain cleared Ginny could see the desire she felt reflected back in Harry's eyes.

"Uhhh . . ." she said, not really wanting to move. The intensity of the returning memories had eased and now Ginny was thinking about what she wanted to do right here, right now. Harry's nakedness was extremely distracting.

Harry leaned over her, grabbing her wand and dipping it back into the Pensieve. "Let's see if you can get all the rest of them back at once," he said.

Ginny closed her eyes. Almost immediately, she felt Harry's hands on her stomach, stroking up to her breasts and making soft circles around them. Her eyes snapped open.

"How come I . . . I haven't even put them . . ." she began. Then she looked down.

"Oh," she said with a sheepish grin. "I couldn't understand why I was feeling memories again if I hadn't put them back yet."

"You don't mind the real thing at the same time, do you?" asked Harry in a husky voice. He'd begun pushing his erection against her with more force and one hand had now found her nipple and was brushing over it with featherlight touches until it hardened.

"I don't mind," said Ginny. She put the wand to her temple and felt the rush of emotion and pleasure wash over her again. The first thing she experienced was an intense feeling of love and excitement mingled with a little pain and when she closed her eyes again she could see the first time she and Harry had made love. It was sweet and fumbling and warm and Ginny suddenly could remember exactly how right it had been. Even as her minds' eye saw Harry awkwardly positioning himself above her and trying to find the right angle of penetration, her real body knew that Harry was above her again, teasing her by slowly stroking his erection up and down her thighs and torso.

There was so much to experience that Ginny just let it wash over her – the real and the remembered - and didn't try to make sense of it all.

The memories kept coming for several more minutes – physical ones, emotional ones, funny and poignant times she and Harry had spent together. She was almost physically aware of her heart swelling with the return of all the love she hidden away for so long. When she finally opened her eyes, her body was quivering, not only with the memories of times together, but from anticipation.

Harry was sucking gently on her neck, one hand running lightly up and down her hip. By the look on his face Ginny knew it was taking all his effort to wait for her like she'd asked. He was intent on his task but still couldn't stop the small pulsing thrusts his hips kept making against her.

Without a word, Ginny reached down and grabbed Harry. He jerked in surprise and then propped himself up on one elbow to look down at her.

"Are they all in?"

Ginny nodded into Harry's chest. "You know what else I need in?" she asked.

Harry chuckled. "It felt unbelievable, didn't it?"

"Ummhmmm," agreed Ginny. She moved her other hand down to circle Harry's penis and began rubbing gently up and down. He groaned and pushed against her.

"I feel . . . different now," she said. "More . . ."

"Complete," Harry finished. "I feel complete now."

"Yeah," said Ginny. "And I didn't completely realize everything that was missing."

"I think it's time to make ourselves more complete, don't you?" asked Harry? His hand left her hip and moved down to cup her curls.

In answer, Ginny grabbed Harry around the waist and rolled him on top of her.

"Like I said," she smirked. "I still need something else put back in me."

Harry grinned back. "I think that can be arranged."