This is just a story I would like to see in writing. Since I have not seen it anywhere else, I get to write it. I ask only to be allowed to enjoy the story from both the POV of writer and reader.

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Author's note: I treat Ranma as the gender that "He" is at the time of story

Ch 1

In a small Ice Cream Shoppe', two girls sat in a booth eating ice cream creations and chatting. About what, the guys packed into the place could not tell, no one came close to the Girls, other then waiter who would serve up the next Masterpiece of Dairy Delectable Delight. As the creation was set before the girls, the red head would squeal and wave to the guys with a grin, before digging in. The dark haired gal looked at the twenty-ninth Work of Frozen Art placed before her tablemate from over her Shake, and shook her head. Well at least Ranma was enjoying him/herself, and with these guys buying all of the goodies, they would have all of their money when they were finished here. If they ever finished, it looked as if five guys over at the bar were pooling what was left of their money to but Ranma one last Sunday.

A shadow fell over the table, blocking the sunlight that was up till then coming in from the window. Ranma paused with spoon half way to his mouth. This caused Akane to look up and about- RANMA HAD STOPPED EATING!!

Outside Kasume was walking with a large Panda, who was carrying six packages from the market. The Panda was munching on a cane of sugar as he ambled along on all four, fallowing the leash that lead from the collar around his neck to Kasumie's hand. He did not seem to mind the weight of the packages. But both Ranma and his Father did not seem to mind their cursed forms as long as there was food involved...

But that was not what had caught Ranma's eye. Dancing along behind the Woman and her Panda was Dr. Tofu with Betty. It looked as if the good doctor had crossed paths with Kasume.

Turning back to her shake Akane watched as Ranma finished the Confection in front of her and wiped her mouth and looked around. It had been sometime since anyone had attacked him/her, and he/she was beginning to miss it, just slightest bit. If had not been for Kuno and the boys at school every morning, Ranma would have only his father to fight, and Genma was getting pretty complacent...

Number Thirty was placed in front of the Girls. Ranma just looked it over, looked at Akane, then over at the boys. "Last one guys. We have yet to go shopping." Ranma called as she waved. Ranma picked up her spoon, about to attack this one as she had the other twenty-nine, "Want some Akane?"

Grinning, both girls attacked the frozen treat. Waved Goodbye to the Guys, and strolled down the walk way hand in hand.

In a booth back and away from where the girls were sitting, sat Tendo Nabiki. Sales were slacking off; the betting on Ranma's fights was down, due to the lack of fights. Profits were down across the board. And now Ranma was acting more feminine when he was a girl.  He had yet to shift over to dressing as a girl, but that was because he kept getting hit by both hot and cold water as he/she walked along the fence rail.

To make things weirder, Genma was more docile when he was a panda. Something was off.  She would have go and talk to the Old Ghoul. She also needed to look up Shampoo and Moose, to see if anything was off with them.


At the Mall,  Akane was trying on dress and showing them off to Ranma. For the first hour, Ranma was happy just to sit and watch Akane play dress up, but during the second hour, she started getting twitchy, as they neared the third hour, she started to look over a few outfits, not knowing what she was looking for.

Akane had noticed the twitching, and was now curious as to where this new development would lead. As Ranma would pick a dress or blouse and skirt combo, Akane would just nod and smile. As the selection moved from the coloring and cut that would best suit Akane, toward clothes that were more for Ranma's female form...


No sooner had Akane and Ranma begun the teenage ritual of SHOPPING, a lone figure walked down a street that was rarely busy,  the only shop worth knowing about was open for only months at a time, but for those who enjoy a good bowl of spiced noodle and fresh seasoned meat, the strange hours were nothing but a minor annoyance. 

As the young female approached the Door to the Cafe, she could hear some of the customers speaking loudly to one another, in English. Nabiki had missed the full commit, just something about "...come over here and ride 'This' sweetchecks!" Nabiki snapped the door open, just in time to keep the American from shattering it, on his way out. While she doubted that Shampoo knew what he had said, the Chinese girl knew that the commit was rude and had delt with it as a true and fine female warrior should.

Stepping over the prone body and closing the door behind her, she moved to sit a small booth away in the dark. When moose came around, she ordered a glass of water, and to speak with Ancient One, "It involves the curses." The Old Crone was there with a glass, a pitcher of water and her pipe within five heart beats.

With the spark of knowing something was going her way in her eyes, the ghoul poured the cool water and passed it to Nabiki. "So what is this about the Curses? Emh?"

Nabkiki explained about what she witnessed at the Ice Cream Parlor. How "Girlly" Ranma was acting, how docile Genma was as Kasumi lead him down the street. "And today was not the first time I have seen them like this.  Three nights ago, I caught Ranma trying on a couple of Akane's dresses and looking at "her" reflection in the mirror, muttering about how "she" just did not have the hips, nor the bust, to wear the dresses. And Genma, spends most of the day playing with his tire and chewing on fruit that Father tosses him instead of playing GO hand drinking sake with Father like they use to. Have Shampoo and Moose shown any sign of abnormal behavior, for them of course."

The Old Woman looked over her shoulder at the two Teenagers as they went about their work. Moose taking orders, and Shampoo carrying out the hot bowls of noodles with their mouth watering strips of meat. Looking back at the young woman, she lost the sparkle in her eyes, "No these two have not become docile, but they were 'dipped' after Son-in-Law and his father were. Let me do some reading and get back to you." She then hopped upon the stick and "pogoed" into the back room.

Nabiki stood, dropped a couple Yen on the table to make her being there a business transaction and left. She had to get to a phone and set up her network of snoops and spies, something was going to happen, and she wanted to be ready for when it did. She also had to balance the books tonight, something she had meaning to do for the last few nights...


The redhead smoothed the silk down over her thighs as she posed this way and that before the Big mirrors, pale Blues was just not her color. She preferred the Black Silk and the Emerald Green Velvet color wise, but the cut of the Pale Blue was what she was wanting...

Turning to the Black Haired Beauty that was sitting near by, "Akane, what do you think? While the black and green are better colors, this is the cut I like." she looked at Akane with hope in her eyes. "Tell me?"

Akane opened her mouth to answer... and closed it. She wanted to answer truthfully, but was afraid to break the enchantment that held her intended. "Do we have enough to get all three? The Pale Blue just needs the right light, and the black and green would do for other times."

Ranma turned back to the mirrors, "No, I still need a swimsuit and a summer dress. Plus I wanted to get a pair of heels or something." Unzipping the pale blue silk and letting it fall to the floor, she stepped out of it picked up and returned it to its hanger. She had given in and bought a pair of black sheer panties and had changed in to them before trying on the dresses. climbing once more in to her "guy" wear she put the black and blue dresses on the return rack and draped the Green velvet dress over her arm as headed toward the swimsuits and summerware...