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Chapter 2: Patriot

"Tonight history will be made as thirty four of the world's top wrestlers compete for a chance to become the first ever winner of the WWE Bruno Sanmartino Classic and it!"

"And now WWE Network presents...The 2018 Bruno Sanmartino Classic!"

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida and we are ready to kick things off in this tournament to find out who is the best in the world." Michael Cole said.

Round 1

Joe Hendry vs Maik Tuga

Jack Silver vs Jack Swagger

Brian Cage vs Travis Banks

Christopher Daniels vs Frankie Kazarian

The night kicked off with Maik Tuga from Portugal wanting to make his country proud as he was all fired up for his match against the man from Scotland the ever so musically entertaining and a very Prestigious One in Joe Hendry who once again showed why he was the king of entrances making his own music video tribute to his opponent but insulted him at the same time as he once again got into his opponent's head again.

Even though the match started into a slow pace Hendry was still using the head games as well as his wrestling and Judo training to keep Tuga down but he used his skills to keep Hendry on his toes but in the end Joe Hendry once again with his games and a Freak of Nature was able to beat a very game Maik Tuga to advance to the second round.


"Coming up next folks is a matchup that I believe will be one to watch here." Michael Cole said.

"I've been waiting to see this as we've got a former World heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger returning to take on a last minute replacement." Corey Graves said as the graphics showed both men.

"That's right Corey, as the replacement is a prospect of the Performance Centre by the name of Jack Silver who looks to make an impact here tonight." Michael Cole said as they cut to introductions.

"My name is Jack Swagger, I'm from the gold ol' US of A and I am a Real American."

It then showed a video package of Swagger's past in WWE and his accomplishments.

"I'm a former World Heavyweight Champion, ECW Champion, United States Champion, I won the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 26 and I've even been in the main event but since then I stepped away from WWE and went around the world making a name for myself in other promotions and winning championships because I'm not just a winner but I'm a Real American and tonight I enter the Bruno Sanmartino Classic and become it's first winner...We The People."

It then cut to the next introduction.

"My name is Jack Silver, I'm from Wales in the United Kingdom."

It then showed footage of Jack in various promotions and in the Performance Centre.

"I wasn't the original pick for this tournament I am an alternate but now that I am here I'm ready to make an impact and I will do that by becoming the first ever winner of the Bruno Sanmartino Classic because I always have One In The Chamber."

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall..."

"ONE FALL!" the crowd said out loud.

"...and it is a first round match scheduled for one fall!" Greg Hamilton announced.

Patroit hit and out came Jack Swagger who was looking to make his return to WWE in a huge way as the crowd welcomed him back he put his hand to his heart..."WE THE PEOPLE!" the crowd said with him as he walked down and into the ring as he once again had his hand on his heart and with everyone..."WE THE PEOPLE!" as he then awaited the arrival of his opponent.

Bow down by Betamaxximum Productions hit as the wildcard in the entire tournament Jack Silver made his way out with the crowd giving him support as he came out all fired up and made his way out to the ring and stood face to face with Swagger as Silver took his jacket off.

The referee brought both men together as he asked them to shake hands with Silver extending the hand to Swagger who immediately looked at it and looked him in the eye and shook his head signifying it will not happen as the bell was rang and the match was underway.

They locked up as it was quickly in the hands of Swagger who used his amateur background to bring the wildcard to the mat and had a headlock but used his quickness to go to the front headlock keeping a tight hold on his head as Silver tried to get free but then somehow was able to roll his entire bodyweight and Swagger still locked onto his head went with him as he managed to do it again and got his feet to the bottom rope and Swagger was forced to break the hold which then had both men looking each other in the eye as they locked up again but this time Silver was able to get a hammerlock in but Swagger countered into one of his own then throwing him into the ropes and just took him down with a knee to the gut.

Silver was down as Swagger went for the cover 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT! Swagger got in a waist lock and brought him up to his feet then with a display of power he just brought him down to the mat with the hold still on as his entire bodyweight was keeping Silver down as once again using the power game he got him up by the waist and just threw him with a gutwrench suplex and again went for a cover 1-2-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Silver refusing to be beaten as Swagger brought him up and got in an abdominal stretch but was using it to deal massive clubbing blows across his exposed body.

Letting him go Silver began to crawl away and made his way to the corner and used the ropes to stand up as he stood up in the corner and Swagger came running at him but Silver quickly avoided contact going in between the ropes then using them as he cradle kicked Swagger in the face dazing him then Silver going up the top rope measuring Swagger and got in a huge upper cut bringing him down to one knee as Silver didn't stop the attack and came off the ropes and delivered another wicked uppercut as for the first time Swagger was down in the match and Silver again going off the ropes and A STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT! Swagger quickly rolled to the outside as he tried to regain himself but in the ring Silver again going off the ropes...A SUICIDE DIVE TO SWAGGER!

Silver was all fired up as he managed to get the bigger Swagger back into the ring as he went up high measuring Swagger who slowly got up to his feet he drops him with double knees to the face 1-2-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Silver not stopping as he came off the ropes with Swagger on his knees A SHINING WIZARD! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Swagger refusing to stay down as Silver was not sure how he was going to end this as he brought him back up and drove him back first into the corner but Swagger grabbed him and BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Swagger grabbing Silver by his arm and began to drag him to the opposite corner as he went to the other corner of the ring and was about to hit his signature.

"WE THE PEOPLE!" he said along with the crowd as he ran full force and A SPLASH OFF THE SECOND ROPE! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP BEFORE THREE!? Somehow Silver got out before three as Swagger has now had enough and took down the straps and grabbed the ankle of Silver for THE ANKLE LOCK! He had one of the most devastating holds in wrestling locked in on the ankle of Silver who was screaming in agony as he tried to fight out of it but Swagger had a tight hold of him and slightly twisted his ankle a bit more to apply pressure as Silver was trying to make it to the ropes as he began to claw his way to them and was now only fingertips away from breaking the hold...HE GOT THE ROPES!

Swagger broke the hold before the ref's five count as Silver was holding his right ankle as the damage had been done, he was having trouble to stand up but seeing that Swagger went back on the attack grabbing his right leg and dragging him back to the centre of the ring trying to get the Ankle lock back in but Silver managed to get up to one leg as Swagger still holding his right leg he quickly countered with an enziguiri to the back of his head sending Swagger to the corner as Silver began to try and get his ankle back in motion he screamed loud and ran right at Swagger and hopped up the second corner rope and drove a knee to his head then came down and managed to perch him up the top turnbuckle and he went up there grabbing his head...A CUTTER FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Somehow the All American-American was able to get the shoulder up and Silver could not believe that he did and tried to bring him back up to his feet but that gave Swagger the opening to drive the massive knee to Silver's abdomen as he gripped the waist and A GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB! 1-2-THR-NO HE GOT THE SHOULDER UP BEFORE THREE!

No one could believe that as Swagger began to argue with the referee as Silver used the opening to try and get himself back into the match by crawling to the corner trying to use the ropes to slowly get back up to his feet but Swagger seeing this went right on the attack looking to shoulder tackle him into the corner but Silver ducked out of the way and Swagger went through the middle rope and collided shoulder first into the ring post then coming out holding his injured shoulder as Silver was then on the other side of the ring now standing up he wasted no time coming off of the ropes...A FLYING BOOT TO THE FACE! 1-2-3! IT WAS OVER!

An upset win had just occurred with newcomer Jack Silver who has just beaten a former World Heavyweight Champion in Jack Swagger as even Silver could not believe he has just won the match but so did the entire crowd who was also in shock as Swagger was trying to figure out how he lost the match Silver held his hand out to him with Swagger looking up as it he took a minute to think and accepted it bringing him up to his feet and both men shook hands out of respect.

The referee brought both men to the centre of the ring. "Here is your winner Jack Silver!" he was announced the winner as both men again shook hands as Silver took his win in with the crowd behind him.


The tournament continued on as more qualified with Travis Banks trying to cut down Brian Cage using all he had in his arsenal to bring him down with strikes but the power of The Machine was to much for the Kiwi Buzzsaw and Cage advanced to the second round.

But the main event was one of two veterans, teammates and best friends as The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels took on Frankie Kazarian in an instant classic, both men were evenly matched but the match went to Daniels who got the win with an Angels Wings and a Best Moonsault Ever but after the match Kazarian congratulated his friend on the win as the first round went on.

Jack would now be watching who would be joining him in the next round as he then saw who he would be facing...

"Jack." it was a man known only as Lionheart his former mentor.

"Adrian." he replied.

"Looks like it's us next then?" he said.

"Yes it seems." Jack said.

"Just remember I know you." he made clear.

"And just you remember I know how much of a fanny you are." Jack said not backing down to him as Lionheart looked annoyed and left him.

"Two weeks Jack!" he shouted as he left.

"Two weeks time..."

Round 1 results

Pentagon Jr def. Tian Bing

Fenix def. El Hijo Del Fantasma

El Guerrero Azteca def. Joe Coffey

Lionheart def. Sha Samuels

Bully Ray def. Zachary Ryan

Matt Riddle def. Texacano Jr

Hiroshi Tanahashi def. Ilja Dragunov

Will Osprey def. DH Smith

El Mesias def. Kenny King

Willie Mack def. Killian Dane

Kazuchika Okada def. Nick Aldis

The Great Muta def. Zack Gibson

Joe Hendry def. Maik Tuga

Jack Silver def. Jack Swagger

Brian Cage def. Travis Banks

Christopher Daniels def. Frankie Kazarian

He moves on but he has an even bigger challenge in the shape of Lionheart. Will he be able to topple him?

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