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Chapter 3

He could sense her, behind this door. She was not alone. He could not tell who was there; because all but Her Chi pattern was blocked out by his tracking ability, but it took all of his focus. The Animal NEED that was in there could only mean she was in trouble. He dropped his new tracking skill and powered up his new Attack, projecting a 3 meter Cube of cold chi forward, then he pulled all of the heat from that cube. This caused to door to shred as it and the lose swimsuits were sucked into a 1meter Sphere, and now for other half of his attack...  He launched the Energy, shredded door and tangled cloth at Her Attacker...


As the large man had moved into the woman's apparel, all clerks herded the shoppers to the other side of the Store, as the manager called the Insurance Company, the Utility company, and a local Contractor, who practiced Anything Goes Construction Martial Arts. Then he called the local news channel, any free press was good press.

One of the girls who was working as a stock-girl, ducked into the stock area and dialed a number, "Get me the Boss...Boss the challenger you were asking about just showed up at my Work...He looked as if He was tracking something...yes or someone....get this, He just ripped the door off a changing room WITHOUT touching anything...Who is inside?...can not tell from here..."

The girl fainted, dropping the phone.


Akane fell back, turning it into a backwards roll to get clear...


Ranma went high to launch a drop attack on who ever was so rude as to interrupt such a personal moment. His hunger had turned to anger; he was so close to being able to taste his dreams...


She sat there watching the swimsuit shift and move over her lover's body, just like she thought...


A One Meter sphere of chi energy blasted through where Ranma and Akane were standing less then a second ago, burning the tile as the high priced wood from the door turned wall into Swiss cheese. And the shredded cloth floated on the wind...


All was calm, peaceful, a perfect moment in time...

Ranma fell into his attack, fists and feet striking from every which way, driving into the flesh of his target...


Her lover... when did she ever think of that PERVERTED BAKA as Her Lover??? An Aura of royal navy blue cloaked her as she drew out Mallet-Sama and rolled to her feet...


He released the blast, and watched it wipe away any sign of her attacker...and her? What had he done? Then Hell hit him above. His Stone like skin rebuffed most of the damage, but this attacker was all over the place...Then She came in swinging Her Weapon of Choice in an uppercut type motion...


Ranma dodged Mallet-Sama's up swing...watched his opponent open up the ceiling for a new skylight...and just sidestepped mallet-sama's down swing. Turning to look at Akane, "That Baka just destroyed my pants and shirt."Ranma pouted, then brightened "now I can those new Shorts and Halter top I was looking at earlier!"  She dashed off, leaving a dazed and confused Akane.


Twenty minutes later, A Redhead in tight black shorts and a red sparkling halter top was seen skipping down the walk carrying a few shopping bags as her female companion trotted along with her...


Kuno was riding in his Rickshaw, as his Ninja-Servant trotted along, heading home. Kuno had thought to look for his Two Loves in the Park area. They were about three miles from the Home Estate, when a large man dressed in leathers smashed down. He fell on Kuno, smashing Kuno through the rickshaw into the ground, sending the poor ninja into the air...


Soun placed a tile on the board, the game was in his favor, and not because he was cheating...but he was blocking Genma's attempts at cheating and all that was angering his old friend. He grinned to himself, while neither was up to the 'chestnut-fist'; they both could do a single strike type move. This was how Genma was trying to cheat, and how Soun was blocking his attempts.

They were playing this game for close to an hour, and it was the first honest Game sense before the Master returned...Soun made a sing to ward off Evil...and missed Genma placing a piece. Giggling at his victory, Genma inadvertently splashed himself with some cold tea. Soun barked a laugh, causing Panda-kun to kick over the board.


As she read more, the less she knew about this issue...

The Texts before her were out-of-date, and edited... She really was regretting the council's choice of limiting the Information on the cursed springs and their curses. She was getting nowhere... then she spotted it... in a hand written scribble in Russian.

There will come a Time when the Inflicted will begin to exhibit qualities found in their alter forms type. Not to be worried, this will happen every other year for about two months. The Only way to ward off this shift in personas is to master the curse and be able to shift at will between the two forms, but even this will not stop it, as the ability to shift will cause the two forms to blend in the "person's" mind.

This could be an issue.  If Son-in-law were to develop a more female outlook on life, then Shampoo would have to Kill her, but if they could get Son-in-Law to bridge the Gap between his two minds he/She could be adopted in to the Tribe as a Sister rather then as a Husband, an option that has been in The Elder's mind more and more often since the she had seen Ranma chewing on the shark while in the Nekoken.


Nabiki was nibbling her beef ramen as she listened to her "girls" chat about last weeks takes, and how they were doing in the stock market. When the cell phone from one of her girls started buzzing. 

"Get me the Boss" Nabiki was handed the Phone

"Nabki here."

"Boss the challenger you were asking about just showed up at my Work" the girl at the mall sounded scared ( nabiki knew everyone who worked for her and everybody who worked for them)

"Describe what he did or said" the Ice Queen was in Power now

"He looked as if He was tracking something"

"Something?!?" the temp in the noodle house dropped a few degrees

"Yes or someone....get this, He just ripped the door off a changing room WITHOUT touching anything.

"Did you see who is inside?"

"Who is inside?...can not tell from here..." then the sound of the call hitting the floor and dropping the phone.

Nabiki smiled, things were going to get interesting.


A busty Redheaded Girl was skipping down the walk with A Blue-Black haired girl jogging along side of her. Ranma Spotted a sign she wanted to investigate. Looking about quickly, she spotted a French pastry bakery. Nudging, Akane she pointed to the bakery, "how about a quick bite? I need to get something for Pop's."

Akane nodded looking around, "Okay, but then you wait for me, and I need to get something for Kasumi, also."

Akane stepped into the bakery, not seeing Ranma step in to the Adult store...


This Place was outside of anyplace she/He had ever been before. There were objects of every shape, size, color, and texture...

Looking at the sides of the boxes, Ranma soon found what she was looking for.   After selecting about twenty different items, {the only thing in common was that they all had red as a color. most was either white and red, or gold and red. These Items were paid for by an account she got from Nabiki. She shuddered at the thoughts of what she had to go through to get this account... {the  half nude poses in male form was one thing, but the lacy shots and stuff for the Female form, The Playboy Photographer on loan from H.H. needed three cold showers and had to wipe his Lens eight times in that hour.} 

"Please have these Items delivered to this Address," Ranma handed over a small slip of paper. "Thank you."

The man behind the counter nodded as he wrapped the items in brown paper, with the label; Len's Packing and Shipping.


Akane bit into the flaky curst as the thick creamy filling oozed into her mouth. The pastry was still warm, and the cream was chilled, blending taste, texture, and temperature in combo that thrill the senses and made the Eater want another and another...

She looked up at Ranma entering the bakery with a cocky grin on his face. She waved as the short busty redhead sat next to her...and suddenly licked her face...


Having finished her shopping Ranma was skipping back to Akane. Entering the Bakery, Her mouth started to water, both from the smells of fresh baked sweets and the sights of Akane 'nibbling' a cream filled yummy. Nibbling as compared to how Ranma and his father normally ate...

She sat by the larger girl, her eyes traveling over the thick legs, her sweet thighs, firm backside, small yet firm breasts, pouty lips, and the smudge of cream lolling on her face near her mouth...

As if in a trance, Ranma leaned closer...and lick the cream off Akane's face...and once her face was clean, locked onto her lips with her own, her tongue seeking entry, searching for more of that creamy goodness...


As Ranma locked on to her lips, she felt herself surrendering to the probing of the Tongue...her lips parted, her tongue giving freely the last of the custard...

What was this baka up too?

What was this henti doing?


The Bakers Apprentice was watching the cute dark haired girl, when the red head came sat down next to her...then the red head licked the bigger girl's check... and then they kissed...he blacked out as his nose blazed blood down his front.


Hearing a clang, Akane dragged her head away from Ranma to find the young man behind the counter had fallen and his nose had bled down his front. Seeing her chance as to get away, "Hey, Ranma, try the "Éclairs". I got to go get those things for Nabiki. Be right back." and she jogged out.


Ranma Looked over what was before her; there was every kind of pastry known to man. Ranma knew the place from her own work as the Greatest Martial Artist. The owner was the Worlds Greatest Pastry-Chef and Master of the Barker-Ken.

As she made her choice, she looked over shoulder and saw Akane leaving the same shop that she had just left. Ranma grinned, and then she remembered that Akane had named first Kasumi and then Nabki, then she leered.

Ranma never got her pastry that day...