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"All I'm saying is that we" Dean said emphatically. He switched to a softer voice as a woman passed by the brothers. "-We don't even know who this person is. We could be walking right to our deaths."

"Dean" Sam began with a sigh. "The information came through a reliable channel. Besides, we're always faced with the possibility of death."

"Not outside of the country!" Dean replied.

The two brothers shifted on the bench as they waited for the train. They each had old duffle bags and easily fit in with the younger travelers. People milled about the Gare de Lyon with suitcases and briefcases, talking on mobiles, some were towing piles of bags on trolleys, trolling the shops while they waited, and then there were those coming and going. It was vastly different than anything they were used to.

"How much time do we have?" Dean asked.

Sam checked his watch. "Like...30 minutes or so."

"I'm going to go look around. I'll be right back" Dean replied. He was antsy. As far as he was concerned Paris was too crowded and just not his thing. Dean grabbed his bag and started wandering around. He passed a Starbucks and rolled his eyes. Was there anywhere Starbucks had not infested? He liked coffee, but there was something about how...corporate...Starbucks was that turned him off. Just beyond Starbucks was the Jazz Cafe. Dean decided that he could definitely eat. He checked out the posted menu and found his heart flutter when he came to the 'mob burger'. "Maybe Paris isn't so bad after all."

Sam watched the train pull in and wondered where Dean had gone. His watch told him that it had been 29 minutes. After a moment, the doors hissed and people exited the train. He had been going through a travel guide, but now shoved it into his bag. He nearly jumped when he felt someone hit his shoulder.

"I just had an amazing burger" Dean said dropping his bag next to Sam. "It came with this dried beef and slices of-"

"You know there's food on the train, right?" Sam asked. A mechanical voice invited the passengers to board the train. Sam and Dean grabbed their things and headed for coach 6, seats 65 and 66. They slowly made their way down the train aisle, waiting for people to stow bags and move at a snail pace. When they finally took their seats, they were equally relieved not to be hassled.

"Not a lot of leg room" Dean grumbled. A table separated seats 66 and 65 from seats 31 and 32. Sam shrugged out of his jacket and stuffed it under his seat with his bag. The brothers waited while the train slowly filled with passengers. Sam watched two old ladies push their way past some teens and take their seats, grumbling the entire time in French. He smiled.

A messenger bag plopped into the seat across from Sam; both brothers glanced at the owner. "Bonne apres-midi."

"What?" Dean asked.

"Uh...bon jour" Sam replied. The woman stood in the aisle with headphones hanging from around her neck. She was short and her black hair was held in place with a leather slide and stick. The brothers watched as she took off her black peacoat. Her music player was tucked into a pocket in her oversized cardigan. She adjusted her things and took up both seats across from the brothers, sitting sideways.

"I'm Holly" The woman said.

"You're American" Sam said with a smile. "I'm Sam, this is Dean."

"Nice to meet you" The woman replied. The train's mechanical voice came over the intercom, announcing that the train would be leaving the station momentarily. Holly searched through her bag, which she had tucked under her seat. As soon as the train began to move, she pulled out a folder and dropped it on the table that separated her from the Winchesters. She pushed it towards Sam, who curiously peeked at it.

"What's this?" Sam asked. Dean stretched his neck to glance at the folder. There was a written report, photos, and a copy of a floor plan. The photos were mostly of a man who looked like a stereotypical evil villain with a black suit, pointed goatee, and arched eyebrows. There were a few photos taken during the evening with no flash. In the distance you could see a fire and what looked like the man in a red robe with his arms raised in the air.

"Are you Phil? Phil Moore?" Dean asked. Holly raised her eyebrows and smirked.

"Fillmore, like the president" Holly answered. There was an awkward silence as the Winchester's processed the situation.

"We were expecting a guy" Sam remarked. He turned one of the nighttime ritual photos around. He had decided that it was worth his time to ask a few questions, especially since they were stuck on a train in the middle of Europe. "What sort of ritual is this guy doing?"

"That is a Swiss man named Leon Saxer" Holly told them. "He was trying out an old spell that totally did not work."

"How do you know what this guy was doing?" Dean asked leaning forward. Both of his hands were on the table. His brow had a slight wrinkle to it, as he tried to decide the fate of the woman across from them.

Holly turned in her seat so she was facing Dean. "I've been tracking this guy for the last 15 months. He's a total dick. As far as I can tell-"

"He's trying to open a portal to Hell" Dean replied. "We got that part when we were told about your case."

"He doesn't just want to open a portal" Holly said. "He wants an unlockable revolving doorway for himself."

"Does he know who you are?" Sam asked. Holly laughed.

"Of course he does" Holly said. "I almost took him out early on, but he's increased his security. He has demons working for him and hired guns."

"So why's a cute little thing like you meddling with a guy like this?" Dean asked. Holly rested her chin in her hand as she leaned on the table.

"Wow, not afraid to be politically incorrect. Refreshing" Holly said. She glanced around and waited for people to avert their gaze. She pulled a silver snake ring off of her middle finger and put it on the table. She motioned with her hand in a particular way and whispered something. The snake unwound itself and slithered around for a moment before curling back up into a ring. "One might say that I'm a sorcerer."

Holly slipped the ring back onto her finger and smiled at the brothers.

"You're a witch" Dean stated. Holly pursed her lips and tilted her head.

"No. There's a difference between witches and sorcerers" Holly replied. "On the outside it might all look the same, but many sorcerers work the kabal or Enochian magic or other high magic. It's learned knowledge. Witches tend to have some natural abilities before they start learning anything and it's usually a grab for more power."

"Is Leon Saxer a sorcerer as well?" Sam asked.

"He is, but like I said" Holly replied. "He's a total asshole. Have you two ever heard of a demon big-wig named Andras?"

"I don't know. It sounds familiar though" Sam replied. Holly looked at Dean, who was eyeing a woman with a food trolly.

"I suppose we could finish the talk later" Holly said glancing behind her to see the woman. "Besides, we don't know who else is on the train with us. Loose lips and all."

The five-hour train ride was long. Sam tried a little small talk, but once Holly clammed up, she seemed to go deep into her own thoughts. Dean had taken a beer and some snacks from the food trolley, talked a little, then promptly fell asleep. They were each standoff-ish in their own way.

As the train pulled into Bern, Switzerland, Holly checked her phone and turned her music off. Sam finished the page of the novel he was reading, then bookmarked his spot.

"I have everything ready for you two" Holly stated. She put her phone down and started getting her things ready.

"Dean" Sam snapped. Dean woke up as if he had been deeply asleep. He muttered something in a grumbling voice.

"I hope you don't mind rooming with me" Holly said. "I rented a big place for the week."

"I'm sure it will be just fine" Sam said graciously. "We're used to dingy motel rooms."

"It's not one of those backpacking hostels is it?" Dean asked with a grimace. Holly smirked and shook her head 'no'.

"Dean!" Sam snapped. "Sorry. He's kind of a dick."

"Hey!" Dean petered. He rolled his eyes. The train began to slow as it came into the station. It wasn't long before they disembarked the train and made their way towards the exit. The Winchesters followed Holly around the block towards a massive parking garage.

"Hey Holly" Sam said as they entered the structure. "What's your last name?"

"Ween" Holly replied. The Winchesters glanced at each other.

"Holly Ween?" Dean repeated. There was a silent pause before Holly gave a loud guffaw.

"I've been waiting to say that to someone!" She chuckled. "Come on, I'm on level 2. Bennett. My name is Holly Bennett."

The drive out of Bern, out to a mountain village called Gryffburg, took just over an hour. The village was home to about 3000 people, mostly farmers. It was home to an old abbey from the 14th century that still held Sunday mass, four breweries, and a company that made it's unique hard cheese simply called Gryffburg. The town center had an old fountain, some shopping, some restaurants, and fronts for the breweries. Holly drove through the town so her passengers could see where they would be staying.

"What's going on around here?" Dean asked as they passed a few people hanging up a huge banner across the main street.

"It's a harvest festival that starts tomorrow" Holly replied. "This place isn't super big, but I'm told that they really like their festivals."

They continued to on through town and turned on a road that started going up a hill. Holly's rented blue car turned onto a dirt driveway and pulled up to a small chalet. It was a 2-story house with a small second story balcony facing the driveway and a rock-sided chimney on the side.

"You rented this?" Dean asked getting out of the car with his duffle bag.

"Sure did" Holly replied. "I've been here for about two weeks."

"Do you smell that?" Sam asked. Dean sniffed the air. "It just smells...fresh...crisp."

"Let me show you inside, Fresh and Crispy" Holly said leading them to the front door. Dean chuckled. Holly held the door open for them and flipped on the lights to the main living room. "This is home for now."

"Nice" Dean said looking around at the open space. The main floor was the living room, a half bathroom, the kitchen, pantry, and a dining room. Heavy wood stairs lead up to a second floor with part of a banister overlooking the living room. The living room seemed pretty bare with a television mounted over the fireplace mantle and empty shelves.

"Bedrooms are upstairs" Holly said. She led the way and opened up the doors to two bedrooms. "I have my things in the other bedroom. Bathroom is over there." Holly pointed to the small open door near the top of the stairs. "There's a linen closet in the bathroom."

"This is way better than what we were expecting" Dean said before stepping into the free bedroom closest to the bathroom. Holly checked her watch and took a deep breath.

"You really don't mind us bunking here with you?" Sam asked. Holly shook her head 'no'.

"It might be good for me to have some real people around" Holly replied. She gestured towards Sam's room. "Go get settled. I'm going to put my things down and take a few minutes for myself."

Holly couldn't wait to get into her room. She shut the door behind her and took a deep breath of relief. She let her bag drop to the floor next to the dresser.

"Took you long enough" A low male voice grumbled.

"I don't control the trains" Holly said. She pulled her coat off and tossed it onto the bed. Holly reached up and pulled the leather slide and stick from her hair, letting her wavy black hair fall about her back.

"They came with you right? They showed?" The male voice asked.

"Yes. Sam and Dean" Holly replied. She looked over at the bear skull that rested on the dresser. The eyes were lit up like two little fairy lights. "You're sure they're going to be able to help with Saxer?"

"They're supposed to be the best. My contacts from the realms tell me wild stories about both brothers" The voice said from the skull. Holly slid to the floor and pulled out a wooden box out from under the bed. She opened it, revealing a case of various weaponry. "I heard that they are both on friendly terms with some angels and the king of Hell. Who does that?"

"I don't know." Holly snagged her three favorite knives and started to hide them on herself. One in the boot, one clipped to her pants, and the small one in her pocket.

Knock, knock. Holly's breath caught in her throat and she quickly shut her case, shoving it under her bed. She called out "Yes?"

"You talking to someone in there?" Dean asked. Holly stood up and reached for a pouch that was on top of the dresser.

"Just give me a minute or two, okay?" Holly called out. She pulled two earrings out, each one was a mouse skull glued to an earring post. She shoved them into her ears.

"Right" Dean said with evident skepticism in his voice. Holly heard him move away from her door.

"Get in. I'll make introductions downstairs" Holly hissed towards the skull. The two glowing orbs in the eye sockets flew out of the bear skull and rested in one of the earrings.

"Most exciting" The voice said in her ear.

Dean entered the room he wanted to claim. It was close to the bathroom and across from Holly. She wasn't bad on the eyes, but she gave off some weird vibes that he wasn't totally comfortable with. In fact, he really wasn't super comfortable with the situation. He had anxiously flown because the tickets had been purchased and not by him. That meant no weapons. That alone was enough to make him edgy.

He pulled out his phone and sent a text message: We're in Gryffburg, Switzerland with no weapons. He sent it. A return message was sent back: Dean, I will bring you and Sam your weapons. Five minutes left of this episode of 'Twin Peaks'. Be there shortly.

"Thanks, Cas" Dean muttered to himself. He sat on the bed and his brow creased. He leaned back, feeling total comfort. "Oh shit, yeah. Complete comfort."

He begrudgingly got up and snatched up his bag. He tossed it onto the dresser and pulled out a few things, tucking clothing into one drawer and leaving his personal items out on the dresser. While he was straightening his things, he heard voices from across the hall. Dean stopped what he was doing and moved closer to his door to listen. There was a distinct deep male voice.

"I knew something was up" Dean whispered to himself. He looked around and sighed. He had no weapons. Nothing in the room would work. His lip curled in reaction to his weapon-less situation. Just deal with it, he told himself. He crossed the hall and knocked on Holly's door. "You talking to someone in there?"

It got quiet. He could hear her moving around. "Just give me a minute or two, okay?"

Dean rolled his eyes. "Right."

The woman was crazy. For a brief second, he considered busting her door down to see what was going on, but decided to check on Sam instead.

"Sam" Dean called out when he stepped over to Sam's shut door.

"Come in" Sam said. Dean walked in and found Sam leaning back on his bed, obviously liking the mattress. "Did you try your mattress?"

"Dude, I'm going to sleep like a goddamn baby" Dean replied.

"We need beds like these" Sam told him. Dean shut Sam's door. Sam pushed himself up to his elbows. "What is it?"

"I heard a voice coming from her room, man" Dean said in a hushed voice. "Like deep and male."

"Think she has someone in there with her?" Sam asked.

"I don't know, but I think we're going to get some answers" Dean replied. Sam sat upright while Dean pulled his phone out to check for messages. "I sent Cas a text. He should be here soon." They heard a creak from the stairs and Dean peeked out the door. "Guess she's heading downstairs."

"We should go downstairs too" Sam said. He stood up and straightened his flannel shirt. Dean smirked.

"You have a thing for the sorceress, Sammy?" Dean asked.

Sam snorted and shook his head before answering. "No. I just think she's a nice person."

"I bet she can put some voodoo in your hoodoo" Dean teased. He opened the door and let Sam leave first.

"Jerk" Sam said as he passed his brother.

"Bitch" Dean replied.

The Winchesters headed downstairs and found Holly in the kitchen. Her black wavy hair hung down to the middle of her back and she looked fairly comfortable moving around the kitchen. For being a rustic Swiss chalet, the kitchen was surprisingly modern in brushed steel, white walls, and appliances and trimmings in red and black. The dividing stretch of counter, between the kitchen and the dining room, was home to three kitchen bar stools on the dining side. Dean and Sam both claimed a stool and watched as Holly pulled a bottle of wine from the fridge. She set the bottle on the counter between the men, along with a corkscrew, before pulling out wine glasses and a plate-sized tin with 'spitzbuben himbeere' written across it.

Dean uncorked the wine. "Day drinker, huh?" Holly glanced over at him. "Hey, I'm not judging."

"It's almost 4pm" Holly replied. From here, they could see that she had on skull earrings. "It's probably just a little jet-lag if you're out of sorts."

"He's all brains" The voice said in Holly's ear. She tried to stifle her chuckle and opened the tin of raspberry jam cookies.

"Something funny?" Dean asked. He started filling the glasses. Holly leaned on the kitchen-side of the counter and pushed the tin between them all.

Holly heard the voice about to say something. "Gus! Quiet." She looked at the two men at the counter. Dean had his glass almost to his lips and Sam was in the middle of biting into a cookie. "Sorry. Look, I need to introduce you to someone." She went over to a cabinet and pulled out an animal skull that was about the size of her hand. She set it on the counter. "Gus, come introduce yourself."

The two glowing orbs flew from her earring and into the skull on the counter. "Greetings, Winchesters."

"Whaaaat?" Dean drawled. "What is that?"

"Who" Holly corrected. "This is Augustus. He is my daimon."

"A what?" Dean asked moving to stand up from his stool. Sam's face eased into one of complete interest.

"A daimon" Sam said. "Dean, it's cool. A daimon, like the Greek daimon?"

"Exactly" Holly said with a smile. "Gus has been my friend and guide for the last year and a half."

"Someone is-" Gus said.

"Dean, I have your things" Castiel interrupted. He was standing immediately beside Dean, almost shoulder to shoulder, with a bag in his hand. Dean jumped and made a startled sound of surprise. Holly choked on her wine. Castiel set the bag down as she coughed and sputtered. "Hello."

"Angel" Gus said in an amused tone. "Holly, we didn't angel-proof the chalet."

"I didn't-" Holly coughed and cleared her throat. "I didn't think we would need to."

Castiel moved to stand between the Winchesters and leaned down to look at the skull. "I have not seen a daimon in at least a century."

"Well, we're not so popular anymore" Gus replied.

"Excuse me" Holly said looking at Dean. "Who is this guy?"

"This is Castiel" Dean said. "Cas, meet Holly. The skull is Gus."

Castiel stood upright. "Pleasure to meet you, Holly, Gus."

Holly looked almost dumbfounded for a second before finding her tongue. "Would you like some wine, Castiel?"

"That would be nice, thanks" Castiel replied. Holly retrieved a fourth wine glass and passed it to him. Dean took his spot on the stool again. Castiel poured himself a glass of wine and took a cookie. They all just let the silence surround them, basking in the awareness that they were strangers in a strange land.